1. the queen says

    oh baby i luv that butt shot, what a great way to wear a hanky! it’s been ages so i’ve forgotten the codes, so is she a top or bottom?

  2. chas says

    Not near the best actor in the world, but damn if he hasn’t been the hottest piece since he first graced the screen. SO. WOULD. Reese was fool.

  3. JeffRob says

    LOL… Danny, you’re right. The film’s not backwards, the tattoo is. Hope it’s not real…

    In related news, I think I just messed myself.

  4. Michael W. says

    That’s the way the flag is displayed on the right arm–it should always be oriented so that the stars are leading. To show it the “right” way makes it look like the person is “retreating.” Silly, I know, but it’s the military way–go figure.

  5. what says

    +1 for Michael.

    It’s true for patches on military uniforms and military airplanes (including Air Force 1.) The stars are always leading and the flag is blowing back in the wind. The left side would have the perceived “correct” image.

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