News: Dan Quayle, Arctic, Hunter Parrish, Booker Prize, Alzheimer’s

road.jpg Blue Cross of Western New York says they’ll offer spousal health care benefits to validly married gay and lesbian couples: “The news comes less than three weeks after the NYCLU filed a lawsuit against the company on behalf of a Buffalo lesbian couple that said it was denied such health benefits.”

Quayleroad.jpg Guess who’s on the short list to join Dancing with the Stars?

road.jpg Asian HIV infection rate reaching epidemic proportions: “All over Asia there are now epidemics of HIV in men who have sex with men of the same magnitude that we saw in this country 25 years ago. That is something that has been detected fairly recently. There is not enough action yet but we are now starting programs.”

road.jpg Arctic ice shelf sheds largest chunk in two years: “The 4-square-kilometer (1.5-square-mile) piece broke off last week, the newspaper said, citing Sami Soja, a surveyor working for Parks Canada who witnessed part of the event. It’s the biggest piece shed since the entire Ayles shelf, one of Canada’s six major ice shelves, broke off in 2005, creating a 66- square-kilometer frozen island, the newspaper said.”

road.jpg The long list for the coveted Man Booker literary prize has been announced.

road.jpg Tim Gunn was paid $2,500 an episode for season two of Project Runway.

road.jpg Man in Sonoma County’s first same-sex marriage dies suddenly.

road.jpg Check out the new trailer for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

Brokebackroad.jpg FBI dubs Seattle bank robber ‘The Brokeback Bandit’: “We don’t know his sexual orientation. The name was because of his cowboy hat. The guy’s got a cowboy hat. It’s a popular movie. Let’s not be too overly concerned about the bank robber’s feelings.” Wouldn’t the Brokebank bandit have been more appropriate?

road.jpg Christopher Ciccone denies Madonna involvement in writing of tell-all: “If she did, then she’s doing the best acting job I’ve ever seen. No. Whoever is doing it (making up the stories) is doing me a great favor. I appreciate it.”

road.jpg Landslide?: Three political scientists describe tight presidential race as a myth. “Alan Abramowitz, a professor of political science at Emory University, Thomas Mann, a senior fellow at Brookings Institution, and Larry Sabato, professor of politics at University of Virginia, accused the media of flogging a dead horse in trying to portray the presidential race as a cliffhanger.”

road.jpg John Mayer shaves most of his hair off.

road.jpg Provincetown police department gets a Harley-Davidson: “The motorcycle, which will be leased for a year, will give the police nimbleness to drive through narrow, crowded streets and respond quickly to crosstown calls, Jaran said. It will also reduce the wear on cruisers and invigorate the younger, more energetic department members, he said.”

Parrishroad.jpg Parrish the thought: New season of Weeds gets buff and kinky.

road.jpg Aaron Charney, the attorney who sued his firm Sullivan & Cromwell for anti-gay discrimination and retaliation, will join Clifford Chance next month: “Based on the experts it spoke to, the WSJ concluded that ‘it’ll be tough for Charney, though not impossible, to find work at another big firm.’ In the comments to the WSJ post, readers were less optimistic.”

road.jpg Janice Dickinson stops Lizzie Grubman from running anyone else down in an SUV.

road.jpg British lesbian couple receives £5,000 settlement after real estate agency posted the word “lesbians” on an advertisement for their home: “In a statement, they added: ‘Publicly linking our home address with our sexuality could have ruined our lives.’ The couple’s lawyers, Russell Jones & Walker, said the estate agent had settled the case before it reached court. Philip Gilbey, a partner in Jackson-Stops & Staff, said: ‘It was the regrettable action of an individual uploading the property details – it wasn’t the butt of an office joke. It resulted in a formal disciplinary hearing and that person has narrowly avoided instant dismissal.'”

road.jpg New Alzheimer’s drug halts progression of disease: “The people on placebo lost an average of 7 percent of their brain function over six months whereas those on treatment didn’t decline at all.”

road.jpg Residents of Salinas, California voice concerns over recently approved gay pride parade: “Vicky Norton said she isn’t opposed to free speech, but was concerned that gay pride events would lead to acts such as indecent exposure, public defecation and urination. ‘We have the right to assemble, but we also have the right to uphold the law,’ she said. Todd Williams, owner of the Cherry Bean Coffee House on Main Street, said the parade attracted lots of customers last year and is hoping the same will happen again. ‘I saw no pooping’ last year, he said.”


  1. shane says

    Weinstein is a motherfvcker. Tim Gunn seems like such a nice guy and they just treated him like shit.
    I just don’t see Project Runway in LA. Not the same.

