1. Luke says

    Andy, come on now, you are kidding on this one right??? Thank God I don’t watch this sort of mindless show, where do they find these churls??? I guess next he’ll be wearing the Confederate flag to put the fear of God in that gal.

  2. Wes says

    I’ve actually had to argue with people from certain parts of the country that colored is indeed an offensive way to describe black people.

    Its just amazing to me that in 2008 people are still this socially retarded.

  3. Calvin says

    It hurts me as a gay black man to see that racism is still prevalent in the gay community. I would think that the bigotry we face as gay men would be a good enough reason to fight against other forms of discrimination in our society. Shame on you Steven!

  4. says

    there is a difference between ignorance and racism, and I think this might be the former.

    Ignorance is referring to someone by a term that is no longer PC. We need to keep in mind that he is from rural Texas, and a rodeo cowboy. Use of a non-PC term could be simple ignorance. If the people who have surrounded him all of his life use such terms, he may (may) not know any better. Hopefully this will be a learning experience.

    THis would be racist if he said he didn’t like her because she is “colored,” or he wanted to evict her because she is “colored”

    there is a difference, though neither are desirable.

  5. Kipp says

    Although it certainly suggests a non-sequitur mention of her race (why isn’t she just “that girl” rather than “that colored girl”?), I dunno that I’d want to call it a “racist remark” – at best it seems more “racially tinged.” “Colored” happens to be a fairly neutral term for race in southern dialects – alot like the fairly neutral “black” in urban dialects. Colored is clearly a dated word – and it dates from a time when many people may have used it negatively – but people still use it without any intended negative connotation at all.

  6. JeffRob says

    While Dan B is technically right, in that simply using the term “colored” is (arguably) not in and of itself racist, that should in no way be inferred to mean that this cowboy Steven is not, in fact, a racist.

    He is certainly ignorant, but he is probably also a full-fledged racist. I mean, these “Real World” members obviously understand that for the first time in their lives, anything and everything they say or do is going to be seen and recorded for all eternity in countless places. And yet he still chooses to display such backward-thinking so blatantly? That’s not ignorant, that’s racist.

    He’s also certainly a prick.

  7. Walker says

    ummmm, maybe stating the obvious here but what kind of tool gets involved with a reality show.

    I have no proof of this but I have always thought that it was after Andy Warhol met Lance Loud that he said, “In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.” These shows are exactly what he was talking about.

    In the future anonymity will be sexy. How sexy is Anonymous after only just a few months of protests.

  8. FizziekruntNT says

    Kipp, by the tone of your comment, I have no real alternative to taking you seriously. Are you actually convinced that your rationalization holds water?

    Rural Texas, Urban Texas and Suburban Texas alike all have equal access to current standards of communication and “colored” hasn’t been an acceptable term for people of African descent for over thirty years. Those that use racially-tinged descriptors for those different than themselves are intentionally differentiating and willfully using the language with intent. Claiming ignorance in this day and age is akin to claiming you were raised on Mars.

    “Colored” is NOT a neutral term and as a lily-white WASP with a family history in this country that began in 1662, I’m offended that anyone would even attempt to use such logic with me. I know your comment wasn’t personally addressed to me, but I find it particularly annoying that, as a long-time resident of Texas, anyone would excuse a person’s stupidity simply because of his or her residential geographic location.

    This particular dipshit managed to get himself cast on television which would suggest that he has a bit more knowledge of cultural standards than he even allowed himself by being so offensive. How about we stop making excuses for people and start demanding accountability?

  9. Michael Bedwell says

    Oh, fucking PUHLEEZE!!!!

    “Ignorance” my lily white ass! Now had you written, “I don’t think it’s so much racism as retardation” then I might have agreed with you but, again, why has Towleroad begun to stink with so many queens makling excuses for various bigots the last few weeks? Is this the dark side of the proverbial moon of more and more younger NONgays turning away from the bigotries of their elders—dizzy young queens defending it?

