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News: Peter Pace, Jellyfish, Oregon, Gilbert Baker, Moscow

road.jpg Bush awards former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair and homophobe Peter Pace the Congressional Medal of Freedom.

Willsmithroad.jpg Will Smith superhero movie re-branded by construction worker in London's Leicester Square.

road.jpg Sick: Brutal trans-bashing by Memphis police officer caught on video. "The video, recorded February 12th, shows Duanna Johnson in the booking area at the Shelby County Criminal Justice Center after an arrest for prostitution. The tape clearly shows a Memphis police officer walk over to Johnson - a transsexual - and hit her in the face several times. 'Actually he was trying to get me to come over to where he was, and I responded by telling him that wasn't my name - that my mother didn't name me a 'faggot' or a 'he-she,' so he got upset and approached me. And that's when it started.'"

road.jpg Uh oh, there's a new Spears in town.

road.jpg where gay and Nascar meet.

Jellyfishroad.jpg Experts: Mass proliferation of jellyfish a sure sign that environment is out of whack.

road.jpg Oregon opponents of gay rights laws abandon efforts to repeal them: "Organizers conceded Monday that their initiatives to repeal two Oregon gay rights laws will not make the November ballot. The fact that the initiatives are stalled offers more evidence that opponents are losing support, say gay rights activists, who were also celebrating the legalization of same-sex marriages in California on Monday."

road.jpg Provocation: Right-wing group asks Israeli Supreme Court to ban Gay Pride in Jerusalem: "In a petition to the court, the small National Jewish Front called the event 'a provocation,' while the municipality filed a brief saying it too objected to the parade, scheduled to be held on June 26. 'We are against this parade which harms social relations,' city spokesman Gidi Schemerling told AFP."

road.jpg Members of the clergy in Albany today rallied to protest Governor David Paterson's decision to recognize same-sex marriages preformed out of state.

road.jpg An interview with rainbow flag creator Gilbert Baker: "I love going to cities around the world and seeing the rainbow flag, knowing that it's a safe place where I can be myself...In 1978, when I thought of creating a flag for the gay movement there was no other international symbol for us than the pink triangle, which the Nazis used to identify homosexuals in concentration camps. Even though the pink triangle was and still is a powerful symbol, it was very much forced upon us. I almost instantly thought of using the rainbow. To me, it was the only thing that could really express our diversity, beauty and our joy. I was astounded nobody had thought of making a rainbow flag before because it seemed like such an obvious symbol for us."

Lopezroad.jpg Mario Lopez is impressed with himself.

road.jpg Recommend picks from the California Tourism Commission for places to have your wedding or honeymoon.

road.jpg Mickey Rourke spent his Father's Day with a dude in a thong.

road.jpg Hockey jock doesn't speak, but carries a big stick (warning: site NSFW)

road.jpg District Court of Moscow dismisses complaint by activists that gay pride ban was unlawful: " During court hearing, Nikolai Alekseev, principle the organiser of Moscow Pride, said that the Russian legislation does not give the authorities the right to ban any public event if it does not contradict the Constitution. According to the law, he told the court, authorities are obliged to offer an alternative place or time for the conduct of such an event if it is not possible to stage it in the place where planned."

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  1. Well I'm glad Mario is impressed with himself 'cause he's a big ol' pile of "MEH" to me. It's a sad day when a man that goodlooking can make me say "Yeah, Burt Reynolds did it better, hun".

    That Memphis cop dickhead is so going to lose his job. Hope he enjoys working the night shift at 'Phobie's Rib Shack.

    Posted by: Chas | Jun 19, 2008 1:32:26 PM

  2. Mario is hot. Get over it.

    Posted by: Rad | Jun 19, 2008 1:40:09 PM

  3. :P RAD. Don't get all butt-hurt cause I don't dig AC Slater.

    Posted by: Chas | Jun 19, 2008 1:43:37 PM

  4. I hope some of our national GLBT organizations take that Memphis police force to task and actually use them as a prime example of bad policing.
    The Human Rights Campaign will be MIA I'm sure considering they don't believe transexuals deserve equal protection under the law.

    Posted by: SFshawn | Jun 19, 2008 1:57:22 PM

  5. Gay NASCAR its like lipstick for chickens.

    Posted by: HootN | Jun 19, 2008 2:06:23 PM

  6. SFSHAWN, you hit the nail on the head. HRC are about as activist as my granny's knickers when it comes to trans issues.

    Posted by: Flabbergasted | Jun 19, 2008 2:07:13 PM

  7. And think, thats just when the cameras were rolling and someone bothered to actually check them out.

    Imagine all the abuses of authority towards LGBT citizens occuring every day. There's a reason many of us distrust the police, especially transgendered folks and especially in certain places.

