News: Dark Knight, Pope, Lawrence King, Madonna Sex Tape

road.jpg Australia: Pope’s apology for clergy abuse not good enough. Clash between pilgrims and protestors after condoms thrown.

Ledgerroad.jpg The Dark Knight shatters box office records, taking in $153.34 million. Check out the list of records it broke.

road.jpg Man claims possession of sex tape featuring A-Rod and Madonna.

road.jpg Obama campaign snubs New Yorker reporter from foreign trip press plane following Muslim cover flap?: “Forty journalists, including such leading correspondents as Dan Balz of The Washington Post, will be aboard his plane for next week’s swing through Jordan, Israel, Germany, France and England. The campaign received 200 requests for press seats on the plane. Among those for whom there was no room was Ryan Lizza, Washington correspondent of The New Yorker. The campaign, which was furious about the magazine’s satirical cover this week, cited space constraints in turning him away.”

road.jpg Hundreds of dead baby penguins wash ashore on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

road.jpg George Clooney works mustache for Martini.

road.jpg Australia’s first LGBT retirement village to be built an hour outside of Melbourne: “The estate will feature 120 two and three-bedroom apartments, a tennis court, bowling green, open-air theatre and a multi-million dollar leisure centre with a pool, spa, gymnasium, cafe, restaurant, piano room and business centre. Managing director and major shareholder Peter Dickson said the village filled a gap in the market. ‘Whether we’re in a relationship or whether we’re single, we want to be surrounded by friends,’ he said. ‘I wanted Linton Estate to be different to other retirement facilities and this has now come about.'”

King_2road.jpg Young, gay, and murdered: Haven’t had a chance to dive into this yet, but here’s Newsweek‘s take on the Lawrence King tragedy.

road.jpg Following registrar Lillian Ladele’s lead, a Christian policeman says he’s been victimized over his opposition to Gay Pride: “Graham Cogman, a constable with 15 years experience, is taking action against Norfolk Police as he claims he was victimised for refusing to wear a pink ribbon on his uniform to mark a ‘gay pride’ event, and for questioning the force’s stance towards gay men and lesbians.”

road.jpg Human Rights Campaign hires trans woman Allyson Robinson as new Associate Director of Diversity?

road.jpg Man dies during New York triathlon: “Race director Bill Burke said other competitors alerted medical personnel to the man during the 1,500-meter swim in the Hudson River, and he was unconscious when he was pulled from the water just before 8 a.m.”

Freddealroad.jpg University of Maryland swimmer Fred Deal is out and proud.

road.jpg Ian Thorpe: It’s a girl!

road.jpg Chace Crawford hangs with the international spokesmodel for Ralph Lauren’s Black Label for men and POLO Black fragrances at a Polo match in the Hamptons.

road.jpg Showtime orders up two new series with significant gay content: “The first announced was the tentatively titled thirty minute dark comedy Nurse Jackie, starring The Sopranos’ Edie Falco as an iconoclastic, opinionated, self-medicating nurse in New York City…Greenblatt also announced that The United States of Tara, starring Toni Collette, had been ordered to series. Based on an idea by Steven Spielberg and written by Academy Award-winning writer Diablo Cody, the comedy features Collette as Tara, a suburban mother suffering from dissociative identity disorder (more commonly known as multiple personality disorder). Her various personalities include a rebellious teen girl, a biker, and others that impact in a variety of ways both her husband (John Corbett) as well as her children including out gay teen Marshall.”


  1. John in Manhattan says

    I don’t think anything could prepare you for the NEWSWEEK article on Larry King. Its disgusting and basically blames his murder on his flamboyant ways.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    The Newsweek article on Larry King is naive–if an article or point of view can be naive. Kids like Larry King are not something new. Many Drag Queens and Kings begin experiementing with their appearance as early as elementary school. And of course, the harassment gets worse by highschool. If Larry “acted up” it was a defense mechanism. He had a crush on Brandon–it led to his murder. The gay school counselor was trying to give Larry the kind of support that so many gay children never got from teachers, even gay teachers. Gay teachers often shun the gender role non-conforming child (and usually it is gender role non-conformity that forces prepubescents to come out so early). Many of the teachers who complained about Larry’s flamboyance were effemophobes. Some gay teachers & gay administrators hate feminine boys and masculine girls.

