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road.jpg How gay is your Shul? “In June, Jewish Mosaic and their partners will start surveying nearly every congregation in the U.S. on their policies and practices of inclusion—for example, whether they offer same-sex spousal benefits, follow a written nondiscrimination policy regarding sexual orientation, or use nonexclusive language on membership forms. When the survey concludes later this summer, Jewish Mosaic will use its findings to create a “resource guide to best practices” on LGBT inclusion for synagogue leaders, who have few places to turn for help with questions on sexuality and gender.”

Unicornroad.jpg Unicorn discovered in Italy!

road.jpg Gee, thanks: Bakersfield, California police say they won’t arrest couples getting married outside the county clerk’s office. “The Rev. Byrd Tetzlaff, minister of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Kern County, told The Chronicle on Tuesday that the police would not allow them to conduct the ceremonies there. On Wednesday, Tetzlaff said it had been a misunderstanding.”

road.jpg Two men punched to pub floor in homophobic UK assault. Police seek witnesses.

road.jpg Michael Jackson designing clothing line.

road.jpg The impossible divorce: Rhode Island Superior Court judge refuses to hear case of lesbian couple “but questioned whether the law that barred the women from ending their marriage unconstitutionally denied them a right enjoyed by heterosexual Rhode Islanders.”

road.jpg Police chief in Budapest, Hungary bans gay pride: “Budapest police chief Dr. Gábor Tóth has banned the Gay Pride March, it emerged last night. The march, which Dr. Tóth said would disrupt traffic in the city, was scheduled to take place on Saturday July 5 on Andrássy, one of Budapest’s main streets.”

Bullyroad.jpg Presbyterian church of Wales in harassment and discrimination lawsuit: “Giving evidence on Tuesday, Mr Price, who is openly gay, said he worked alongside Ms Jones at the church’s 250-year-old Trefeca centre, a 37-bed retreat near Brecon, Powys, visited by church groups from around Britain. He told the hearing he was forced to quit as the assistant manager because of Ms Jones’s ceaseless comments about sex, which included calling him a ‘stupid poof’.”

road.jpg Pittsburgh Presbyterian minister remains under fire for conducting same-sex union ceremonies: ” A Presbyterian minister from Pittsburgh still faces two charges that she conducted a prohibited gay wedding ceremony. But the Rev. Janet Edwards will not face charges for performing the ceremony improperly when her church trial resumes in October. Church officials have dropped charges alleging Edwards committed errors when she omitted Bible readings and references to Christian traditions in the ceremony. Edwards made the changes because one of the lesbians she married in 2005 is Buddhist.”

road.jpg Oprah tops Forbes’ richest celebrities list — again.

Hsmroad.jpg High School Musical stage production outs character that was “coded gay” in the films. Playwright: “I wanted to present Ryan as something from my own past, a version of me, I guess — though he’s a lot better dancer than I ever was! In the movie, the character has a gay tint. But in the stage version, I wanted to more fully articulate that tint and say, hey, this kid is who he is. Yes, I consider him a young gay guy without ever having to say it. I’d rather say it with behavior and action. And we do.” Film role was played by Milk‘s Lucas Grabeel.

road.jpg Matt Damon to play rugby captain in new film.

road.jpg FOX calls Michelle Obama “Obama’s Baby Mama”.

road.jpg TIME: California’s Gay Marriage Rush. “A report released by the Williams Institute at UCLA law school says fully half of the state’s 102,000 gay couples could wed in the next three years. UCLA law professor Brad Sears told TIME that the number is in keeping with experience in Massachusetts, where gay marriage is also legal, and Vermont, which permits civil unions. Another 67,000 or so are expected to arrive from other states, says Sears, the report’s co-author.”


  1. crispy says

    Dude, you left out the best part of that TIME magazine article!

    “Those couples and their guests will spend some $680 million in tourism dollars, a welcome boost to a state whose hard-hit economy could use all the help it can get.”

    We need more studies like that that show the positive economic impact of gay marriage, particularly during a recession. Money, not just doing the right thing, will ultimately change minds and laws.

  2. says

    How is Fox News Calling Michelle Obama “Baby Mama” not racist? It’s quite clear what they’re up to.

