Manhunt Chairman Jonathan Crutchley Steps Down from Board


As a response earlier this week to revelations that Manhunt Chairman and founder Jonathan Crutchley (above, right) had maxed out his individual personal contributions to vocal gay rights opponent Senator John McCain ($2300) which we reported on Wednesday, Crutchley has apparently been pressured by the board of the company to step down as Chairman.

I received this statement made by founder Larry Basile (above, left) in my inbox late yesterday from an anonymous source at Manhunt and called Manhunt which confirmed its legitimacy. Please read the statement below:


“There has been a depiction this week of MANHUNT being Republican. All my life, I have never voted to the right, and have always been generous to 20th Century Democrats, Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders, HRC, and the NGLTF.

“I was arrested at the Supreme Court and FDA in Act-Up actions, and was the founder of the Grass Roots Gay Rights Fund, which over the years has raised more than $800K. I was the Treasurer of Out Week magazine, which was a powerful force in its time. I began giving Obama donations in March 2007, and I have sent several checks that have yet to be reported. The hat and t-shirt I wear say ‘Obama for President’, as does the sign in front of my house. I refuse to live in a country that is so marred by war and hate. To me, Barak (sic) is by far the best candidate, probably better than we deserve.

“It should be known that Jonathan Crutchley’s donation to McCain left the entire Board in disbelief. I am disappointed that we have lost some customers, and I understand the anger. It is too bad for the web site if we lose customers, but PLEASE never refer to me as a Republican. I consider it an offense.

“Earlier today, at the request of the Board, Jonathan has stepped down as Chairman. Sincerely, Larry Basile.”


One last note: We never referred to Basile as a Republican. Also, though Crutchley has stepped down from the board, as far as we know he’s still collecting money from thousands of gays and donating it to a presidential candidate who would deny them status as equal citizens.

Manhunt Responds to Account Cancelation Over McCain Donation [tr]
McCain Takes $2300 Contribution from Owner of Gay Sex Site Manhunt [tr]
(top photo: OUT“Has Manhunt Destroyed Culture?”)


  1. TomTom says

    Oh good grief, who cares? It’s his money and his choice as an American. He obviously feels McCain is stronger on other more important issues….neither of the candidates fill my needs, so I’ll just have to choose on the issues which are most important to me. The gay thing will probably be a distant third after the economy and national security. I find it more offensive that they are asking him to step down!

  2. JohnInManhattan says

    “It should be known that Jonathan Crutchley’s donation to McCain left the entire Board in disbelief. I am disappointed that we have lost some customers, and I understand the anger. It is too bad for the web site if we lose customers, but PLEASE never refer to me as a Republican. I consider it an offense.”

    What utter bullshit, Lar. The MANHUNT Board knowingly elected a Republican as Chairman and NOW you’re grabbing your pearls?!? What the fuck did you expect from this turd, Crutchley?

  3. OTTO says

    TOMTOM, I’m all for voter’s rights, however. A vote for John McCain is a vote for a man that is against our rights-if you are for civil rights.. Read up. Andy just posted.

  4. Ben says

    Hey, they’re free to vote for whomever they want.

    We’re free to not spend money with them.

    Odd now that they don’t want to deal with the ramifications of those freedoms when applied to their bottom line.

    Besides, all the married closeted jerks on Manhunt aren’t going to cancel, so they really have little to worry about.

  5. sparks says

    I have a few republican friends (okay, two that I’m aware of), and I wouldn’t exclude them from a business venture unless the company itself was political in nature. Their affiliations wouldn’t even be a factor. However, if that business targeted a more liberal demographic, I certainly would not elect one of them into company’s highest-profile position.

    In this case, I think it’s possible Manhunt’s board was unaware of Crotchley’s political ties and contributions. And I think they’ve taken the appropriate action. They couldn’t have fired him if they had wanted to, and anything more severe than asking him to step down would have only resulted in a costly lawsuit.

    The only thing that really shocks me is that ANY gay man with more common sense than a rusty nail, would lend a dime of support to politicians who want gay people to have fewer rights and less protection under the law than their straight counterparts.

  6. Bostonian Queer in Dallas says

    Every whore has his price. The man is just a typical gay Republican whore. The money is all that ultimately matters to these assholes. Who the fuck cares about gay rights if you are worth millions? He built his fortune on our backs. Every whore has his price.

  7. David D. says

    I love this whole notion that you can ignore issues like equality and human rights and still be ‘a good leader’–and that rights issues of any kind (or is it just ‘gay rights’, whatever those are) should rank a distant third behind the economy and national security. (Especially for a candidate whose already demonstrated that he’ll be as dismal a failure as his predecessor on those as well.)

    Great. Good. Vote for him. You get the leader you deserve.

  8. Paulie says

    I am amazed that people respond to this by saying “Who cares?”
    These people get alot of money from the gay community. Manhunt is such a widely used site and I used it for both sexual encoiunters but mostly for social networking when I moved to a new city. The thought that my money was part of a salary for a person donating to John McCain made me rather ill. Needless to say I canceled my account with Manhunt. I forwarded the towlerroad posting to many friends. I didnt tell them to do anything…but most of them canceled their accounts as well.
    And now this…he has stepped down.
    Obviously alot of people care

  9. Yeek says

    It just goes to show that a stiff dick knows no conscience.

    He can do whatever he wants with his money.

    We can be as appalled as we want about it, and we can try and hurt his business.

    His board can pressure him to resign for PR reasons.

    None one has to like it.

    This whole scene, with all the outrage and indignation, reminds me of why personal liberty (for him, for us, for the Manhunt Board)must always outweigh propriety. The more angry various segments of society are, the healthier the democracy is.

    McCain is an asshole, for the record.

  10. Jonathan says

    Crutchley wasn’t merely an employee or a person elected to the board. He is a co-founder of the company. Expecting a corporate board to vet the politics of its founder is a little ridiculous. But now that those politics have become an issue for the company the board and his co-founder have taken action. Good for them.

  11. says

    Wow that was quick. Looks like Manhunt’s going down.

    And not in a “good” way.

    Apparently customers hae been bailing faster than the first class passengers on the Titanic made a run for the lifeboats.

    Cue Celine Dion!

  12. AD says

    I would expect a wrongful termination lawsuit from Crutchley in the next few days depending on how the request for removal was worded. They may have a leg to stand on if it was “We will continue to lose membership if you remain on staff. It is up to you to decide…” My guess is that’s not how it went, and I’m sure that Crutchley will be getting a golden parachute/continued payments from ManHunt’s profits because he was a cofounder.

  13. Rad says

    Exactly how many people make up the board? I’ve NEVER seen a BOD move that fast! Holy crap! I worked for a company where the CEO was openly skimming cash and they kept him until the company went completely belly up, and he floated out with a hefty parachute.

    Something else is going on here. Somehow, I don’t think “A vote for McCain” was all of it. The guy had never hid the fact that he was a log cabin republican.

  14. says

    The actions taken by the board are well-meaning, and Basile seems sincere… but he’s missing the point.

    No one ever said that Manhunt, as a company, was a Republican-tied organization. The issue was with Crutchley, who is making contributions to right-wing political organizations with funds derived from Manhunt’s profits.

    Crutchley can step down from the board, but it won’t change the fact that he is still one of the owners of the company and is still making the same money from the website and is still perfectly free to support any candidate he chooses.

    Basile sounds like a mensch, but this well-meaning action doesn’t address the issue.

  15. Craig says

    Not much be can said other than a) I am happy they are acting b) I glad to see people were able to say enough is enough and c) I feel sad for the obviously fucked up gay men along this thread and the other thread who couldn’t, even with something like this, for a second see beyond their own internalized homophobia. It must be really hard to live your life this messed up. Straight or gay I wouldn’t want to wish your existence on anyone. I just thank God that I am not as fucked up as you. I know others will argue with the more crazy posters, but I just feel sorry for you.

  16. WTF says

    Removal from the board does not mean firing and/or denied profits. Mr. Crutchley will happily move aside to let his jointly owned company re-coop from this latest public relations fiasco. He does not care what the other board members have to say about his political habits as long as he continues to receive his profits. Would you?

    Do NOT think for one moment that he has given up ownership and those glorious profits that he receives for sex positive gay men.

    Mr. Crutchley will continue to support his causes, because the advertisers on the Manhunt website are where the profits are at. If you truly do not visit the site you will impact change.

    Far too many gay men from around the world have this need to be continually obsessed with looking for sex. To find validation in another person a virtual stranger is bizarre and limiting and addicting.

    It is really pathetic and sad that men like Crutchley has made millions from the LOW self esteem and the HIGH sex drives of gay men.

  17. says

    Since Crutchely co-owns the company him stepping down certainly won’t result in any lawsuits. Trust me, his monthly percentage of the $2.4 MILLION per month will continue to be direct deposited.

    This is a business school study in crisis management PR and they failed. “How to squander 10 years of positive public relations for just $2300″ Letting the first line responders in customer service get into a discussion or debate with paying members about the content of their profile? Canceling accounts when members emailed to inquire what was happening or for clarification? It’s like a $30M ship of fools – they deserve all the bad press.

    They are like Starbucks, many profess that they can’t live without it, but once the cost gets too high (financially in regard to Lattes and morally in regard to Manhunt) the marketplace will go elsewhere.

  18. Craig says

    By the way re the fucked in the head posters.

    I want to make something clear- your behavior isn’t all that new. Minority groups always face a subgroup within the group which identifies more with those who oppress them than they do with the subgroup to which they belong. African Americans faced this. Etc. THe reason why I pity you is that there is a known pathos to it. It’s not just that you are conservative- no- you’ve got to be more conservative than the conservative because you are trying to prove something to someone or something. That’s a miserable existence. You think you are thinking for yourself, but you really aren’t. The first sign of individuality is where you protect your own interest (a very supposedly conservative way to view the world) and that one controls ones own dollars as a consumer, and yet, what are you arguing here? You re so warped that you need to contort what is a consumer decision. Why does it matter so much to you that we conform to your warped version of reality? Is it that you know its fucked up so you want to convince us that you are right even when your own idealogical perspective would suggest you are wrong. Or don’t you believe in the ability other people to choose besides yourself?

