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    He’s certainly handsome, and well built and with all the exaggerated proportions that help the lens, but there is something about him that I find chilly and un-sexy. Not like I haven’t melted like a teenaged girl in the presence of other models (like the tiny Tyson Beckford) but this one, eh, not so much. I think the one thing that hides from the lens in this case is any hint of personality, and that is something (I’ve learned, having shot a couple of models’ portfolios) that can’t be adjusted.

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    I hear what your sayin’. I do however believe that a good photog plays a part in bringing out the personality of his model.

    Though I don’t think CK chose him to sell jeans due to his personality. 😉

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    Father Tony hit the nail on the head.

    I also find him a bit cold and un-sexy. Don’t get me wrong… he’s clearly beautiful, and that body is just ridiculous. But these images just don’t grab me in my pink bits.

  4. ld says

    I concur with everyone in the “unsexy” camp. The model is simply doing what he’s told. He’s not engaged. Even vapid young men like Ashton Kutcher can exude a kind of sexuality in the most slapsticky, pants-dropping scenario, by communicating some wink of sly knowing. This guy left the shoot and said, “I dunno…they told me to hold onto some antlers.”

  5. wildlbio says

    The elk antler is an odd prop. Looks like a natural shed. It wold be easy to tell in person. The Western US is full of sheds. A smallish 6 pt. but would be paired and attached to some skull if it was harvested. Not many dudes get to pop a decent bull in their life and these get mounted for the wall or tacked up on the garage.

  6. Base1 says

    I like Garrett, but he look like a geek turned model. Something about him is sexy and un-sexy at the same time. He has a weird look. He also looks like the male Paris Hilton to me.

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