News: Tim Kaine, AIDS Bill, Cape Town, Planet Out, ‘Ex-Gays’

road.jpg House passes Lantos-Hyde AIDS bill which would also lift the HIV immigration and travel ban by a vote of 303-115. Pelosi statement.

Kaineroad.jpg Clinton campaign-runner Terry McAuliffe recommends Virginia Governor Tim Kaine for Obama VP spot: “McAuliffe was adamant in his recommendation of Kaine as the Democratic Party’s vice presidential nominee Tuesday, although he stressed to the News-Press after his speech, which included an informal half-hour question and answer period, that the ultimate choice will be Obama’s very personal one. However, the fact that he proposed Kaine over his own candidate and long-time friend, Hillary Clinton, suggested that he knows the Clinton option is off the table.”

road.jpg A resourceful and somewhat hot (if you’re into that bearish farmer type) sugar beet grower has found a first-rate way to scare off the crows.

road.jpg 27%: Bush approval rating hits new low.

road.jpg David Beckham having a leg-off with his All-Star teammates?

road.jpg Cape Town, South Africa outraged over homophobic newspaper column. Columnist: “There could be a few things [about which] I could take issue with Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe, but his unflinching and unapologetic stance over homosexuals is definitely not among those.”

road.jpg Belfast Gay Pride gets approval to go ahead next weekend. Homophobic Northern Ireland MP Iris Robinson invited

road.jpg Clay Aiken blogs for the children of Somalia and Kenya.

Stevenroad.jpg EW talks to Big Brother gay cowboy Steven Daigle. Ed: I do want to amend an earlier post. While I noted his racist comment early on in the show, I do want to say that after several episodes he proved to be a warm-hearted player, and did change at least one housemate’s mind about gay people, and I wish he would have stayed.

road.jpg LGBT community to be out in force at Democratic National Convention: “National Stonewall Democrats, the national gay Democratic group, expects more than 300 openly LGBT delegates, alternates, and other participants in ‘the gay caucus’ next month at the Democratic National Convention. The group has been scrambling for weeks to assemble the names and numbers and still hasn’t identified them all. But from what data it has collected, it appears the caucus will include 305 delegates, at least 84 of whom supported Hillary Clinton during the primary, 74 of whom supported the presumptive nominee Barack Obama, and 147 of whom no one yet knows who they supported.”

road.jpg Kathy Griffin’s longtime assistant Jessica has left the building.

road.jpg Wayne Besen on Exodus International’s annual confab of “ex-gays” in Asheville, North Carolina: “Exodus may smile sweetly and tell the mainstream media they love homosexuals. But, judging by the recent hate crimes in the Carolinas combined with the reactionary rhetoric of Exodus, it seems that they are literally ‘loving’ us to death.”

Gaycardroad.jpg Republicans play the gay card. Via The Gist.

road.jpg PlanetOut Inc. reports accumulated deficit of nearly $100 million: ” The San Francisco web portal (NASDAQ: LGBT), which is aimed at the lesbian, gay and transgendered market, reported an accumulated deficit of $99.8 million as of March 31. For that quarter, PlanetOut lost $10.4 million on sales of $4.8 million. PlanetOut was incorporated in Delaware in December 2000. It runs web sites and”

road.jpg Penn Badgley takes his brooding looks to GQ.

road.jpg Report warns of AIDS crisis in the South.

road.jpg National Stonewall Democrats announce endorsement of Barack Obama: “[Spokesman John] Marble said the group offered its endorsement ‘with accountability as well’ and said the organization will continue to press Obama on gay issues during the campaign. While gay Democrats rally behind their party’s presidential candidate, the National Log Cabin Republicans have yet to make a decision on whether or not to endorse Republican presidential candidate John McCain in his bid for the White House.”

road.jpg Maryland judge: Gender identity law can be rolled back by voters


  1. says

    Will you post the link the the EW interview with Steven?

    I’m sad to see Jessica leave the Kathy Griffin show.

