Oklahoma Politico Preparing Anti-Gay Comic Book for Voters

Oklahoma County Commissioner Brent Rinehart is reportedly preparing to mail out a homophobic comic book to voters featuring stories about how gays and Satan are out to get him, the Oklahoman reports:

Rinehart“The 16-page comic book makes fun of homosexuals and criticizes Rinehart’s political opponents. It features a man and woman admiring Rinehart’s often-controversial political career.”

Said Keith Gaddie, a political science professor at the University of Oklahoma: “This is one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen a comic book with the phrase ‘anal sodomy’ in it before. That was a new one for me.”

An angel and Satan, as well as “toga-wearing gays, political figures, and trench coat-clad henchmen” figure among the comic book’s characters in the odd re-election campaign propaganda:

“In one sequence, Satan says: ‘If I can get the kids to believe homosexuality is normal!’ The angel replies: ‘Hey Satan, not with Brent around you won’t!’ Rinehart said he doesn’t think the depiction is inappropriate and that he is proud of the comic. ‘The history of my office is that I do expose the homosexual agenda, and that it does exist in the state of Oklahoma, and my history also would show that I am very much opposed to the homosexual agenda,’ Rinehart said. Rinehart said he spent two months writing the comic. He said his friend Shane Suiters did the illustrations. Rinehart wouldn’t say who is managing his campaign, and wouldn’t say if he’s running it himself.”

Maybe Sally Kern is running it!


  1. ian says

    i think the homosexual agenda is funny. but, then again, i also worship myra breckinridge.

  2. Zeke says

    What are the chances that this freak of nature is from the genus Homofundamentalis and species closetitus

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    The people of Oklahoma County shouldn’t let their pubescent sons anywhere near this blushing pedophile.

  4. Dignan says

    Keith Gaddie was easily one of my favorite professors in undergrad at the Univ. of Oklahoma! I’d love to hear his full take on this craziness…

  5. alguien says

    mr. rinehart has also been under investigation for illegal campaign contributions and other abuses.

  6. zinc alloy says

    How many days until this guy is caught in a ‘wide stance’?

    Let the counting commence!

  7. John in Manhattan says

    I suppose its a good sign that the anti-gay right is reduced to printing “anal sodomy” comics to make their point.

  8. soulbrotha says

    If the Oklahoma taxpayers don’t raise a huge stink about this waste of their money, they are fools.

  9. Ben says

    Ha – the word asshat comes to mind.

    re: Zinc Alloy. Absolutely. It’s just a matter of whether that wide stance happens in an airport bathroom or the backyard of an abandoned home.

  10. Richard S says

    Bitch needs to lay off the Meth and she will no longer feel that Satan or anything else may be chasing her(him?)Big Moe

  11. anon says

    Is he trying to get a job on South Park? As we all know, the only two things that come from Oklahoma are steers and queers.

  12. johnh says

    I wish I knew WHAT the agenda was! It would make my life so much easier, especially when picking out a toga.

  13. Jimmyboyo says

    The funny thing is that even the straights in Oklahoma now get the whole “he doth protest too much”

    I expect it to backfire and all the conservatives he is appealing to to start gigeling, pointig fingers at him, and whispering about closets

  14. the queen says

    thanks for the memory ichadbod, i was trying to remember who put out those hilarious bible tracts… i’ve read quite a number of them and they are a hoot … the one on sodom and g. is just too much…

  15. Rafael says

    It took this moronic troll two month to create sixteen pages of twisted illustrations, this alone should show his inefficacy. Deviants like Brent Rinehart are simply not fit for public office.

  16. Eric says

    I heard the bogeyman was out to get him too… please don’t forget the bogeyman…

  17. 1♥ says

    As long as they don’t find out that the Gay Agenda is the Bible written backwards we’re safe.

  18. says

    He should have contracted with my son for the artwork. The quality would have been MUCH better.

    The artwork in this tool’s comic is so bad, its almost an insult to think he’s using this crap against us.

    Oh, for a WORTHY foe!

  19. ATLSteve says

    Of course he’s some big closet ‘mo.

    But I love these stories … I think the time is now for more publicity about this kind of stuff, Rev. Phelps, etc. Those people who have been rather ho-hum about gay issues/rights are starting to get more uncomfortable with these freaks.

    The hardcore zealots will never bend or change so who cares about them!

  20. GBM says

    I feel conflicted…It is surely depressing that this guy is an actual politician and feels comfortable enough to forgo decency, rational discussion, and correct spelling…but then again…that comic is priceless! Are free copies available? Only in America — self-parody reaches a new height!

  21. KFLO says

    WHAT A HACK! someone send me his email address and ill give him a piece of my mind. His website is making me “become a member” before I can contact him. What a joke – im sure he gets plenty of hate mail

    A COMIC BOOK? This guy is a 10 year old closet case

  22. Arenap says

    The comic book is hilarious, and I myself have had several hours of chortling over it.

    But I am also from Oklahoma City – and I can tell you that this does NOT represent the worldview of the vast majority of Oklahomans or Republicans – as evidenced by the many quotes from Oklahoma public officials (many Republicans) and academics who rightly condemn Rinehart. The Oklahoman, a conservative newspaper, condemned the comic book in a scathing editorial this week.

    Rinehart is a mentally-disturbed narcissist with a penchant for pencil mustaches and corruption, and his (few) supporters are very unbalanced people.

    Oklahoma City is a thriving metroplex of more than a million people (named by Forbes as among the top 10 recession proof cities, while a suburb, Norman, was named the 6th best small city in America by Money Magazine last week).

    I also hope that those with an axe to grind against Christianity will not somehow take this comic book as indicative of a Christian worldview. Frankly, that’s like shooting fish in a barrel. This is a theologically-bankrupt work, if I may put it bluntly. Christians do not believe in a little midget-man Satan with a pitch fork, nor in malnourished angels with magic wands – any more than we believe heaven is filled with angels playing harps (see C.S. Lewis for a better explication of this). Nor do the vast majority of Christians spend their lives looking for a “homosexual conspiracy” everywhere. That’s a caricature of a caricature of a caricature.

    If you’re an atheist, and wish to dispute Christianity, I would not use this comic book for the foundation of your arguments. It is not at all a representation of Christian beliefs – but is instead the product of a diseased mind.

    One aspect of the “comic book” requires a little background – the references to “liberal good ol’ boys”: You should know that the Oklahoma was controlled by a one-party corrupt Democratic machine for its first century (the state just celebrated the centennial). This only has recently changed, but Rinehart is playing on old superstitions about corrupt Democrats who ran the state for so long – and literally almost ran the state into the ground because of THEIR culture of corruption.

  23. BOB says


    Has “GOTTEN BEHIND” this guy many times, I am sure: look at his face.

    She is upset that she has to stay face down, since no one will fuck him if they get a look at him first.