    But this cowgirl is THIRTY FUCKING FIVE! Ignorance??? Has he been in a coma 34 of those years? “The people who’ve surrounded him all his life”??? Surrounded him WHERE? Gilligan’s Island? Since 1950????

    And this is but another reason I hate this show with a passion—and all those like it that purposely set up such conflicts not to “teach” people but for the homo sapien equivalent of cock fighting [in this case, VERY homo and too many will be more interested in the size of HIS cock than his intellectual or ethical SHORTcomings]. And the bells were ringing for him everytime they ran the promos in which he said he hadn’t “been around” many minorities or ethnicities or whatever. And his designed nemesis uno will be the black minister’s son who proclaimed in the same promos that he doesn’t judge gays, we’re just all gonna burn in Hell, that’s all.

    Step away from the television. Just say No to Chenbot and the programmed mental slumming!

  10. rae says

    dan, he’s from dallas, far from “rural texas.” if you’ve been here for more than 15 minutes you know not to call black people colored. i know many people who rodeo and who grew up in rural areas, and they know good and well not to call me colored. people here aren’t as ignorant one may think.

  11. Michael Bedwell says

    From his official CBS bio [emphasis mine]:

    Steven is a GEOGRAPHIC CONSULTANT by day and a rodeo cowboy by night. He is a champion bull rider in the gay rodeo CIRCUIT. He attended the SAM HOUSTON STATE UNIVERSITY in Huntsville, TX as well as the UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS in Denton. He earned a BACHELOR’S DEGREE IN GENERAL AGRICULTURE/MARKETING and lists graduating from college as his proudest accomplishment. He also WORKED ON A MASTER’S DEGREE in Applied Geography.”

    Having had some very negative experiences there, I typically refer to TexASS, but even I can’t imagined anyone making it to a bachelor’s degree in one of its schools, or traveling across the country on the gay rodeo circuit, and not having someone responded to his use of that 40+ yr. old term with some kind of correcting rejoinder.

    Or is he the same way about modern respectful speech as he brags about politics—by his own account, WILLFULLY ignorant of ANY candidate’s name because he hates “politics.” Would luv to be there when someone informs him a “colored guy” is running for President.

  12. Josh says

    Every season the gay contestants get dumber and more vapid. It’s hateful to say “colored” and as a gay man on national tv, he should be more responsible.

  13. Jimmyboyo says


    The guy might be Johnny Lane himself.


    “colored” has no historical use except derogatory to refer to African Americans

    Just reaffirming why I don’t and never will watch the show.

    Like Michael Bedwell said………………….”purposely set up such conflicts not to “teach” people but for the homo sapien equivalent of cock fighting [in this case, VERY homo and too many will be more interested in the size of HIS cock than his intellectual or ethical SHORTcomings]. And the bells were ringing for him everytime they ran the promos in which he said he hadn’t “been around” many minorities or ethnicities or whatever. And his designed nemesis uno will be the black minister’s son who proclaimed in the same promos that he doesn’t judge gays, we’re just all gonna burn in Hell, that’s all.

    Step away from the television. Just say No to Chenbot and the programmed mental slumming!”

  14. noah says

    Unfortunately, the irony that this gay cowboy is at ease with his racism shows how some white gay men live in a world where their whiteness and its privilege still allows them to think of themselves as superior to others even if they are victims of someone else’s homophobia

    I also wonder about sexism here. Might this guys dislike of Libra be a result of the combination of her being a strong woman and her being African-American? Gender and racial issues tend to leverage off each other.

    The assistant general managers of the Dogers is an Asian woman Ms Ng. A couple of years ago, an older white male baseball executive made comments about her Chinese background. He used Chinglish to tease her even though, of course, she is an American who speaks perfect English. Ms. Ng believed that the bigot would have been less likely to make such comments to her if she were a man: her gender made the man feel empowered to talk down to her.

  15. Jimmyboyo says


    “he brags about politics—by his own account, WILLFULLY ignorant of ANY candidate’s name because he hates “politics.” ”

    Too many are like that. Just make sure their supply of whatever latest club drug is secure and the line of one night stands keeps flowing. Nothing of depth matters to such.