    I’m even more sad that I just admitted to watching both big brother and my life on the d-list.

  2. Jean says

    To go back to the Steven being a racist argument, I was shocked by how many people think the term colored is derogatory. In it’s time it was not considered derogatory. Hence why the NAACP is called National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

    Let’s not dramatize a term that doesn’t deserve it.

    I’m not arguing he isn’t racist, he very well could be. But the term colored isn’t inherently derogatory. If it is then I guess the NAACP is a pretty self loathing organization.

  3. daveynyc says

    Let’s add Terry McAuliffe to the list of Judas’s that have plagued Hillary’s campaign from the beginning. I thought Patti Solis Doyle and Mark Penn were bad..but Terry has got a lot of nerve considering there are a lot of Dems out there…gay and straight..(including myself) who will not be voting for Obama without Hillary. Does he think we Hill supporters all have amnesia? We said she needs to be VP from the beginning and nothing has changed. Yes, we stepped back, gave Obama some breathing room but let’s face it…if Hill is not chosen as VP there will be a serious back lash from Hillary’s core supporters. She had 18 million votes for christs sake. And YES(to all who will comment after reading this) I am still harping on Hillary not being the nominee because it was a VERY sad day in American history and women’s rights in general when she was bullied and shut down by every male owned news station in the country without any word from the DNC. And now Terry McAuliffe is suggesting Tim Kaine for VP just because he himself lives in Virginia. Give me a break…we Hill supporters have been silent lately but we are not gone and we are just as passionate as she is.

  4. Joe says

    DAVENYC, when exactly was it that you Hill supporters (aka “harpies”) have been silent? I must have sneezed and missed it. Seriously dude, seek professional help and get a frickin life! Not even Hillary is as obsessed with Hillary as you are. It’s crystal clear now that you don’t give a damn about progressive policies or Democratic platforms. You’ve made that clear with your churlish support of McCain. You’re nothing more than a cultist who worships at the feet of a particular politician. That’s sad, and I must say, more than a little bit creepy, yet amusing enough to give me the giggles everytime you post one of your meltdowns.

  5. David R. (born & raised in NYC; now live in Seattle)) says

    @ DAVENYC: Are you aware that Hillary has endorsed Obama? That she’s campaigned with him? Yes, there’s not been a lot lately and I can certainly understand her hesitancy and disappointment. I think she deserved the nomination just as much as Obama. But it’s time to move on and support the Democratic candidate. I’m an Obama supporter, but I would have gladly been supporting Hillary in the election. And while I think Hillary would make a great president, I don’t think she’d be a great vice president and I don’t understand that idea that she is owed that spot in some way. It’s important for Obama to pick the best VP for his ticket.

    I also don’t understand why so many Hillary supporters feel so burned and seemingly petulant. It’s politics after all and Hillary is one of the best politicians I’ve ever seen. Can you explain these hurt feelings?

  6. Jimmyboyo says


    I agree with you that McAuliffe is full of sh@t. Though for totaly different reasons

    Kaine doesn’t bring anything to the ticket. Obama already has Va sowed up without kaine as VP. All polls have had Obama taking Va by at least 5%-7% since the primaries ended.

    If nothing else, then Warner (the younger) as former succesful!!!!( even VA repubs love him) governor of VA running for the senate and leading in all polls by 17%-20% at the moment will help carry voters to the polls in VA for Obama.

    Obama doesn’t need anyone from VA to be VP to win VA.

  7. SLMDARIEN says

    Folks, Kaine does bring one thing to the ticket, he’s a nice guy and a good manager. He will also relate well to the reticent voters in the Midwest. As a white male Southerner he will help bring the South back to the fold. I wouldn’t say that Obama has Virginia wrapped up, the key is going to be voter attendance. The fanatic right wing will vote in one block and enasse. Historically the liberal contingent doesn’t have such a great attnedance record. Finally, I am so sorry that Dave still carries a chip on his shoulder, I supported Bill Richardson, and have decided it is far more important to prevent a right wing takeover of the Supreme Court than it is to have my personal candidate right now. United we stand, divided we fall. Thanks Andy for all you do!