    Larry King would have gone through hell even if he was quiet, unassuming and respectful. Instead, he defended himself by being loud, flamboyant and defiant. He died for it and the hands of a sick boy–made sicker by the hatred and bigotry of other kids and teachers…and his pitiful father.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    “…died for it AT THE HANDS”

    “pitiful father”

    I’m talking about both Larry’s and Brandon’s fathers. It you don’t understand your gay child, then just say it–maybe seek help. Don’t participate in his destruction. Don’t make up some crap blaming a gay school official who’s brave enough to defend your child WHEN YOU WON’T…or don’t know how.

    Very emotional topic for many, but especially for those of us who remember being like Larry King when we were at our most vulnerable. A fifteen year old often feels unstoppable, but, my God, they’re the most vulnerable creatures walking the planet.

  4. paul says

    Oh good, it’s about time America had a president who will shut out reporters who don’t give him the kind of coverage he prefers, while rewarding the sycophants who put out what he tells them to! More change to believe in.

    If anything, he should have made sure that a reporter from The New Yorker was there. Bounce the MSNBC zombies next time. They’ll be up his ass no matter what he does to them.

  5. rudy says

    The article, nee hatchet job, on Larry King’s murder–which places the blame on Larry’s acting out his belief that he was gay–is a scathing, although unintentional, indictment of the failure of the chronological ‘adults’ in his too short life. Reading it last night reduced me to tears of frustration. The comments truly are as stomach churning as the behaviour of all those who serialy failed, and continue to fail, Larry King. Be forewarned that “gay blogs” are targeted as passive enablers in Larry’s death, for encouraging “flamboyant” behaviour. The article is hate-filled, bigoted, and a sad commentary on the depth of lack of understanding of youth in general but, in particular, gay youth.

  6. ATLSteve says

    Big difference in Univ. of Maryland and UMBC! (As a fellow ACC-school grad, I know)

    It seemed as if Cyd was surprised that there are gay guys on college swim teams. For real? Next he’ll be telling us that male college cheerleaders might be gay.

  7. Dan says

    From the Ian Thorpe article: “She lives on the other side of the world. It’s very cool but we want to see how it goes.”

    Ian Thorpe would like you to meet his girlfriend. His girlfriend who lives in Canada. Her name is Alberta, she lives in Vancouver, she cooks like his mother and sucks like a Hoover….

  8. tonedef says

    The best part of the newsweek article: “Brandon’s father says his son was interested in World War II, but not inappropriately.” This really sums up the entire article: exceedingly suggestive, and awkwardly defensive. The piece suggests that Brandon used his sexual orientation “as a weapon,” and constantly implied that he was some type of sexual predator because he would tell other boys that they were hot. He was a 5 foot tall 15 year old kid- it’s surreal to see a DOA gay panic defense in 2008. In defense of the murder of a little kid. Preaching to the choir, though.

  9. tonedef says

    Edit: I confused who the WW2 comment was about, and which name was for which party. Keep the first Brandon as “Brandon,” and change the second one to “Larry.” Sorry for the error.

  10. says

    But think, folks: what if Larry grew up, renamed himself Leticia, as he wanted, and even had a sex change operation.

    Then of course we would have to assume his story has nothing to do with us gay men! Let’s just ignore this story.

    (Tonedef: Brandon is the killer, not the victim. His father was trying to deny rumors that his son was a little too interested in Hitler.)

  11. Rami says

    ugh – that Newsweek article is really fucked up, and I hope you blow their bigoted asses out of the water for this one. people talk about boycotting hotels and ketchup and whatnot, but how about this major publication, disguising its gross homophobia and ignorance as journalism?

  12. Derrick from Philly says

    “Preaching to the choir, though.”

    Well, TONEDEF, you’re brief sermon is more appreciated than you may realize–atleast appreciated by me.