  16. JTluvr says

    Bottom line — the statement is A) sexist, B) racially tinged, and C) pretty offensive. She’s a woman, not “a girl,” and she’s obviously strong enough to challenge him. He has to put her down by using her gender and ethnicity.

    What’s worse is, the housemates chuckle (uncomfortably or not) after his offensive remark is spewed. They don’t say a word.

    All this Texas, Southern, cowboy, rodeo talk is crap. Anyone living in 2008 America, college-educated, connected to media, knows exactly why this is offensive to so many. Ignorance is not an excuse.

  17. banji says

    Um, sorry, but I’m quite sure this pricktooldouche is perceptive enough to know that using the term “colored” is as outdated as the term Negro.


    And by the way, it was probably scripted as this garbage usually is.

  18. says

    Anyone who says “colored” in 2008 is racist, period. There have been enough decades since anyone used that term commonly. Plus, isn’t the whole subtext of why he’s so angry with the black girl the fact that she’s a black girl “full on herself with power?” She’s uppity. Gross. And gross that so many people still bend over backwards to excuse it.

  19. damien says

    I’m black and I don’t see how that’s racist. Stupid and very “hick-like”? Yeah. And I’d hate to be called that. But racist? Hardly.

  20. Smokin says

    Agreed JTLUVR.

    But you all talk as if it’s just Texas, and the South in general. Get a grip…there are racist, bigoted morons EVERYWHERE, as every one of us who frequent this site knows. Geography does not give you a predisposition to be worse in that respect, no more so than being close to our mothers made us gay. Let’s be clear, I don’t approve of this kid, or his remarks, but I damn sure don’t think you can avoid people who don’t know what the hell they’re talking about, regardless of where they’re from, and I’m damn tired of trying to defend a great state that has no more problems in this area than any other.

    I’m a gay man, and I love Texas…sue me.

  21. johnosahon says

    it has already started, i expected the fight to be between the religious black man and these idiotic gay, oh well i did know it would be between the minority groups as we then to shoot each other hence getting NO power in society.

  22. soulbrotha says

    And John, just because the NAACP has not changed their name, does not negate the connotation of the word. They should have changed their name years ago and my only guess as to why they haven’t done so is that it is easily recognized when fundraising.

  23. David T says

    Well, I live in Dallas, and I have quite a few friends here, including some who are “country boys.” I have been to the gay rodeo.

    I’ve come across many people who have been racist. On occasion, I have ended friendships and refused to associate with others based on their use of the “N” word, or for other comparable reasons. I’m not trying to be a martyr, but I just won’t stand for this type of talk. I make this very clear to everyone – no exceptions.

    The vast majority of people here, I believe, are not racists. However, I have to agree with most of the people commenting. He should know better, and he does know better. I would imagine that his network of friends in Dallas also refer to African Americans in the same manner. I would never associate with someone like him, and I won’t watch the show.

  24. soulbrotha says

    And here’s another question:

    Why didn’t the other two white guys CHECK the motherfucker the moment he said it? They just kept right on talking like it was no big deal! Is that just “ignorance” too??

  25. Marc says

    I just don’t know why some refuse to think this nitwit is a racist, the same ones who are defending him are the same ones who spew the same nonsense on any topic that appears here about people of color. He knew full well what he said, and, what the impact would be and would be way too chicken to call some black woman that to her face in Dallas or any other major city.

    Racism like homophobia is learned, and, not everyone who is gay is tolerant of people of color.

    Its just a shame that all these so called shows now have the gay guy as a racist, the one on the Real World Denver calling the black guy the n-word in his shrill screeching voice, now this bigot. I guess normal, regular gay guys need not apply for this swill they call TV.

  26. Sam Gillespie says

    People, who here is really surprised to hear this? I mean, really. He’s a white boy from Texas.

    Just because people are ‘minorities’ themselves does not preclude them from being prejudiced.

    That being said, that comment wasn’t racist. It was prejudiced. That’s a distinction more people need to understand.