  19. Disgusted Gay American says

    I’ll state again – while I understand BOTH sides of the Issue…I steer more towards my Fellow Gay Citizens…the GOP NEVER stops wrking against US..IF it were up to them,we’d be Marginalized further..with little or NO rights/protections under the Law/of course witht her Help of thier so-called JESUS freaks,the same people that PERVERT religion beyond any recognition that I was taught as a child…LCR’s ARE TRAITORS/GREEDY,Self-Loathers who Obviously have little or No compassion for thier LGBT comunity fellow citizens..thier GREED steers them. Sometimes YOU MUST take a stand….did some Blacks STILL take the BUS when they BOYCOTTED it..NO, they STUCK together as a group…for almost a year they walked,or found other means to get from here,to there….The LGBT community MUST stick together AGAINST THE GOP/and thier Crazy Fringe religious grps!

  20. Bob R says

    It’s all about money. Manhunt began losing revenue and the Board had to act quickly before the situation really got out of hand. So this Log Cabin Republican is no longer the Chairman, but he’s still collecting a huge salary, donating the big bucks to right wing organizations (maybe even more money now out of spite),is still an owner and laughing all the way to the bank. He’s probably still a selfish, greedy and wicked man. In the future gay LCR’s profiting from gay oriented businesses may be a little more discrete and not as antagonistic when caught.

  21. says

    Mike – you read my mind!

    How stupid to you have to be – this must be the luckiest guy making $30M a year, because PR isn’t his strong suit. He’s screwed the pooch big time on this.

    At $2.4M a month BEFORE ad revenue and with a subscription costing approximately $13.00, they have guestimate of 185,000 paying members. If 1% canceled yesterday, that $24,000 per month or $288,000 per year in lost revenue. I’d say the $2300 “investment” in our stronger national defense didn’t pay off so well.

  22. Keith says

    Let’s move on. Manhunt is not a CIA operated right wing company sucking the life blood out of the gay community. Yeah, it would be nice to have everyone be tolerant and only give to worthy causes. But, it’s the real world children. People with money and big egos trying to impress the other people at the cocktail party. I’d much rather spend 20 bucks a month on a gay focused website than 20 bucks at Walmart whose owners have documented proof of trying to do harm against our community. Let’s have some perspective.

  23. says

    Ahh, but Keith. Walmart never told us that they were gay owned and operated, they didn’t actively market to and court the gay male community or that they one of us. I expect them to fuck us over. (I don’t shop at Walmart either, fyi).

    But MH did. They took our dollars and touted their “gay owned and operated” mantra to anyone who would hear it. Along the way, they donated some money to various charities here and there, but they are a for-profit business.

    They are as fake as 90% of the pictures on their site – MH markets that you’ll log on and hook up, but instead you get screwed by the Supreme Court if batshit crazy “countries dont invade other countries in the 21st century” McCain and the pill head wife are installed in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

  24. Jimmyboyo says

    Who uses manhunt anyway? is free and has a better web site design.

    I thought manhunt went the way of the dinosaurs already. Oh well, it will due to nothing else then Free (paid for by advertisers) vs payhunt

    Also for those that don’t know it yet, is surpassing facebook and myspace as the social networking place for gays. Evereyone at the bars and clubs now a days are all “connexion this and connexion that”

  25. WTF says

    There is more outrage launched at a Soap Opera ATWT and a gay kiss, than so many other issues. Gay men launch website for a gay kiss but not for affordable HIV treatments.

    Gay men have become something to disregard after they have been given there pound of glossy, muscle flesh to look at. There seems to be nothing more required to appease the masses.

    How about it Andy, stop running these silly stories about pretty guys especially the straight ones, you have a VERY popular website but how many followers would desert you if you were to stop. I challenge you to go 5 days. Andy and others are responsible just as Crutchley. Just look at the advertisers, mostly sex, the promise of sex and/or half naked men. Gay men know what gay men want and give them nothing more than that.

    Now before someone makes a big statement, “start your own blog”; I ask did you start you own network or did you pressure ABC and CBS to change and add more gay content. How about less gay content that is SEX based and nothing but revenue gains?

    How much do you make each month or year from your advertisers Andy?

    There is corruption and disappointment with groups like the HRC that have aligned themselves with the “rich and pretty” gay white men. They use their annual dinners as a who’s who and can I bed them affair.

    HIV continues to rise because if you are looking for sex constantly you are going to make a mistake; it is sad that how many gay men will let an attractive, muscular and unobtainable (normally) man bareback them for validation and then get on a moral pedestal when they get there test and it is negative.

    Constant drug use because that is what it means to be gay is to take drugs and dance the night away.

    Now these behaviors and actions are NOT all gay men but if perceptions rule the universe that is what is being seen and discussed.

  26. says

    I started a website last night called I just threw it up and am not much of a web geek but I feel like this is something really important and agree with those above who think that his removal from the board doesn’t begin to deal with the issues raised by Crutchley’s donation and running of for all these years.

    I care very much about being betrayed. I care very much that my money has been going to a “gay” company who has used that money to oppress me. It’s mind boggling to me that there are gay men here who read this news and don’t get it.

    Anyway, for those who do care drop a line and lets see if we can form a coalition of people to fight back against Manhunt.

    As long as he is making money from gay men there needs to be an opposition to his business.

  27. Ben says

    To Jimmyboyo: Connexion is still around?

    To WTF’s last post: All very excellent points that miss one essential thing – gay MEN. Men are pigs and sex focused, be they straight, gay, white, blue, orange, hung, dinky, cut, uncut, etc. To presume that men could/would refrain from a sex focus is naive. I don’t know a straight man who would do it – look at how women are treated, viewed, and marketed in society/advertising/entertainment. The problems you address are deeper ingrained in the culture as a whole and have to be addressed by parents – parents being honest vs fostering the fixation on taboos.

  28. ConcernedGay says

    I have to agree with WTF that this is not just a concern for the Manhunt owner this a problem for all gay men “running a business”; there is just too much sex posted, hook up sites for advertisers, too many parties posted to attend; is there anything else that matters?

    Just because the person is gay and liberal does not make them any less responsible for the content and message of their websites.

  29. WTF says

    WOW Ben that is one the saddest statements I have ever read about gay men and it comes from another gay man I am assuming.

    Further evidence that you have been seduced to believe that you are nothing but your sex drive; so very sad. This is why all these materials are aimed towards you cock.

    Do you feel better about yourself; does this notification and proclamation give you permission to be more sexually active. So very sad that gay men who have more free time than other social groups (this is not true in ALL cases) due to no children think this low of themselves.

    How many of you agree with Ben?

  30. says

    Jesus, WTF, you are tying HIV infection rates and barebacking to Andy posting pictures of shirtless men on this site? Lighten up. The two are not correlated. I’m sure the majority of gay men are perfectly capable of enjoying a little eye candy (there’s enough ugly in the world to not appreciate beauty in all its forms, including the physical) and being responsible people.

  31. Iko says

    Step 1: Set up a hook-up site.
    Step 2: Support a candidate that wants to oppress gays and give companies less taxes.
    Step 3: Watch as candidate drives gay community underground.
    Step 4: Watch as gay community goes to hook-up site out of desperation.
    Step 5: Profit!

    At this point, the only way MH could redeem itself is by buying out Crutchley’s share and telling him to fuck off. Since that’s not going to happen, keep chewing away at that bottom line.

  32. says

    I do think men in general are more sex oriented, but I don’t think that in and of itself is a bad thing. Sex can be a fun and liberating experience and it’s certainly better for the human race than war and violence and hatred.

    I think the issue becomes when sex becomes a means for people to be shamed or belittled. Objectification is also an issue. Sex shouldn’t strip people of their humanity, but rather remind us that we are all human with desires, strengths, shortcomings, vulnerabilities. I don’t mind sex being a major component of gay culture (I think it’s a great reaction to our very Puritanical attitudes to sex in the US), but as long as there is plenty of dialogue about it so it doesn’t become harmful or negative.

  33. Mark in Florida says

    McSAME is the real whore in all of this. yes, with all of the donations coming in you cannot possibly know where it’s all coming from, however McSAME has proven time and time again that he is a fraud. (too numerous of reasons to list here)

    Obama actually gets a higher rating than Hillary, and I like Hillary, so any gay person that votes for McSAME because they have some axe to grind should have their head examined.

    Bring on the debates, please.

  34. 24play says


    What’s with the new screen name? You were taking a little heat for a few stupid (and LOOOOONNNNNGGGGGGG) comments as Charles (in the original Nebraska wrestler post), and suddenly you’re WTF?

    Very troll, Miss Thing. Very troll.

  35. William says

    Andy – You are awesome thanks for exposing and shining the light on these disgusting men. You are right on. These hypocrites make me sick – and any of you defending a gay republican needs to really examine your own self loathing. It is no different than if you were an african american supporting a business run by David Duke!!!!! A Jew supporting a business run by Hitler!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!! MONEY TALKS!!!!!!

  36. Alex says

    I like Basile’s statement and think you Queens all have your panties in a bunch over nothing. It’s $2300 people – it’s not like they’re funding Al-Qaeda. And…

    Mr. Liberal: why don’t you use your efforts and time to set up a website that will truly effect change: like rallying gays to campaign against McCain all over the country?

  37. noah says

    People like TomTom are pathetic. Jeez, could anyone imagine what the country would be like if MLK and the other Civil Rights activists held the same apathy?

    Most Gay Republicans are the scum of the Earth. This bullshit about having the right to vote for Republican candidates who are anti-gay reflects utter contempt.

    These people are parasites who benefit from the hard work of liberals, some of whom have been murdered for their beliefs, MLK, Harvey Milk, or the recent church rampage victims.

    Let’s be blunt, many of these people are white guys who have benefited from their position as white guys. They can divorce themselves from the suffering of others because they can pass for straight, have money, or are comfortable in their racism.

    Seriously, how can anyone vote for a candidate who is against ENDA?

  38. nomoremanhunt says

    “ALL PR IS GOOD PR” according to manhunt. They’re laughing all the way to the bank. It will be interesting to see behind the scenes and reveal whose actually running the show there. Let’s see how their leadership tries to turn this one around…it will be very good….or result in their company’s demise.

