News: Mitt Romney, Tivo, Judy Garland, Clay Aiken, Pete Doherty

road.jpg As California gears up for a gay wedding boom, nine gay rights groups issue statement urging those who get married in California not to rush back to their states and sue: “In an unusual six-page memorandum, written for same-sex couples, groups ranging from the American Civil Liberties Union to Lambda Legal warned that lawsuits would invite ‘bad’ court rulings that could take years to overturn.” Two California countries have announced they’ll halt all weddings, saying they lack resources.

Dohertyroad.jpg Crucified by the media: rocker Pete Doherty undergoes plaster cast for marble statue of himself as Jesus Christ.

road.jpg Obama meets with Christian leaders

road.jpg Jonathan Capehart warns of an Obama-Nunn ticket: “When Bill Clinton sought to keep his 1992 campaign promise to end the ban on gays and lesbians serving openly in the military, he met strong resistance in the Pentagon and on Capitol Hill. Nunn, one of the most adamant opponents, led a series of hearings that were stacked against ending the prohibition. Critics noted that Nunn held more hearings about and spent more time on gays in the military than he had on the defense budget or even the Navy’s Tailhook sexual harassment scandal … an Obama-Nunn ticket does not sit well with some prominent gay Democratic fundraisers.”

road.jpg Clay Aiken is not just having a son, but he has another baby in the freezer.

Dcstormroad.jpg John Aravosis at AmericaBlog got some intense shots of the storm that passed through the east coast yesterday.

road.jpg Judy Garland to sing on stage again: “Cutting-edge technology unavailable just a few years ago has enabled NY-based production company Running Subway to present Judy’s larger-than-life passion and personal story to 21st century audiences in what can only be described as the greatest Judy Garland concert ever.”

road.jpg Fishnets: Experts conclude that the Oscar de la Hoya drag photos were indeed doctored.

road.jpg Dolores Neuman, photographer whose camerawork was central to Rob Epstein’s 1984 documentary The Times of Harvey Milk, dies in Washington D.C. of kidney cancer.

Lovegururoad.jpg Justin Timberlake on Love Guru wardrobe: “This may be TMI but I was constantly digging out those wedgies!”

road.jpg Canadian gay couple Theo Wouters and Roger Thibault settles $400,000 defamation lawsuit brought by neighbors out of court.

road.jpg Chace Crawford reads a few juicy scripts in London.

road.jpg Mitt Romney purchases $12 million home in La Jolla, California.

road.jpg Democrats don’t touch ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’: “Since taking control of Congress in January 2007, Democrats have not convened hearings on the matter or taken up legislation that would let gays serve openly, although most party members favor repealing the prohibition. Instead, Democrats have focused their efforts on bringing troops home from Iraq and other issues that have broad appeal among voters, such as lowering gas prices.”

road.jpg Tivo pulls web page which acknowledged their relationship with Focus on the Family.


  1. Chas says

    Justin Timberlake COULD NOT look more gross than he does in that speedo. They totally zapped him of any sexual allure he may have had, probably to make it more “funny”.

    Speaking of “funny” and gross, Pete Doherty needs to crawlf back into his crack den and take Amy Crackhouse with him. I have no respect or sympathy for rich addicts who have every means of quitting at their disposal but insted FLAUNT their addiction(s). That’s phlegm in the face of everyone who’s making an honest effort to quit. When either or both of them kick the bucket I won’t shed a tear.

  2. Jimmyboyo says

    Hey California people, how long does one have to have a residence in CA before they can run for governor? How long does one have to have a residence in San Diego county before running for mayor?

    Romney setting up a residence in La Jolla CA san diego county makes me wonder about the possibilities of his future plans. Gods know he as VP to mccain will never see him into the white house since mccain is going to loose.

  3. Chas says

    UGH, Jimmy, don’t jinx my hometown like that! Maybe the Romneys are moving here to take advantage of the “cheap labor” the way they did in Massachusetts? For the love of God, please let that be the case…

  4. Jimmyboyo says




    Nunn is not really on the short list. The short list is CLINTON, Webb, Sebelius, Warner, and Kaine. Nunn isn’t going to be VP at all. Don’t worry

  5. Michael Bedwell says

    A candidate for CA governor must have been a state resident for five years before election day. The next one will be in 2010 when Spitt Romney could not run against Gavin Newsom‚ÄĒtho I hope Feinstein makes way for Newsom to go directly to the Senate and not waste his time on the much harder “local” job of governor. We need him on the national stage FULL-TIME.

    Even if Nunn doesn’t come within a cracker country mile of the nomination, he is one of those bigots in history that I can never truly forgive for I could never truly believe he’s changed. His pussy talk about reconsidering DADT is simply licking Obama’s paws hoping for the nom. For those unaware of his key role in its history, see below. And it’s a lesson to Obama, too, as HE must stop signaling to the Pentagon that he’s fuckable over repealing DADT.

    “Ending his truce with the White House, Nunn announced that he would introduce legislation to codify a strict interpretation of “Don’t ask, don’t tell” — one that would preserve the policy that declares “Homosexuality is incompatible with military service.”

