1. David T says

    Couric has gone bonkers! McCain’s gaffe was all over the cable news outlets last week. Anderson Cooper had a whole segment on it, and two pundits gave their perpective! What is wrong with that woman? She deserves her 3rd place finish after all.

  2. woodroad34 says

    This is the same kind of tactic we’ve had for the last 8 years. For whatever reason people are voting for McStain, they should take a look at this tactic and realize it’s the same behavior that has gotten us into the spot we’re in today. He’s venality with a grandfatherly, misshapen face.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    “No, they didn’t wanna’ show my film…they were too busy giving a big build-up to that crap you were turning out!”

    You were a big star too once John…don’tcha’ remember?

  4. Zeke says

    I can’t help but relish the poetic justice in watching a man who left his wife for a younger woman as he fumes over the fact that his lover (the media) has left him (even if for only a few days) for a younger man.

  5. daveynyc says

    The McCain camp saw an opportunity and they took it..good for them. It’s no secret Obama can do no wrong in the eyes of the media..if McCain wants to be Prez he needs stronger ads like this and needs to stress the point just because Obama has a great “Story” does not mean he is a better candidate.

  6. Jeanluc says

    Bitching about the media worked for Hillary frankly. She went on the defensive after the Potomac Primaries when the mainstream media stations heralded Obama the presumptive nominee three months before the primaries ended and half the states had not yet voted. Afterwards, she won nearly all of the remaining primaries (note, primaries not caucuses).

    Americans don’t like feeling like they are being told to feel a certain way because Anderson Cooper or Wolf Blitzer say they should.

    If anyone doubts the love affair the media has with Obama, they haven’t been paying attention. Considering Obama’s resistance to even entertain their interviews until recent days, I don’t get the infatuation. They must feel like the jilted lovers frankly. I can see why Obama doesn’t like interviews, he’s fairly awful at them and gets pretty intolerable whenever a journalist has the nerve to ask a difficult question like why he supports a surge of troops in Afghanistan but says today he’d still not support one in Iraq that clearly got the country on a path to allowing American troops to finally come home.

    His ability to manage anything is still quite debatable. Hopefully the media will finally begin to actually debate it.

    Let me know when CNN does an OLD IN AMERICA special to counter their Black in America.

  7. Derrick from Philly says


    The war in Afganistan is justified. They housed the animals that bombed the United States. So, a troop surge there is justified. The war in Iraq was an illegal invasion of a sovereign nation. It was a crime. Hopefully the Iraqis can get themselves out of the mess that George the Idiot (and his evil accomplice Cheney) created for them.

    If the media likes Obama it is because he has charisma. McCain does not. I dunno why Obama has such appeal, JEANLUC, it can’t just be luc…maybe it’s that old black magic.

  8. Jimmyboyo says


    Now being reported that mcshame had to cancel a photo op on an oil atfom in Louisiana……..

    trying to highlight his stance on off shore drillingand how safe and clean it is, turns out the earth/universe is against him

    The photo op has been canceled due to

    1- harsh weather
    2- an Oil SPIL coating miles upon miles of water in an oil sheen


    The earth / universe itself Loves Oama more than mcshame

    You know if the same had occured to obam the xtianistas wuld be screaming that god hated obama

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