  8. Paul R says

    Jimmyboyo, Kaine wouldn’t be brought on to win VA, which isn’t an enormous electoral college state or even considered by most to be part of the south. He’d be brought on for his military experience and very strong reputation as an independent, forthright politician (sort of like McCain 10 years ago). I believe he even used to be Republican, or at least conservative, so there would be a bipartisan sense to him being on the ticket. On top of all that, he has an image of being a regular guy, no elitist he. And since he’s a first-time senator, he’s not considered a Washington insider—though that could help with the “inexperienced” claims, I think his military career would more than counterbalance it.

    So you can tell I think he’d be a pretty strong choice. The only problem is that he had adamantly said he wouldn’t take the VP position because he wants to serve VA. And if he goes back on that, all the credibility he’s built up would go down the toilet and he’d be a target of flip-flopping accusations (the only accusations available on both sides of the fence these days!).

  9. FilmBuff1822 says

    The term “colored” may very well be used by the NAACP in a non-derogatory way; however, that was not Steven’s usage. Just listen to his statement, “That colored girl.” He didn’t even need to use the term. It amazes (and disappoints) me when my fellow gays will rally against someone who uses homophobic terms, some of which are not inherently derogatory, but not react the same way when a gay person uses racist terms. I’m from the “backwoods” of Texas and know not to use that term. Steven also knows better.

  10. Dan says

    One marvels Davey’s blind loyalty… he’d be right at home working on behalf of Kim Jong Il.

    Anybody who dares speak ill of the great leader must be hanged!

  11. Jeff says

    About Steven’s “comment”. If you watch his Housecall interview on he gets asked about this. Steven says that Jerry is the one who used the phrase. Jerry could not remember Libra’s name so he (Jerry) called her “that colored girl”. The internet feeds caught them discussing Jerry’s remarks and it pickup Steven using that phrase.
    He really is a nice guy and I’m sorry he was eliminated so early.

  12. Jean says

    Thank you Jeff for clearing that up. I found it surprising that he would use that phrase based on the rest of his demeanor in the house.

    Again, I was not arguing what Stephen said was not racist, I merely said that the reference to someone as colored is not inherently racist as it was historically used in the same way black is used today. The intent is what matters. Note: NAACP. No one is accusing them of using the term colored in a derogatory way b/c they don’t intend it that way.

    I think being quick to call someone racist is as offensive as someone who actually is. It’s a horrible thing to accuse someone and should be done with caution. Jeff has shown just how quick to judgment some people are by explaining how Stephen actually was not intentionally using the phrase colored in a derogatory way.

  13. Sami says

    As far as I’m concerned, the term “colored” is offensive because it implies the “otherness” of black people and the “normalcy” of white people.

    Last time I checked, white was still a color. To call black people colored is, in essence, to say that white skin is the standard (i.e., normal) and all other skin colors to be deviations of that standard (i.e., abnormal).

    Jean, I understand where you are coming from. You are correct that “in it’s time, it was not considered derogatory.” However, I’m sure you’ll agree that modern sensibilities have developed significantly since the 1950s and 60s. In this day and age, to use the term “colored” is at best, ignorant, and at worst, hatefully racist.

  14. patrick nyc says

    DAVENYC I can’t understand how anyone who claims to be a Hillary supporter, as I am, would even consider voting for that douche bag McOld. He is the opposite of everything she ran on. I for one will be voting for Obama and as soon as he picks a VP, if it’s not a homophobe like Nunn or Hagel, I’ll be giving him money.

    On the ‘colored’ comments. I was blessed to grow up in a very Irish conservative Queens neighborhood where the ‘N’ word was used all the time, except in our house. My parents were very clear and vocal, to all, that it was not allowed.

    My Dad did use the term colored though, to which we always would ask, “Was he red, blue? What color Dad?”

    God bless the poor guy, he had a good sense of humor with his 7 kids.

