Giorgio Armani Under Fire for Bedazzling Bullfighter


Giorgio Armani is taking heat from Italian animal rights activists for designing a sparkly costume for Spanish bullfighter Cayetano Rivera for his competition in the “Corrida Goyesca” bullfight, named for Spanish painter Francisco de Goya.

ArmaniReuters reports: “Cayetano’s satin ‘suit of lights’, the bullfighter’s traditional costume, will be in Armani’s hallmark shade of greyish beige embroidered with sequins, crystals and silver thread, Cayetano and Armani said in separate statements.”

According to ANSA, “The 100% Animalisti group attached three large posters to the walls of the Emporio Armani megastore in Milan during the night informing customers of Armani’s decision to dress Cayetano Rivera Ordonez for the historic Goyesca de Ronda bullfight in southern Spain on September 6. The posters were quickly removed by Armani staff. ‘Giorgio Armani’s decision is particularly despicable in the light of the fact that he is currently appearing in a publicity campaign against animal abandonment in which he declares his love of animals,’ 100% Animalisti said on Thursday.”