1. the queen says

    didn’t sidney sheldon write a book where the hero had a big dick can’t remember the title it’s been ages…

  2. ty says

    Let’s hope he really is hung, can you imagine the groupies expecting at least 7 inches from him.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    Hi, dear. Was that title “All This And Heaven Too”? Well, it shoulda’ been.

  4. Donny B says

    Um, my high school gym teachers (or basketball coaches, whatever) NEVER looked anything like Thomas Jane. Why couldn’t I go to his high school?

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    No, CRISPY. EVAN is on an admirable mission…but “muscular & butch” will always win over “artistic & sensitive”.

  6. gr8guyca says

    Great headline for story: “Fun with Dick and Jane.” But shouldn’t it be, “Fun with dick and Jane”? Just kidding….

  7. Bob West says

    The first time I saw Thomas Jane was in “Deep Blue Sea” his strut was amazing. Then I saw “The Velocity of Gary” where he played a gay hustler. The opening shot of bathing with a fire hydrant got me again. I’ll watch anything he’s in.

  8. davefromtampa says

    I had a PE coach in junior high that we all called Coach Floppy, for obvious reasons. Always wanted to get a look at it but never did.

  9. rudy says

    Thanks for the picture of a handsome man instead of the usual pretty boys. See, e.g., the blond and the blanc threesome in a previous post.

    I had a PhysEd coach in mid-school that would put even the admirable Mr. Jane to shame. His actual name was “Mister Dewey” and boy did he ever make us–boys, girls, students and teachers–so.

    He was also my civics teacher so I had the daily pleasure of watching him shower and dress for class. Damnation did he fill out those Jockey shorts. Even the other coaches could not help but comment on his basket.

    Mr. Dewey was also the most masculine yet thoughtful and caring male teacher I ever had. He was our sponsor for the 8th grade talent show and gave several helpful suggestions.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane, Andy!

  10. alguien says

    the queen:

    the title of your aforementioned book was “the stranger in the mirror.”

    i’m totally covered in shame for remembering that…

  11. Dan says

    Lets hope if they make him whip out a prosthetic whopper, it will look better than that dog penis Wahlberg showed off in Boogie Nights. Eeeugh. Talk about an anti-climax! LOL

  12. johnny says

    Nice, another REAL man with actual hair on his body instead of some make-up’d, tweezed, shaved twinkie-boy.

    Thanks, Andy!


    You hos are disgusting talking about Thomas like that.. :-)
    I hate Patricia Arguette!!