Call Me Madame VP

Cooper goes on to say he’d be “shocked” if McCain tapped her (so would Fiorina) as Vice President (oh). But I wouldn’t. I think McCain wants someone he likes and knows and is ideologically comfortable with rather than, for example, a religious zealot cynically chosen to plaster over a hole in his right-wing cred.


Next comes an exchange between McCain and interviewer Sandra Sobieraj Westfall from People’s July 7, 2008, issue in which he was asked why none of the veep possibles he recently hosted at his home were women. McCain says:

“First of all, [former eBay CEO] Meg Whitman and her husband were there. There were 10 or 11 couples. The majority of them had nothing to do with vice president.”

But needled about why he wouldn’t consider any women there as potential veeps, McCain admits:

“One, it was a social weekend and, two, not necessarily. [chuckles]”

Forum_whitmanMeg Whitman is not a bad choice for him—she was the eBay queen (which bolsters his legendarily absent economic skills) and is a longtime Republican-party (and Bush) enthusiast. And she’s a woman, which will give pause to the half of the country that generally decides elections and that is more Democrat than Republican of late.

Other possible female veeps for McCain could include Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (a strong contender) and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (fat chance). Don’t even get me started on Condoleeza Rice.

Of course, that might up the ante and make a female pick all the more appealing to Barack Obama. (Although due to the conventions’ timing, it’s thought Obama’s pick will be announced first.) Which might open the door for choices like newcomer Hillary Clinton (you may have heard of her), Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill, retired General Claudia J. Kennedy or the oft-discussed Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius.

In which case, a history-making election would be all the more history-making—imagine a woman on both tickets?

(Or McCain could just pick another dude.)


  1. Dan says

    I dunno. Carly was basically fired from HP… she nearly killed that company because she alienated all her lieutenants and was absolutely incompetent when it came to the operational side of things.

    Horrible choice for such a high profile position. She’ll be the science & tech advisor, if anything.

  2. Jon says

    Admittedly, I know nothing about Fiorina… But looking at this picture of the “classically conservative” veep possibility, I can just hear her saying “ho-mo-sex-u-als” – as in, “Let’s constitutionally ban those ho-mo-sex-u-als!”

  3. Rad says

    If McCain taps Fiorino, it would be a CLOSE race for the Whitehouse, providing Obama and Clinton pair up for the Dem ticket.

    I know a lot of women who trend to be more conservative. Carley would be the antithesis to Hillary; aggressive CONSERVATIVE versus aggressive LIBERAL. It would be a hot race. McCain / Rice? Not no, but HELL no. That would certainly scream “Four more years of Bush!” and I can’t see even die-hard GOP’s standing for that.

    I don’t know if a McCain / Romney ticket would do anything. Romney may have won two primaries, but as soon as he opened his mouth, he blew his chances.

    McCain / Huckaby?

    It is hard to speculate.

  4. crispy says

    I saw Carly Fiorina give a speech at my partner’s MBA graduation and was quite surprised. She’s a strong speaker and confident. We’ve been casually following her career since… although honestly, I wasn’t aware she was a Republican.

    For some reason, I could have sworn she was a lesbian though.

  5. says

    Fiorina would never be chosen. Aside from getting fired and trashed by HP, she’s too close to too many gay people and has presided over too many pro-gay business policies. The biz types would balk and the Christians would freak out.

  6. Dback says

    I have good (gay) buds who work for HP in Palo Alto, and the level of hatred towards her from her former employees even after several years’ time is really something. The Repubs could try to pitch it as, “Oh look, we picked a woman, so vote for us,” but the resulting media shit storm would cover both her and McCain in excrement. It would be a huge, huge dice roll for McCain–he could come up sixes, or snake eyes.

  7. says

    Carly would be more appropriate for Governor of California not Vice President. If we could get someone inclusive of LGBT Californians and Republican, that is a winner for me.

  8. Jimmyboyo says

    Somebody is smoking crack

    If mccain doesn’t drop dead due to old age prior to the convention then his VP will be Romney.

    Mccain will never ever take a woman as VP.

    Hello….. his own staff let slip his top #1 choice the other day and it is Romney.

