Brady Quinn’s Lawyers Finally Discover His M4M Facebook Ad


Back in June I posted about an online hookup ad which was running on Facebook using Cleveland Browns Quarterback Brady Quinn.

Now, TMZ reports: “A rep for the Cleveland Browns tells us Brady had no knowledge of the ad saying, ‘He was not involved in posting photos.’ Brady’s lawyer has already taken action and has sent a cease and desist letter to the website today, demanding all photos of him be removed ASAP.”

Brady Quinn is not gay, although he does apparently hang out with homophobes and occasionally gives Hummers to fellow players.


  1. ggreen says

    Except for his extremely buck teeth, Quinn has the total gay genes body type. Thin wrist bones with huge arms and mammary size pecs with bird legs.

  2. Naha says

    “Total gay genes body type”? Where are you finding these gay people, because all of them I see are more like either Christian Siriano or Dom Deluise.

  3. Jimmyboyo says

    How do you know that it wasn’t originaly him who set up the ad?

    The lawyer thngld just be a pr stunt to tr to cover up his true sexualiy = Big $$$

  4. dego says

    I’m a little confused. Is the problem that there is a (real or faked) Facebook profile for Mr. Q. which implies he is looking for men? or is the problem that Facebook is using his picture from his (real or faked) profile in an advert? if it’s the first, I wouldn’t think it to be Facebook’s problem. If it’s the second, I believe it’s TOS that Facebook can use images to promote. I guess the issue in that case would be why they determined *his* profile photos could be used for an advert targeted at m4m. Does his profile (if legit) imply he’s seeking men?

  5. David T says

    Famous people have the right to control their public image. He’s totally within his rights.

  6. says

    The lawyer was hired by the NFL to protect THEIR image. After all, it wouldn’t do for an NFL team to have an Out Homo Quarterback tucking his hands snugly up and under the center’s nibly bits and poop-chute week after week, year after year, without the NFL making a feeble attempt to assert said “Hand Tucker’s” masculinity and heterosectionality – regardless of how many photos of said quarterback’s hands on other male’s genitalia outside of a game or practice setting are flitting around the internet.

    Remember that series that ESPN was doing for a while? When the story line began to cover a gay player on the team and in the locker room, the NFL got it yanked.

    What happens in the locker room stays in the locker room.

    BTW – who’s hand is it holding the football in the picture above that is hovering dangerously close to Dr. Quinn: Football Man’s naughty bits. It’s defintiely not Brady’s. Human wrists don’t bend like that.

    And why does he keep finding himself in such compromising situations? Has anyone ever seen a picture of the young man with an actual female (besides cheerleaders and other publicity-type situations)?

  7. Prosecute says

    it wouldn’t matter if the ad was for gay or straight; what matters is that someone stole his photo and is using it deceptively. If there’s any way to trace the IP address of whoever put that profile together, it should be done, and the person should be prosecuted.

  8. Rafael says

    He is a hot dude, it is not surprising that someone would use his picture online.