FOX Mocks Next Top Model Transgender Contestant Isis

FOX thrives on making fun of anyone they perceive as "different". Recently, their target was pregnant trans man Thomas Beatie. This week it was America's Next Top Model transgender contestant Isis.

IsisGLAAD has called on the network to apologize for remarks made by host Gregg Jarrett and Us Weekly Editor-at-Large Ian Drew who spent a segment making disgusting remarks about the model:

'While laughing and joking, Jarrett mocked Isis’ description of herself as a woman whose “cards were dealt differently,' and said, 'That’s an understatement!' Drew referred to recent instances of transgender visibility on reality television as 'The Crying Game ’08,' going on to call the show 'America’s Next Top Tranny.' Drew then said that she doesn’t look any different from other contestants because 'they are not exactly the most high-class group of women.' Throughout the segment, Jarrett switched back and forth between male and female pronouns, and both Jarrett and Drew suggested that Isis 'fooled' people by 'blending in.' They went on to make crude remarks about her genitalia and the pitch of her voice."

AFTER THE JUMP, I've posted four clips. One is the FOX segment. The other is ANTM host Tyra Banks talking to Isis. The other two are shots of Isis modeling pre-ANTM.

The FOX segment and the ANTM preview with Tyra Banks:

Runway clips, via The Cut: