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road.jpg What? Congress strikes deal to give telecom companies immunity in warrantless wiretapping: “The deal, expanding the government’s powers in some key respects, would allow intelligence officials to use broad warrants to eavesdrop on foreign targets and conduct emergency wiretaps without court orders on American targets for a week if it is determined important national security information would be lost otherwise. If approved, as appears likely, it would be the most significant revision of surveillance law in 30 years.”

Leatherroad.jpg Then and now: the disappearance of New York’s leather scene.

road.jpg Ryan Air CEO announces plans for reconfigured fleet: “So in economy it will be very cheap fares. Say 10 euros. And in business class it will be beds and blowjobs. In economy. In business, it will all be free including the blowjobs.” WATCH.

road.jpg Will Tasmania become the first Australian state to have same-sex marriage? “Tasmania Greens MP Nick McKim today said he would bring the same-sex marriage bill, which will also provide adoption rights, to state parliament on July 1. ‘Marriage is an institution that should be open to opposite-sex and same-sex couples,’ Mr McKim told reporters. ‘We believe that this matter should have a conscience vote.'”

road.jpg Naomi Campbell pleads guilty to six counts of assault.

road.jpg Bill that would mark officially mark May 22 as Harvey Milk Day in California advances, getting approval from the Senate Education Committee.

Uforoad.jpg UFO: South Wales police spot “unusual object.”

road.jpg Sydney’s Oxford Street ‘Safe Place’ to close: “The six month pilot project was set up in November as part of a multi-faceted strategy to deal with the increasing homophobic violence on the strip and the perceived lack of action by government and police. It set out to raise awareness of homophobic violence, increase reporting of violence, to provide a refuge for people escaping violence and to improve the response from NSW Police and from the Government. Recent evaluation of the space deemed that it was no longer viable to keep it open, given the small numbers of people who were actually making use of it.”

road.jpg Would you let David Beckham sign your balls?

road.jpg How a homophobic idiot was suddenly changed

Janetroad.jpg Janet Jackson announces MTV reality show.

road.jpg Gay ex-Fort Lauderdale city commissioner Dean Trantalis enter’s race for Naugle’s seat: “Now this increasingly powerful voting bloc must choose among Trantalis; Hutchinson; longtime legislator Jack Seiler, who also has some support in the gay community; and defense attorney Steve Rossi. ‘This is definitely going to be a very awkward campaign,’ said Hutchinson supporter Michael Albetta, board member of the Dolphin Democrats, a gay political organization in Broward that doesn’t endorse candidates.”

road.jpg Pamela Anderson’s mother’s wish: “Lately my mother has said, ‘I wish you were gay, considering your choice of men.'”

road.jpg The NYT profiled Russell T. Davies this past weekend and he recounted a story about a confrontation he had with a woman who didn’t like the same-sex kissing in his Doctor Who series: “I was standing there saying, ‘You’re a bad mother, and your children will either grow up to be lesbians, or they will be taken into care because they’ve been badly raised,’ ” he recalled in a recent interview near the “Doctor Who” set. He began to chuckle. “ ‘You are ignorant, and you’re bringing up your children in ignorance, and that will backfire on you.'”


  1. Zeke says

    I don’t believe Naugle is running for re-election in Ft. Lauderdale. In fact I don’t think he can run. If I’m not mistaken this is his last eligible term under the city’s term-limit policy.

  2. Chas says

    I love Russell T. Davies, that crazy Welsh bastard. Doctor Who (mmm…David Tennant..) and Torchwood (mmmm…Ianto…) are required viewing for me.

    I’m glad people like Michael Onesi continue to prove that homophobia is not a permanent state of ignorance.

  3. Ty says

    I’m glad the leather scene is dissapearing. This kind of costumed rebellion is no longer necessary, and not very healthy.
    It is based in annonomous sexuality, and the new thing is love and committment.
    We are finally growing up and seeing each other as people, rather than objects.

