Heat Wave: Living Abercrombie Ad Visits Central Park


It was beastly hot in Manhattan over the weekend, but models Kerry Degman (center) and Simon Tham (right) along with a friend weren’t helping to cool it off when they showed up in the Central Park Sheep’s Meadow, searching for a place to sit.

No doubt the crowd was thinking of plenty of suggestions.

Kerry Degman and Oraine Barrett Steam Up Out’s Hot Issue [tr]

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  1. John in Manhattan says

    I’d sell my mother to the huns for 10… ok, 8 minutes with Mr. Degman.

  2. Philip Wester says

    I love it how the couple in the front, the only non-blurred people, are both looking at them.

  3. LD says

    I love the prop, I’m-not-gay football that will be tossed back and forth approximately 3 times, so people who are not sitting close to them can see they have it.

    As a former New Yorker, I do miss Sheep Meadow.

  4. Tonic says

    Please keep letting us know where he goes, it’s SO interesting!

    The park was packed with tons of people yesterday…and many, many hot guys.

  5. rudy says

    Sheep Meadow? Pshaw! The Rambles always attracted the better looking men, including ballet dancers, several pro athletes, soap actors, and the son of a former President (who always brought along his football). On a scale of of 1 to 10, the men at The Rambles averaged 12. We even dubbed one “Michael 13,” for more than just his looks. Thanks for stirring some treasured memories on a stifling Monday morning.

  6. anon says

    There never seems to be a shortage of hot guys in all parts of Manhattan, though it’s June, which kinda forces them to take their shirts off. (muffles evil laugh…)

  7. Brett says

    Rudy “The Rambles”!!! What decade are you talking about? Just sad old queens up there in very unfortunate swim wear.

  8. says

    i am kerry simon s and zacks agent. i find this quite disturbing. they arent celebrities, and these guys r so young. its kind of stalkery and bizarre. shame on you andy for posting this

  9. HOT says

    Jason. Get over it. Their only business is to be looked at. Andy has given you free publicity and you are all loving it. LOL

  10. FM says

    Yet you go over to Jason’s blog and you see pics of guys just as young.
    Little advice Jason, more cardio, less chalupas.