    Is there no low these idiots won’t stoop to? Last week Malkin was inferring that Dunkin Donuts was harboring Middle Eastern terrorists.

    What an asshat. I’m embarrassed for her.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    The unicorn is beautiful…and to come during Gay Pride Month. She/he is a gift from the Lord.

    I saw a deer up close one time while I was out “cruising” in Fairmount Park. It ran right past me. I remember the coat looked bad–like a mangy dog…but it was huge.
    Day-time “cruising” can be more dangerous than at night. At night, it’s the cops and gay-bashers to worry about. In the day, you can get hit by a deer.

  4. Alex says

    Derrick, last summer I was in Fire Island with my then beau and as we were walking down the boardwalk towards the beach we saw one of the ubiquitous deer on the island. We stopped to look at it (it was young and as cute as a deer can be) and some made queen ran up to us screaming off the top of his head: “CAREFUL!!!! THEY ATTAAAAAACK!!!” We laughed about that all day.

  5. says

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s my understanding that the term “baby mama” is restricted to ladies who are not married to the father of their children. Notwithstanding the obvious racism implied in the statement, doesn’t this situation also illuminate a basic misunderstanding of what that term means?

  6. Chas says

    “How is Fox News Calling Michelle Obama “Baby Mama” not racist? It’s quite clear what they’re up to.”

    Obviously. She’s not his “baby mama”, she’s his wife and the mother of his kids. “Baby mama” is slang for a woman who bears a man’s children but whom he has no intention of marrying for whatever reason. For God’s sake, Faux News, if you’re going to slur someone have the smarts to do it well. They just come out looking like idiots, per usual.

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    Great story, ALEX! And don’t I understand! There’s only one thing more hysterical than a Mad Queen and that’s a “Made Queen”. “She” was probably out there on Fire Island “messin” with the male deer–“Made Queens” get desperate.

  8. Bill H says

    I guess everyone is forgetting that Michelle Obama has repeatedly introduced her husband as her “baby daddy.” If she can put that on the table, what’s wrong with people calling her his “baby mama?” Furthermore, what’s happened to this country when the wife of a man who is running for the leader of the free world doesn’t have enough class to not use such terms as “baby daddy?” FOX News is no better, but either way, it’s not a one-sided story. You just choose to see it that way.

  9. Alex says

    Derrick, LOL @ “made”! I meant mad, but. . .

    the queen in question was a dancer type running around in a lime green thong.

    So I guess “made” is actually correct 😀

  10. noah says

    The Obama campaign started a new site called ( that refutes the Republicans lies.)

    “Baby mama” was obviously sexist and racist. It’s a subtle way of denigrating Michelle Obama’s status as an intelligent married woman because of the inherent stereotypes that abound about unwed black, single mothers.

    It’s like the old, evil joke: What do you call a black man who’s a doctor? N*gg*r!

    For all Right’s garbage about the sanctity of heterosexual marriage, it has no problem pissing on the Obamas’ marriage.

    As David Brock explained in his confessional book, “Blinded by the Right,” Hillary Clinton was correct about being targeted by a malicious, organized campaign to ruin her. It was called the Arkansas Project.

  11. Kamasutra Jones says

    So Noah, per your logic it’s okay to denigrate Barack Obama by calling him “baby daddy?” Now, that’s sexist. Oh wait, there’s no such thing as sexism in politics, that’s right. Just as Hillary Clinton…

  12. says

    So the Obama’s can use phrases but the rest of us unanointed ones cannot. She tossed out the phrase first, so why not complain about her use. It’s hypocrisy. She’s the one who first dumbed herself down by using it.
    Maybe she’s trying to keep it real, yo.

  13. pangelboy says

    Michelle Obama never called (from what I can find using the internet) Barack her “baby daddy”, but her baby’s daddy. There is a clear difference there.

    Even if she used the phrase baby daddy to refer to Barack, how does that justfy Faux News to use racism against her and her lawfully wed Husband? Wait, I’m trying to use logic to understand the minds of racists.

  14. says

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s my understanding that the term baby mama is restricted to ladies who are not married to the father of their children.Obviously. She’s not his baby mama, she’s his wife and the mother of his kids.Baby mama is slang for a woman who bears a man’s children but whom he has no intention of marrying for whatever reason.

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