1. davefromtampa says

    It’s not the bacteria I would be worried about, it’s that giant spider on top of head that scares me.

  2. Rad says


    Thank you, You Tube! I wonder how long it will take for idiots not really caring about their food service jobs to copy-cat this bozo for their 15 minutes of fame?

  3. Tim says

    Why wasn’t he publicly horse-whipped in front of Burger King? This is ridiculous. What is happening to America?

  4. says

    Yikes! Reminds of a story I overheard the other day on the bus… Two convenience store workers talking about another worker who soaks her feet in the tub used to mix up muffins. Nice.

  5. paul says

    Wow, who would expect such behavior from someone who works at Burger King? Ummm…I guess anyone who’s ever been in one.

    Again, this is the least of your worries when you eat out. It’s the stuff that restaurant employees do OFF camera that should concern you.

    I hope he also got a new haircut for his birthday, btw. The spider on your head look is so overdone.

  6. Dback says

    I’d be more interested in this if it was the hot wrestler from the other day. This guy’s on the scary side–appearance-wise, mentally, everything.

    Glad the only fast food places I eat (maybe 2-3 times a year) are McDonald’s and Jack In The Box.

  7. anon says

    Apparently, at Burger King, where everything is served on paper and is disposable, the oil is changed once per day in the fryers and everything sits under tepid heat lamps for hours, the use of soap is considered unsanitary! Do they ban hand washing too? Too bad Supersize Me never went behind the scenes to see how the stuff is “cooked”.

  8. Jersey says

    I think it pretty funny ‘cept I can’t imagine taking my clothes off in a restaurant kitchen- they are such greasy smelly nasty places. The dude is kinda cute. The spider is scary.

  9. brad says

    seriously, what a bunch of fusspots. it is SO funny. not to make a mountain, but the real problem with america is the hysteria-climate that allows people to villify restaurant tub bathers and be blase about actual problems.

  10. jack says

    i may be old and square, but i’m still kinky and gay. i thought he was goofy, cute, and all squeaky clean like that, pretty hot. gotta love a little dude that can fit in a double sink. i kinda wish he had at least given us a little bit of a butt shot…

    and i like that spatula idea …

    i am more concerned by the e coli in the meat and vegetables than what he left in the sink.

    i can’t wait to see him do the talk show circuit. ELLEN, are you listening?

  11. Mr. E says

    Awesome! Dumb and cute. Just how I like ’em! Seriously what’s the big deal? It’s only concerning if you actually eat at BK. Other wise, it’s pretty funny!

  12. johnny says

    I never thought I’d see the day when “Restaurant Tub Bathers” would actually be a sub-culture category.

    That’s some special sauce he’s making.

    Fast food, always a crap shoot. Ahem.

  13. Paul R says

    I couldn’t understand most of what he was saying because of the music in the background, but he seems like a future homeless person. One desperate for attention and Krazy Glue, since that seems to be his preferred hair styling product. I can’t think how else his hair stayed up in all that humidity.

    If the woman at the counter really was the manager, she should have been fired. I just got the impression she was a regular employee with a cruddy job and had to work with a bunch of crazy kids and didn’t want to get involved. In which case I hope she wasn’t fired.

    Never underestimate what bored kids in small towns will do to entertain and amuse themselves.

  14. says

    Please the health Dept needs to get a life, first off please if they really see what get clean in so of BK sink then they would close just about every BK. another note I once work of BK and I have yet to see a sink in any Fast food store that big.

  15. Luis says

    He is obviously going to show up on a gay for pay video in the future. The guy with the beard looked just as greasy as the fries they sell. The problem with You-tube is that it gives everyone the pretext to be narcisistic ad nauseam. Total waste of bytes. No wonder the web is so slow these days.

  16. MPAA says

    No tarantulas/spiders were harmed in the filming. They were trained to lay on his head and be still.

  17. James says

    What the big deal… wash out the sink and get on with it. It’s not like they’er cookin food in it for gods sake…

  18. says

    If you eat at Burger King, the germs off the cute guy’s ass in the sink really is the LEAST of your problems. Over 70% of ALL the antibiotics produced in the U.S. are used on animals in our food chain. U.S. beef is WAY more deadly than a skinny white boy’s bacteria. Anyway, I think Mr. Cutey Timothy Tackett should go on a sink tour of all the fast food “giants” and rate which “restaurants” have the best soaks. But, I agree… more butt shots, please!! Less spider. More boo-tay.

  19. Richard S says

    They change the baby’s diaper on the same table that they make the dunkin’ shit in my town and it hasn’t killed anyone yet.what can you expect from immigrants, not that i’m judgeing…

  20. PatrickPatrick says

    Oh please! Who fucking cares?

    Of course, BK fired him. They have a reputation to protect. But this guy didn’t put anyones’ health at risk. It’s not like he shot a load in the mayo. LOL