  4. Ty says

    I’m glad the leather scene is dissapearing. This kind of costumed rebellion is no longer necessary, and not very healthy.
    It is based in annonomous sexuality, and the new thing is love and committment.
    We are finally growing up and seeing each other as people, rather than objects.

  5. Chas says

    TY, not every gay guy around back then was apart of the leather scene. And I don’t think there was anything WRONG with the ones who were, on the whole. They found a lifestyle/activity they were happy with and went for it. Nothing wrong with that.

  6. seeldee says

    @ Chas:

    I share your lust for Ianto. Good lord that guy is easy on the eyes.


    Why must those things be mutually exclusive? Can’t men who enjoy the leather scene also enjoy a monogamous relationship? What does one have to do with the other? There’s nothing wrong with pulling things out of one’s tickle trunk for mutual fun times, in my opinion. Try it yourself, you might surprise yourself and enjoy it!

  7. daveynyc says

    About the WIRETAPPING (Which Obama supports)

    Obama’s just released statement:

    Given the grave threats that we face, our national security agencies must have the capability to gather intelligence and track down terrorists before they strike, while respecting the rule of law and the privacy and civil liberties of the American people. . . .

    After months of negotiation, the House today passed a compromise that, while far from perfect, is a marked improvement over last year’s Protect America Act. . . It does, however, grant retroactive immunity, and I will work in the Senate to remove this provision so that we can seek full accountability for past offenses.

    It is not all that I would want. But given the legitimate threats we face, providing effective intelligence collection tools with appropriate safeguards is too important to delay. So I support the compromise, but do so with a firm pledge that as President, I will carefully monitor the program, review the report by the Inspectors General, and work with the Congress to take any additional steps I deem necessary to protect the lives -– and the liberty –- of the American people.

    Lord, not another one…Sounds A LOT like George W to me…

    Here’s his campaign’s phone number: (866) 675-2008 [Dial 6, then 0, on the menu].

  8. Chas says

    So let’s either vote for JohnnyMac or not vote at all because everyone knows John McCain would NEVER stand for something like this! MCCAIN IN ’08!

  9. Tom N says

    Even blowjobs aren’t enough to make me fly on Ryan Air again! My cousins in Europe swear by them, but the seats don’t recline and actually lean slightly forward, making the trip really uncomfortable.

  10. says

    “I’m glad the leather scene is dissapearing. This kind of costumed rebellion is no longer necessary, and not very healthy.
    It is based in annonomous sexuality, and the new thing is love and committment.
    We are finally growing up and seeing each other as people, rather than objects.”

    Ty, what a presumptive statement. Leather is drag. Wearing leather is not unhealthy, any more than wearing a boa is, and “annonomous (sic) sexuality” is not a requirement of anyone who wears leather. Many leather men (and women) have safe sex (anonymous or not) and committed relationships, just like the rest of the population. Though I’m not really a leather guy myself, one reason I like leather bars is because there’s a sense of community in them, unlike many non-leather posing bars where objectification is much more the norm. And the leather community does a lot for the gay community. So spare us the uninformed stereotyping.

  11. daveynyc says

    im sorry chas, i just find it so amazing that this man’s whole campaign is about “change” and the first thing that comes across his desk that might actually “change” something he doesn’t

    he just supported something that illegally monitored americans private calls and emails after 9/11

    the companies broke the law and should be taken to court

  12. Chas says

    DAVEY: First let me say that I wasn’t attacking you in my response. Reading it back it sounds like I was. Excuse my belligerence; I think the idea of another four years of Bush bullshit is making me anxious.

    Now, RE: Obama and wiretapping,

    Obviously, as you, me, and everyone else has said, the man is a politician, not the golden calf. He’s going to continue to do and state things we’ll all disagree with at some point in time, ESPECIALLY if he becomes president. But I’m willing to take his fuck-ups over McCain’s any day. At the end of the day, the alternative to Obama is just too poor for me not to continue to support his candidacy. Once he’s in we can do our duty as American citizens and beat the shit out of him for his stupid decisions. But let’s get him there first.

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