1. Randy says

    OK, so I wonder, what the hell are you actually going to be able to do up there? It’s very narrow…basically it’s just a grassy sidewalk in the sky, and frankly, with the shadows of all the building around it, it’s not good for laying out, or basically doing anything with all the new condo building looming next to you.People are going to get VERY bored with it when it’s done, and once again, all our great tax money has gone to waste on something incredibly pointless. It’s going to be the most expensive dogcrap park ever built. Oh thats right….dogs aren’t allowed up there. But you can bet rich moms and their strollers will be. You can’t do anything on a 10 foot wide park.

  2. HAHA says

    Newest public space? Very cool project? One of the most brilliant ideas? It will be awesome? Really? It’s going to be an outdoor strip mall with crappy stores lining each side. So get over it.

  3. Derek says

    Randy how about you just shut the f*ck up and save your bitter anger for your therapist(s).

    What a miserable bitch you must be.

    And HaHa, you and Randy should date, you are perfect for each other.

  4. Randy says

    Um, Derek…
    The next time you get your 2xist’s into a tizzy, you might want to consider using an alias email… a quick google search of your email—— shows thats you unfortuantely aren’t a New Yorker but instead live somewhere in the sad woods of Pennsylvania. I just have a bit more of a realistic point of the non-success of the High Line having not only been architect educated but having lived in New York for the last 10 years. I know that you feel the need to put on your boxing gloves as you type blog comments at your computer, circuitously removed from reality. It seems like your small charitable world of pet shelters and craft fairs out in PA needs you alot more.


  5. Christopher says

    Randy, HAHA, really. You lack enough imagination to be gay. Think about it, a three mile long, obscured from street view, elevated platform that winds right past the bedroom windows of most of West Chelsea. Hello! God Herself couldn’t have designed a better stretch of cruising real estate. My ex lives in a fourth floor apt right across from it and I tease him he won’t even have to leave his home to cruise, he can just hold up a sign with his cell number and let iPhones do the rest.

  6. Derek says


    LOL-It only took you roughly 50 minutes to prove my assesment of you 150% correct. I think that might be a Towleroad record.

    So thank you Randy Kaufman from NYC. This back woods, uneducated, non alias using, removed from reality, unfortunate non New Yorker, animal shelter volunteer really really needed the laughs you just provided.

    Keep googling,

  7. Pete says

    @ Derek

    Boy did you hit the nail on the head with that one. Hey Randy get over yourself tool. Does it make you feel good to be such a nasty assh@le?

    If the High Line does ever get torn down, we can only pray you are under it.

  8. Brad says

    I love this blog, and I love Randy even more. All he did was mention how useless the highline space really is, and it set off some you faggots like Anita Bryant at an orange growers convention.
    Its a fucking abandoned railroad track, that will probably just turn into outdoor ad space, with a little promenade thrown in for “civic” measure. Get over it.

  9. Br!on says

    Wow. Such animosity for something that will bring some much needed green and art to the city.

    It will NOT be lined with shops as there are absolutely no building permits or retail permits for the length of the Highline.

    The only building thus far that has that distinction is the new Standard Hotel being built over the top of it.

    As for any sort of carnival atmosphere and plastic baubles there will be none. It is an elevated line far wider than a sidewalk with great vistas to the river and the surrounding neighborhoods.

    The magic is in preserving the great rail line that ran through these neighborhoods and providing a brilliant meandering walk through the west side of the city, instead of a horrid teardown and new buildings.

    Providing one of the only releases from the streets of New York and the traffic lights this will be a continuous walk from the Meatpacking to Hellsea.

    The fact that anyone here thinks this going to be some outside galleria starring the Valley Girls shows how ABSOLUTELY little you know about the project.

    Do some research.

    There has been over a decade of planning and neighborhood involvement to make this happen and your denigration does nothing but make you look ignorant.

    This amazing project will tie together the gallery district, The Hudson River Park, and all of the neighborhoods involved, with spectacular architecture and a gateway to the sky.

    A park certainly doesn’t have to be square to be a park.

  10. Br!on says


    Seriously, Because one section of one rendering is ten feet wide? I don’t see candy stores on the Highline anywhere. . .

    I’ve actively watching this project since it began involved with fund raisers and I think it’s going to be the bees knees, sorry. :)

  11. Charles says

    The above post by BR!ON included a link to CURBED, a site devoted to NYC-area architecture. Unfortunately, the Comments under the High Line story are just as negative and angry as the ones here at Towleroad. LOL Even though the short article does a good job providing an overview, the people who left those comments just don’t get it – same as the bitter Mary’s at Towleroad.
    Anyway, the High Line project is being executed perfectly and on-schedule. It preserves an important part of Manhattan’s history and provides the people with a beautiful place for recreation and relaxation. I couldn’t think of a better addition to Manhattan for leisure and escape. Although, like is stated one of the posts at Curbed, I agree that it will most likely be covered in taggs and graffiti in a short period of time – especially with the upcoming ecopnomic depression (funds to keep the park maintained will be cut and it will fall into disrepair – a typical NYC story).
    I love the High Line and can’t wait to come back to the city to walk it’s beautiful pathway’s.

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