    The search for a compromise was ill-fated from the start. The Joint Chiefs had always been dead set against change. And they remained so throughout days of intense negotiations in windowless rooms in the Pentagon. Indeed, they treated the entire debate like a national emergency. Amid discussions with Aspin, they met three times on July 2, more than anyone remembers their convening in one day during the entire Vietnam War. One chief referred to homosexuals as “fags,” and the Marine Corps Commandant, General Carl Mundy, passed out antigay video tapes at meetings. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Colin Powell, while talking cooperation with the White House, instigated behind-the-scenes opposition to the President. In a speech in Annapolis, he had told sailors he would understand if they chose to resign in the event that they ultimately disagreed with the President’s decision.

    Meanwhile Clinton discovered that getting what he wanted without a fight with Congress was impossible. He had one significant ally in Senator Bob Kerrey, the Congressional Medal of Honor winner who lost a leg in Vietnam. In a speech last week, Kerrey admitted that his own experience in the Navy SEALs had caused him initially “to drift toward the military point of view.” But he changed his mind in May after he heard Marine Colonel Fred Peck testify that he would not want his gay son to serve in the Marines, fearful that his son’s life would be threatened by fellow soldiers. Kerrey said, “I must tell you, Mr. President, in that moment, I said, ‘Time out.’ It’s time for the military to change.”

    But that moment has not arrived for Nunn, and may never come. On Friday, the Georgia Senator surprised even sympathetic colleagues by announcing on the Senate floor that Congress would have to pass a law on the gay ban — no matter what Clinton decided. His language was tough and restrictive. “There should be no change in the current grounds for discharge for homosexual acts or statements and marriages.” He included among his targets anyone who “demonstrates a propensity to engage in homosexual acts.” These were fighting words, since one point of the six-month study was to give Nunn his time in the sun, days of televised hearings in which he could assert his authority over the process. Out of this came a willingness on Nunn’s part to live with “Don’t ask, don’t tell” — and, it was assumed, to keep lawmakers from tinkering with the policy. All seemed well until Nunn’s speech, which came across as a pre-emptive rebuke to Clinton.” – Time, July 26, 1993.

  6. MCnNYC says

    Even this Clinton supporter can’t even imagine why Jonathan Capehart wasted “ink” on such a silly non-issue. NO WAY IN HELL it will happen Nunn brings NOTHING to ticket (that a Webb or Warner doesn’t)

    Still OB and his rabid supporters in his campaign or in the media have not done CRAP to gain the support he needs amoung the dissaffected community.

  7. Jimmyboyo says

    Thanks for the info Michael bedwell


    If you are reffering to the disaffected Clinton supporters community = it hasn’t been a week yet since she suspended her campaign. Please Give a bit of time.

    If you are reffering to the disaffected gay community = those who aren’t supporting him yet fall into the Clinton supporter camp and again i ask please give it a bit of time. Less than a week isn’t enough time.

    If you are reffering to the disaffected community of everyone in america not supporting Obama. 5 months to go to try to directly address every group and concern. We will see.

    Today it appears they are focusing on mccains latest f up about the whole bringing out troops home being “just not important”

    I will say the united message / strong message from the dems was cool. Will Rogers “I don’t belong to any organized political party. I am a democrat.”

    Kerry speaking for the Obama campaign hiting hard on millitary families finding it very important was a home run sound bite.

  8. 24play says

    Obama definitely needs to pick someone for VP who’s VERY bitter, if he wants to appeal to voters like MCnNYC.

  9. paul says

    24play, so are you suggesting he get Michelle as VP? ūüėČ

    This Justin Timberlake picture has certainly made the rounds for the several months. It’s sad that it’s such big news that a man would wear…a speedo! Women will walk around topless, with a string over their junk and no one mentions it.

    So this goes back to the Sean William Scott discussion about “bromances” because Mike Myers is doing press tours talking about his “mancrush” on JT. Isn’t it technically just called “closeted gay lust” coming from Myers?

  10. el polacko says

    gee… remember the good old days when democrats, in reaction to ‘faith-based initiatives’ and such, fervently claimed to care about the separation of church and state ? guess that’s all gone out the stained-glass window now that their messiah has arrived.

  11. Ty says

    There is a HUGE Mormon temple in La Jolla no doubt the Romneys will be playing their Harry Potter bible fantasies there.

  12. kimmer says

    Am I wrong, or did I recently read that Nunn said publicly that it is time to reconsider the ban on gay men and women serving in the military? Not that I think he’s a good choice for Veep – Christ, he’s been out of the Washington loop for eons, earning gazillions at King & Spalding. He’s basically a dinosaur.

    I would love McCain to pick Romney as his running mate. Come on, John, do it! Guarantee Obama’s win!

  13. MarkInLA says

    Justin fills out his speedo perfectly and when you watch the trailor, you’ll notice he bumps and grinds his package in a definite, hard circle…but…relax, dudes, it’s a comedy: he’s supposed to look stupid; hence, the ridiculous ‘stache. Also, remember this is a Mike Myers’ movie and NO BODY is allowed to take the focus away from him! Ego-diva, Mr. Myers.