  27. Paul R says

    1. yes, this is a backward-ass remark.

    2. no, we shouldn’t be watching, promoting, or caring about the shit. it’s not a “summer indulgence”—it’s an utter waste of time.

  28. paul says

    I seem to remember that about ten years ago, referring to someone as “black” was seen as pretty offensive and basically racist. Now it’s ok again?

    In Pennsylvania, you’ll hear people say “colored” occasionally. I’ve definitely heard the term used by both black and white people…though I don’t think any of them were ever born after 1940.

    Maybe he was raised by his grandparents or something. Who knows.

    It’s more the fact that he had to mention her race at all that raises a flag with me. It’s not like he doesn’t know her name and was searching for the one characteristic that could distinguish her from the rest of the women in the house.

    As someone else mentioned, I think there’s sexism at play here as well. He doesn’t seem fond of being dominated by a woman at all, let alone a black woman.

    Part of the point of the show is to display what people really act like when there are cameras on them 24/7. People who blame the show for how these people act are in some kind of denial about how skeevy their fellow human beings really are.

    In the history of the show, I think they’ve had maybe one or two gay people who weren’t cringe-inducingly imbecilic and stereotypical…but most of the straight people are just as moronic, albeit in different ways.

  29. Michael Bedwell says

    Lest anyone think such modeling of bigotry is new to this show, let’s take a trip down memory lane and some of the comments by housemates in previous BB seasons that rolled off CBS’s back:

    In BB1, Eddie got away with telling racist “jokes.”
    A more recent housemate said that Jews are “money hungry” “assholes” whom you can identify by their names and big noses.
    Another contestant declared that “All gay guys in West Hollywood” used to have HIV and lied about it to their sex partners. The same non-Asian guy liked to speak in stereotypical Asian broken English. Paging Julie CHEN!
    Classic misogynistic sexism flows through every season like water.
    BB4 was the season of the “Cuban faggot.”
    BB6 of the “sand nigger.”

    And, sadly, repulsively, another, earlier, gay contestant makes this season’s Citybilly Steve sound almost progressive: who can forget Dustin virtually bragging that he calls his dog, “Nigger Bitch” because, “Well, she’s black and she’s a bitch.”

  30. the queen says

    brandon said “here I thought that deep down all white gay men wanted to be black women! I guess I was wrong about that one.” no sweetie, you’re quite right since all white gay men are reincarnations of black women…

  31. Jimmyboyo says


    “colored” is vastly different from “people of color”

    Anyway; the only real white person I have ever seen was an albino african american. There is no such thing as the “white” race.

    Heck there isn’t even a “Black” race. African Americans come in many shades from creamy mocha latte to ebony…many shades

  32. jason says

    No doubt the token gay cowboy will enjoy his 15 minutes of fame. Wonder if the producers will allow him to interact erotically with others of the same sex. Probably not. There’s only one gay so there’s no chance of that, of course.

  33. Jimmyboyo says

    Bris Milah

    Ashkenazi Jew = a racial group?

    It is different from Sephardic

    Whatever, 1 part cauasian Ashkenazi Jew with 1 part Afr American = a cocoa brother who is getting better with age. He wasn’t hard to look at when young, but he is deffinetly aging very well

  34. says

    What we should be taking away from this is, as Paul said, typical producer behavior of casting stereotypical and moronic members of various different communities, including the gay community.

    In the last three seasons, including this one, gay representation on this show has gone down (in numbers and quality) while the social fundamentalist representation has increased.

    It’s pathetic and sad that we allow studios to put crap like this on television.

  35. PJ says

    Stuff like this is why I watch Big Brother. People talk like this all the time. Americans claim to love equality, but their views are actually awfully warped.

    These contestants are culled from society. Society is filled with people who don’t see things alike. Always has been, always will be, everywhere. Shows like this are simply mirrors to what’s true in society.

    Blame American society, don’t blame this show.

  36. scott from philly says

    Oh, and everyone was so excited to hear about some white trash gay guy on BB10. And what, you realize he’s not representin’?