    Any gay person knows you’re better off below the radar….guess they’ll find out what happens now that they’re blipping all over the government’s screen.

  39. Mark in NYC says

    I agree with Ben and Alex, and honestly couldn’t get through WTF’s dreck. Sexuality is the ONLY common denominator amongst the gay population, so it makes sense to me that it play a large part in our lives.

    And admiring the physique of someone I find attractive, straight or gay–who the fuck cares anyway, it’s just a photo–does not make one self loathing.

    And back to web hook up sites–nobody cruises in the bars anymore. The culture has changed, like it or not. It’s up to you to decide what ‘s best for you. Stop criticizing other people’s choices.

  40. says

    How could someone who considers being labeled a liberal an insult ever have chosen to start a gay sex sight with a bunch of liberals?

    I have many friends, coworkers and family that are moderate or right of center, some will support McCain, that’s their choice.

    The difference is, the don’t earn money from me through business that could not even exist were it not for the advancement of gay civil rights. Rights won entirely by liberals.

    As much as I appreciate the board acting quickly on this, I’m still not going to want to help fatten his wallet anymore.

  41. says

    Mark, the Cock and Eagle in NYC are still cruisy thank god (and there’s always Fire Island in the summer).

    I try to be flexible with where I cruise. I think more options are good.

    I am old school, however, and I prefer to hookup with someone I’ve met in a public place and determined I have some sort of chemistry with. Some photos and a bunch of stats don’t really tell me anything.

    What I do find a little weird is that if you’re looking for a relationship, it seems the hookup sites are the places where most single guys congregate (places like are a big waste of time and money, IMO) and it’s weird navigating a sexually charged site looking for a deeper connection with someone. I haven’t quite figured out the balance for myself yet.

  42. says

    oh, another thing.

    online cruising (at least in NYC) only works if you live in a neighborhood with a lot of gay men. in my corner of Brooklyn there aren’t a whole lot and most guys don’t really feel like commuting for a hookup (and I can understand that) and setting a date to hookup in the future always seems weird.

    so i tend to find bars more democratic (i.e., you don’t have to be able to afford expensive real estate to hookup. just the price of a subway ride and a couple drinks).

  43. John says

    Yeah well Manhunt is on the decline so this comes as no surprise.

    Check out Much better and you can actually see people and not just their Di??s.

  44. Mark in NYC says

    @ Alex: Agreed; though I really hate the Cock (the bar, not the appendage).

    My longest lasting relationship (11 years) came about by being set up by mutual friends. My last relationship (4 years) was a Manhunt hookup that went on and on…

  45. JoshEV says

    People can spend their money any way they choose. It’s his right to give to McCain…and unethical for him to have been asked to step down.

    If people don’t like it, they can spend their money elsewhere.

  46. says

    Joshev, you’re right that he can spend his money any way he likes. I think the board was right to ask him to step down from the chairman position (no one has said whether he resigned from the board altogether). His public behavior related to his political donations caused a PR crisis that has likely cost the company quite a bit of money in lost revenue and consultants’ fees. It would bring into question the stability of his decision-making processes, which is not a good quality in a board chairman.

    And yes… people didn’t like it. And lots of them are indeed spending their money elsewhere.

  47. Landis says

    Window dressing!

    A private company like that, that is SELF FUNDED, likely only have 3-4 board members. Its easier to set up a conference call like that and say “McDoucheBag you need to resign”.

    Furthermore, he has not sold his stake in MH. So your pink dollars continue to go to Republican coffers.

  48. mr radon says

    Well, I’ve seen no proof that Obama has done anything or said anything to support gay rights. Not doing anything or saying anything about gay rights is not the same as supporting the GLBT community. And any political candidate can say they have gay “friends” or invoke gay rights in a speech, but it doesn’t mean they’re going to do anything for us.

    However, Crutchley, maybe while not being asked to step down, certainly should be made to feel like the complete shithead he seems to be — self-hatred and internalized homophobia are what fuel these kinds of misguided behaviors.

    Heck those personality attributes seem to be what fuel about a third of the men who come to Manhunt anyway — self-hating, half or fully closeted men looking for “no strings” hook-ups. So who knows — some pot calling the kettle black irony there. Still, it’s the 21st century — I’ve completely over GLBT self-hatred and actions such as Crutchley’s that perpetuate it at the cost of social evolution. Is money that much more important than people and civil rights?

  49. 24play says

    If Basile and his fellow non-Republican Manhunt owners really want to salvage this situation, throwing Crutchley off the board ain’t gonna cut it.

    They need to put their money where their mouths are and buy Spanky out.

  50. Rick says

    Its all about the bottom line. What Crutchley did put the company at risk…what did he expect. Moral of the story…don’t take my money and stab me in the back at the same time and then expect me not to respond. If he were here right now I would hit him with my purse.

  51. Zeig Heil! says

    Today is zee veectory for zee nazi absolutists! Vee have clamped down on zee evil freedom of choice in zee voting! Zees eez good for the party! Zeig Heil!

  52. Rick says

    Its all about the bottom line. What Crutchley did put the company at risk…what did he expect. Moral of the story…don’t take my money and stab me in the back at the same time and then expect me not to respond. If he were here right now I would hit him with my purse.

  53. Horrified says

    Can you imagine if someone was fired from a Walmart because of their voting for Obama (see recent news about Walmart’s anti-Obama stance) ? It would be a huge scandal. But somehow we think its okay that if they don’t agree with us its fine for someone to lose their job. That’s un-American and offends me. Gay people are in much more danger in a country where anyone can be vilified for their party preference. This is not positive news, it is positively disgusting and people should be ashamed of themselves. BTW, I’m for Obama. I’ve given him money. I hope I still have a job tomorrow.

  54. Randy says

    I think the issue here is more that we all have a choice. He absolutely has the right to make this donation, and the consumers who his company has targeted and made millions off of have the right to not provide anymore money to him. I don’t agree with all the angry rhetoric on both sides being thrown about, but at this time in history gay men and women need to look at all the issues. Yes military strength is an important issue, as is the economy and the environment, but this election is becoming evermore a decision between inclusion or exclusion for us. As McCain moves further to the right in an attempt to fool the conservatives that he has some sort of moral leg to stand on, we will lose. We have to look at this with a long view, all we have worked for to just be seen as humans by a majority of the population will be undone by another conservative appointment to the supreme court, by a veto of a simple non-discrimination bill. So after some rambling my point comes down to this: Yes I will defend to the death his right to support McCain, but I will also yell at the top of mountains against the shear stupidity of the act.

  55. says

    Oh for Chrissake, Horrified… you guys are completely missing the point. No one is asking him to be fired because he’s gonna vote for McCain. And no one thinks it’s okay that someone loses their job because they don’t agree with us. You’re making a sophomoric conceptual error here.

    The problem is the fact that many of this man’s customers feel manipulated and betrayed, not to mention insulted at his snarky characterization of “liberals”. It’s one thing to have the freedom to say what you want and vote how you please… it’s quite another to head up a company that purports to be “gay owned and operated” and then turn around and give financial and moral support to right wing political organizations. Come on now… you really don’t see the difference between what this man has done and some kid being fired from Walmart because he voted for Obama?

  56. peterparker says

    After reading the statement from Basile, I admit to feeling a teeny, tiny bit sad that he has to suffer because his business partner curried favor with a man who oppresses the GLBT community. However, Basile likely knew exactly who he was getting into bed with when he founded the business with Crutchley, so my pity for Basile only goes so far.

    As for Crutchley’s being removed from the board, I’m glad to see that towleroad posters are smart enough to realize that removing Crutchley from the board of directors does nothing to cut off his revenue stream. Though we’ll likely never know exactly how much stock he owns in Manhunt because of its status as a privately held company, he’s probably getting roughly half of that $2.4 million that rolls in every month from the pockets of gay and bisexual men.

    Let’s continue to spread the word that Manhunt is owned by a gay Republican who gave the maximum donation allowed to a U.S. Presidential candidate who voiced support for the CA ballot initiative that would take away the right of marriage from GLBT citizens in California, who supports DADT, who supports DOMA, who opposes ENDA and who doesn’t even know what GLBT stands for!

  57. Mike says

    Hey David Ehrnstein I couldn’t agree more with you. They noted Crutchley stepped down as chairman from the board. Is he still a board member? And no mention of who the new chairman is.

  58. says

    I agree that it is appalling that this man is taking money from us and using it to fund the very people who hate us and want us fully stripped of human rights. I realize it is the principle involved here, but the $2300 donation will probably be given back by the McCain crowd, he’ll disappear into the mists of history and blogs, and the issues that Gross raised in the original article will remain. I think it would serve gay men better if we focused on the use of these technologies to build better relationships and to rebuild or strengthen our sense of community and gay men’s culture. A few days ago, I blogged a response to the original article at

    Thanks for taking a moment to read my comment.

  59. darb says

    BTW: the letter says he stepped down as “Chairman”, not that he resigned from the board.

    Anyone have any idea if he’s actually still on the board (just not as Chairman)? Also, any idea if he holds any other position at the company? Not unusual for a founder to be “Chairman and President” for example. Could be that he’s still on the Board, as well as holding senior operating position at the company. Just sayin.

  60. Grey says

    Well, I’ve decided to weigh in. Now, this is coming from a self-loving, proud gay Democrat. However, reading through some of these posts, it occurs to me that fascism, like terrorism, is a tactic and not an ideology. For the most part, the comments are very one-sided and, for the record, I happen to agree with them largely. So to play devil’s advocate, let me throw this out there.

    Larry’s statement and actions on behalf of the left seem to far outweigh those of his partner on the right. This doesn’t erase the damage Crutchley did, but it’s certainly worth consideration. From what I gather, Manhunt is about 99% Democrat. We know for certain of only one employee (granted, a MAJOR one) who has conservative leanings. Yet we’re all condemning an almost completely left-leaning (my assumption) company for having one Republican on staff. I understand the points that he is profiting more than most from the money we spend on the site, and that a company targeting a gay demographic is different from, say, Domino’s pizza.

