1. says

    Congressman Murphy did a great job managing the Donnely person. I do wish he had mentioned that the majority of sexual scandals in the military are of a HETEROSEXUAL nature (Tailhook, anyone??)

    By using the Yost argument, Donnely is essentially caling for sexual segregation of the military.

  2. Michael Bedwell says

    That picture of the despicable Donnelly staring at Alva reminds me yet again of the classic “V” TV science fiction series. She totally looks like she could distend her jaw and swallow him whole like one of the other giant reptiles disguised as humans in the ***series as in this clip:

    But the ease with which she is mocked should not lead us to underestimate her. She is a TIRELESS and ruthless opponent not just of out gays in the military but women generally. One of the reasons that DADT became law was that she and others organized a huge avalanche of homohating letters, e-mail, etc., upon Congress while professional gays fiddled. They will certainly repeat their efforts [she’s been screaming for months about how Obama will betray red-blooded, flag waving, God fearing straight American soldiers by letting in the Sodomites.

    So e-mail your Congressperson NOW and demand the repeal of DADT!

    Michael Bedwell

    [***”V” starred hot Marc Singer who played the roommate of my friend Leonard in the [unfortunately bad] TV movie NBC made about his life.]

  3. says

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  4. Joel says

    The issue I have with a possible repeal of DADT is that it would be all the more pressing for a federal anti-discrimination law that includes sexual orientation because you are a government employee if you are in the military. Letting us serve openly in the military but still not having a law on the books that protect us from being fired from a federal job for being gay seems contradictory… no?

  5. Matt says

    I can’t wait until this law is repealed. I love the comment by Christopher Shays R-Conn.

    “It’s an outrage that you even have to be here to account for your service,” says Connecticut Congressman Christopher Shays (R-Conn) to Capt. Darrah, one of the hearing witnesses. Congressman Shays says that the issue of whether allowing gays and lesbians in the military will present additional disciplinary problems is a “scurrilous” argument and that “the issue is that if someone performs perfectly well, but they have a different orientation, should they be allowed to serve in the military?”

    “I think the DADT policy is unpatriotic, it’s unproductive, and in fact, it’s absolutely cruel,” he declares.

    Shays shares a personal story of seeing pictures of his friend and former Congressman Jim Kolbe, who is openly gay, from his days in the military. Shays tells the panel, “For nothing else, I’m here for Jim Kolbe.” Those types of statements really leave a lasting impression.

  6. Dan E says

    I thought Clinton signed an executive order prohibiting job discrimation on the basis of sexual orientation in civilian federal jobs, didn’t he?

    I’m reasonably sure that a repeal of DADT would include extension of that to military federal jobs.

    What we’re missing is a federal law for adding sexual orientation to non-government non-discrimination laws, unless I’m mistaken.

  7. anon says

    It doesn’t hurt that the military is having a hard time recruiting right now. I should think that practical arguments alone will win the day.

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    Look at the Republicans’ guest witnesses at the hearings, and then look at the Democrats’ guest witnesses; then, tell me again why so many gay people are not voting for the Democratic Party’s candidate.

    Roberts, Alito, Scalia & Thomas & Sodomy

  9. Bill Perdue says

    DADT is a law written by Democrats, a law they voted for in overwhelming numbers, and a law signed by a Democratic (sic) President, Bill Clinton. The Republicans support it because they’re bigots too but the responsibility for this draconian injustice rests squarely with the Democratic Party. (Bill Clinton is the same Dixiecrat right-winger who boasted on bigoted Southern religious radio stations about his signature on DOMA, the anti-samesex marriage law.)

    Our objection to DADT ought to be on the basis that it’s a bigoted law used to harm GLBT GI’s. We oppose DADT because it a bigot law, not because repeal will make the military more efficient at killing Iraqis and stealing their oil. The questions aren’t linked and neither has anything to do with capturing the mass murderer Bin Laden. The vast bulk of US military activity is centered on acquiring hegemony over the regions oil resources not on capturing Bin Laden.

    Just as we support the GI’s civil rights we should support the antiwar movement and let everyone know that we think they should stay out of the armed forces. We should be very clear that we join with our allies in the antiwar movement to demand that all US military, security and mercenary forces be withdrawn from the region and that the US cut the purse strings that finance the apartheid policies used against Palestinians. We need allies to win our fight but we won’t get them if we’re seen supporting the Clinton/Bush genocide in Iraq by encouraging enlistment or re-upping.

    Barak Obama only supports repeal DADT because he plans on continuing the war there indefinitely and he’ll need cannon fodder. He has the same perspective on Iraq as Bush, the Clintons and McCain. That’s why it’s unprincipled to support him.

  10. Michael Bedwell says

    President Clinton did issue an Executive Order banning discrimination against gay civilian federal employees [reversing a half-century old outright ban signed by Repug Pres. Eishenhower], but last I heard the Bush Reich was ignoring it.

  11. says

    Though I have little enthusiasm for the military I found myself moved by the individuals that spoke to repeal DADT. I know the military is not for me but the LGBT community would move a big step forward if we can sucessfully repeal DADT and allow military personnel to serve openly – however that may be.

    @ BILL PERDUE: I agreed with many things you said until your absurd comments about Barack Obama and the war. If you honestly think Obama has the same perspective on the Iraq war as Bush you are sorely mistaken or mislead.

  12. Cody says

    DADT is under the UCMJ. Therefore it has nothing to do with the law preventing discrimination in the workplace…