Towleroad Guide to the Tube #310

DAISY: Tony Schwartz, who helped create the famous Lyndon Johnson “Daisy” ad, died at his home in Manhattan.

DID YOU HEAR?: John McCain called his wife a nasty word (warning: language NSFW)

JOAN RIVERS: What she thinks of Russell Crowe. (warning: language NSFW) The UK show is called Loose Women, and Rivers was taken off it at the next break.

VIVA LA VIDA: Robbie referred to the alleged theft of this track from the band Creaky Boards in his music column. Here’s some audio evidence that’s pretty compelling.

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  1. sean says

    whatev haters. there’s a “strikingly similar” song from some French chick that folks a couple weeks ago were saying Coldplay stole. The reality is that the songs are all pretty darn simple, and maybe (could it be?!?!) the kids in creaky boards and the French chick were influenced by the Coldplay sound over the years? A shocking thought, I realize, but c’mon. The Marvelettes sound like the Shirelles. Amy Winehouse sounds a little like Sharon Jones (and even went one better and stole her backup band…) but there’s gotta be better ways to spend our time than musing about whether or not someone stole some song from some random band in NYC that is deal-less. Ugh.

  2. says

    What a bunch of fuckin’ foul-mouthed cunts in this edition…

    Joan is such a twat, but she still got it!

    Fuckin’ Coldplay alleged thieving bastards! Ahem..
    It is so difficult to prove musical plagiarism.
    “No, no, the note at the end of mine is C# not G!”
    “But my chord goes up at the end”
    From Vanilla Ice’s lame excuse to the whole Petty/Chili Peppers rumor. Sometimes people’s music is gonna sound the same.

    Unless lyrics are blatantly copied, how can you prove theft?

  3. says

    Good lord! You’re right, Todd! I wasn’t quite sure who Jocelyn W. was so I looked her up.
    After vomiting a little, I realized she looked like a cross between Dead or Alive’s Pete Burns and Wayland Flowers’ Madame!
    Sounds mean, but c’mon people, lay off the freakin’ plastics!

  4. Chas says

    As they say in my imaginary adopted homeland, the North of England, “Coldplay are utter shite and Chris Martins is a pretentious, self-important twat married to a spoilt, talentless hack of an actress.”

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