Queens of the Stone Age Singer Josh Homme Says He’s No Homophobe


Member of the Peanut Gallery:

Some journalists & citizens on the internet & are wondering: Q? Am I a homophobe because I included a slang for gay in with other “acceptable” curse words during a verbal lashing I gave a young concertgoer, after being hit by his shoe, during a show the other day? A= Nope. My gay family & friends, as well as myself, KNOW I am not a homophobe. For years now I’ve known gay is not a choice; one’s skin color doesn’t determine one’s intelligence level; & red hair doesn’t mean you’re someone’s stepchild. You see, it’s not the words, it’s their intent. I never said, nor suggested, that being gay is wrong, but apparently, based on your outrage to my flu-infused rant, you do! By that logic… I also told that young whipper snapper I’d have anal sex with him… how can I possibly reconcile these opposing viewpoints? I called him a pussy too. Does it mean I hate our one worlds’ collective vagina? I never have been nor intend to be politically correct. That’s your cross to bear. To me, that PC world would suck more shit than the porta-potty truck at Glastonbury. Homophobic? I’m in Queens of the Stone Age for crissake… You say, “So. Your band name doesn’t prove anything.” Maybe not. But it’s a helluv a lot more definitive than the logic of some watchdog… (sorry canine-American, canine-European, canine-African, canine-Australian & canine-Asian) moralist, keeping score from pure perfectionville? If your glass house is squeegeed that clean & you need to do something, do what the great philosopher Bill Hick’s once suggested: — forgive me-. Or don’t. I’m not asking for either, OK? I think you should let both of your cheeks go loose so the stick will drop out. Either way I expect that you’ll soon find another injustice from your chair, then roll to your bullhorn & point it out to the rest of us… Because you’re so above it all. Or If you’ll allow me to translate a wish of mine into your PC lingo:
Will you please go have, consensual, sex with yourself.
Pretty please with all natural, carbon offset sugar on top.

Mr. Missundastood
A.K.A. Joshua, Baby Duck, Jho
Head Choreographer & Do Stuff Corporation’s pansexual spokes-thing


  1. crispy says

    I long for the days of rock stars like John Lennon and Kurt Cobain who could actually make coherent sentences. I have no idea what the fuck that dude just said. But it sure explains a lot about their shitty music.

  2. says

    He had every right to say what he did and he should not apologize for it; someone threw a shoe at him.

    What was he supposed to do, go backstage and come up with a non-offensive tirade to quell his anger and shock of a shoe coming at him while giving a concert?

    I was on a subway years ago in Chicago and a black guy was aggressively shoving people to get to another car; a white guy said clearly and loudly, “stupid fucking black bastard”, because that is what he was. Just as this guy who threw the shoe is a “chicken shit fucking faggot”.

  3. josh says

    someone threw a shoe at him!!! he is allowed to say what he wants. i would have called the guy way worse. somehow i doubt this band is a homophobic…

  4. says

    Never heard of him but as far as I’m concerned that’s a sincere apology. He obviously feel real bad about his remarks and apologized. That’s maturity.

    CHARLES, could you please explain how referring to someone’s ethnic background while insulting them is “acceptable”?

  5. John in Manhattan says

    “For years now I’ve known gay is not a choice. You see, it’s not the words, it’s their intent.”

    Yet another tool who attempts to justify the use of the antigay slur “faggot” as being anything but antigay.

  6. Marco says

    I love this band, but Josh – it is the words and it’s not just their intent.

    I don’t believe for a moment he’s a homophobe, but just get the fuck over yourself andgive a simple apology.

  7. John in Manhattan says

    CHARLES, you’re an embarrassment to every gay person of color. There’s NEVER a justified reason to bring up someone’s race when angry with them. The subway shover’s (if I believe your bogus story) race had nothing to do with his behavior. You’re clearly suffering from internalized racism and homophobia. I strongly suggest you get the professional help you need.

  8. Jake says

    Josh Homme is not only one of the best musicians on the planet, he’s fucking smart and hilarious. God bless him and his stance against language fascism.

  9. Jake says

    Josh Homme is not only one of the best musicians on the planet, he’s fucking smart and hilarious. God bless him and his stance against language fascism.

  10. bosie says

    UGH …his words don’t affect me what so ever, so i don’t care…and he can buttfuck me anytime hehehe…gosh older gay guys are so damn touchy with words….WHY are gays so conservative??? wtf ..we can go out in leather , do each other anywhere and yet we can get over a damn word…someone used in a moment of heat???? BS i say.

  11. says

    John In Manhattan,

    I do not agree with you. I don’t think there is racism in calling someone a “stupid fucking black bastard.” Just as when I call someone an “old queen” I don’t have any ageism. There are words he could have used to make it racially charged, but “black” isn’t one of them. He is black. it is a matter of fact. and if he was shoving people on a subway, it sounds like a fact that he is a “stupid fucking bastard” as well.

    We should all just relax a little. he also called the guy a “cunt” which is just as misogynistic as “faggot” is homophobic. But it is an awesome hate-filled word to be used when a punk hits you with a shoe.

  12. Pekemo says

    I remember the first ( and admittedly last ) video I saw of theirs and it was pretty much just Josh Hommes resisting the urge to make out with his guitarist, so when I saw this I pretty much figured that it would be non-issue with me. And I also remember that a while back he did an interview about why the band was called “Queens of The Stone Age” and it was because he wanted the people who listened to the band to be fans of the music, not their name, so pretty much he used homophobia to find his true fans, so by no means is this dude homophobic, his track record speaks for itself.

