1. says

    And unlike empty controversialist Katy Perry (whose song I do, nonetheless, really like listening to…), he actually DOES kiss a boy in the video! So hilarious. Love the progression, too.

  2. Andrea says

    I’m disappointed you would give exposure to Katy Perry, whose song tells us that being gay is “wrong” and “not what good girls do.” Also, she has a song called “Ur So Gay” in which she uses the word ‘gay’ as a synonym for stupid. I wish people would stop promoting her asshole-ish, homophobic ways.

  3. Wes says

    Regarding Katy Perry, am I the only one completely turned off by ‘shock’ homosexuality?

    Ur So Gay
    I Kissed A Girl
    ‘One of the Boys’

    Its a tired schtick if you ask me.

  4. Mike B. says

    Isn’t there already a song called “I Kissed a Girl” by Jill Sobule? Can’t we just enjoy the songs we already have?

  5. says

    Interesting idea (and I know it’s a parody so I’ll excuse the voice), but did he have to use a cheesy, bad 90s porn (I know, that’s redundant) as footage? There were no hot scenes in that entire film (yes I’ve seen it) and I’d garner that most of the actors were Gay-For-Pay, as evidenced in that tongueless, cold-as-a-witches-tit kiss he did use.

  6. Jeanluc says

    Um, it felt so wrong, it felt so right…she is talking about experimenting. Who cares? Pull the sticks out of your asses and enjoy that it’s a fun song to listen to. Not everyone who kisses a girl has to marry one. Get over it.

  7. Nathan says

    Um, I don’t know Katy’s music–not my generation–but Jill Sobule did a brilliant song called “I Kissed a Girl” (and a brilliant album with gender-bending songs like “Karen by Night”) which I highly recommend for those unfamiliar with her. Pretty sure GLAAD gave her, and the song, awards…

    And leave those cheesy 90s boys alone! LOL. Those are my peeps! I had blow-dried hair just like that! Ah, the memories…

  8. thin mint says

    Oh god.

    It’s not even the homophobia anymore, it’s the overexposure.

    Just please stop shoving this awful woman down my throat, internet.

  9. passerby says

    NIO- She doesn’t use the term ‘gay’ as as synonym for stupid in the song “Ur so Gay”. She uses it to describe an ex who happens to portray stereotypical homosexual interests and characteristics. As is he acts like he’s gay, but claims he’s not. It’s a very, very common type of guy. How is that homophobic? Why be so sensitive and look for hate? And not to be an asshole, but by commenting aren’t you adding to her exposure?

  10. jason says

    In the last 12 years, why have there been two songs called I Kissed A Girl by women singers but none called I Kissed A Boy by male singers? What’s going on in America? It seems your entertainment industry has a double standard. Why is male-male being shunned by the mainstream in America?

    Maybe it’s because gay and bi men have failed to challenge the mainstream’s double standard. You’ve also failed to challenge this phony acceptance (of female-female) based on titillation (of sleazy straight guys).

  11. Jason Young says

    At least the Weird Al parody should be good :) Also I bet the Gay Pimp will have to out do this.

  12. says

    The issue in the song “Ur So Gay” isn’t that she’s being directly homophobic, but the fact that it’s a blatant reinforcement of wicked values.
    The fact that she says, “You’re so gay and you don’t even like boys,” is essentially hinting at the idea that there’s a definitive model of gayness and that in order to be gay you also have to wear “make up” and an “H&M scarf,” etc. And the reason that’s wrong is because there IS no model for gayness, and the song also perpetuates models of traditional masculinity saying that these actions or items cannot be consistent with a heterosexual lifestyle. The line, “I wish you would just be real with me” is essentially stating, “I wish you’d drop all that gay shit and act like a man.”
    If there are any “Concerned Women of America” (as MIKE B. stated)getting offended or angered by this song, they ought to sit back and actually listen, because it’s just reaffirming their values.

    I don’t even want to get into how the song “I Kissed a Girl” promotes lesbianism-for-the-pleasure-of-men and every other issue it has. The point is, the only really surprising thing about Miss Perry is that she states American values completely explicitly rather than the typical layers of images we find that do it through cultivation. She’s popular because even though it would seem like she’s going against the mainstream, it’s really just a convoluted facade for the fact that she’s really only reinforcing it.

  13. Morten says

    Franz Ferdinand has a song Michael about a couple of guys doing what they shouldn’t (well shouldn’t because they have gfs). As mainstream as it gets. Just not Americans.

  14. Landon Bryce says

    Thanks, Andy, for the link, and thanks to anybody who checked out the silly little video.