1. the queen says

    “most Americans have no idea a brief hearing on the issue even happened.” — well dahling, political sex scandals are so much more important ya know…

  2. SexyBack says

    As I sit here bemused by LIGHTNINGLORD’s comment (I’m maybe a bit dim), I’m applauding Kucinich for his efforts. There are far too many appeasers and settlers in government. The 2-party systems only works if there are agitators who rock the boat and get things moving, saying things that the old stock don’t want to hear. Dennis is a good guy.

  3. thin mint says

    Lightninglord, the Bush administration may be almost over, but the dishonor he has done to his office is anything but old news — the new president will have a heavy task to re-establish the authority of the Constitution and respect for civil rights to American government.

    Kucinich’s effort to hold Bush accountable is a part of the work of renewal, and prepares the way for the new president. Pelosi’s cynical obstructionism stands in the way of that necessary work.

  4. paul says

    Kucinich has even more reason to press the matter after the accusations of forged documents this week. God bless him.

    Pelosi is doing such a great job. Of flying around in her private jet, that is.

    Can we get a two-for-one and impeach her while we’re at it?

  5. Paul R says

    Kucinich could get 100,000 signatures in San Francisco alone. As many others have said, sll the bastards of the Bush administration should be put on trial—and it’s not like the evidence is lacking of their criminal behavior.

    Sadly, that will never happen.

  6. Leland Frances says

    And good-intentioned by solar-systems-away-from-reality Cindy Sheehan is running against Pelosi for Congress, and somewhere in the world at this very moment untold numbers of children are trying to hold their breath until they get their way.

    To say that this is a total waste of time, energy, and money on his part is not to say that one wishes it would succeed. But it won’t. All it will do is make the self-righteous feel more righteous while distracting them and others from working on what IS achievable in the only 164 days [hallelujah!!!] that George II has left in office—seeing that George III isn’t elected to replace him.

    And in the same way that millions of Americans disapproved of Bill Clinton’s adultery less than they approved of the Repugs trying to impeach him it could well drive many “you must respect the President even when he’s wrong” voters to protest vote for McCain.


  7. Leland Frances says

    CORRECTION: ….good-intentioned BUT solar-systems-away-from-reality Cindy Sheehan….

    To say that this is a total waste of time, energy, and money on his part is not to say that one wishes it wouldN’T succeed….

  8. anon2 says

    There is no greater mistake than the man who looks on and does nothing because he could only do little.

    Get active. DK is an incredible man. Speaking for a very large majority.

  9. will michael says

    There was a connection to Al Quaida and Saddam. What happened to the morals in Washing, particularly Dennis Kusinich’s? Does he not know the saying, “Let he among you who is without sin cast the first stone.” His connection to the gays, the saying is, “For two men or two women to lie together and behave as like a man and a woman is an abomination to God. Being gay will get you an eternity with Satan. Pay no attention to Kucinich. He represents corruption and does not know what he is talking about. Kucinich is a corrupt liar and should be silenced.

  10. says

    >> His connection to the gays, the saying is, “For two men or two
    >> women to lie together and behave as like a man and a woman is >> an abomination to God. Being gay will get you an eternity with Satan

    LOL religious nutters always crack me up, what the hell has this got to do at all with the issue at the center of this discussion.

  11. RB says

    Don Quixote chasing windmills again….I mean Kusinich chasing Bush. This is going no where! We have so many issues that face this country and he is going after a president that has five months left in office. It is a joke!

  12. On a Side Note... says

    Perhaps these are the instructions Kucinich “received in his brain” from the space aliens he encountered. At any rate, I suspect the signers of his petition are of similar mental stability.

    In related news: Next week Kucinich delievers a petition demanding the Congressional Medal of Honor be awarded to “Ramtha”.

  13. jason says

    I am not going to vote for a Democrat no matter what. That’s because I’m tired of the bisexual double standard as practised by Democrats and liberals in general. The bisexual double standard is the defining hypocrisy of liberals – nothing more need be said. The dishonesty, the sleaze, the hypocrisy…it’s all there in the bisexual double standard as practised by liberals.

  14. jason says

    Liberals practise what I refer to as “segregation demographics” in relation to gay and bi men. This is where they push us into a segregation mindset, not so much for our benefit but for theirs. Liberals don’t like men kissing each other or men holding each others hands in mainstream settings. They don’t mind if we do it in specially designated areas – such as gay bars – but heaven forbid that we dare do it in a regular bar. This liberal philosophy is a phony acceptance based on segregation. Gay and bi men shouldn’t allow themselves to be fooled into thinking that it’s true acceptance. True acceptance is only reserved for “hot lesbians” and “hot bi babes”.


    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, arguably the LGBT community’s most powerful straight political ally, is supporting an anti-gay Texas congressman in the Democratic presidential veepstakes, The Associated Press reports.

    Pelosi says she wants Chet Edwards, a Democrat from Waco who’s been in the House since 1990, to be Sen. Barack Obama’s running mate.

    “I hope he will be the nominee,” Pelosi said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.”

    Edwards scored a 15 out of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign’s most recent Congressional Scorecard, putting him in a three-way tie for least gay-friendly among 11 Democratic House members from Texas. Among other things, Edwards, a Southern Baptist, supported the Federal Marriage Amendment in 2006.

    “As a husband and a father, I believe that marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman and I will support efforts in Congress to protect the sanctity of this union,” Edwards said in a press release posted on his Web site.

    The press release notes that Edwards also supported the Marriage Protection Act in 2004 and the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996.

    Pelosi’s office didn’t return a phone call seeking comment.

  16. mike says

    See, the problem with Ms. Fancy-Nancy Pelosi is that the Botox treatments have affected her ability to coordinate her thoughts and her actions (although I wonder what Harry Reid’s excuse is–senility, perhaps?).

    The other problem is that she is probably sleep-deprived. That last “lift” makes her look like she’ll never sleep with her eyes closed again.

  17. Bill Perdue says

    Pelosi absolutely forbids impeachment and convening an International War Crimes Tribunal because she knows that Bill Clinton would follow the Bushes to the dock.

    Clinton’s administration was responsible for the humanitarian disaster that murdered of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children with his catastrophic embargo of food and medicine.

    Bush’s clone McCain and Clinton’s clone Obama both plan on continuing the genocide and expanding it to Iran or Pakistan or both and that’s another reason Pelosi opposes impeachment.

    McCain is a rancid right-winger with the Rev. Pat Robertson attached at the hip. Obama is Bill Clinton (DOMA, DADT, NAFTA) in drag with the Rev. Donnie McClurkin attached at the hip.

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