Army Concludes Lesbian’s Mysterious Death in Afghanistan a Suicide

DurkinThe investigation surrounding Ciara Durkin, a lesbian serving in Afghanistan whose mysterious death (she was found with a single bullet in her head, lying near the church where she worshipped on the secure Bagram Airfield) spurred calls for investigation from Massachusetts (her home state) Senator John Kerry, has concluded, according to her family, and it doesn’t sound like they buy it:

They released a statement on their website: “The Durkin family has received the Army’s final report into Ciara’s death, with their conclusion that she took her own life. We are very upset and saddened by their conclusion. We have borne an extraordinary amount of pain over the past nine months, compounded by a protracted and at times ambiguous investigation. We now need time and privacy to grieve and let our Ciara finally rest in peace. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a hanam.


  1. says

    They don’t buy that Ciara’s death was a suicide at all – but now they want “time and privacy” to withdraw from public view at a time when other people might be banging pots?

    I don’t get it. I don’t doubt for a second that they’re closer to the truth than anyone, but I don’t get why they’re withdrawing at the moment when their outraged voices might be most effective.

  2. anon says

    Well, it was an investigation that uncovered the Tillman tragedy, so I could see how they might be right for once. The family has a strong incentive to not believe in suicide, so I wouldn’t trust them either. It’s also good to know that people not involved in any way, such as Evan here, can divine the truth out of thin air! What a time saver! No doubt he applauds the virtues of the Salem witch trials as well.

  3. says

    You may not be aware of all the circumstantial evidence. Durkin told her family that she had encountered irregularities in the operation of the base that she did not like.

    She told her family if anything happened to her, they should investigate it.

    She was by all accounts happy and healthy. Within weeks of warning her family she was dead.

  4. JP Colter says

    Part of me would love to rise to the hark and cry that some evil has been perpetuated here but really, without any evidence or clues to the contrary, often (not even sometimes) a gay suicide is just a gay person who simply succumbed to the overbearing negative messages and burdens of being gay and does commit suicide. I’ve considered it – haven’t you? Ever? In Todays world suidice isn’t uncommon. In this woman’s case, I hope she’s free now and her family has the knowledge and comfort they need to move on.
    It’s sadly not uncommon in the military and it’s believable that she committed suicide. It’s extrordinarily sad of course because of how horrible the military is set against accepting gays but because of those known factors, it’s hardly a stretch to understand that a lesbian in todays military might be depressed – even due to reasons unrealated to military sevice. Are there unusual details we don’t now about, possibly. But in general its sad but not unusual for either a gay man or woman to commit suicide even in these days.

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