    It’s like that everywhere. It’s like that in Philly with Black (Key West Bar) vs. White (Woody’s) vs. Asian (12th Air Command).

    Generally I think most gay men are more racist when it comes to being friendly or if at least someone may try to get to know another person.

  37. says

    I moved to Vegas from l.A. 2 1/2yrs ago. I have heard the “N” word more in that time than in my whole life. And guess what? ALWAYS from gay white or latin people. Never ever has a straight person said that word around me.
    I like all black people am mixed. I look latin. You would be amazed at the things people say to me because they don’t realize they are talking to a “N” word (I’m sorry, I can’t even dignify it by writing it).Worse, when i tell them I’m black they then without fail say the following : “there’s “N*&%^rs” in every race. There’s white ones too.” Or and this really pisses me off, “I don’t think of you as black, you’re more like us.”
    Am I supposed to fall to my knees and thank Massa fo letting me in da club?
    Of course I’ve heard (and I’m sure everyone here has heard this one) “I don’t do asian.” People say that without the slightest idea how racist that is. And every racial group feels just fine saying that. In fact, it’s the one bit of casual racism that’s just fine with most gay people. It’s bad enough that black guys are openly lusted after for the “Mandingo” thing, Latins are always referred to as “Hot Latino” but we colored folk look at white guys as stupid, lame, or only good as a sign of how well you’ve done in not being a minority anymore.
    Of course, I’m totally generalizing but I’ve seen the above enough to know the gay community has some serious racial issues that we pretend don’t exist.
    One more thing, When straight white people find out that i supported Hillary they start to tell me that they don’t feel Obama is experienced enough to be president. Gay white people always go into the “I do not want someone being called President Obama as my president” or “america is not ready for a black man to be president.” Just an observation.
    I don’t really have a point here, just saying this Gay rodeo guy (what a schtick!)is no surprise to me. But really, the community in general, is guilty of the same things. This jerk just happens to be on tv.

  38. hephaestion says

    I was shocked when Steven said “colored girl.”

    But then, riding home with a straight black friend yesterday, he used the word “faggot” TWICE as he was talking about some jerk he met. TWICE. The second time he apologized and said “I didn’t mean it LIKE THAT.” Huh? OK. I wasn’t mad at my black friend because I know he doesn’t have a homophobic bone in his body. He is a dear friend. But he is surrounded by an urban culture which uses the word “faggot” incessantly and without any idea that it is bad to use this word. Same for Steven. He lives in a western redneck environment in which “colored” is de rigeur and no one blinks an eye. I just hope he is not really racist and will learn better. I was shocked that no one corrected him when he said these words.

  39. hephaestion says

    It should probably be noted that anti-gay comments have been plentiful on “Big Brother,” and racist comments have been extremely rare. Yet the anti-gay comments (which have been infinitely more vile than this instance of the term “colored girl”) are always neglected by GLAAD, the media, blogs, and no one anywhere even seems to question them.

  40. mike says

    That was very white of the Gay Cowboy. Just goes to show how far some white, gay men have yet to go in dealing with their racism whether it is overt or covert.

  41. says

    You would think that becasue of being gay and knowing what discrimination is all about, that the gay cowboy would understand, but this is typical of White “gay” America, I’m afraid. I think it’s sad and very disappointing. funny thing, if you were to call him a fag or ass-puncher, I bet he would scream hate crime.

  42. Weezy says

    Whenever I hear an adult referred to as a ‘girl’ or ‘boy’ I take into account the person’s (who’s said it) age. If they are over 70 it’s generally because the ‘girl or boy’ is the same age as their own kid.

    This is not the case with the Cowboy Steve.

    The same goes for the use of Coloured, Black, African-American. A relative, in her 70’s, referred to a neighbor child as that ‘cute little coloured boy’, and then said ‘opps, we aren’t supposed to use coloured anymore, are we? Is is Black or African-American?”

    I don’t think an elderly person would use ‘coloured’ to be insulting, but Cowboy Steve isn’t elderly and he should know in this day and age that that term is offensive (to some).

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