    I’ve never read Condé Nast Portfolio. Obviously nobody should read it since it is so off base.

  9. Michael Bedwell says

    People, please! Many of you are demonstrating just one more variation on the self-delusion of “Everybody knows fill-in-the-blank is gay.”

    Yes, a case could be made that she’s an egomaniacal card carrying cunt [because she is] but, regardless of what the Dems say [and they will NOT have the balls to go after her for fear of alienating women…correction…they don’t have the balls to go after ANYONE] … UNLESS THE MEDIA decides to play that theme 24-7 until November as they did against Hillary for 15 years, Joe and Jill Schmoe are only going to “hear” what the Repug propaganda machine tells them. And given the free ride with a lap blanket the media’s pretty much still giving McBraindead, that’s unlikely. [The bitter irony is that Carly would also benefit from their attempt to atone for the sexist way they’ve treated Hillary in the last year while denying they ever did.]

    I think there’s a MAJOR chance he and the ReBorg will pick her. She’d be pimped as making up for McCain’s lack of economic/business training and most of all play perfectly into the Pollyanna disease most Americans suffer from. In this case: “See, Republicans aren’t really as bad generally and as sexist specifically as we’ve been told: They put a woman on the ticket and one who doesn’t want to kill babies. Gee, aren’t they swell! I think I’ll vote for them over that colored person.”

    And if you think hoi polloi aren’t THAT naive, remember Bush fils’ original tagline: “the Compassionate Conservative.”

    And, please spare me the responses defending her as not as bad as the company she keeps. The election of ANY Repug however Lite only increases the power of the worst Repug.

    Two words: SUPREME COURT!

  10. Jimmyboyo says


    This is just another example of how print media is dead. Before they even get their articles to print, the internet news sources aleady have stuff up (to the second) that totaly refute whatever the print article is saying.

    Seriously, mccain’s own staffers have already been leaking Romney is at the top of mccain’s pick list.

    Print media is dead!

  11. jimmyboyo says

    Micael Bedwell

    I checked out the link.

    Ughhhhhhh Powell lost all credability with thatbabay poder he held up at the Un and dclared it anthrax.

    Toss a prayer to st judy for me along with your own that this never happens.

  12. Dan says

    Whiney, condescending and capable of only the most juvenile humor… yep, Mr. Bedwell’s back.

  13. Rafael says

    Smart take Matt. In regards to that “other dude”, I’ve seen Romney take a back seat lately. Perhaps Gov. Crist is more feasible these days, but as the article points out, it is all about timing in the end.

  14. posted by says

    Michael Bedwell, calling her cunt, wow sounds like you’re just don’t like powerful women or any women. You sound more like a republican.

  15. Ted says

    It appears that it’s all down to Alaska Gov Sarah Palin or Mitt Romney, and team Romney fears Palin now has the best shot, so Romney camp is mounting a blogosphere-wide assault via Politico.

    The tip-off that Politico is just a “promote Romney” piece is that it mentions EVERY NAME in the next two tiers of Veep prospects EXCEPT SARAH PALIN!!! — even names far more unlikely than Palin (since Romney camp knows Palin is the ONLY ONE who tops — I’ll say tops by far — Romney as McCain’s best pick).

    Bottom line, Romney and Politico fear Palin most — as do the Dems and the MSM. (By the way, the Dems and MSM do not fear Romney the most — which says a lot.)

    AOL, a main on-line pro-Obama/pro-Dem player, is now carrying the Politico piece promoting Romney buzz.

    Clearly AOL wants McCain and the GOP to lose the general elction — hence they gladly promote Romney (no mention of Palin).

    Also, CNN had Romney — kind of out of the blue — attacking Obama. Again, CNN, wanting McCain and the GOP to lose, gladly promotes Romney (to attempt to avert the Palin threat).

    All the media frenzy which will surround the remarkable Palin “story” — essentially free to McCain — will be worth millions and millions of dollars of coverage and PR (more money than Romney would provide anyway).

  16. MAJeff says

    Just what we need, another right-winger who sees the state’s only roles as helping corporations gain profits and controlling women’s reproduction. And if you can throw in a little “fuck poor, black, and brown people” along the way you’ve got the entire Republican approach to governance.