1. says

    This degree of fuckwittedness is actually fairly uncommon in Ireland, where he’ll be jeered in the streets once this gets out.

    Clearly McFadden is a dim bulb. He’s only hurting himself.

  2. LD says

    Douchebaggery indeed. And what insecurity! It’s hilarious to me how so many straight men hang on so desperately to these outdated, inaccurate “signifiers” of gayness. The color pink, a lisp, a limp wrist. Homer Simpson parodied this so well when he said “I like my beer cold, my TV loud, and my homosexuals flaming!” It’s the flamingness that assures the straights that we, the gays, sit far far across a great chasm from them, shrilly advertising our flamboyance and otherness. It terrifies them that we may roam, undetected, and look just like…everyone else. Only hotter.

  3. McMan says

    A) Thankfully he’s in NZ and no longer annoying us here in Ireland
    B) He is about as big a celebrity as Paris Hilton’s chauffeur (who is probably actually photographed more frequently)
    C) Straight men in Ireland wear a lot of pink – it’s one of our best colours
    D) ANON, it isn’t funny to make jibes about alcoholism in Ireland; it wrecks a lot of lives – and it’s a disease, not a moral choice

  4. noteasilyoffended says

    Yawn. An average-looking, color-blind guy from a band I’ve never heard of hates fags. That’s OK. I hate average-looking, color-blind guys from bands I’ve never heard of. (I kid.) Is he from Ireland or Texas? I forgot….

  5. Derrick from Philly says


    Yes, ANON’s comment was as offensive as McFadden’s, but what’s interesting is the response of Towleroad commenters. ANON’s is the only comment that attacks McFadden’s nationality. If this were a black performer saying these things, his “blackness” would be an issue along with his homophobia. You know, “…those people ought to know better.”

    There will not be one black gay poster who will counter–attack McFadden’s anti-gay comments by insulting his Irish nationality.

  6. JerzeeMike says

    ANON, I’m an Irish-American fag and definitely NOT an alcoholic. I take great offense at your racist remark and you should be ashamed! Maybe it’s easier to live in a world full of stereotypes rather than educate yourself. I hope you and this McFayden guy are very happy together.

  7. lizzardbits says

    Oh, dear, McFadden was an asshole to say what he did, and ANON was an asshole for saying what he did.

    What surprised me though, was the fact that ANON’s comment was full of sarcasm. Gays wear pink like Irish are drunks. Not all pink wearers are gay and not all drunks are Irish. Where is your sense of humor?

  8. Matt says

    Ugh. This is so sad. I have a mad crush on is fiancee, Delta Goodrem. She’s an amazing singer from Australia…

    … and if you go to the Wikipedia page for Brian McFadden, the intro paragraph says, and I quote, “Though he is openly gay, McFadden is currently engaged to Australian pop star Delta Goodrem.”

    I’m like… quoi?!

  9. says

    Thanks Andy for posting the clip – it actually made me more angry listening to the words come out of his mouth.

    Such bitter queen.. He wasn’t the cute one (Mark) and the good-in-singing one (Shane), and his career now is half-baked… For sure now no gaymen in Sydney and SF (at least) will buy his next CD (if there ever will be one).

    I wonder how he will face Delta Goodrem’s gay friends. Delta is so gay-friendly yet she chose such a homophobe? Delta dear, you choice of men is prolly as poor as your choice of hairstyle..

    When my friends have children and I hear them say, Oh little Michael must wear blue or little Christine must wear pink, they are gonna get a load full from me, or they will get loads of free pink clothes for their boys or free blue clothes for their girls!

    I agree that ANON was kidding but it’s not a funny joke.

  10. patrick nyc says

    I’ve been to Ireland three times, both my Dad’s and brother-in-law’s parents were born there. Like any other place on the planet you will find douche bags like McFadden, but the majority in the country, even back in 83 on my first trip across the pond were cool.

    But as I wrote earlier about the poor kid who was just beaten to death by his ‘friends’ in Baltimore this hate is being spoon fed by conservatives in both the Church and Politics.

  11. anon says

    My comment was a private message to Mr. McFadden and should not have been read by others. I shall now return to being the flippant voice of reason on this site.

  12. McMan says

    Indeed, DERRICK FROM PHILLY, McHasBeen should know better – it’s not so long ago that you’d walk past a pub in London and see a sign “No blacks, no dogs, no Irish”… and they meant it.

    While ANON was surely using his dry wit (a quality I usually appreciate), the idea that the Irish are alcoholics is a painfully true notion. People are appalled when they visit Dublin and see the carry-on of young people on the street, with their parents often worse. When I was working there a few years ago, we admitted a 17 year-old to the hospital for alcohol-induced liver failure, and sadly he was not so unique a case.

    It’s like someone saying “Gays = AIDS patients you know” or “Latinos = TB carriers you know”. Even if what the mysterious ANON said is true, alcoholism is a disease that ruins lives and families faster than James Dobson can say ‘DOMA’.

    The really sad thing is that many gay men (Irish and otherwise) have longer-lasting relationships with bottles of liquor than with their partners.

  13. DKNATL says

    It’s been confirmed that he’s engaged to Australian pop singer Delta Goodrem. Well, she better be ditching him now or the gay boys of the USA will trash her career here before she ever makes it on shore!

    As for the Wikipedia quote, I could type the same thing about you and it can’t be verified. That’s why it’s a wiki!!

  14. LIFFEY says


    …I dunno, when you live in a country where the head of state actually walked into the German Embassy and signed the Book of Condolence for the death of Hitler, sometimes you need a drink….

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