Greek Island of Tilos Holds Country’s First Same-Sex Marriages


Citing Greek civil law which fails to explicitly specify gender in matrimony, the mayor of the Greek island of Tilos, Tassos Aliferis, officiated the marriage of a gay and lesbian couple today, the BBC reports:

Vlami“Mr Alfieris conducted the proceedings despite Greece’s top prosecutor having issued a directive saying that same-sex weddings were outlawed. One of the women involved, Evangelia Vlami (pictured), was bubbling with excitement as she told the BBC she was ‘so happy’….’From this day, discrimination against gays in Greece is on the decline. We did this to encourage other gay people to take a stand,’ she said after the ceremony held at sunrise on Tuesday.”

Vlami also told Reuters: “We are very moved and happy that we found someone to make our dream come true. I am proud to be the first Greek Lesbian to get married.”

According to Reuters, Vlami is the spokesperson for Greece’s Gay and Lesbian Community (OLKE): “The Justice Ministry said the marriages were illegal and all involved would face charges. ‘The law does not allow marriage between homosexuals,’ a Justice Ministry official who requested anonymity told Reuters. ‘The case will go to court; the mayor of Tilos will face charges.’ But OLKE said it hoped the weddings would help change attitudes towards homosexuals in Greece, which has long preferred to turn a blind eye to homosexuality rather than acknowledge gay rights.”

Said the mayor of nearby Rhodes: “This is terrible. We have good families coming here for holidays, we can’t have them coming to our beaches and seeing these kind of couples.”

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  1. jason says

    Modern-day Greece is a very homophobic country, unfortunately. The people there are very strongly attached to the Greek Orthodox church. Orthodox churches are very negative towards homosexuals.

    Of course, they don’t mind the pink dollar during the summertime, now do they?

  2. namewithheld says

    Having been to Greece I can attest to the fact that Greece is indeed a homophobic country. Let me preface this by saying we are are not “flamers” and mostly in our travels go incognito.

    Greece however is another matter. They have their gay-dar turned up to sensitive.

    I can recall purchasing an item in a store and the clerk stone faced as he handed me the paper work. He never bothered to say a word. In another shop the principles stood in the corner and sniggered at my partner and myself as we checked out the merchandize. We soon left.

    Gays, do not travel to this awful homophobic country.

  3. Caligula says

    I’m from Greece and people could care less if your gay. We are having a very hard time with hundreds of thousands of refugees and this has made us appear rude. Greeks do not like foreigners anymore, especially from the balkans and Americans. Greece is a party place, I am a model and we have a great time. Nobody has ever said anything negative to me. We have gay and straight porn on our television at night, come on.