    As I said, there are many gay people who believe that “acting normal” is the route to being accepted by the straight society. They marginalize people like Larry King. And we can deal with it, except when y’all “normal acting” gays begin to sound like the gay-bashers. Then we abnormal acting gays have to “read” y’all.

    Gay organizations didn’t exploit, or use Larry King’s murder to further any f===kin’ agenda. Larry King’s murder was an example of the violence that faces openly gay “gender bending” children in schools all over this country. By revealing Larry’s flamboyant behavior, the Newsweek writer takes away from a ignored nationwide problem: harassement & violence against gay children. I don’t care how flamboyant Larry was–he was NOT “asking for it.” And you’re right TONEDEF, just how the hell intimidating could Larry’s flirtatious remarks to the other boys could have been? Their “manhood” was insulted. Oh, damn their little funky bat wings! Then, again, they’re dangerous when they their daddy’s gun to school.

    So, you preach on, TONEDEF, the choir often needs to be preached to…especially on this topic.

  13. tuesdayschild says

    Andy, the University of Maryland and the University of Maryland, Baltimore County are not the same school. Two schools, two different swim teams.

  14. potted palms says

    The Newsweek article actually made me kind of appreciate the self loathing panache John Cloud brought to his article on Lawrence King in Time. As for the comments on the site: why is it that Christians are so much more upset by homosexuality than they are by murder?

  15. Michael Bedwell says

    I don’t mean this in their defense, but we forget that teachers and school administrators come from the same fucked up society as the rest of the world’s homo/transphobes. Our schools are too often the same mess they have been forever in a dozen different ways—the chief one being [after their having been manipulated by stupid liberals into promoting kids ever upward in grade who should not be] their enforcement of the status quo—most of all in gender role expectation. Janis Ian [who didn’t have the, uh, balls to come out publicly at the time she recorded it] should do a sequel to “At Seventeen,” that anthem to forced high school “normalcy,” and include explicit lyrics about gender nonconformity and dedicate it to the Lawrence Kings of the world.

    And speaking of balls, we are still victims because too many of us, often here on Towleroad, defend the victimizers instead of demanding zero tolerance both in schools and society generally. If you’re one of those who, e.g., don’t see a direct line between defending those, famous or not, who call us faggots, then you’re moronic and should be in King’s grave instead of him.

    It’s clear from the story that even the best-intentioned adults in his life weren’t equipped by society and their institutions to deal with the complex situation. And, amazingly, yet again we hear this: “his father still isn’t convinced his son was gay.” Gee, THAT sure made King’s adjustment easier I bet. Society has failed everyone, including his killer, and too many in the gay community itself remain a part of the problem rather than the solution. But, hey, I betcha Jasmyne “Isaiah Washington was lynched by the gay white mafia” Cannick has shed a river of crocodile tears for King.

  16. says

    “Flamboyant” “Stilettos” “lipstick” “mixed up” etc.

    No judgement there, no siree.

    And the stories final lines are utterly nauseating:

    “The following day, Feb. 14, doctors harvested his pancreas, liver, lungs and the most important organ of all, which now beats inside the chest of a 10-year-old girl. On Valentine’s Day, Larry King gave away his heart, but not in the way he thought he would.”

    Larry King DIDN’T “give away his heart.” He was shot point blank, from behind, twice.

    Lot’s of gay kids are bullied at school every day. The people in this story are baldly stating that to address it would merely further the “gay agenda.”

    Would this story or its cast of clueless adult ghouls be quite as “sympathetic” if Larry King had come to school in three inch stilettos and shot Brandon in the head?

    Newsweek ought to be ashamed of this half baked story.

  17. says

    The adults who should have been looking out for both Larry and Brandon weren’t. Yet, of course, none of them are willing to take responsibility, blaming everything from the lesbian assistant principal who actually related to Larry to, after the fact, gay people for caring enough to call attention to the tragedy of Larry’s death. After reading the article I couldn’t bring myself to read the comments, but–having seen enough of it on the Internet–I can imagine the hatred, hatred that’s getting passed directly down to their kids, who seem to have guns at their fingertips. Yet Newsweek didn’t focus squarely on anything that might force parents (or most Newsweek readers) to see blood on their own hands, choosing instead to wallow in the “flamboyant” details. As long as adults allow bullying to go unchecked and kids have access to guns, tragedies like this are bound to happen. When will people learn . . .

