Archbishop of Wales Says He Would Consecrate a Gay Bishop

Dr. Barry Morgan, the Archbishop of Wales, said over the weekend that he was in agreement with gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson about gay clergy and that he would consecrate a gay candidate for bishop if that candidate was qualified:

Morgan“If there was a candidate who was in a homosexual relationship that would be discussed. It would be my job to say ‘you have to vote according to your conscience, but I’m duty bound to tell you that it will have repercussions as far as the wider Anglican communion is concerned’. If they said they want to do that well so be it. If a priest had a partner and someone nominated them that wouldn’t be a bar to them becoming a bishop.”

Morgan’s comments come on the eve of this year’s Anglican Lambeth Conference from which Robinson has been excluded. As I posted earlier, Robinson’s presence has already been noted by a heckler during a sermon over the weekend.