  13. Sportin' Life says

    Jeezus, he should have just said he lost his temper (which is understandable when someone throws a shoe at you) and offered a quick apology.

    The long defensive “I am not a homophobe” self-justification–complete with the cliche whinge about “PC”–is what makes him look like an asshole.

  14. Chas says

    *SIGH*…I’m just going to stop crushing on guys I don’t know. First Shia LeBeouf fucks up, now this shit.

    To be honest, it’s not him using the word “faggot” that really gets to me–though that’s a MAJOR turn off–it’s his lameass, long winded, self justifying apology. “Faggot” doesn’t roll easily off my tongue, but if some shithead threw a shoe at me I’d most likely say some things I’d have to apoligize for later, too. And that’s if I didn’t beat the living hell out of him. But I’d handle it less clumsily than Josh has and I sure as hell wouldn’t use the term “PC” (UGH!). I don’t believe he’s homophobe; I just think he’s stupid.

  15. Landon Bryce says

    Dear Josh Hommes,

    I am sure you are not a homophobe, and I believe that you had no antigay intent. However, that does not make your language acceptable. You are a public figure and, like it or not, a role model of sorts. It is wrong for you to argue that bigoted language is okay. Gays kids are called faggot every day in American schools. Rape as an acceptable punishment for those who violate sexual conventions is still a problem in some cultures. You are on the opposite side as the people who think the way you talked. Be pissed at the over-reactions, but raise your consciousness a little, too.

  16. wetcnt says

    What’s being missed here is that this guy was trying to humiliate the idiot in the audience. And, like many people today, he chose to achieve this by labelling the idiot a “fag” and the receptive partner in a gay sex act.

    While I’m sure that Homme doesn’t hate gay people, he still adds to the discourse that there is nothing lower or more humiliating than being “fucked in the ass” or being a “fag”.

    And please stop using the term ‘politically correct’ as a catch all to justify hateful and destructive language.

  17. crispy says

    I really think we need to know what kind of shoe it was.

    Was it a light-weight loafer? Or one of those heavy-duty combat boots with steel toes? That would totally change things.

  18. Sean says

    A self-serving, “I’m the victim”, narcissistic non-apology from a celebrity? Who knew? He so doesn’t get it. And clearly several of the homos on this site don’t either. His comments were meant to demean. What was the first thought that instinctively leapt into his head to achieve this when speaking to another man? Gay sex. Meaning, men engaging in gay sex = shame. (“I’ll still butttfuck you in front of all your friends.”) Tell me that wasn’t meant to be a derogatory masculinity shredding dis? That’s a classic straight guy homophobic response.

    And hello, wouldn’t that qualify as rape as well? Ha ha. Yeah guys, that’s such a valid ok response for someone who is feeling ill and pissy.

    I don’t think he’s personally homophobic, for what it’s worth. But he still clearly has the residual imprint of growing up in a culture that is homophobic. Again, he instinctively mimics that and calls it up during an unguarded moment of anger.

  19. martymartymarty says

    What he said was stupid, his apology is lame. He used words which are accepted as hateful without thinking about the reality of association that goes with them — typical impulsive straight-boy tyrade. I find his apology worse than what he said. *shrug*

  20. Michael Bedwell says

    Author David Crystal estimates that the average English speaker has an “active vocabulary” of 30-50,000 words. If for no other reason, it is, thus reasonable to conclude that any non-black person choosing to insert the word black when verbally assaulting [regardless of justification] someone who is black is either racist or retarded. Or both.

    And anyone who defends them is either racist or retarded. Or both.

    Similarly, ANY nongay person who chooses to insert the word faggot [and/or references to what “faggots” do] when verbally assaulting [regardless of justification] someone else is either homophobic or retarded or both.

    And any gay man who defends them is either self-loathing or retarded. Or both.

    It is irrelevant how good Homme’s music is, how pretty he is, how big his dick is, how many gay friends/relatives he has, how much money he might give to charity, how many good deeds he does, how good he is to his mum….out of tens of thousands of words in his vocabulary he CHOSE to include homophobic words in his attack on someone he was furious with ipso facto HE’S A GODDAMN HOMOPHOBE AND A DISHONEST, COWARDLY ONE AT THAT not to have the balls [however huge and hanging] to just admit it and apologize for what his anger revealed.

    Hate speech may be free speech but it’s still hate speech and anyone who defends it is just as bad as the bigot him/herself.

    Happy GAY PRIDE Month!

  21. Derrick from Philly says

    You know, a Lesbian once hit me in the back of the head with a boot. It was at one of those gay street festivals they have in Philly’s Gayborhood (really exciting events…please, BORING)…Anyway, there was a group of gay girls, and one of them kicked her leg up in the air. Her boot (what else would a butch girl be wearing) flew off and hit me in the back of the head. Well, all her girlfriends came over to apologize, but she didn’t. She just stood there with her hand over her mouth as if to say, “ooops”. Now, these were Lesbians and they were white girls, but it never occured to me to call them anti-lesbian, anti-white slurs…well, they did apologize– all except the flyin’ boot bitch. (oh, come on, “bitch” is a minor slur…shit).

  22. biffy says

    Why, when people feel the need to lash out do they feel to use we gays as a target – using gay derogatory terms -even if the perp is straight and the “injured party (Josh)” knows as much.

    Why didn’t this Josh say – “you straight bastard, go to hell etc, etc.”

    Why. I’ll tell you why, he’s a homophobe and doesn’t want to admit it because he may loose some ticket sales money!

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