  18. Rami says

    from a comment by “revmark” on the Newsline article online: “After becoming a minister, I started researching pedophiles, to know what makes them tick, by going into chat areas where they openly talked, and they could care less about age, as long as they can have, just one more boy, to play around with.”

    Someone needs to seriously check this guy out. He’s practically screaming for help, and it sounds like he’s justifying visits to child porn sites.

  19. says

    I haven’t finished the article yet, though I don’t like where it’s heading. In any event, the problem – to me – isn’t schools having trouble dealing with kids coming out too early. The problem is we aren’t dealing with glbt issues early enough. If kids were taught about it, taught that there’s nothing wrong with it, instead of thinking it such a complex issue that they possibly couldn’t understand, I think we’d have a lot less Matthew Shepards and Lawrence Kings.

    Until we’re teaching 1st and 2nd graders that there are gay kids out there, that some of the kids in that very own classroom will end up being gay, and that there’s absolutely, positively nothing wrong with it… we’re going to have schools ‘shocked’ that something like Lawrence King’s tragedy could happen.

    I remember at least in Middle School having a health class where glbt issues came up. The teacher said that around 1 in 10 students end up gay, so ‘statistically’ at least 2 of us were likely gay. It was around when i was still questioning myself… and, at least I knew that if I was gay, I wasn’t some abhoration. And I’m sure there were people who knew they weren’t gay, but that there was a good chance friends and people they were friendlly with were… and maybe that helped them years later when their friends and classmates did come out. It’s an important lesson and should happen at a much younger age, repeatedly.

  20. Philip says

    While it is a tragedy what happened to Larry King, I blame his parental guardians and/or caregivers for what happened. Let’s face it, out of the 12 years a person is in grade school, elementary and middle school are the hardest years.

    Even though a person should be allowed to express their sexuality, the fact remains that going to school dressed like a girl is going to breed problems. Kids are cruel, pointblank. If a kid is going to be made fun of for being autistic or fat, what the hell is going to happen to one that dresses like the opposite sex?

    Furthermore, you can’t expect a school to combat every single problem they face adequately. On another note, a school can preach tolerance all day long, but in the long run, it will not stick with everyone.

    This tragedy happened because people were unprepared. There is no “evil” person in this situation.

  21. sparks says

    I am thoroughly disgusted at the Newsweek article.

    The author asserts that bullying is the result of schools not being “ready” to handle kids who are open and expressive of their gay sexuality at earlier ages — but they’ve been dealing with the SAME THING over the past two decades, as straight GIRLS have matured and expressed their sexuality at earlier ages.

    So I would ask the author: if a girl at 15 years old is wearing makeup, high heels, skirts, etc., and she’s sending love notes to a boy she likes around Valentine’s Day, does THAT give an insecure boy an excuse to shoot that girl in the head at point blank range and END that girl’s LIFE?

    If it had happened to a girl, even an overtly flirtatious girl with hot red lipstick, pink fingernails, and stilettos, people would be OUTRAGED.

    I swear to god.. Newsweek again shows their editor has absolutely no taste or tact.

  22. jason says

    Showtime has a poor record when it comes to depicting male-male sexuality in its shows. It claims to be inclusive yet its content is largely devoted to propping up the sleazy straight guy fantasy. It’s an organization run by the heterosexual boys’ club as far as I’m concerned.

    If you don’t believe me, just look at how many of Showtime’s shows glamorize female-female sexuality but not male-male sexuality. It’s the double standard yet again, and its coming to you courtesy of liberal media organizations. We gay/bi men do not fall into their “hot bi babes” category, don’t forget.

    Still thinking of voting Democrat???

  23. says

    did I hear something buzzing in here?

    Don’t I recall that Showtime did Queer as Folk? And that it was a huge hit? And that it’s not exactly full of hot bi babes (or at least not at the expense of man-on-man action)? Now what that would have to do with voting Democrat is anyone’s guess. The republicans, or at least their right-wing base, would want it ALL off the airwaves.

