1. Derrick from Philly says

    I’ve been anxious about the fall election for weeks, but if Ol’ Man McCain keeps showing these early signs of senility….well. Doesn’t matter how “nice” you come across if you don’t know that it’s Bagdad we must get stabilized & secure, not Saigon.

  2. Rad says

    Derrick, all McCain has to do is make people want to have a beer with him, and he’s guaranteed the Whitehouse. Considering his wife is a Coor’s heiress, I am wondering if he will run on the “FREE BEER for EVERYONE!!!” platform?

    Then, of course, there is his expected running mate, Mitt. Just waiting for the dark, underbelly of the Religious Right to start manipulating THIS election.

  3. the queen says

    i think rad and roscoe are right… stupid is cool and mccain’s senior moments no doubt have quite an appeal to most americans who have no idea where iraq or pakistan are either…

  4. paul says

    Ooooh…spooky! Also, I hear that if you play the video backwards it says “My sweet Satan” and “Paul is dead”.

  5. GBM says

    Other than the possible subliminal fearmongering, I was surprised at how tepid and inept the “documentary” is. The flipflopping charge worked against Kerry because of his unfortunate soundbite of having been for the war before he was against it–since Obama doesn’t have such a soundbite (and indeed was against the war from the beginning), the attempt to collect all of his various statements on Iraq as a testament to flip-flopping comes off as ham-handed and half-hearted. Actually, by appealing to the issues (and letting Obama largely speak for himselfon these issues) rather than personality or emotion, the ad reinforces Obama as a serious contender, albeit one with different policy prescriptions. The ad’s “translations” rarely add up easily to what they are meant to, which means that most viewers will leave confused about what they are meant to think about Obama after watching this.

  6. says

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