    But I wonder if we could find any other company that would take our money with fewer Republicans in a position to profit. Honestly, I don’t know what more we can expect of them. Crutchley is a founder/owner of a private company. Apart from his leaving voluntarily (which I seriously doubt) I’m not sure what all they can do about him. I’m sure he’s not very popular at Manhunt’s headquarters in liberal Cambridge, MA these days. And my guess is that most of Manhunt’s Democrat employees had no idea where their boss’ political sympathies lay. How many of us do?

    Anyway, just my $.02 (adjusted for Bush inflation)…

  61. UnionStay says

    Why is it that the one’s commenting here to protest people’s having an opinion about Crutchley’s foolhardy donation and anti-liberal comments never seem to have read any of the other comments?

    They repeat the same tired arguments (or in Zeig Heil!’s case, tired false analogies) and never seem to stick around to have their bull**** taken apart. It is maybe a fear of reason?

    As for the release from McManhunt, I’d think it would have been more beneficial for them if they had announced some kind of permanent system for sharing their profits with gay-friendy charities. Crutchley has been asked to step down, great, it’s the LEAST they could do given his idiotic comments. I’d expect nothing less. But where’s the commitment to the community?

  62. UnionStay says

    “We know for certain of only one employee (granted, a MAJOR one) who has conservative leanings.”

    Grey, He’s NOT AN EMPLOYEE! Could you please read the comments before posting? INFORM yourself.


  63. zipper says

    He is the majority owner – he must still be on the board – even if he gets kicked off the board do you think someone as vocal as him would ever be ignored by the staff or the board when he owns most of the company? Change in titles….just a show to appease the liberals and keep members from leaving….

    Adam4Adam made a $2300 contribution to Obama in response and posted an ad backing him.

    The ad leads to

  64. Shaun says

    I am scared by the lack of numbers who are outraged by Manhunt’s exploitation of us, as a community. Stopping putting photos on manhunt, altering profiles, stopping being a paying member, all won’t have enough impact. People need to remove profiles completely. If as a community we can’t put a company like Manhunt out of business, what hope is there for us? The next time a company wants to put out a homophobic ad, will they fear us stopping buying their products because of that? Why would they, they will still have straights support them. What voice do we have, if we can’t take serious action against a site created just for us. If we let a gay owned, gay run company exploit us in this way, I fear what we will lose as a result.

  65. rm says

    Mr. Crutchley apparently enjoys second class citizenship. Continuing your membership with Manhunt does not stop the cash flow to him whether he is chairman or not. For those who have argued it is only a $2300 donation let me remind you, Mr. Crutchley may be donating an unlimited amount of “gay” dollars to 527 organizations that have one purpose to discredit Obama. He can do this without any legal obligation of disclosure and without limit to what he can spend. To those who say what difference does it make Democrat or Republican? Mr. McCain has said Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas would be a key advisory in helping decide who he should nominate for the Supreme Court. Sam Brownback is one of the most homophobic Senators in the U.S. Senate and has lead the charge to stop “activist” judges from granting gay people any type of minority protection. I wonder how Sam’s court would rule on standards of decency on a gay hook up site. Migrate elsewhere there are plenty of other gay hook up sites.

  66. gay as life says

    You people are f###ing ridiculous. NO ONE joins Manhunt in the hopes that their membership fees will be directed towards the Obama or any other campaign. They are thinking of cock, not politics.

    If you really think that it’s possible to get EVERYONE to cancel their Manhunt accounts due to this major blunder, good luck because you’re living in a dream world.

    That’s ignoring the question of whether it is morally right to try and dismantle an entire company and un-employ many many workers (many if not most of whom are likely liberal politically) because you want to hurt one guy at the top. And from some of the comments here, I wonder if a lot of this “boycott” crap is coming from folks who work at websites that compete with Manhunt.

    I’m as liberal as they come, but this “stop Manhunt” crap is completely misdirected and childish.

  67. dc10001 says

    As a shameless slut who uses various sites to connect, I get to chime in.

    I don’t use Manhunt because I find it so obvious, un-sexy, and commercial. I’d rather troll craigslist honestly; the posts are far more poetic and comical, and it’s hotter to up be in the whole mix of sexual desire- gay, straight, bi, trans, multiples, &c…

    This political controversy may well reduce membership numbers- great. But I think it’s more important for us to abandon manhunt on the grounds of taste and esthetics. It brings an overproduced and highly commercial gloss to what is ultimately a social networking site. Other sites like myspace (yea, I know Murdoch-owned, bad, bad) embrace individual expression instead of porn standards.

  68. Zipper says

    BLUNDER? What blunder? The man has spoken his mind –

    Unless you have not noticed money is power in this country – he is taking OUR money and using it to power HIS agenda – if that is not worthy of action I do not know what is.

  69. mcQ says

    First, let me say that I think Mr. Crutchley’s self-hate is entirely warranted. He should hate himself; not because he’s a homosexual, but because he’s a vile little worm…

    Yes, he can certainly do whatever he likes with his money and so can I… And I don’t like handing over my money to some dipshit who despises “liberal values” yet makes a killing off an enterprise that wouldn’t exist if a bunch of “liberals” hadn’t sacrificed their own time, energy, careers and sometimes lives, in an effort to ensure that Freedom of Sexual Expression and Action is protected with the same rigor as our cherished American Freedoms to Shop, Kill, and Invade Other Countries That Have Something We Want.

    I’ve changed my Manhunt Profile into a demand that Crutchley be forced to divest of any and all holdings in the Manhunt immediately and have included the reason I’m demanding that. I’ll see if the changes go through. Should be interesting.

    All you guys out there who think Wetbrain McCain is nifty can continue to exercise your freedom of choice and support Manhunt, but I’ve worked too damn hard for my dough to see it go into the pocket of an opportunistic, ethics-challenged ‘phobe who sees me as less than human and will continue to run this country into the goddam ditch.

  70. says

    I used to criticize Larry Kramer and his sometimes shrill shrieking. I thought to myself, “No one is ever going to listen to you. You’re being overloud and overreactionary.”

    Now I understand why Mr. Kramer adopted the voice of the most piercing harpie. He knew that the challenge wasn’t to get his community to listen. His challenge was to get them to wake up in the first place.

    The recent revelations concerning Jonathan Crutchley were something that I thought would be igniting the gay media to the explosion point. Surely, my line of reasoning went, treason (and yes, I will call it treason) such as this will be the match that finally gets this fuse burning. Sadly, this news doesn’t even rise to the heat of an Easy-Bake oven these days. On the whole, however, I guess I should put my shock in check. It took thousands and then millions globally to die before anyone decided to get off of their ass and start screaming bloodly murder (and that is what is was, ladies and gentlemen) before any change occured.

    Back to that label of treason for a moment. What else could I possibly call it? Unless a gay or lesbian couple in ANY of the US states is lucky enough to work for an organization or company that is “benevolent” enough to offer same-sex partner health benefits, I’m going to take a wild guess here and say that most couples have one member that is underinsured, if they’re insured at all. Mr. Crutchley is giving money to a man that wants to see that trend continue, if not worsen. Mr. Crutchley is a member of a community that is desperate for the same rights in medical benefits that any federally united heterosexual couple just assumes will be offered. Mr. Crutchley has the money to make a good challenging run at this issue. He made it off of YOUR PAID PROFILE on his website. What did he do with the money instead? He gave it as a promotional gift to the one man in the running for role of leader of the free world to make sure that it’ll never happen. As the ultimate irony, he will get a federal tax break for that donation.

    Are you getting this yet? Is it making you mad?

    With the specific label of treason comes the umbrella of hyprocrisy in general, and for me it is worth mentioning here the double-agents. And oh my, in the last few years has this list grown long. It started with Mary Cheney, and it has spread like wildfire from there. The list of names became less of a roll call and more of a shame parade. Just to name a few: Ed Schrock, David Drier, James McCrery, Mark Foley, Larry Craig. They fought to make sure that you would end up in a jail cell for who you loved while sucking dick in their bedroom closets when the wife was out of town. And Mr. Jonothan Crutchley is giving money to the party of these individuals, so that those remaining can do it to you some more.

    Are you getting this yet? Is it making you mad?

    Today, when I was making sure that all of the gay press outlets in this town were apprised of this development, I had someone point out to me that one of those outlets, the Chicago Free Press, is published by a man that has contributed to George W. Bush not once but twice. This man, who publishes a paper whose mission statement claims that it’s goal is to be “a common voice for a diverse community. CFP exists to serve the city´s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community; to fight for its social and political progress; and to challenge prejudice and injustice against the community. CFP is committed to the cardinal principles of American journalism-objectivity, fairness, accuracy and independence.”


    Is it fair that the head of this publication is giving away the advertising dollars earned from its publication to the very people that are creating and perpetuating the “prejudices and injustices against the community”? Is it even morally right?

    And yet, those of you in this city will continue to spend your money at the businesses that advertise in this paper. You will continue to frequent the bars that allow this paper’s photographers to come in and take snaps in the hope that the publication of said pictures will garner a few more dollars for their enterprise. The paper’s writers will continue to clack away at their keyboards and help keep this man at a financial level to help them maybe put food on thier table in the short run, but ultimately is investing in a long-term future for them that brings nothing but more of the second-rate status that they apparently seem to enjoy.


    To my community as a whole: PLEASE WAKE UP. You’re at a place of having not only your voice stifled, but losing anywhere to turn when almosty no one else will listen to you. STOP LETTING YOUR OWN CONTINUE TO KEEP YOU IN THE DEFECTIVE, NOT-WORTHY STATE.



  71. Nathanial says

    Chester Munro wrote: “What did he do with the money instead? He gave it as a promotional gift to the one man in the running for role of leader of the free world to make sure that it’ll never happen. As the ultimate irony, he will get a federal tax break for that donation.”

    “Leader of the Free World”…? Who the hell are YOU trying to kid, with your constitution shot fulla holes, your phones being wiretapped, your writ of habeus corpus a joke, your armed forces blithely ignoring the Geneva Conventions and involved in unprovoked invasions of sovereign foreign nations? Leader of the Free World? It is to laugh! I have for some time now been referring to your appointed (p)resident as “Little Boots”, because it seems quite appropriate to me — y’know what “Little Boots” is in Latin? Caligula.

