Oliver Stone’s W Teaser Poster Features List of Bushisms


The teaser poster for Oliver Stone’s upcoming biopic W starring Josh Brolin gives you an idea of the tone this film will take. Below, some photos I featured last month from EW of Brolin and Elizabeth Banks as the first couple.


First Look: Josh Brolin and Elizabeth Banks as The First Couple [tr]
Oliver Stone’s Bush Flick: Fade in on Turdblossom, Frat Hazing [tr]


  1. LD says

    I don’t think any tone can quite capture the mind-boggling, epic nightmare of the past 8 years. Well maybe the tone of, say, Dr Strangelove, might just about get it. How? How could this country have endured this dunce, this drunk fool, this uneducated zero AT ITS HELM for almost a decade? Anarchy would have been preferable and more productive.

  2. Philip Wester says

    When an excerpt from the script was leaked on APril 1st, I assumed it was an April fools. Then more info started being released and I realized this was the real deal.

    I’m sure the movie will be at least mildly amusing.

  3. Jack says

    Although I like Oliver Stone’s movies, there’s no way I would spend my time and money to see anything related to President Chimp and his band of moral marauders.

  4. disgusted American says

    Got to agree with Jack on this one. I would NOT spend a penny to see anything that might even give the hint of putting GWB in a “good light”…Tho I would spend money to see his War Crimes Trial and Execution! Nothing against Josh Brolin cause he’s a babe.

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