  2. says

    Real Quick

    Dan Quayle?! Has our culture in America come to this? I would much rather see Bill Clinton hosting a new “Blind Date”.

    How did Tim let himself get a contract that bad? Even day players get more than that. I don’t care for him, however, when the season is over I won’t watch it without him now.

    The Election IS a cliffhanger. And do know that the Obama side is waking up to this fact. They are making serious efforts to shore up the base and reach out to Hillary supporters. I know this because they have reached out to me a Hillary delegate. They, I must say, have an incredible team working for them. Mr. Obama is still not who I prefer but they brought me back to the Dems with their outreach. I have been treated much better by them than the Hillary people. I don’t blame her, I blame her campaign staff.

    I talk to people everyday in the streets about politics and O’s support is shaky (at least here in Nevada). Women and seniors are not feeling him ,or, are really pissed about the way the media treated Hillary. I’ve been most surprised by two groups I’ve spoken to. I have met exactly two Obama supporters amongst gay men and dozens who are not feeling him. The other thing that surprised me is when I talk to Asians. They think he’s a “slickster”. It’s a strange word that keeps coming up. I was at a party of very upscale gays last night and there was one Black woman who was the only Obama supporter. I tried telling people about the outreach from The Campaign for Change and was greeted skeptically.

    I still think it’s the Dems year but it’s a closer race than you think. I strongly suggest Dems begin organizing groups to get gays and seniors to the polls on election day to vote Dem or we’re going to wake up the day after going, WTF?

  3. Yeek says

    Aaron Charney is a dishonorable bastard.

    This opinion comes from an experiences completely unrelated to his Sullivan & Cromwell caper or the banking world.

    Go betray and threaten more innocent people, Aaron. They don’t really matter, as long as you get those discounts.

  4. says

    1) I think THEVEGASSTYLEGUY is def onto someting re. gay men and Obama. During the primaries, I had GREAT difficulty finding any of my numerous gay friends or associates who supported him. Everyone I knew was supporting Hillary. Without getting into one of the infamous (and lengthy) towleroad comments debates, I felt that Bill “threw us under the bus” (to paraphrase Melissa Etheridge from the Logo debate) during his time in office and was surprised that so many people were willing to disregard this and vote for Hillary. I don’t know whether the current apathy is race related, but I can’t see why else someone with the intellect, charisma and worldwide respect of Obama is not being utterly championed by dems. I truly hope everyone gets behind him, or heaven help us with a McCain win in November!!

    2) Hunter Parrish from Weeds works out in my 24 Hour fitness and the last time I saw him, he was thin and pale, so the boy must have been seriously hitting the gym (and Hollywood Tan!) because he sure looked smoking hot in this week’s ep!!! What a diff a few months and a haircut can make! Although I have to say that Weeds has pretty much lost me – last season was pathetic and so far, this season isn’t much of an improvement.

    3) Anyone who has read Christopher Ciccone’s tell (almost) all would NEVER accuse Madonna of having a hand in it. I finished it last night and it is a SCATHING critique of Madonna. She comes out of it appearing pretty much a complete sociopath, with no true relationships in her life and a complete disregard for anyone who has ever tried to help or support her. I am the last person to read trashy bios, but this was recommended to me by a friend who is high up in the industry and I have to say it was such an eye opener. Through emails, faxes and reported conversations, Madonna is revealed as a total control freak (surprise!) with an inability to empathize with even her closest family and friends. EVERYTHING revolves around her and her needs being met. So SAD! And this is officially my longest comment on TR! :)

  5. Tralfaz says

    This election is starting to scare me. While I’m not what you would call an Obama “supporter”, I sure as hell don’t want McSame.

    The primary took it’s toll on me. I threw my heart and a good chunk of change into electing Hillary. I’m one of those “not feeling Obama” either. But I’ll vote for him.

  6. Jason says

    All the gays I know are big Obama supporters. *shrugs* And the polls do show Obama has more support among women than McCain. Whatever. I’m getting to the point that I don’t care what this country does. In a way I kind of want McCain to win so that he can take the inevitable fall and begone from the presidency in four years. But then logic takes over and I think we really cant take ANOTHER four years of Bush-esque rule.

  7. Kevin says

    Uh, this is awkward coming after Messiah’s comment, but the link to the story about Chris Lechman’s sudden death, so soon after his wedding is really sad.

    Just so sad. :(

  8. Kevin says

    Uh, this is awkward coming after Messiah’s comment, but the link to the story about Chris Lechman’s sudden death, so soon after his wedding is really sad.

    Just so sad. :(

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