1. Rad says

    I do not, nor ever have, watched Fox News. When we would go into restaurants and they would have it blaring from the suspended televisions, we would leave, citing that as irritating noise pollution.

    I also do not watch cable news. I don’t care about some poofed up talking heads opinion about an event.

    There was a law that Ronald Regan repealed while he was in office. I believe it was something along the lines of “Fairness in Media”, that kept a lid on opinionated commentary, and forced news organizations that felt so strongly they HAD to voice an opinion (as opposed to just reporting the news), that they had to offer equal time for a counter opinion. The repeal of that law opened the doors to these cable wingnuts to pontificate on just about… correction, ON everything.

    I think it’s past time to revisit such laws. It is time to put a muzzle on these cable shows. Even Keith Olberman is getting quite long in the tooth.

    Just give us news.

  2. Jimmyboyo says


    You are thinking of the “Fairness Doctrine”

    There have been rumblings from pelosi and other powerful dems that with a dem in the white house, they will push to re-instate the “Fairness Doctrine”

    If there is a priest on tv then the station has to also have a rabbi and an evolutionist right there as well. If they have an anti-choicer on then they have to have a pro-choicer on. etc…..

    The repeal of the “fairness Doctrine” is only 1/2 of the problem though.

    All of the regulations nixed by reagan, bush, and yes Clinton that disallowed media consolidation need to be re-instated to break up the media monopolies. 8 companies currently contol 90% of the world’s media.

  3. anon says

    There were lots of problems with the fairness doctrine (which wasn’t a law, but an FCC policy), and it wouldn’t apply to cable stations anyway, though Congress has regulated “free” cable stations with respect to content as pertains to the kiddies. It was repealed with bipartisan support in 1987. The main reason was the declining asset values of AM radio broadcasters, who lobbied Congress for $$ and tax breaks as a way to retain past glory. They got various regulatory breaks, such as repeal on ownership restrictions and the fairness doctrine. This meant they had a market to sell their stations to and that their stations were more valuable because they could air riskier content. Since then, Clear Channel has essentially become a monopoly of radio stations. I think the big mistake was to keep NPR off of AM. I don’t think the fairness doctrine has the regulatory oomph that it once did, what with all the outlets available for news and opinion.

    The problem was that news orgs always lost money and made up for it elsewhere, but companies changed the way they reported their earnings, making it look bad if news divisions were in the red, so they cut back on news spending. That’s why you get the talking heads instead of on-air reporters–they’re a lot cheaper. Plus, ratings are now tracked for news shows, whereas they used to be ignored. That’s why you get all the Natalie Holloway stories–ratings.

    Could you imagine the fairness doctrine as applied to Blogs?? You want Focus on the Family to have space here on TR?? The fairness doctrine is a huge can of worms.

  4. Derrick from Philly says


    You are soooooo right! That Ian Drew sounds and looks like an evil queen who doesn’t think of himself as “effeminate”, and so he is incredible vicious toward those gay males and transwomen who don’t hide their femininity. I’ve come those bitches all my life from elementary school to gay clubs to gay funerals…..evil bitches.
    It’s similar to J. Edgar Hoover’s and Roy Cohn’s view of openly gay men. In this case, it’s wannabe masculine gay men who hate openly feminine men. (did I spell Cohn’s last name correctly? doesn’t matter–the bitch wouldn’t deserve that courtesy.)

  5. says

    So, Queen Ian quips that “they are not exactly the most high-class group of women” while participating in juvenile hehe trans-bashing hehe she-has-a-penis on FOX News! FOX, Ian. No irony there. Yep, somebody needs to look in the mirror before spouting ignorance in ignorant company.

  6. Maverick69 says

    Derrick from Philly,

    Thanks, I’m just so sick and tired of these bitchy queens who think it’s their place to put down and mock another person for being their true selves. Drew most likely get banged by trans men and loves every inch of it.

  7. says

    One day those twittering pubescent boys at FOX will make a comment about a transgendered HUMAN BEING who is also a member of PINK PISTOLS.

