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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #308

CEDAR RAPIDS: Local news of the historic flooding. Our thoughts are with you guys out there!

BRAVO'S A-LIST AWARDS: Guy TV Blog wraps up the highlights of last night's Kathy Griffin-fest.

REPUBLICAN: Voters speak out!

END OF THE WORLD: Trailer for Werner Herzog's new film about Antarctica.

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  1. but where are the preachers on this? certainly this has to be god's judgment on the u.s. for its policy in the mideast or what? perhaps gay marriage?

    Posted by: the queen | Jun 13, 2008 3:43:45 PM

  2. In the Cedar Rapids video, my home is shown at 0:47 just past the flag pole. I had to evacuate on Wednesday, and I have no idea what my 2nd floor apartment is going to look like when I get to go home in a couple weeks. The other buildings that were shown, the Alliant Tower and Smulekoff's are a block up the road from me, and the science station is across the street. I am safe now, but very worried. Thank you for posting the video!

    Posted by: Tony | Jun 13, 2008 6:32:27 PM

  3. I live in Cedar Rapids and the TV news just announced that 436 city blocks are flooded. 436! By the way, I have a huge crush on that reporter, Josh Hinkel, but I heard he already has a boyfriend :>(

    Posted by: tobey | Jun 13, 2008 7:08:57 PM

  4. Not just in Cedar Rapids, don't forget Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin... all of these states have historical, major and ongoing flooding. Indiana has 24 counties declared a disaster...

    Our thoughts should be with ALL of these people.

    Posted by: johnny | Jun 14, 2008 10:23:04 AM

  5. I also live in Cedar Rapids this is devastating and I'm so lucky to not be one of the people directly impacted by this disaster.Iowa city 20 mins south is set for major flooding as well. stay dry!

    Posted by: Alan | Jun 14, 2008 5:52:08 PM

  6. It is very sad about the flooding. I can't imagine the smell in Cedar Rapids. If you have been there you will know

    Posted by: Brian | Jun 15, 2008 9:19:05 PM

  7. Flooding causes huge losses in terms of human live every year. People should think to control it.

    Iowa Treatment Centers

    Posted by: xs5 | Aug 2, 2008 9:21:36 AM

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