    Posted by: Wes | Jun 19, 2008 2:10:21 PM

  8. Mario Lopez appears to be on a mission to recreate famous male nude photos. Is Bruce Weber's Calvin Klein ad from the 80s next?

    Posted by: crispy | Jun 19, 2008 2:12:38 PM

  9. BTW, cops should get more than fired when they commit ASSAULT and essentially HATE CRIMES. They need to be held to the same standard as, say, a transgendered individual if they were to commit the same offense. Of course until that day, patriotic boasts of this country's equality and justice for all remains a joke.

    Posted by: Wes | Jun 19, 2008 2:13:49 PM

  10. I've always had an affinity for Mario, ever since he played Greg Louganis in "Breaking the Surface".

    And he has not let me down since.

    He's always been a cutie, he's got an INCREDIBLY hot body, he's growing nicely into his own being.

    Gay NASCAR... when I lived in America's wang (Florida), I knew a very large gay population that adored Jeff Gordon, and thought his rainbow motif was an indication he was family. Unfortunate that it was just a rainbow, and not in the color pallet of Pride. I never saw the affection or interest.

    Posted by: Rad | Jun 19, 2008 2:26:45 PM

  11. I personally called the District Attorney of memphis and they have no plans to prosecute the officers. As far as I'm concerned a violent assault preceded by anti-gay slurs is a hate crime. If you feel the same way, tell the Mayor of Memphis and the memphis Districy Attorney - their contact info is below.

    Mayor Willie W. Herenton
    City Hall
    125 N. Main St. Room 700
    Memphis, Tn 38103

    Shelby County District Attorney’s Office
    201 Poplar Avenue, Third Floor
    Memphis, Tennessee 38103

    Media inquiries should be directed to:
    Jennifer Donnals, Communications Director

    Posted by: fanboi | Jun 19, 2008 2:29:22 PM

  12. ia m so glad some of you posted about the beating that took place against that poor woman, i figured alot of you idiots would talk about mario, and tada big surpise you did, take your heads out of the sand and start talking about shit that actually matters mario isnt even gay so who the fuck cares???

    Posted by: Trevor | Jun 19, 2008 3:36:12 PM

  13. Oh, Trevor, when you learn how to use grammar, then you can bitch about things that actually matter.

    Posted by: crispy | Jun 19, 2008 3:59:17 PM

  14. To pick apart my run on sentance instead of the value of what was said is so typical.

    Posted by: Trevor | Jun 19, 2008 4:10:08 PM

  15. Thank you for enabling my obsession with hockey players.

    Posted by: secretagentman | Jun 19, 2008 4:22:52 PM

  16. Just because we didn't all leave pithy little comments about it or focus our entire conversation around it doesn't mean we don't care about the Memphis story, TREV.

    Posted by: Chas | Jun 19, 2008 4:26:06 PM

  17. There were some missing apostrophes too.

    Posted by: crispy | Jun 19, 2008 4:30:14 PM

  18. Um, I'm gay and love NASCAR. Hot men in jumpsuits driving fast. What's not to like? Thanks for linking to the site...loves it.

    And for those people who do not understand the gay NASCAR thing, please go look up Kasey Kahne and get back to me. He's reason enough to love it.

    Posted by: Britt | Jun 19, 2008 4:47:58 PM

  19. Given it's Pride Month, some historical accuracy is particularly valuable. We admire Gilbert Baker immensely but, respectfully, he is old enough to remember that the pink triangle was NOT the only symbol in existence. While it was rarely being employed by 1978, the lower case Greek letter lambda symbol, first used by New York's Gay Activist Alliance, was very popular and ubiquitous in the early days of the post Stonewall movement. One of our longer lasting, most effective, and still very active national groups took their name from it: Lambda Legal.

    Reliable understanding of why the lambda was chosen seems lost to history. There is more than one assertion, among the most popular being that it is a symbol in physics for energy change, thus, its relevance to a movement for social change.

    My Monopoly money is betting on the sexier mix of fact and fiction associated with the story of the 300 Spartans. Lacedaemon, which, in Greek, begins with the letter lambda, was the proper name of Sparta. However, while some insist Spartan armies did include pairs of lovers, other deny it, and, in any case, the famous "band of lovers" was the "band of Thebes"—another part of Greece entirely.

    Posted by: Leland Frances | Jun 19, 2008 5:07:02 PM

  20. has mario lopez had plastic surgery? His face is looking a bit... odd.

    Posted by: Chris | Jun 19, 2008 8:23:15 PM

  21. sorry, but if I were Mario Lopez, I'd be impressed with myself too.

    I know he's not everyone's cup of tea but no one is. Statistically, though, he's a lot of peoples' cup of tea. And after their done with said tea, I'll settle for the teabag.

    Posted by: M@ | Jun 20, 2008 2:50:32 AM

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