Archbishop of Wales Says He Would Consecrate a Gay Bishop

Dr. Barry Morgan, the Archbishop of Wales, said over the weekend that he was in agreement with gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson about gay clergy and that he would consecrate a gay candidate for bishop if that candidate was qualified:

Morgan“If there was a candidate who was in a homosexual relationship that would be discussed. It would be my job to say ‘you have to vote according to your conscience, but I’m duty bound to tell you that it will have repercussions as far as the wider Anglican communion is concerned’. If they said they want to do that well so be it. If a priest had a partner and someone nominated them that wouldn’t be a bar to them becoming a bishop.”

Morgan’s comments come on the eve of this year’s Anglican Lambeth Conference from which Robinson has been excluded. As I posted earlier, Robinson’s presence has already been noted by a heckler during a sermon over the weekend.


  1. Michael Bedwell says

    Finally got around to renting “For the Bible Tells Me So” over the weekend, which documents much of Bishop Robinson’s life, among others, and I urge everyone who has a friend or relative still having trouble making that leap of faith to accept them to buy a copy and send it to them with love.

    Having been reared a Holy Roller I know all too viscerally that there are many whose brains have become so hardwired against us, their hearts turned to stone, that NOTHING will open either. But there are many other believers in the middle who could not help but be touched by this remarkable documentary.

    Robinson’s history is particularly fascinating because, contrary to the New England Episcopal A-Gay he now manifests, he came from a small town in Kentucky, the son of very poor and religiously conservative parents who, after making their own long emotional and religous journey, now embrace him entirely. His mother believes God “made him this way” and put him on earth to help lead the progress in the church as he now is, declaring in her Deep South accent, “If anybody’s going to Heaven, Gene is.”

    His parents did not just attend his induction as a bishop [along with his former wife and two daughters], but together at its height put on him his symbolic new robe. [Underneath it all he was wearing a bulletproof vest due to all the death threats he’d received; many of the written ones shown in the film.]

    Then there’s remarkable Jake Reitan and his remarkable parents who, together were arrested stepping onto the property of the rabidly homohating, multimillion dollar “Focus on the Family.” Another mother and father who attended the same demonstration, having become religious pro-gay activists after their lesbian daughter— whom they’d denounced based in large part on FOF teaching—committed suicide.

    The BEST gay documentary of the many I’ve seen.