  24. nobama says

    The New Yorker hasn’t fallen in line with the Barack Messiah Obama campaign. When they learn to kiss his ass instead of f*cking him in the ass they’ll get a seat aboard his newly remodeled campaign jet. All hail the chosen one.

  25. says

    Yippee! Jason aka “AproposofNothing” is back with his illuminating insights into pop culture. Ok, you convinced me. I’m going to vote Republican, because, god knows, they’ll be filling the media with hot bimale-male action!

    On another note, the only people who are appointing Obama the Messiah are the ones who can’t stand him. Odd, that.

  26. jason says

    Showtime had one show (Queer as Folk) with male-male celebratory content. Whoop-te-doo!! One show out of how many? Keep in mind, also, that QAF pandered to the male heterosexual viewpoint of where male-male content belongs – i.e. in a segregated, non-mainstream context. It’s a phony acceptance based on segregation. Liberal media organizations are famous for it.

    Contrast this with how Showtime treats female-female – i.e. as mainstream – and you’ll get my drift.

  27. anonymous says

    “Someone needs to seriously check this guy out. He’s practically screaming for help…“

    Rami, I found that guy`s comments as creepy as you did. Interestingly, he also commented on another Newsweek article on Scouts that he was shown at age 17 that homosexuality “is unacceptable, but with a way out“ and that he could change. He is obviously full of unresolved conflicts that guide his (many} obsessive and hateful comments.

  28. David R. says

    Huh. Did we read the same Newsweek article? I found it pretty good at detailing the complex issue and showed people like King’s father and the lawyer, Quest, as homophobic/ignorant. The article also showed that Brandon came from a violent home.

    The article also had some great education for the ignorant:
    Whatever Epstein said to Larry, it’s clear that his coming out proved to be a fraught process, as it can often be. For tweens, talking about being gay isn’t really about sex. They may be aware of their own sexual attraction by the time they’re 10, according to Caitlin Ryan, a researcher at San Francisco State University, but those feelings are too vague and unfamiliar to be their primary motivation. (In fact, Larry told a teacher that he’d never kissed anyone, male or female.) These kids are actually concerned with exploring their identity. “When you’re a baby, you cry when you’re hungry because you don’t know the word for it,” says Allan Acevedo, 19, of San Diego, who came out when he was in eighth grade. “Part of the reason why people are coming out earlier is they have the word ‘gay,’ and they know it explains the feeling.” Like older teenagers, tweens tend to tell their friends first, because they think they’ll be more accepting. But kids that age often aren’t equipped to deal with highly personal information, and middle-school staffs are almost never trained in handling kids who question their sexuality. More than 3,600 high schools sponsor gay-straight alliances designed to foster acceptance of gay students, but only 110 middle schools have them. Often the entire school finds out before either the student or the faculty is prepared for the attention and the backlash. “My name became a punch line very fast,” says Grady Keefe, 19, of Branford, Conn., who came out in the eighth grade. “The guidance counselors told me I should not have come out because I was being hurt.” [pardon the long quote.]

    Decades ago I ragged on Newsweek for failing to cover a gay march on Washington, but this time I think they did a good job.

  29. Ron says

    I read the Newsweek article and found it to be very evenhanded. It seems that Larry was a very trouble teen who happened to be gay/tran. It is not the schools responsibility to accomodate one child at the expense of the rest of the student body. Larry had problems, he acted out, detroyed property and clearly had no regard for authority. And he happened to be gay. Reading thees comments, it seems as if everything Larry did is somehow okay because he is experimenting with his sexuality and everyone else in the school needs to let him do what he wants.

    sorry, but if we are to be included we also have to respect other people’s boundaries, even the straight guys (who many here seem intent on making out to be villains).

    No, this should never have happened, but it goes a lot deeper than “they were picking on the trans kid”. From my reading the trans kid had a lot issues of his own, as did the perpetrator. It does not do any good to blindly advocate on someone’s behalf just because they are gay.

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