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Pregnant Trans Man Thomas Beatie's Baby Photos Revealed


This morning on Good Morning America, photos of pregnant trans man Thomas Beatie's three-week-old daughter Susan Juliette were revealed.

Beatiebaby3I've screencapped a few of the photos here and clipped the segment, AFTER THE JUMP...

Pregnant Trans Man Thomas Beatie to Give Birth Shortly [tr]
FOX Red Eye Hosts Trash Pregnant Trans Man Thomas Beatie [tr]
Morning Joe Hosts Disgusted by 'Pregnant Dude' Thomas Beatie [tr]


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  1. Someone with a vagina and ovaries had a baby and it's a big deal because she calls herself Tom???? This is such a non event. She is not a man. She is a woman.

    Posted by: dezboy | Jul 23, 2008 4:34:18 PM

  2. My God, I agree with Leland. It's not at all transphobic to be disgusted by this sad exhibitionists' desperate plays for attention, nor to be concerned about the potential impact of his/her carnivalesque publicity stunts on wider community issues. Does anyone think, for example, that this will make it easier to get ENDA expanded to include transgendered and transexual people?

    And that's in no way a shot at transgendered people, their families, etc. It's simply calling a dumb move a dumb move.

    Posted by: Clay | Jul 23, 2008 4:56:09 PM

  3. RP,
    One point of importance is that fertility treatments and countless Dr. visits are often in part or completely covered by health insurance - adoption is not. I personally find this quite ridiculous, as it would seem to be in the state/nation's best interest to promote adoption, possibly by covering most or all of the costs involved.
    I'm sorry if I misconstrued your words. My ultimate point (not necessarily directed at you) is that while it may be fair to criticize this couple for being selfish or attention whores, referring to Thomas Beattie as a "she," "he/she," "lesbian," or "freakshow" is incredibly ignorant, hurtful, and unnecessary. I feel like I'm lecturing a bunch of homophobic jocks here, but get your ass out there and make friends with a trans person and see if you're still comfortable spouting crap like that again. You might find they're REAL people who deserve respect and compassion. How crazy would that be?

    Posted by: scientitian | Jul 23, 2008 5:01:14 PM

  4. The level of disrespect contained in these comments is enough of a reminder for me why many transgendered people feel out of place in the gay community. It seems that transphobia is alive and FLOURISHING within the gay community. Agreed, the Beaties are attention-seeking idiots. But disrespecting Mr Beatie's gender is a completely different issue, and completely unacceptable. How can gay guys and girls expect straight folk to accept them if they can't even accept other marginalised people in similar boats?

    Posted by: julian. | Jul 23, 2008 6:36:21 PM

  5. Will no one take the other side of this? I think the Oprah interview was well done, respectful and in point of fact an extremely educational way for (let's face it) a curious and trans-ignorant America to learn about boilerplate transgender issues. Obviously they're making some "sweet scratch" on this lurid trade but who else here is turning down fistfuls of 5 figure checks for what is going to be a reported story anyway - only now not told in their own voice. Look, I'm not seeing the downside here. What about the positive aspects of Christine Jorgensen's unasked for fame? Is this so conceptually different? I'm not saying that there isn't such a thing as bad publicity but in the long (aside from all of us being dead) I can't not see how this doesn't actually help. Maybe in the short this doesn't help a trans-inclusive ENDA get passed but America changes it's collective mind on issues when people are exposed to issues and talk them through. You know, family members finally become unafraid to talk, coming out to coworkers, allies are made, bridges are built, eventually nonthreatening stupid vapid sitcoms are written. Then... slowly... rejoice! folks on the couch in Peoria, IL are bored into unintimidation and the vote swings the other way. That's what democracy looks like: A soul stealing inefficient exercise in repeating yourself ad nauseum until everyone old enough to vote against you has died of old age and you’re too old to enjoy the rights you’ve procured while you shuffle around in your quad walker boring kids to death who already take this new paradigm for granted treating your tales of righteous activism and hardscrabble victories as if they were yet another hackneyed retelling of the insufferable injustices under the Stamp Act of 1765.

    Posted by: Harvey | Jul 24, 2008 4:14:44 AM

  6. I think it takes a lot of courage to do what they are doing. His wife is an amazing person by giving him all of that support and love he and the baby will need right now. I respect their decision to have children. It is no different than a gay couple of the same gender wanting to have children. God will help them in every way possible. God will not punish them because of this decision, he will love them unconditionally, no matter what. I just know that these people will make sure their daughter knows the truth about who they are and will raise her with all of the love they have and will teach her to respect people for who they are, not what they did. I wish them all of the luck with their new family. They deserve the best!!! Let's just stop the nonsense and leave them alone, they have done nothing wrong, it was their decision. Get over it!!!

    Posted by: Dana Everett | May 23, 2009 3:21:35 PM

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