    Leader of the Free World my ass — your “leader” and your nation are a disgrace to the Free World.

    “No man can hold an entire nation hostage unless we all all his accomplices.” — Edward R. Murrow

  72. BostonCyberGuy says

    The issue is much greater than just the donation – his arrogance and hypocrisy is beyond bounds. Crutchley not only deserved to lose his job, but remember he is also one of the primary shareholders of the company. Please remember the Coors Boycott of the 80’s. The Community stood up to the far-right owners of the company by boycotting their products.

  73. Ray says

    People who fall for this PR stunt are idiots. Crutchley has simply changed his nominal corporate designation from ‘CEO’ to ‘Chief Corporate Administrator’. Give me a break. He is raking in the exact amount of gay dollars as he made before. Nothing has been done but a cynical shell game.

  74. says


    Wow. First of all, I didn’t vote for the current president, do not like the current president or anything he has done.

    And while I have much respect for Edward R. Murrow, I’m a bit foggy as to what you’d like me as an individual to do about my disgraceful leader. I cannot as just a private citizen start impeachment hearings, and we do not have a no confidence vote provision. I refuse to go to prison in any attempt to eliminate the man, so any suggestion would be welcome.


    Nothing like pulling out one phrase and missing the point entirely.

  75. anon says

    The real way to deal with this is to let the whole world know where John McCain is getting some of his money from. Surely there has to be a media outlet that will carry this story nationally.

  76. Nathanial says

    Chester — Oh, I read and understood the rest of your post. I just get fed up with the arrogance — especially over the last eight years — when I hear Americans using the phrase “leader of the free world”. What hubris! If there ever WAS any truth to the claim to that position, it has been abdicated.

    As to what you can do? How about supporting Independent candidate Ms. Sheehan in her efforts to knock off that piece of useless deadwood, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who famously announced that “impeachment is off the table”. Maybe if Pelosi was knocked onto her big fat ass, the rest of those useless friggin’ Democrats might actually wake up and DO something.

  77. Ivan says

    Everyone has the right to vote with their poket books.

    This includes all the people who have cancelled their accounts with Manhunt.

    The gay $ cuts both ways.

  78. Seriously says

    I remember when we used to call the conservatives reactionary! Honestly I can’t recall that last time I heard so many well-meaning people using such intelligent language to say such stupid things.

    Sure, sink the ship to kill the (co-) captain! I’m sure the gay world will be much better off without all the contributions Mr. Basile and the rest of the Manhunt staff have made on our behalf. Certainly one a-hole is worth bringing down the entire enterprise. Sounds like the people who say down-with-Amercia because we’ve got a nimrod running things!

  79. Joel says

    This is just for cosmetic purposes so that Manhunt doesn’t fail as a company. It means absolutely nothing that he has stepped down.

    Crutchley still OWNS 50% of the company!

    Manyhunt is a site for gay men to meet and is owned and run by people who are openly support a political system that spreads hatred, vilification and are totally against the interests of gays.

    This is our chance to stand together as one and tell a gay business that makes money solely because of gay men that we wont tolerate this.

    We must keep boycotting them. I have let everyone I know about this whether they have mannunt account or not. Everyone is equally shocked and revolted.

  80. ADC says

    Really, Joel? It means absolutely nothing that this conservative [fill in the blank] was forced to step down as chairman of the company he founded by the liberals who run it now? You know, there’s a lot of real estate between “meaning nothing” and “meaning everything” that a lot of people are ignoring. Why is it we focus so heavily on Crutchley’s actions and categorically dismiss Basile’s? OK, I get why. Like you and “everyone you know” I was shocked and revolted as well. Which is why I made it a point to keep a clear head and not get carried away.

    Manhunt is “owned and run by people who openly support a political system that spreads hatred, vilification and are totally against the interests of gays.” For real? Seems to me that Crutchley is the exception that we’ve called the rule.

    The man made his contribution on his own behalf, NOT as the co-owner of Manhunt. The company itself is anything but Republican. I even remember getting emails from them in opposition to Republican initiatives.

    When I contacted Manhunt Support about this issue, I got the statement from Basile that was posted here on this forum. I wonder what response gay Republicans get when they contact support and bitch about Larry’s anti-Republican rant. Do you think they send a prepared statement from Crutchley to appease them? My guess is no. Which means that, if anything, the company has taken a decidedly Democrat position. Someone may want to try this and see what happens…

  81. Garrett says

    I can’t stand McCain and don’t understand why a self-respecting gay man would support him. BUT – Should we honestly judge a man entirely based on one action?

    No one has made any mention of the hundreds of thousands of dollars Manhunt donates to AIDS charities, gay domestic violence organizations, and health outreach. (Full disclosure: I work in the field and my organization benefits from their largess).

    No one has mentioned the studies they fund and participate in or the millions of dollars in ad inventory that they donate to drug and disease prevention non-profits. I’ve tried to get the same commitment – or even any commitment – from other supposed gay community organizations, such as and Adam4Adam, and can’t even get a call back.

    So before we’re so quick to cut them off at their knees, we should think about all the good they do and balance that against this one wrong; no matter how egregious.

    Lastly, Manhunt is made up of at least two partners. Only one has made his support of McCain known. And even though he probably still owns his shares, having to publicly give up his title definitely means something. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t so readily step down from a position of prominence, whether I owned part of the company or not.

  82. Rey says

    So he gets a little vacation for awhile not having to serve on the board but still getting his salary and all that that entails.

    Then he’ll get bored and go out and consult for a couple of companies to pull in even more cash. And then he’ll go on to work for a Carly Fiorna or a Meg Whitman.

    Or maybe he’ll wake the fuck up and get a conscience.

  83. says

    When did gay guys become such asshole republicanesque jerks? I dont give a fuck who this guy donates to but I say he should give his money to whoever he fucking wants to.

    You bitches sound like those idiots who said if you were against the war you didnt support the troops. Oh poor me somebody doesnt think like me! Its Obama 2.o around here for the last few months.

    So, after all the years of different groups fighting for our American freedoms we homos are deciding no one gets to have a different opinion? Fuck you! I hate the klan but they have the right to say and think what they want. As do liberals and everyone else in this country.

    Do you realize that the justice dept has been looking at employment candidates extra curricular activities to weed out liberal organizations like HRC or AFAN which indicates “bad thought”? You are doing the same thing. I referred to Obama because if you say anything against him you’re a racist (what do you mean you dont support the troops you commie!).

    To deny anyone the right to donate THEIR money (which YOU gave him) to anything they want to is UN-AMERICAN! You who would want this man to hold his head down in shame are no better than limbaughs ditto heads. Actually, you’re worse because you should know better. You’re oh so educated and cultured yet ,somehow, you dont grasp the fundamentals of being an American.

    I am sickened by the Fascist crap I’ve read here on this subject. Why don’t we get Lance Bass and his band of guys no one knew were gay and burn something. Anything. I know, lets burn a pentecostal church or a Carls jr! They dont like us! They dont think like us!Theyre Jews! Theyre Gypsys! Theyre Gay, oh uh wait uh……..

  84. Nathanial says

    Chester —

    Further to my comment above: “As to what you can do? How about supporting Independent candidate Ms. Sheehan in her efforts to knock off that piece of useless deadwood, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who famously announced that “impeachment is off the table”. Maybe if Pelosi was knocked onto her big fat ass, the rest of those useless friggin’ Democrats might actually wake up and DO something.”

    Read this from “Crooks & Liars”: Nancy Pelosi is quickly learning that being a reliable and powerful liberal voice in the House of Representatives doesn’t necessarily translate into blind support. During an event in Los Angeles to promote her new book, Know Your Power: A Message to America’s Daughters, a group of protesters started screaming in anger over her unwillingness to open impeachment inquiries against Bush.

    The Public Record broke the story:

    * * *

    So, what can YOU do, Chester? Well, even if you can’t go physically to SF to lend a hand, you can contribute:

    And THAT would be a good counterpoint to just pulling your membership to Manhunt — send all the money you would have spent there to Cindy Sheehan, instead. How’s THAT for a suggestion?

  85. new york style says

    But he didn’t get fired – he OWNS the company.

    He has taken himself off the Board of Directors (of which there are apparently three, Crutchley, Basile and some other guy who is soooo happy no one knows his name in Provincetown this week).

    He will continue to reap his OWNERS portion of the $2.4 million dollars a MONTH that MH brings in. And then he can donate it to a 527 campaign that doesn’t have to report his self loathing politics to the Federal Election Commission.

    This is a PR stunt and nothing more.

    We must suggest that Manhunt put your money where you mouth is (except on McCain’s cock).

    Manhunt, make a committment to donating just 2% of your annual $30 MILLION to your own foundation, then spread the wealth. $600,000 a year buys a whole lotta good you know.

    You’re gonna have to spend it to make it Manhunt, you have damaged your name, you’ve made us question our trust that gay business will support gay causes and you look like a bunch of amateurs (I won’t even mention the positive “shill” comments above, so obviously planted).

    It’s time to make a REAL effort to negate the bad press, bad feelings and icky factor that you’re nothing but a bunch of pornographers taking advantage of your own community while you sit back and laugh at us and endorse checks all day.

  86. says

    Oh dear.

    I don’t think anyone is saying Crutchley CAN’T donate to whoever he wants but I believe people are saying, “if you take my gay $ and give it to an anti-gay candidate I will no longer be giving your sad ass my gay $ – got it?!”

    Now I hear McCain gave the money back. I guess Crutchley now knows what it feels like to be betrayed.

    Oh, and all those complaining about sex in gay culture. Take a look at ‘straight culture’ believe it or not they are sex obsessed too! SHOCK! I hear sex sells! 😉

  87. Will says

    Oh for Pete’s sake, the threads on this topic have gotten way too twisted and bitter.

