Christian Siriano Moves to Fiercely Dilapidated Loft in Brooklyn


Looks kind of ‘expired’ in this shot, no?

Reports The NY Sun: “Mr. Siriano said he was at first turned off by his building’s old, graffiti-covered exterior, but as soon as he saw the inside of the apartment he knew it had to be his. When he moved in three weeks ago, he was the first person on his floor.”

Said Siriano: “There’s a great little park around here that’s like a mini Central Park. On the weekends it’s just full of fabulous-looking people on their fabulous bikes…I needed to find a space that was big enough for me to work and live in. Right now my work is my life, and I might as well do everything in one place. Studios in New York are so expensive and they’re so small, so I thought, I might as well get two for the price of one.”