Giorgio Armani Under Fire for Bedazzling Bullfighter


Giorgio Armani is taking heat from Italian animal rights activists for designing a sparkly costume for Spanish bullfighter Cayetano Rivera for his competition in the “Corrida Goyesca” bullfight, named for Spanish painter Francisco de Goya.

ArmaniReuters reports: “Cayetano’s satin ‘suit of lights’, the bullfighter’s traditional costume, will be in Armani’s hallmark shade of greyish beige embroidered with sequins, crystals and silver thread, Cayetano and Armani said in separate statements.”

According to ANSA, “The 100% Animalisti group attached three large posters to the walls of the Emporio Armani megastore in Milan during the night informing customers of Armani’s decision to dress Cayetano Rivera Ordonez for the historic Goyesca de Ronda bullfight in southern Spain on September 6. The posters were quickly removed by Armani staff. ‘Giorgio Armani’s decision is particularly despicable in the light of the fact that he is currently appearing in a publicity campaign against animal abandonment in which he declares his love of animals,’ 100% Animalisti said on Thursday.”



  1. SexyBack says

    This is pretty sad; fashion is ignorant, self-absorbed and decadent enough without glamorizing a brutal “sport”. People put their morals aside so easily for a pretty guy or some $$$.

  2. ggreen says

    That’s Armani’s entire career. Take classics designed by some one else goose them up a bit to make them more “modern” and call it an Armani original. Has he ever done anything original?

  3. Bosie says

    Bravo, I’m spanish …I grew up vergatarian. so u can’t say i dotn love animals….Bullfighting is part of spanish culture …I dont care what other “touchy-emotional meat eaters” have to say..

    once again…GET OVER YOURSELF…go eat a burger or some baby back ribs morons

  4. Peter says

    Bullfighting is a deplorable, savage sport where people take pleasure on the torture and suffering of animals. Culture is not a sufficient good reason to excuse this.
    I eat meat, so if an animal needs to be killed for consumption, then his death deserves to be quick and painless.

  5. Fumoblue says

    Peter, you’re more than welcome to offer your beliefs on certain thing, but if you’re not familiar with what your talking about, then don’t state it as a fact. Let me give you an example.
    In my opinion, from what I’ve learned in classes as well as opinions from friends from Spain, bullfighting is more in line with boxing. Meaning that the bull is not just some pathetic sacrifice, it considered a very skilled opponent, and you guys are acting like these matadors are stepping on kittens. It’s a known fact that the matador can easily be killed by stepping into the ring.And besides, the bulls aren’t just killed for sport, they sell the bull for meet afterwords at the market.

  6. Matthew says

    You’re an idiot if you believe meat-eating is morally superior to bull-fighting, and also if you believe anything about meat-eating in our culture is “quick and painless” for the animals involved.

  7. SexyBack says

    BOSIE & FUMOBLUE, I forgot that cultural cruelty is exempt from criticism. I’ve lived in Spain and I’m VEGAN, so I totally beat you on the moral high ground. Burn, bitches!

    But seriously, being vegetarian doesn’t necessarily mean you love animals – some people do it for health reasons. Bull fighting is abuse and should be banned. End of. Story.


  8. Oscar says

    The way cows are killed in slaughter houses today is worth and more cruel than bullfighting.So all of you that eat meat are helping to this barbarian way of killing cows for your consumption.Get over it and become vegetarians if killing cattle bothers you.But don’t be a hipocrite and eat your meat and be against bullfighting.

  9. Mark says

    Ok…so much for the cow bashing – but can somebody please tell me who stretched the shit out of the San Diego gay-basher’s neck?? He’s got stretch marks a quarter mile long! Looks like something out of a comic book. s-s-t-t-r-e-e-t-t-c-c-h. I mean – I know most assholes will stretch a mile before they tear in inch – but damn – that dude is all stretched out!

  10. Tony says

    Ohh children that is a lovely man, and who cares about animals?

    I remember being a child and having sympathy for Cruella Deville (sigh… to think what she could have done with that fur.) You know what I will start raising hell, when Giorgio decides to skin Cambodian children for a 2009 Spring campaign but until then Viva Espana!

  11. SexyBack says

    RUDDIGORE, I do hope you will be so kind as to come back for articles about slavery, homophobia, paedophilia and give the viewpoint of the KKK, AFA and NAMBLA. I am sure their opinions would be awfully enlightening, although perhaps not accompanied by gorgeous Vogue shots. Funny how a hot man can make people ignore the evil of bloodsports.

    Everyone criticizing the meat industry is right: animals are treated with incredible cruelty. And so are the workers. Companies like Tyson foods pay below minimum wage, offer few if any benefits, seek out poorly educated women and minorities to work in their terrible factories and pay politicians on both sides of the aisle to go easy on animal rights laws. That’s why your Big Mac is so cheap. Yummy.

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