    Manhunt is an ENTERTAINMENT venue. In a culture (gay and otherwise) that is super-saturated with entertainment options, it is easy for those of us who have pulled our profiles and accounts to turn our attention and participation elsewhere (Towleroad, for instance has been much more entertaining this week–and you can’t beat the price [thanks Andy!]). The free speech principles of the republic are not in jeopardy here, nor is the survival of the community organizations to which other Manhunt principals contribute, nor (I dare say) is Manhunt itself, nor is our ability to get ourselves laid. Don’t forget that part of what makes/made Manhunt attractive are the profiles of its member (maybe not mine in particular, of course), and a lot of us have chosen no longer to participate on that score. Entertainment tastes change, often on the slightest pretext (e.g., you stop watching TV Land because they cut back the hours devoted to Hogan’s Heroes). And this week, my tastes changed. The original Out article talks about how Manhunt likes to promote its “stickiness” with advertisers, i.e., the amount of time users spend online. Ultimately, as an entertainment option competing with many others, it may find that it is not quite as sticky as it would like to think.

  88. Continuum says

    These guys were the gay equivalent of Quislings. Accept our money, stab us in the back, and then cavort with their Republicon neocon buddies. It’s time to send a message that these folks will not be allowed to destroy our rights with impunity. Time to shutdown Manhunt and its ilk.

  89. Ben43 says

    It is ironic that Gay sex is funding John McCain’s campaign.

    Rotello’s larger point is this: sex obsessed Gay men are self-medicating their insecurities, alienating themselves, objectifying each other into abstraction and decimating Gay “communities” WHILE empowering the very hegemonic machine that seeks to destroy them.

    The fact that Larry Crutchley, one of the founders of Manhunt, is a committed Republican who has donated generously to the McCain campaign proves Rotello’s larger point: attempting to assuage insecurity and self-loathing with obsessive behavior and careless choices will destroy you…and us.

    Using anything good (like sex, drugs or alcohol) to an ugly extreme is destructive (HIV, liver disease, addiction, death, etc). So, why use Manhunt if it supports Republican power and our own oppression? We can all have a lot of great sex without putting McCain in office, can’t we? In evolutionary terms unless we adapt better to our environment we will quickly become irrelevant…and extinct.

    Even without the whole Republican component to this story Gay men need to start thinking about how to have (a lot of great) sex as an expression of self-respect not low self-esteem.

    Maybe Jonathan Crutchley is just a shrewd businessman making investments to protect his company and bottom line. Republicans perpetuate anachronistic homophobia for political gain. Manhunt exploits the resultant fear, shame and self-loathing that disfigures normal sexual energy into anonymous sexual networks. Keeping Republicans in office guarantees no expansion of rights for anyone, especially The Gays. Therefore the shame spiral continues perpetuating the need for online sexual outlets, more headless naked pics and ass/dick shots. And Jonathan Crutchley keeps making more money.

    Reminds me of how McDonald’s aggressively markets to people of color…

  90. GBM says

    Oh ThatVegasStyleGuy, but I am sure all the commenters here think that everyone should have the right, yes including the Klan, to support anyone they please with their own money and efforts. However, they believe in that freedom so much that they don’t want to fund someone who then funds, say, the Klan (your example), since it is their right to use their money in the way that they want. It is a consumer’s power of the purse, and it is rightly exercised by rigthies and lefties and centrists the world over.

    Unlike the Justice Department profiling potential hires for permament government jobs (which explicitly breaks discrimination laws, laws which are actually supposed to be enforced by none other than the Justice Department), boycotting is not illegal discrimination, it is just informed consumerism.

    You can disagree as to whether Manhunt actually deserves this mass exodus of members simply because of this one guy’s donations (especially given that the other founder donates Democratic), but you are entirely wrong to suggest that it is fascism to choose to direct one’s own money. Thought-policing is fascism if it is sanctioned and enforced through the government; this, my friend, is just debate. You can decide whether it is healthy or hysterical, well or ill-informed, but it is still just open debate and rests on individual choice.

  91. Aiden says

    Why is this even news?

    From reading some of the responses though, I suppose the message is tolerance for gays and lesbians is mandatory. Tolerance for, gasp, Republicans, not so much. It’s funny how we’re all for freedom and rights when it’s our rights and it suits our purpose. As soon as someone makes a choice that we wouldn’t, like say voting Republican, so long freedom, so long tolerance, so long acceptance.

    I say it’s his money and he should be free to vote for and donate to any campaign he wants to.

  92. solstice says

    While you continually scream for “rights,” what about the right of Crutchley to donate to whom he wants? If you are going to give him the boot for being Republican, then why cry when you get the boot for being gay? Sounds very hypocritical to me.

  93. Nathanial says

    @ Aiden —

    No one is saying he’s NOT free to donate and vote as he pleases; he just won’t do it with our financial support. That’s the Free Market™ at work, baby.

  94. Nathanial says

    Solstice wrote: “While you continually scream for “rights,” what about the right of Crutchley to donate to whom he wants?”

    No one is preventing that, except maybe his own Board.

    Solstice wrote: “If you are going to give him the boot for being Republican, then why cry when you get the boot for being gay? Sounds very hypocritical to me.”

    Again, the only “boot” he got was from his own Board, not by us. We just chose to withdraw our financial support. And, as far as I’m aware, that Board is not giving anybody ‘the boot’ because they’re gay.

  95. says

    These people are parasites who benefit from the hard work of liberals, some of whom have been murdered for their beliefs, MLK

    MLK was a Republican. Are you going to refuse to “benefit” from his hard work now?

  96. Jason says

    I love all these “step and fetch it,” “yes, massa” fags criticizing people for choosing to not support someone anathema to their beliefs.

    And MLK was certainly not a Republican, Georgie.

  97. gayrepub25 says

    Nathaniel, absolutely nothing wrong with the free market. I never said that people shouldn’t be able to boycott manhunt. I just said that I found it silly.

  98. Ty says

    The Republicans LOVE that our vote is split and we end up looking weak.
    We need to Unite for the dems, gay rights are at a pivotal point right now we don’t have the luxury to play voodoo economics, and futile imperialism.

  99. Tim Hennessey says

    I cancelled my Manhunt account and told them why. I think alot of the progress in our community came from the power of our pocketbooks (remember how we got all the sponsors to back out of Dr. Laura’s show?). Why not practice that INSIDE our community as well, by sending a message to this Manhunt owner? Great investigative journalism Andy, and I am so glad Signorile always helps you get the message out on Sirius OutQ Radio!

  100. Manson says

    Those choosing to cancel their manhunt accounts over this – do you really think it matters? Dem or Rep it makes no difference – we will never be free. Society today – all the hatred in the world. Do you really think a President can change the way society looks at us????

  101. says

    Why the double standard?? Condemning Crutchley for being Republican is no different than the discrimination so many of us received for being gay. It’s unfair to him just as it is unfair to us!

    FYI: I’m a former Log Cabin Republican and also devout follower of the Religious Right who now leans left. (I call myself a “recovering Republican” who is now Progressive; I’m neither left nor right, conservative nor liberal.

    While I don’t know what Mr. Crutchley was thinking when he donated to John McCain, I will defend his right to support whomever he believes is the best candidate. That’s one of the things that makes America what it is! Of course, the GOP, and McCain in particular, are not considered allies of the GLBT community, yet there are still many within our community who choose to support the party and its various candidates. And that’s their right in America. I see no reason why that should affect Mr Crutchley’s or any other person’s employment status, regardless of who he works for or what boards he sits on!!

  102. Nathanial says

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought all you Republican types were big proponents of “taking responsibility” and “living with the consequences of one’s own actions”.

    Well, Crutchley is having to live with the consequences of pissing off his client base by taking their money and using it to bankroll people who are determined to crush our civil rights. I would think you all would be SO HAPPY over this opportunity for Crutchley to *take responsibility* for his own actions.

  103. Christopher Nutile says

    I worked for as their Marketing Director for 2 years, launching the site domestically. Jonathan Crutchley is the majority shareholder in Online Buddies, Inc., the company that owns the Manhunt website. If he has stepped down from his position on the board, this is simply to try to quite any uproar within the gay community.

    In my experience with Jonathan, he was never one to shy away from or cover up the fact that he was conservative and proudly voted the Republican ticket.

    I will state that I support his right to make donations to and vote for whatever candidate he feel is deserving of his support. I also support his customer’s right to disagree and vote with their collective economic power by canceling their paid memberships on Manhunt.

    It is exciting that through technology and the internet, issues such as this come to light and can be shared by millions of people in a short period of time. The irony is that the same technology that provides Jonathan Crutchley tens of millions in profits, is the one that reports his political beliefs to his community and customers.

  104. says

    Oh my, I am confused. The right leaning or full on right wing posters here say JC should be able to do what he wants with his money but then criticize those in the gay community who choose to use (or withhold) THEIR money in whatever way they see fit.

    joe schmo can do what he wants with his money but joe schmo should know that if I, as one of his customers, learns that he is funding groups or persons who are harmful to me (and make no mistake a McCain presidency would be harmful to me and many many others all across the globe), I will stop being his customer.

    Why does that confuse your righties?

    P.S. On MLK being a republican:

    Steve Klein, a senior researcher with the Atlanta-based King Center, said Thursday that King never endorsed candidates from either party.

    “I think it’s highly inaccurate to say he was a Republican because there’s really no evidence,” Klein said.

    A King biographer, Taylor Branch, also said Thursday that King was nonpartisan.

  105. Mark says

    All of this hasn’t changed their site traffic a bit (
    That means they have the same ad income as before. And all this complaining has probably introduced the few gay men on earth who hadn’t heard of the site to it.

    The board positions are largely ceremonial at a small closely held company. This “resignation” is lipstick on a pig.

  106. Tim Hennessey says

    I cancelled my Manhunt account and told them why. I think alot of the progress in our community came from the power of our pocketbooks (remember how we got all the sponsors to back out of Dr. Laura’s show?). Why not practice that INSIDE our community as well, by sending a message to this Manhunt owner? Great investigative journalism Andy, and I am so glad Signorile always helps you get the message out on Sirius OutQ Radio!

  107. olen says

    “Stepping down from the board” absolutely does not mean that he won’t still be making tons of money. He’s just not on the board anymore. THis is not good enough. He needs to be completely divested of the company. Until then, I will not renew my membership and you shouldn’t either.

