1. Mike says

    Oliver Stone hasn’t made a decent movie since Platoon. This is going to be awful!

    James Cromwell is a great actor, but his performance here bears no resemblance to the George H.W. Bush we got to know all too well. Even the ironic use of the song “Wonderful World” is ripped off from “Good Morning, Vietnam” (although often times trailer music never shows up in the final film).

    Stone should get lots of attention for his choice of subject. This disaster of a President deserves serious scrutiny, but not the kind of self-indulgent, tedious disaster that Stone has produced in “Nixon”, “JFK”, and so many other films of his overrated career.

  2. ld says

    The most preposterous scene in this trailer is that of GWB in his office, poring over documents with furrowed brow. Dubya, I assure you, never knit his brow in concern over any document, unless you count the funny papers; Beetle Bailey’s content is, to be sure, way over George’s head. Left alone, it is clear that this man is unfettered by any worry. He merely sits hapless and blinking, waiting for one of the real power brokers to come tell him what to do next.

  3. crispy says

    This movie is exactly like one of those times when you get really high on shrooms or weed or both, and you start thinking you’ve figured out everything that’s wrong with the world, so you scratch it all down as quickly as possible… but then 3 days later you sober up and realize what you’ve written down is incoherent shit.

  4. paul says

    But isn’t acting like a Bush really just acting like a Kennedy, but with a much lower IQ?

    I hope they show Barbara Bush as the nasty shrew that she is. It’s irked me for years when people treated her like some wonderful loving grandma type. Even Nancy Reagan thought she was a bitch.

    Overall, it looks depressing. How did this country stoop so low?

  5. anon says

    Is this a comedy? I think the general rule should be to wait until someone is out of office to do a book or movie, and this will be out just before the election too. Coincidence? I don’t think so. However, Stone will certainly sympathize with a boozy, high, party-boy like W.

  6. Philip Wester says

    When I first heard about this movie being made on April 1st, I assumed it was an April fools. Then more information was leaked and I still believed it was an April fools.

    It still looks like an April fools in my eyes, despite being obviously legit, but it looks like it’ll be at least mildly amusing.

  7. patrick nyc says

    The most preposterous scene in this trailer is that of GWB in his office, poring over documents with furrowed brow. LD
    If you look careful it’s W looking over the days menu. HMMM Do I order melted cheese with or without the crust? Coco milk or Scotch?

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