    Funny how if a heterosexual man “defended his honor & family” through violence he’d be seen (by some) as honorable. Yet if a gay man did the same thing he’d be some Quay-zie Queen with a gun.

  8. RP says

    Wow! I was just going to skip over the Fox clip until I read the comments.

    That Drew person is a BIG OLE GIRL! Seriously, how can you make fun of essentially your own kind? What a moron! I surprised Fox would even put such a flamer on camera.

  9. paul says

    This is FOX NEWS that is being referring to? Fox is the channel that shows MAD TV and The Simpsons, but the tagline on this story said this was on Fox…that’s confusing and misleading.

    Greg Jarrett is morphing into a pinhead…physically, I mean. He’s been a figural pinhead all along apparently. His little hair section is sitting pretty high on top of his bloated head.

  10. Jeff Guard says

    To Maverick69 and DERRICK FROM PHILLY,

    THANK YOU-completely agree with your sentiments!

    I too was SHOCKED at how evil and cruel Ian Drew sounded. From a point of compassion, I can understand how much self-loathing he must have for himself to project it outward onto others who are either like himself or who he considers “weaker” than himself. Alan Downs wrote an entire book about it “The Velvet Rage.” This should be mandatory reading for every gay man on Earth.

    We as a community need to rally around helping one another heal from all of this self-loathing that so many in our community have and ultimately use to hurt one another. It’s heartbreaking that the worst enemy we face is ourselves.

  11. Mike says

    Whats appauling is all the actuall and important news gets pushed by the wayside. This just isn’t that important. These 2 idiots if they don’t like it don’t watch the show. They definitely need to get over it. I think as a Gay man or even if I was straight and anyone working for the FOX and was laying on the ground gasping for air I think I would have to step on their chest and push their last breath out. Every once in a while I will turn FOX on to see what they are spewing I think I can only last about 30 seconds and I am done.

  12. says

    I actually thought that Ian Drew was attempting to show “some” trans-inclusion by at least referring to Isis as she. He obviously could have done a lot more to protect his fellow community member and certainly should have smacked down that jerk Jarrett. Obviously, Ian is a big ‘mo, right?

    I’m glad that ANTM is adding some “spice” to this season. Go Isis!

  13. david says

    Ian Drew is openly gay and out of the closet. He lives and works in LA. He’s clearly a TOTAL asshole but he works for US Weekly so…no surprise there.

  14. says

    Did I see the same clip you guys did? Or more precisely, have any of you actually watched ANTM? Other than the FOX host’s discomfort with gender-pronouns, they discussed the issue with levity without really making a mockery of it. But they did bring up several things that viewers may have wondered (I was wondering about her voice too, because I’ve seen how Miss J criticizes “mannish” girls on the show before). And I can’t get too bent out of shape about gender pronoun confusion, because most non-LGBT have the same confusion.

    The US Weekly guy is right — every season Tyra gets her “Lifetime Movie Network Model” to exploit: we’ve had abused women, a genital mutalation, Asperger’s syndrome, a blind near-albino, and lesbian exploration and titilaton between cast members. This time Tyra’s “issue” model is the trangendered girl, so bringing up that show’s exploitation is very much fair game based on the show’s past.

    And he’s also not wrong about the girls on the show, many of whom could have been from the same casting session as “Flava of Love” or “Rock of Love.” The challenges are different, but back at their house after the photo shoots, previous seasons’ contestants are mostly all the same wanna-be reality trash. Remember the fights between plus-sized Whitney, wacko Claire, psycho Lauren and Dominique, derided all season for looking like a drag queen? How could you watch that and NOT call the show trashy?

    And besides, ANTM has always mocked any girl who even remotely looks draggish (see last season’s Dominique, mentioned above, or previous winner Jaslene, also MUCH critized for looking draggish). Making fun of voices? Check. Laughing at girls who walk like a man? Check. Chastizing girls by saying they “look like a transvestite version of actress Robin Wright Penn”? Check. ANTM loves draq queens, but even more so, it loves to make fun of them.