  108. olen says

    The Republican Faggot has “stepped down from the board,” but that doesn’t mean he’s been divested of the company and its profits. Being off the board doesn’t mean anything. What an ignorant, sad man. He happens to like cock, but he’s basically probably just like my straight father: an old rich white man in power who loves “the USA” with politics that, coming from a sociopolitical perspective are, when seen as a whole, totally regressive to the entire queer agenda, yet he manages to actually profit off the same social conditions that his homophobic Republican politics create, with their conservative insitutionalized and cultural homophobias, further encouraging homos to relate in this dissociated, addictive, decontextualized, objectified and secretive way. And we send our money like lemmings to the cliffs.


  109. Nathanial says

    Like ALL log-cabinettes, Crutchley is an ethical and moral quadriplegic. Drain the battery on his wheelchair — walk away from ‘Manhunt’ and don’t look back.

  110. says

    I can tell you that they have no “Board of Directors.” He’s an owner…he’s just going to sit back and let the cash roll in. And I bet everyone is going to give up their accounts only to resign-up next week. I would love for everyone to prove me wrong.

    BTW – It is his right to support a Republican such as McCain, however, it IS NOT alright for him to take money from gay customers and give it to a person or entity that supports anti-gay agendas.

  111. JTlvr says

    Christopher Nutile: Thanks for your post. It confirms exactly my decision to cancel my membership and boycott the site altogether.

    This a free country. Crutchley can donate to whatever cause he chooses. But if I can help it, my money will not be used to further oppress me and my community.

  112. Seamuth says

    Way to wave the tolerance flag, Mary.
    We want people to be tolerant of our lifestyle, but one fag doesn’t vote the way we want him to, and he’s all of a sudden a pariah. Sad, pathetic, and ridiculous. This is one of the most bigoted, intolerant displays I’ve ever seen. For shame!

  113. immediatmente says

    I just bailed from manhunt… too late to fix Crutchley’s donating the money away (can’t get it back) I feel like a big fool for blindly supporting them. I have several friends on manhunt… the word is out to them too.

  114. Nathanial says

    @ Seamuth —

    What’s the trouble? All the sad, pathetic quisling log cabinette types will no doubt still be there. Now they can concentrate on fucking each other over, instead of us.

  115. Forsooth says

    Never even been to Manhunt. It costs money? What’s up with that?

    I’m glad I’ve never personally lined Mr. Crutchley’s pockets.

    cf. craigslist = free (and gay-friendly)

    Better yet, have a meaningful relationship with somebody.

  116. Never Forget says

    Shouldn’t come as any big surprise, Boston is fucked up like that. Ramrod, Jacques and Machine are all owned by a filthy rich rePublican racist. Any gay man who spends money at a place owned or run by someone who votes to deny your rights is a fool!

    We should be boycotting Manhunt, Machine, Jacques, Ramrod, WalMart and every other business that would dare to take our money and use it to subvert our basic rights. Instead, we need to seek out and support those businesses that ARE supportive of our community!

    ’nuff said.

  117. says

    The last time I checked, it was not a crime to support the candidate you felt was better qualified. When I was younger, I voted for the candidate with a Jewish sounding name, but as I got older… I realized I should vote for the best candidate based on their record, and not their religion, or sexual preference or race.

    31 years ago, I received the wrath of the San Francisco gay community, and BAR gay newspaper when I supported, and worked for Terry Hallinan when he ran against Harvey Milk… even though Harvey was both gay and Jewish like myself. I felt that Terry was better qualified to represent most of the residents and businesses in our district. Many gays in the district voted for the gay Republican candidate. Bar called me “Gays for homophobia” and called Terry anti-gay and said his slogan “UNITED WE STAND” was overtly anti-gay. After Harvey was assassinated… BAR endorsed Harry Britt witha banner headline…”UNITED WE STAND!”

    Originally, I supported Hillary for President, and was leaning toward Obama, however I decided to wait to see whom Obama and McCain picks for their running mate. Again, I’ll be voting for the team that best represent my views… that includes pro-choice, gay issues and so much more.

  118. says

    You and I are actually in TOTAL agreement. I think it’s stupid to give your $ to anyone you disagree with. I try not to buy anything buy amarican apparel because I hate their policy of encouraging illegal immigration. I also avoid Wal Mart because of their anti union policies.

    Btw people. Wanna fuck up manhunt? Google free manhunt codes. Then I think it’s There you get a free code. Copy it. Go to manhunt.netpromo and paste that code in. Go back to linkedin and repeat with all the codes. You get free manhunt for weeks therefore depriving them of cash. Tell all your friends to do the same. Actually everyone here should do it and really mess things up. If i’m wrong about that promo it’s some combo of that keep trying. Does someone else know the link?

  119. says

    This is patently insane.

    Manhunt is a cruising site–not exactly the moral litmus test type place, if I do say so. Many people who post there are closeted (which is why they post there, as opposed to a dating website) and profess values inconsistent with an identity politics agenda.

    So what? Unless you want to make the personal political, you should be in favor of a little space for inconsistency.

    As for supporting McCain, he’s hardly the worst offender. He spoke at the funeral of a gay supporter who was aboard Flight 93. He voted against the marriage amendment. I’m not claiming he’s going to gay rights parades, but it’s crappy to punish politicians who go out on a limb–and it was going out on a limb–not to do something cruel.

    You need non-friend/non-enemies like McCain (or Schwarzenegger, who was a pariah for not signing the marriage bill, right up until he declared his opposition for the ballot proposition). Getting things done doesn’t only mean beating up everybody who opposes you. It is also about convincing the ambivalent that it is in their interest to do the right thing.

    Moreover, there are a bunch of gay people who don’t make identity politics their lives and consider other things more important, like taxes, government waste, property rights, limited regulation, business, & c. that McCain is worlds better than Obama on.

    I expect the people who are happy about this not to complain when others vote for candidates because they like their anti-gay positions. You’ve legitimized their behavior and should be proud of it.

  120. Lee Kallop says

    In what you are all discussing above I personally come down on the side of not patronizing a business that takes my money on spends part of it on things, people or positions which I oppose or which I believe undercuts anyone’s civil or human rights.

    BUT THAT BEING SAID, I think this campaign contribution by one man in the long run isn’t the thing that Manhunt does that most damages the gay community in some very significant and continuous ways. First, as pointed out in the “Out Magazine” article on Manhunt earlier this month, the manhunt site is deliberately engineered to keep its members on line for as long as possible and to keep them coming back as often as possible. Manhunt staff brags about the stickiness of the site because this enables them to earn greater advertising revenues from the commercial ads placed on their site. Of course members are paying fees to meet real men in real time, not spend more time on line isolated at home, chasing tail. There is a conflict of purpose and intent between Manhunt’s owners and their customers.

    Second, I also learned from the “Out Magazine” article a far more despicable business practice. Crutchley and Basile own another site called “” which shows amateur porno. Where do they get all the newbie’s from on that site to keep it fresh and amateur? . . .By contacting the endless number of new young cuties posting Manhunt profiles. Well when you ask a 18 19 or 20 year old college student strapped for cash if he would like to send just one afternoon working and earn $600 for jerking off in front of a camera or more $ if he is willing to take a more “leading role” in a “feature”…well in this age of internet porno and the bragging rights which seem to come with having done porno he says “sure, ok” because he does not have the maturity to see future consequence. But when he matures and gets serious about a career, many of things he might desire to do he will be foreclosed from forever. Today job applicants are vetted and Googled and have background checks done before hiring. And each passing month brings an even better Google image search engine that will one day tie his name to X-rated stills. Further a copy of his actual driver license with picture ID is now on file along with his consent and release form to appearing in the porno. That information is then placed in the office of some unknown adult industry lawyer or custodian of records and these records, by FEDERAL LAW, are always available during normal business hours for inspections by law enforcement, licensed private detectives or “interested party” (this is the whole anti-child porno compliance stuff). THEIR ONE DAY ADULT PERFORMANCE WILL HAUNT THEM THE REST OF THEIR LIVES, BEING EASILY DISCOVERABLE WITH A SMALL AMOUNT OF DUE DILIGENCE BY A PROSPECTIVE EMPLOYER—DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT THAT DOES FOR SOMEONES JOB PROSPECTS, TO THE WHOLE WAY THEIR LIFE IS GOING TO TURN OUT. They can’t work in Law, Accounting, Investment Banking, Government, Education, in an appointed or elected Political position, or even in a management position of a publically owned company etc. FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES THEY WILL HAVE LIMITED THEIR OPPORTUNITIES AND THEIR POTENTIAL.

    Yes a 19 year old is an adult who can consent to performing. But a 19 year old doesn’t always have the wisdom to see beyond today— But two 60 year old experienced business men certainly know what the consequence could be—and two 60 year old owners of a hookup site that already makes a ton of money, have to be completely morally bankrupt to know and not care about the consequences for these young men because the only thing that matters is MAKING EVEN MORE MONEY! I RESIGNED FROM MANHUNT FOR THESE REASONS.

  121. says

    One more thing about thinking carefully about who your enemies are.

    George Bush, Sr., appointed David Souter to the Supreme Court (on majority in Lawrence v. Kansas [striking down sodomy laws and overturning Bowers v. Hardwick], wrote dissenting opinion in Boy Scouts of America v. Dale [BSA had right to refuse gay scoutmaster–with which I agree]).

    Ronald Reagan appointed Sandra Day O’Connor (majority in Romer v. Evans [striking down law prohibiting local gay rights ordinances], concurring with majority in Lawrence, but only after voting in the majority in Bowers v. Hardwick–a profound change of mind; voted with majority in Dale) and Anthony Kennedy (WROTE majority opinions in Lawrence and Romer).

    Gerald Ford appointed John Paul Stevems (majority in Romer and dissent in Bowers)

    Richard Nixon appointed Harry Blackmun to (WROTE dissenting opinion in Romer).

