1. Shane says

    I hate Fox News, but I think this is funny as hell. It’s always interesting to see what’s going on behind that fake-ass facade they put on for an election.

  2. Al says

    While this certainly exposes some character flaws in Jesse Jackson, I think the larger issue is that America in general thinks of black people as being all alike. When there is an African American candidate for president then we all need to fall in line. Think of how ridiculous this whole “controversy” would be if it were a white John McCain “supporter” talking about him. It would barely warrant any media coverage.

  3. Charles says

    Al, I could not agree with you more, there are some misconceptions about the Black community and yet again Jesse Jackson is showing a side that is VERY much present.

    I love that FOX news got a hold of this and is running with it because it deserves to receive as much fodder as possible.

  4. qjersey says

    While the previous commenters are right on, Jackson still views himself as the unelected head of the Black community.

    But he has stuck his foot in his mouth yet again, time for him to be shown the door for being the arrogant ass that he is.

  5. RB says

    Al, you think this is the first time that Jesse “exposes some character flaw”? He is a character flaw! He embodies everything that is wrong with race relations in this country today. Living in the past, constantly reminded America that he is black and rubbing salt in an open wound.

    I do not support Obama, however there is only one thing that I can say about him. Obama has not, TO DATE, used the race card the way Jesse does. He tries to stick to the issues, which are scary, but none the less he does not play the race card. Actually he is a class act.

    I think it rather telling that a black man has secured the nomination of a major party for president of the US and Jesse is still looking for the “man” that is holding him back! Enough, Jesse is a cancer in today’s race relations and apparently is still not willing to let it go.

  6. bcarter3 says

    “Think of how ridiculous this whole “controversy” would be if it were a white John McCain “supporter” talking about him. It would barely warrant any media coverage.”

    Oh. really? I suspect that if a news network had tape of the late Jerry Falwell saying he’d like to cut out Senator McCain’s nuts, it might get a mention or two.

  7. tom says

    Well, at least OBAMA doesnt’ discriminate who he talks down too…blacks, whites, pretty much everyone.

    He is an elitist…plain and simple, and he thinks he’s above his people, white people, poor people, but when it comes to the elite, the super rich who finance his campaign, he’s right in there with them…just what we need

  8. Rikard says

    I don’t think the comment was not worthy. It was harmless grousing from Jackson, the guy who is being left out of a campaign he had worked his whole career to make happen. The interesting point is that FOX immediately ran the clip. I’m not a fan of corporate media in general, but I don’t think other networks would run off air comments like that. Previous instances of this have involved third parties getting audio of public speeches where the candidates think the mic is off, but the sound board guys are still getting it. This is a case where FOX couldn’t wait to run material that slants their way. It’s the kind of bias that is making journalism part of the oldest profession.

  9. Frank L says

    “He is an elitist…plain and simple, and he thinks he’s above his people, white people, poor people, but when it comes to the elite, the super rich who finance his campaign, he’s right in there with them.”

    Yeah, and John McCain gets all of his money from poor people and non-elitists. Right.

  10. Sebastian says

    Tom, as if McBush cares about anyone other than those who make $200,000 a year, the middle class in his feeble mind. Jackson is a nitwit who should have been taken off cable news years ago, including the GOP network, sorry, Fixed Noise.

  11. CB says

    It’s amazing how he can say something, apologize, and have his apology accepted, however, he never accepts anyones apology, even though he is a ‘Reverand’. Why this man is still influential is beyond me. Google his name and you will find so many stories about and infractions in his life, it is mind boggling.

  12. Michael Bedwell says

    Jackson’s comment was both stupid and low class, and he’s F’ed up on many other occasions, but, as I’ve written before, HE was the first black presidential candidate to publicly embrace gay rights. One of my most moving memories is being at the 1984 Democratic National Convention in San Francisco and hearing HIS soul-stirring keynote address which still dwarfs Obama’s overrated 2004 keynote.

    TWENTY YEARS BEFORE OBAMA, in content and cadence Jackson’s glorious oratory made the rafters ring, and brought tears to the eyes of every gay man and woman there who heard OUR rights mentioned in political prime time for the first time ever.

    One regrets his feet, like those of all of us, turned out to contain clay, but the man deserves respect for the good he’s done no less than criticism for his mistakes.

    At this writing, the Bush Reich has 193 days, 10 hrs, 54 mins, and 34 seconds left in power!!!!!

  13. Ouisa says

    OMG, Jesse is a human with character flaws? How dare he!

    However, after Obama’s vote on FISA yesterday, I doubt Jesse is the only one wanting to cut off Obama’s nuts right about now.

  14. peterparker says

    In the part where Jackson’s comments are subtitled “i want to cut his ____off”, I cannot understand what he is saying AT ALL…and it seems much too short to have encompassed 7 words…it seems much more like 1 or 2 words…so, can we trust O’Reilly on this (can we trust him on *anything*)?…has Jesse Jackson confirmed his words. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t believe it until it is confirmed by an objective source…and that is clearly not Bill O’Reilly.

