1. crispy says

    Well, this woulda been interesting if Wesley wasn’t (SPOILER!) auf’ed last night!

  2. Dback says

    I wish them lots of happiness; however, I’m a little bit, shall we say, mystified as to who’s the top.

  3. Leandro says

    Some gays don’t regularly engage in anal sex, so the ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ straitjacket labels are not always germane. (And for those who do, I think ‘versatile’ is sort of in these days.)

  4. says

    Sigh, the gays move fast. Wesley got voted off on Episode 2. So they were “trying to hide it” for what, three days?

  5. SAM says

    I’m so excited about this, it’s the highlight of my life. WHO THE HELL GIVES A SHIT. Does this mean we’re going to read about every guy that ever has a relationship with another guy?

  6. walker says

    I think that referring to someone as a top or bottom is chauvinistic unless you are being politically incorrect, attempting to be funny. The use above is not witty.

  7. Chas says

    I was all “THEY CUT MY WESLEY!” last night. I was so heartbroken. BIG blow to the eye candy factor this season. And he seems so sweet, too…

    RE: the top-bottom thing:

    1)Being femme/sissified DOES NOT mean you can’t be a top. The stereotype of the big butch top is so dated and holds little water in the real world.

    2)Believe it or not, not everyone has anal sex. It’s not a necessity, nor a requirement.

  8. Jimmyboyo says


    In the contex of gays who do not specify = yeah, I can agree with you

    BUT there are a LOT!!!!!!!! of strict tops and strict bottoms. Then of course the TOPs break down to DOM TOPS, Sub TOPS, Kinky DOM tops, Kinky sub Tops, Vanilla DOM tops, Vanilla sub Tops

    The majority of guys are versatile

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    “The stereotype of the big butch top is so dated and holds little water in the real world.”

    You tellin’ me, CHAS. I cry about it every night! (head bowed, and slow snappin’ fingers close to the floor).

    But I gonna’ pray on it, honey.

  10. Sam #3 says

    They’re cute. I suppose I’d rather Wesley than Daniel, but I wouldn’t kick him out of bed, either.

  11. says

    Since we’re talking top/bottom, I think that whole dichtomy is a little screwy (pun intended!). I’ve met plenty of butch bottoms and I’ve met plenty of nellie tops. I have mostly identified as a bottom, because I’m short and small . . . but lo and behold, I’ve discovered that the minute I’m with someone closer to my height, I like being versatile! I wonder how many of us are forced into pigeonholing ourselves because of our height, dick size or nelliness?

    i’m sure there are people who are strictly one way or another, but i think most of use are capable of being versatile.

  12. Marco says

    Well, I am strictly a bottom because I like to catch up on my reading during sex, but I digress…

    Wesley’s dress was crap for sure, but it was Versace compared to that girl’s Dress Barn monstrosity. I can’t believe he was axed.

    Does anyone else feel this year’s talent pool is a little light on talent? I mean, Suede’s winning design made me want to Clorox my eyeballs and the rest of the runway offered little ingenuity and excitement too boot.

    Just sayin’.

  13. ken says

    As an older (40) gay…even in my 20’s in NYC I was mystified by the stereotypes of “top” and “bottom” or “husband” and “wife” or calling “he’s” “she’s” and so forth. When I was 20 it all kind of upset me and made me feel pidgeon-holed. Years later, I have lightened up considerably. I think the whole butch/fem thing came along to speed up the “hooking up process”. There used to be bars for any fetish or type you might enjoy at any particular moment. To take any of this too personally is really just silly. The internet has changed everything. Dating must be done with some kind of “PR blitz” or “campaign”. I feel sorry for the lost art of “flirting” the hot as hell “come on”. The rest is lost on me.

  14. Giovanni says

    Wesley was pretty much robbed last night – (The biker chick is amusing but come on!) so it’s great that he leaves the show with a truly great consolation prize – love.

    The top /bottom butch/femme argument is so lame I always assume anyone who brings it up is a terrible lay. Surely one of the greatest things about being a gay man is that there are no sexual limitations – you get to experience the ride in its entirety.

  15. says

    Good for them!!!!! Hoepfully the public will leave them along long enough to let them find their way with each other.

  16. Anthony RIga says

    AND I QUOTE: “I kinda knew from the beginning before going into it…that I was gonna be on the bottom.”

  17. GBM says

    Best of luck to Wes and Daniel! Wesley definitely got the shaft last night: Leanne’s was the worst I’ve seen and I think they’re keeping Stella around for laughs.

    I am crossing my fingers for the swift ouster of both Suede (speaking in the 3rd person and saying ‘wackadododle’ are not acceptable) or Blayne (adding ‘liscious’ to everything will not make you the next Christian Siriano). Good thing hotties Jerell and Keith are still going strong!

  18. NICK says

    Their relationship is a scam. One of them is cheating on the other, it’s all a publicity scam. I know that for a fact, since the cheater has made it know to close friends. I feel sorry for the one that’s going to be hurt and crushed when he finally finds this out.

  19. Milan says

    They may both be bottoms and still engage in an actively anal sex life. I believe that’s why double-headed dildos were invented.

  20. Shawn says

    “Well, I am strictly a bottom because I like to catch up on my reading during sex, but I digress…”

    Isn’t that so TRUE? I actually balance my checkbook in my head sometimes. Good with mental math like that.