    “The present case [Lawrence] does not involve minors. It does not involve persons who might be injured or coerced or who are situated in relationships where consent might not easily be refused. It does not involve public conduct or prostitution. It does not involve whether the government must give formal recognition to any relationship that homosexual persons seek to enter. The case does involve two adults who, with full and mutual consent from each other, engaged in sexual practices common to a homosexual lifestyle. The petitioners are entitled to respect for their private lives. The State cannot demean their existence or control their destiny by making their private sexual conduct a crime. Their right to liberty under the Due Process Clause gives them the full right to engage in their conduct without intervention of the government.” Lawrence v. Texas (Kennedy, J. for the majority)

    “I can only hope that here, too, the Court soon will reconsider its analysis and conclude that depriving individuals of the right to choose for themselves how to conduct their intimate relationships poses a far greater threat to the values most deeply rooted in our Nation’s history than tolerance of nonconformity could ever do. Because I think the Court today betrays those values, I dissent.” (Blackmun, J. for the dissent in Bowers v. Hardwick)

  122. hlm says

    Personally I’m shocked that any gay person could give money to McCain. But then I’m shocked that any think the Democrats are our friends. But I’m more shocked that the man is forced out of his position in the company he helped found because he is a Republican. I am not a Republican. I hate what the Republicans stand for, especially under Bush. But I hate this sort of witch hunt even more.

    There are reasonable causes for someone to contribute to McCain (I don’t buy them myself). One can think McCain is better on tax issues for instance. I think Obama would be a disaster on economics. His rhetoric is very much in favor of massive state control and I don’t think that works. I don’t think McCain is any better but maybe this man thought so. I studied enough economics (actually quite a bit) to know that Obama is a lightweight and his policies destructive. At the same time I think McCain is evil. I won’t vote for either.

    But when it becomes necessary for a gay person to be a DEMOCRAT in order to be employed then the gay community has become intolerant, fundamentalistic and bigoted. As stupid as his contribution was, it made him look bad. But the demand for his ouster and firing makes the entire gay community look like authoritarian monsters. What scares me is that sometimes that images seems right. And this was one of those times.

  123. Fact Check says

    Deny your status as equal citizens???

    Are you seriously this retarded??? (rhetorical question. you clearly are) gay sex is not the equivalent of heterosexual sex, nor does society benefit from it. Indeed, if anything, gay sex has cost society a great deal. Meanwhile children come from and ONLY from heterosexual sex. Don’t give me your delusional BS (and it truly is delusional) about how gays can have children, because they absolutely cannot. They must in every single case reproduce with a member of the opposite sex, no matter how many laboratory clinicians serve as intermediaries.

    Nor can any child EVER be raised by their biological parents within a gay “marriage”.

    These are all enormous benefits to society that are rewarded because they are important to society. They are also benefits that no gay couple on earth could ever provide.

    You are treated COMPLETELY equally by society in all respects. What you are demanding, because of your own low-self esteem issues, is to be treated equally for doing something entirely different, and you damn well know it, which is why gays get so fascistic when you point it out to them.

    If you want to get tax credits for driving a hybrid, don’t buy a Hummer. And if you want to get the benefits society gives to encourage children to be born inside wedlock to their biological parents, you must at the very, very least form partnerships that include one member of each sex necessary to do so.

    What a bunch of little nazis you are driving someone out because he has different political priorities, and because he has committed the sin of not reinforcing your DELUSIONS that gay sexual relations are of equal value to society.

    Instead of dividing America by trying to force the people to reaffirm your delusional lie, and pat you on the head and tell you that gay relationships are just as valuable to society as straight relationships, and crying about victimhood that doesn’t exist, I have a better idea, why don’t you get therapy to help you accept reality that gay sex has never, cannot and will never produce 1 single solitary child. That all children come from heterosexuality and thats why we encourage it.

    And before you regurgitate your same cliched and ignorant arguments, no, not allowing gays to marry is not the same as not allowing blacks to marry. The difference between skin colors is just that — superficial and skin deep, it is not a significant difference. Interracial couples can produce children and raise their own children just exactly the way same-race couples can. And no, it is not necessary for the government to perform some sort of unreasonable search and seizure in order to determine if straight couples actually will end up having children before allowing them to marry, the goal is encouraging children to be born into the bonds of marriage to their biological parents. The more straight couples get married, the more that goal is met, and no further inquiry is necessary. Besides, straight couples who don’t want children can get pregnant unintentionally, and everyone has heard of the couples who “couldn’t have children” who got pregnant after long giving up hope that they ever would.

    Gay couples, unlike those examples, can NEVER fulfill the purpose of the institution.

    Should society approve civil unions so that, hopefully, although there is no evidence to support it, gays will form unions and stop being so promiscuous? Probably, although i see no evidence gays have any intention whatsoever of doing so.

    But quit making society suffer for your inability to accept the biological facts of life and low self esteem! You’re here. you’re queer. get used to it!

    Now, let the wailing and gnashing of teeth ensue, at it will, which only goes to prove my point that this is all about gays trying to convince themselves that their relationships are just as good and just as important to society as heterosexual ones.

    they arent.

  124. Nathanial says

    Uh oh… somebody better call Brad ‘n Angelena and tell them their marriage is nothing but a farce. “Fact Check” has informed all us ignorant plebes that it’s all about whelping, and here these two misguided airheads have been *adopting*…

    Give it up, Angie ‘n Brad… “Fact Check” is onto your charade.

  125. says

    Uh Fact Check,
    Im not going to wail of gnash Im just wondering if youre gay do you hate every moment of being gay? If youre straight how did you end up here? Are you closeted? Im not being funny or bitchy. Im actually fascinated by your online existence. Dying to know your story. Whats up?

  126. Jim M. says

    The problem with single-issue politics is it confines one like a prisoner, so that the ability to realize over-arching issues and philosophies are obscured.

    One should not be a “gay John McCain supporter” or a “gay Barrack Obama supporter,” but rather a supporter of either who just happens to be gay.

    Sometimes one’s passion about other issues, be they economic, environmental, foreign policy, etc., collectively or individually, may be more important than a single issue seemingly most important to a person defined (and confined) by their demographic identity.

    In my mind, unless the United States of America is secure, free from “all enemies, foreign and domestic,” then no one’s individual rights are secure anymore. And certainly theocratic, Islamo-Fascist nations do not have a good track record when it comes to the rights of homosexuals. So I don’t know why leftists think gays will fare any better when Islam comes to “a neighborhood near you.”

    But then we see evidence almost daily of how American liberals try to vanquish individual rights for what they say is the benefit of the “community,” which has left now a few generations brainwashed by an elitist, left-wing media and entrenched Marxist bureaucracies in private & public educational institutions. This is why many parents now advocate and practice home-schooling of their children.

    This is the same, supposedly freedom-loving ilk which has tried to strip American citizens of their rights to maintain exclusive memberships of their private organizations, bear arms, ingest legal substances on private properties, evening telling them what foods they may or may not consume.

    In Europe, Muslims have taken advantage of nations’ liberal laws to usurp the power of indigenous citizens, such that in places like Rotterdam, The Netherlands, for instance, it is very close to having a majority Muslim voting population, which would thereby grant the invaders the right to impose Sharian Law, thus enabling them to execute homosexuals and force non-Muslim women to wear burqas, among other freedom-enhancing practices.

    I strongly urge all gays truly concerned about civil liberties, including those which enhance self-preservation, to visit this website: It is the site of a gay author Bruce Bawer, a former Republican insider who moved to Europe over his disgust with the Christian conservative element of his political party, then realized one of his worst nightmares in moving to what he thought was the supposedly free-spirited Europe.

    Vote with your minds, not your emotions (or your genitals) in 2008!

  127. says

    “But quit making society suffer for your inability to accept the biological facts of life and low self esteem! (blah blah blah) which only goes to prove my point that this is all about gays trying to convince themselves that their relationships are just as good and just as important to society as heterosexual ones.

    they arent.”

    That juxtaposition shows that nobody need read any more of your rant. You’re a straight homophobe troll. Go away.

    And Jim M. Many of us remember Bawer, and hated Place at the Table. There are issues everywhere, as I have said in other posts. Europe is ahead of us on gay marriage, behind us on gay adoption. And yes, ALL fundamentalists are bad.

    Your references to “elitist left-wing media” and “Marxist bureaucracies” supposedly in our schools show that your information comes from unreliable sources. The US now, including the media, is controlled by elite right-wing conservatives. There are indeed more liberals than conservatives in education, but that’s because smart liberal people want to give back to their country and its citizens, while smart conservatives (oxymoron?) just want to make money for themselves, which you can’t do in education.

  128. Jim M. says

    “Fact Check,” a previous comment poster, reads an awful lot to me like Boston talk radio host Jay Severin, which isn’t his birth name anyway, but the identity by which he is normally, publicly known.

    Actually I do agree with some of what “Fact Check” wrote, but if he is Severin, he already draws a fairly significant amount of oxygen from the soapbox space as is, so one would think he’d either come clean or confine his rants to his appointed portion of said box on the WTTK airwaves.

    Of course now I’m expecting another post from Severin identifying himself, or else “Fact Check” to deny the outing.

    If I’m incorrect on this, I apologize, but I think I smell a rat.

    If it turns out I am incorrect, then feel complimented, “Fact Check,” for the comparison, because “Severino” is articulate if nothing else, almost like some people stereotypically say is one identifying feature of gay people. Probably has something to do with why so many are also “neat freaks.”

    My place is a mess by the way, but I can speak and write the Queen’s English reasonably well. So sometimes stereotypes are at least half correct.

  129. D says


    MANHUNT! Who the hell is checking the ads over there anyway?

    I’ve already lodged a complaint about a half hour ago, but the ad is still on the site. WTF!

    I am pissed off about the following:

    name: proud2bewhite

    the ad doesn’t say much, but if you click on the picture and then enlarge it you will see that his t-shirt reads “leikez”. Anyone who has done any research into some of the sneaky 4th reich movement knows that using backward spelled words is supposed to be a clever way of passing there messages to one another while being in the midst of the stupid masses.

    The picture is in the mirror so the word is spelled backwards forwards it read “zekiel” pronounced “sieg hiel”

    thanks for listening.

  130. tim says

    well, i thought people were leaving manhunt because of the crappy new look…now i find out the real story!!!! I am conservative and consider it disgusting and unamerican that you can pull someone off the board because of his voting record. Obama has done nothing for Gay Rights…and guess what…He never planned to…it was all a LIE, as is his whole Socialist period in office. I will not renew my subs. to manhunt!!! I see the same actions taken by the manhunt crew being very close to the days of Hitler and the Nazis Party!!

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