  15. says

    Heh Heh, this is heaven. Two of my least favorite people involved in a bitch fight! For those who say this wouldn’t have been news if it wasn’t O remember when Herr Bush got busted calling a NYT reporter an asshole? It was all over the place. I really want to see the other tapes! Maybe that will show O for the lying sack he is. Btw, O plays the race card WAY better than “baby daddy” ever did. He plays it and you’re left standing there all Bill Clinton, “WTF?” I, a hardcore Dem have been watching FOX ever since I realized they were the only ones treating HRC fairly. I hold down the bile whenever Dick “The Clintons caused the death of Jesus and my bad mood” Morris is on but O’reilly in particular has really surprised me with a lot of his views. He actually always has two points of view on.

    I know, get my ropes and the wooden stake ready. I’m waiting for the thought police/gay gestapo to come for me.

    “And me, in my best Chanel!”

  16. sugarrhill says


    Okay, it’s confirmed. You are a repug troll. Please disregard any previous postings to you as I realize now they were pointless.

  17. sugarrhill says

    Someone please explain how Clinton, a product of an Ivy League education and multi-millionaire, and McCain, married to an heiress, aren’t considered elite but Obama is labeled elite. It makes no sense. Not that I think being well educated is a bad thing, considering Obama graduated from my alma mater.

    And if anyone is to be accused of having the super rich fund their campaigns it’s Clinton and McCain. Obama is outperforming them on the donation front because he’s getting small donations from regular people.

  18. says

    Let’s go toe to toe on Democratic credentials. I have NEVER VOTED FOR A REPUBLICAN. I am an elected Democratic delegate. I am a precinct captain for my district. I have given many hours of my personal time to the party. I have argued against “Repug” policies.I volunteer for every gay event I can in this city.

    Now, your turn. What have you done for me lately?

    I think Jessie Jackson is a poverty pimp who uses race as a bargaining chip. I think Obama is a fraud or just like every pol he said he wasn’t like. I could have respected him but he claimed to be different. It’s like a boyfriend who says he wants a commited 1 on 1 LTR and then cruises manhunt.

    Maybe yu should take a look at the great fascist regimes and see what they all have in common.

    A lack of free thought/speech.

  19. sugarrhill says


    I can’t say I’ve never voted Republican. I voted Bloomberg for NYC mayor.

    I can’t say I’m as politically active as you. I applaud your political activism, but just because I’m not as active as you doesn’t mean I’m less of a citizen. I can only assure you that I am informed on the issues that are important to me. And I’ve voted in every single election, primary, etc. since I’ve been eligible to vote.

    I never denied your right to free speech, no matter how counterproductive. But you see, you’re not adding anything new or informative to the dialogue. What you are offering is baseless attacks on Obama. “Lying sack of shit” and “fraud” are not really constructive criticisms, especially without proof. They remind me of the insults thrown at Clinton throughout her entire public service career. Usually, the people that hurled those insults were not speaking from a rational place. They could never cite specifics when confronted with why they hate her so much. Seriously, ask yourself- what has Obama done to you that has spurred this much vitriol? It’s the same question I asked Clinton haters. And the answers were all emotional.

    Hopefully, when the hurt and disappointment subsides you’ll realize that electing Obama is your only logical choice. No one is advocating blind faith. I’m not saying you can’t disagree with his stands on certain issues, policies, etc. I had issues with Clinton voting for the Iraq War, but that didn’t prevent me from voting for her because I knew she was more in-line with what I believed and what was important to me. It’s your choice to sacrifice the party and the election because you feel emotionally hurt and slighted, but that doesn’t make it the smartest choice.

  20. patrick nyc says

    He is an elitist…plain and simple, and he thinks he’s above his people, white people, poor people, but when it comes to the elite, the super rich who finance his campaign, he’s right in there with them…just what we need

    Posted by: tom
    Last time I looked up the word, just now, elitist was ‘a group of people considered to be the best in a particular society or category, esp. because of their power, talent, or wealth’

    What’s wrong with having someone who is considered the best in something. We praise the elite athlete, the elite writer, doctor, actor, et et.

    Not a bad thing to do. Compared to McOld, I’d vote for Jackson, no matter how tired the poor old thing is.

  21. MDP says

    I think what has bothered anyone about Jackson’s remarks is the fact that Jackson is usually the first person to call out someone for their comments. This comment is nothing terrible. All he’s angry about is how Obama is coming off to black people. Yeah, he could’ve said it better…big deal.

    But Jackson is a hypocrite. Anyone remember his “hymietown” New York reference? Point is, Jackson isn’t perfect. At the same token, he shouldn’t be the first one to reach for a stone to throw at other’s mistakes…and he does.

    Oh, and if Obama is elitist (which I don’t think he is) I’ll take it over more of the same. HELLO, we have a bona fide “man of the people” in our midst now. Bush is a “C” average, grammatically challenged, cokehead, ignorant, idiot bully. If he can’t identify with the masses, who can?

  22. says

    I totally agree with you.
    Sugarhill, i’m now bored with our little bitch fight. Good luck and let’s elect a dem in Nov and keep our differences respectful and civil.


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