    I was expecting to be disgusted based on FOX’s reputation and others’ comments, but I honestly found it refreshing how FOX handled it — by interviewing an obviously gay editor at a major pop culture magazine which has knowledge of the situation because of interviews with the model. Despite the pronoun issues of the host (not the guest, btw), I felt the segment wasn’t making fun of Isis so much as the SHOW, which let’s be honest, BEGS to be made fun of. FOX could have featured a preacher and an some redneck politician and turned it into their coverage of the pregnant man story (now THAT was handled badly). But they discussed the issues honestly despite any discomfort, and even sometimes joking in the same way ANTM does. If you’re gonna critize FOX here, you should criticize ANTM much more. Because after 10 cycles, they’ve used all these jokes already.

  15. ExGrifter says

    context, ladies and gentlemen, context: this is a MODELING contest here, with people being judged on their EXTERNAL qualities… if Isis was competing for, say, a Rhodes Scholarship or a position in the glamorous aerospace industry and the Fox bitch-machine attempted to somehow equate her intelligence or emotional fortitude with her ‘gender adjustment’, THEN you’ve gotta case… but if you look like a tranny – even if you have the enormous iron balls Isis obviously does to do what she’s doing – it ain’t nothin’ but a beauty contest, folks and that means you’re gonna be judged on your looks, so be prepared to hear a lot of nasty shit – from queens, neo-cons housewives and anyone else who thinks you might look funny.

  16. says

    wow, you bunch of whiny pc bitches drank the koolaid that tyra mixed up out back.

    This is how the production meeting went:
    Let’s see, we’ve done fat, abused, single mom, eating disorders what the fuck is left to bring this tired format a boost? Hey, I know lets get a tranny, no, not a hideous one like miss jay, a pretty one. Yeah a pretty trannysexual! Fox will be all over it! Focus on the family and every drag queen will be talking about it. Ratings! The whole lgbtm&m or whatever those dykes call themselves will BE THERE FOR HER! Brills. Somebody scream at a production assistant, we’re genius!

    And you bunch are pissed at FOX.

  17. Roger says

    There’s two issues here.

    Firstly, the exploitation of trans people by using Isis as a publicity vehicle for “America’s Next Top Model”. Here in the UK we had a trans model, Caroline “Tula” Cossey in the 80s. She even was a Bond girl. However, her birth gender only came to light AFTER her high profile appearances. In my view, this is not the case here. Isis is being used to promote the series by creating controversy.

    However, the reaction at by both the “men” at Fox news is appalling. It’s the sort of conversation you’d expect in a dive bar between two rednecks. Not news reporting.

    The worst offender is Ian Drew. By siding with the bullies and not defending Isis and other trans people, he has shown how small a person he is.

    Let’s hope Fox gave him a good pay check. He can blow it on a hair stylist….. given the choice of who looks better, I’d go for Isis anytime.

    I hope you win, Isis. Then creeps like Ian “Who?” Drew can kiss your Gucci-clad booty!

  18. says

    I think it’s a wonderfully courageous step that Isis has taken. She has a great opportunity to shine for the whole transgendered community. It’s somewhat predictable that Fox would stoop so low. I suppose they’re too busy taking the speck out of our eye to worry about the plank in their own. If only a prominent religious figure had spoken out against judging one another…


  19. Joe says

    In this case, it’s wannabe masculine gay men who hate openly feminine men.

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Aug 15, 2008 10:32:57 AM

    Are you serious with that comment Derrick?

    Ian Drew is about as masculine Little Bo Peep.

    The guy(?) sounded like a fembot.

    His chiding Isis for being transgendered was sad and very self hating.

  20. Joe says

    “In this case, it’s wannabe masculine gay men who hate openly feminine men”

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Aug 15, 2008 10:32:57 AM

    Are you serious with that comment Derrick?

    Ian Drew is about as masculine as Little Bo Peep.

    The guy(?) sounded like a fembot.

    His chiding Isis for being transgendered was sad and very self hating.

  21. Breeder says

    God, the LGBT community needs to lighten the hell up! And get an appreciation for free speech!

    You have no right to expect everyone to walk on eggshells for you.

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