Former Aussie Olympian Ian Thorpe in Love with Someone


Thorpe told Australia’s Sunday Telegraph: “There is (someone special in my life), but they don’t live in this country.”

Interesting choice of pronoun.

“He described the relationship as a ‘newbie’ and said it was going well. Thorpe, who is preparing to travel to the Beijing Olympics to honour sponsorship commitments, has previously been linked to a bevy of women…The 25-year-old’s sexuality has also been the subject of speculation, with persistent claims the gold-medallist is gay. However, Thorpe has denied this, saying that the subject was nobody’s business.”

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  1. stevedenver says

    Too bad he’s so defensive and doesn’t have a sense of humor about gay rumors. Why not have a little mystique? Instead he takes the petulant role of denying the rumor.

    As for the pronouns he uses to elude the gender of his paramour — “someone,” “they” — there are a lot of things closeted queers overthink that straights and out-queers blurt out.

  2. anon says

    Not only is the gender not mentioned, but neither is this mysterious country of origin. Apparently we could be dealing with a complete fantasy here, like all the people I’ve met who’ve claimed to be royalty “back in Europe”.

  3. luke says

    he’s gay everyone knows it, it’s not the best kept secret within the gay community. whilst everyone else just assumes. although he’s not very attractive personality wise nor looks. he’s alot “heavier” now than in that pic, i think he soon will qualify for bear status which will probably up his stock…