1. Chris says

    Andy, you might want to make note that there are spoilers in the video…I haven’t watched last night’s show yet, and now I kinda don’t need to.

  2. crispy says

    The timing of their relationship is more confusing than John McCain’s affair. Wesley was eliminated in the second episode. That’s like 6 days in real life? How could they possibly begin a relationship in that brief amount of time? They’re not lesbians.

    (OMG, two lesbian jokes in one day. Somebody stop me.)

  3. Flint says

    It is a sweet story. And it is true… love will catch you completely by surprise – when you least expect it(and that’s a tip for some of you who have never had the good fortune to have it happen to you).

  4. k says

    I have to question his “level of taste” in rings. Tehee Tehee

    Cause they were debating last week and what’s her name was laughing and… Oh Never-mind.

    Say what’s up with Dale and the other guy from Project Runway are they still together. Oh wait I remember his name now Jay. Dale and Jay

  5. says

    Yurgh. Wesley can do better. Daniel just annoys the crap out of me.

    And K, you’re thinking of Jack Mackenroth, who is not still dating Dale of Top Chef.

  6. says

    Daniel was so self-absorbed and pretty much a terrible designer. Wesley, I think, could have gone further, but he just had a bad week.

    Ah well, I’m happy Daniel is gone. I was tired of his “taste.” Which like “K” said, is pretty much in question.

    I give this 6 months, once the spotlight is gone…

  7. JD says

    I loved it when Kenley laughed at Daniel when he said he had “impeccable taste” during panel. The guy was so arrogant and didn’t have the designs to back it up.

  8. paul says

    Bitter, bitter queens. These two are really cute together. I wish them all the luck. I don’t know if Daniel has bad taste or not because I don’t honestly believe the challenges give people the opportunity to show what they do best. some of them are really stupid challenges…who the hell wear food as clothing. or garbage. Perhaps it allows people to be stretched, but each of these people have a niche. I am sure Daniel has a niche and it most likely is high-end couture…not making drag performer clothes. i couldn’t believe that the drag outfit that won yesterday was that red mess!! the most creative was the Asian themed dress. but that is how you know the show is fixed. Plus, Daniel’s dress yesterday was very beautiful and he got eliminated.
    I don’t know what Wesley’s designs were, but he works for Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klein so he most likely does men’s clothes.
    that is the real challenge…designing something for a man. but that takes longer than the time alotted.
    one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!!

  9. desch says

    They are cute, hope it works out, but realistically i give it until this season is over and the cameras go away.

  10. MICHAEL says

    These two are pathetic; One of them is screwing around with others (know that for a fact), the other one is a stupid lovesick baby grasping for someone to love him.

  11. Steve says

    “So, who’s the top? They both seem like bottoms to me.”

    Isn’t this the exact same comment that was posted in the last Daniel and Wesley thread? Give it up, lone crusader…

  12. MICHAEL says

    Fuck you Steve, i feel sorry for the looser of this pair not the cheater. It is pathetic. You’re only interested to know whose the top & bottom.