1. Wes says

    I’m going to call in and complain next time I see an interracial couple showing affection on TV because it just offends me, its unsuitable for children and it forces me to discuss real-world issues with them that I prefer they remain ignorant about.

    Please don’t penetrate my fragile bubble of small minded intolerance and prejudice.

  2. Sasha says

    “the difficult problem of parents having to discuss the issue of same-sex relationships with younger viewers.”

    This always infuriates me. What exactly is the difficulty? You just explain that some men love men and some women love women, just the same as some men and women love each other.

    Dumbledore is gay. Civil partnerships are legal in the UK. How long exactly do these parents think they can carry on telling the lie to their kids that there are no gay people in the world? If you refuse point blank to discuss the existence of homosexuality with them, you’re basically causing them to grow up in ignorance of a segment of modern society.

    200 complaints really isn’t that much in a country of 60 million people, but it’s hugely disappointing and frustrating that there are still enough clueless bigots left in the UK to get an ad like this pulled. I wonder how many of them really are the parents of young children, and how many of them actually are people of an older generation who can’t get used to seeing gay people treated like ordinary human beings on TV.

  3. Tread says

    Sasha, what happened sounds more in line with an organized complaint drive, much like the Concerned Women for America, etc. that they have here.

    Well, if they want to hold a complaint drive, we can, too. It’s time to fire off a few emails complaining that pulling the advert shows a stunning level of intolerance towards the gay community.

  4. Zeke says

    Heinz through us under the bus because 200 people, in a country of over 50 million, complained.

    As Mrs. Slocombe on “Are You Being Served” would say, “WEAK AS WATER!”

    And I an UNANIMOUS in that!

    I guess the English aren’t quite as progressive and live and let live as we’ve been lead to believe.

  5. el polacko says

    what’s so darned hard about ‘explaining to the children’ ?? some people like boys, some people like girls (and some people like both). easy.

  6. paul says

    The ASA will collapse like a house of cards over 200 complaints. Heinz doesn’t care because it got the publicity out of the ban and they are an inherently closed-mouthed private company. It was pretty bad advertising to begin with. Drop it. There are bigger battles than condiment ads. Also, there is a ‘man’ in Hellman’s.

  7. MacKenzie Stewart says

    I find this commercial to be comical, not in anyway offensive unless you count the stereotypical NYC deli guy accent. People need to stop emphasizing things that really don’t matter. I’m offended by the daily actions of straight couples I see in public, but am I able to say anything about that?

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