  15. RB says

    Ok Andy, why are you NOT reporting the fact that the congressional approval is ONLY 21%? Yes folks, that is true, congressional approval is actually 6% BELOW Bush! I would love to say congratulations to Pelosi, but the facts show her to be a failure….worse than W!

  16. johnosahon says

    i did not know we here were allowed to give SECOND CHANCES, because we destroyed Isaiah’s career, i did not remember getting a memo to forgive isaiah or is it ONLY for gay people?

  17. Michael Bedwell says

    Quasi liberal Jonathan Alter of “Newsweek” has opined that Obama [whom he virtually worships] should pick Sam “‘merica’s fine soldier boys shouldn’t have to sleep next to no ho-mo-sechuals” Nunn for VP.

    While Alter has written some progay things in the past, and is alert enough to predict gay outrage if Obama picked Nunn, his actual memory of the reasons why are only privileged-straight-guy-deep. “The biggest stumbling block in selecting Nunn is his support in 1993 for a Pentagon study that backed a don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy for gays in the military.”

    Excuse ME, Jethro, but there was NO Pentagon “study” for Nunn [or anyone else] to support! Just a bunch of retarded homo hating raving and gnashing of teeth from Colon [sic] Powell, his fellow Pentagon Brass asshats, and Nunn his crackerself. In fact, the study commissioned by Secretary of Defense Les Aspin at the time showed the opposite, as has every other Pentagon study going back 50+ years—so gay positive that they have often denied the studies exist.

    From Alter’s breeder boy perspective, Obama “has some room to maneuver” because he opposes CA’s Prop 8 [my homo friends—such pushovers], but then aims the bus directly for our heads when he adds:
    “The blunt political truth is that Nunn’s history on this issue might actually help the Democratic ticket in states like Ohio and Pennsylvania. While gays would protest loudly if Nunn is the nominee, his selection would show Obama’s independent streak in standing up to a powerful Democratic interest group.”

    Yes, I would still vote for Obama with Nunn on the ticket but only because I count on his good health being sufficient to never open the way for Nunn to replace him in the Oval Office.

  18. Jason says


    I concur with you on Pelosi being a failure. But…

    There’s a cult of personality around a president that one doesn’t get with Congress.

    Ask people whether they approve of their own elected Senator or local Representative and the approval rating would be far higher than Congress as a whole, and the vast majority of them probably more than 30%.

    So those numbers you want posted are pretty much useless.

  19. Nick says

    Jason, thank you.

    I’m getting tired of people comparing Congress, a deliberative body of hundreds of members, with a president, who is indeed a cult of personality, an executor, an army of one. It’s apples-to-oranges. The approval of a legislative body as a whole is most always going to be lower than the approval of a single, national figure. RB, I know you’re smarter than that.

  20. Alan says

    When Steven said the “colored” remark, he was actually mocking another houseguest, Jerry, who kept referring to someone that way. Yet instantly, people on this site were posting negative messages and condemnations not just of the comment, but of the whole show. It’s typical, though–so many blog readers have an understanding of the day’s events that are only headline-deep. God forbid people actually have a deeper understanding of the sound bites and snippets that they’re judging, judging, judging.

  21. says

    Good god, Michael, that Alter piece is a piece of work! And this just after the hideous Newsweek article on Larry King!

    I too would probably hold my nose and vote, but still scream bloody murder.

    I am not so enamored that I would forgive that ass who descended into the bowels of submarines to spew his homophobia for public consumption.

  22. Jimmyboyo says


    I too have been moving away from liking kathy griffin.

    This past episode totaly made plain what I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

    I am done with her and her derogatory gay humor

    “her gays”? BS Like batered wives we were so happy to get atention that we slovenly showered her with praise while she belittled gays.

  23. patrick nyc says


    From the time on our posts it’s clear we were typing at the same time. While I can see how you can take her comments as offensive they are no different than the way she rants against her own Mother, which I at times find over the top.

    She does not always hit her mark, but she can be very funy, especially when it comes to Spears and Paris.

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