Al Reynolds: ‘I am not a Homosexual’


Wow. This is probably the most lengthy “I’m not gay” statement I’ve ever heard. Al Reynolds has started his own channel on YouTube where he’s posting videos in which an interviewer asks him questions about his life so he can straighten out the rumors (so to speak).

I’ve transcribed a segment of this clip below.

INTERVIEWER: You’ve experienced a lot of speculation about your sexuality. Tell us about that. Are you gay?

REYNOLDS: “I am not a homosexual. But the thing is, it’s really weird to me — and it’s kind of upsetting to me that that’s where people would go as it relates to my sexuality. Because this has affected my professional life. This has affected my personal life. And if anyone knew the damage that it has caused me, they would understand why I’m very aggressive about this. But it’s okay because I’m learning from this whole experience. And hopefully I’ll grow from it. But I can tell you probably why…

Staral“Look at me. I take very care in my clothes. I dress nice. I’m from the South. We used to dress up to go to church. My mother had six kids. We used to have to line up before we left the house to go to church. It was very important that we were dressed nice. That our shoes were clean, that our hair was combed, that our teeth were brushed. That we presented ourselves as a Reynolds, because that’s what we were. And I kind of transport that into my adult life. So when you see me out, I’m gonna be immaculate. I’m gonna be clean. I’m gonna dress nice. I’m gonna look good. You know some people, they call that kind of soft. Okay. I’ve been called soft before and that’s okay. Some people, as of late, call that metrosexual. I can live with it. Cause it’s not gonna stop. Every time I go to an event, I’m gonna look my best. My mother used to tell me that you look cleaner than the board of health, and I used to say to her ‘ all right that means my job is done. That means I got the okay to leave.’

“See we’ve got to separate the gossip from the facts and that’s why I’m doing this interview. I worked ten years on Wall Street. I managed multi-millionaire accounts for ten years. I did that before I met Star, so for anyone to try to like, you know, discredit my credibility and integrity, it’s one of the reasons why I’m talking. You know? I teach kids at a university on a university level. I have a doctorate degree that I’m working on. This is all things that, you know, it trumps the gossip because it’s the truth, and nothing trumps it better than the truth.”

Because, of course, no gays dress badly, work on Wall Street, or get university degrees…

The other clips are here and here. In them, he talks about his marriage to Star Jones, and his “true passion”.

The Al Reynolds You Don’t Know


  1. David D. says

    All right, fine fine FINE. You’re not gay already. You go to gay bars, you dress like a one-man circuit party and you have the worst taste in women since Ferdinand Marcos–but you’re not gay. Hooray for you.

  2. jason says

    Al, darling, but are you a bisexual? Many male celebs avoid the issue by condensing it down to gay or straight, but biological sexuality isn’t like a divided city for most men.

    In any case, he seems like he’s protesting too much. Get a life, Al.

  3. Will says

    The better question to ask is whether he has had an orgasm in the presence of another man or if a man has had an orgasm in his presence. How come no one ever asks that question?

  4. Sean says

    I had a lengthy response to this guys denials, and then I realized I was about to post a comment about Star Jones’ husband.

    What could I possibly add to that?

  5. Sebastian says

    I could care less if he is gay or anyone else, not my business, but, I do tire of people having to explain that they are not as if being gay is the same as being a leper, since most gay men and women are far happier and adjusted than those who have to publicly say they are not.

  6. says

    OMG. Andy I thought you were talking about me.

    I dress badly, work on Wall St. and have a University Degree….

    Dang. I think I just found the new title of my online profile.

  7. banjiboi says

    Okay, let’s review:

    Afalfa cum Pee Wee Herman Helmet Cut
    Extreme Eyebrow Wax Job
    Mustache Trim
    Chronic Gayface and Lip Pursing Thoughout Interview
    Strategic Head Back Toss
    Just for Men Hair Color (Dark Brown)
    Denial of Homosexuality


  8. paul says

    That’s quite a hairstyle. I think it’s the only thing noteworthy about this person. That, and the fact that he would marry a grotesquely obese shrew, ostensibly to suckle from her now extinct Z-list “fame”.

    Oh, and I AM gay, unlike whatshisface.

  9. Humberto says

    Al Reynolds almost melted my gay-dar the first time that I saw him. Al, you may not consider yourself gay. There is a term that some folk would use instead. Ever heard the term “MSM”? Men that sleep with men, but may have a woman or two on the side.

  10. So Left I'm Right says

    I started reading this and I’m like “Who is this guy and why do I care?” I mean, how much more irrelevant could this queen’s view of his own sexuality be? And who, up to and including Star Jones, really cares?

  11. Manny says

    I hear what he’s saying, but I saw his honeymoon pics & I have never known a straight man to get hair extensions for his honeymoon. Darn, I wish I could still find the pics:(

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