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Manhunt Chairman Jonathan Crutchley Steps Down from Board


As a response earlier this week to revelations that Manhunt Chairman and founder Jonathan Crutchley (above, right) had maxed out his individual personal contributions to vocal gay rights opponent Senator John McCain ($2300) which we reported on Wednesday, Crutchley has apparently been pressured by the board of the company to step down as Chairman.

I received this statement made by founder Larry Basile (above, left) in my inbox late yesterday from an anonymous source at Manhunt and called Manhunt which confirmed its legitimacy. Please read the statement below:


"There has been a depiction this week of MANHUNT being Republican. All my life, I have never voted to the right, and have always been generous to 20th Century Democrats, Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders, HRC, and the NGLTF.

"I was arrested at the Supreme Court and FDA in Act-Up actions, and was the founder of the Grass Roots Gay Rights Fund, which over the years has raised more than $800K. I was the Treasurer of Out Week magazine, which was a powerful force in its time. I began giving Obama donations in March 2007, and I have sent several checks that have yet to be reported. The hat and t-shirt I wear say 'Obama for President', as does the sign in front of my house. I refuse to live in a country that is so marred by war and hate. To me, Barak (sic) is by far the best candidate, probably better than we deserve.

"It should be known that Jonathan Crutchley's donation to McCain left the entire Board in disbelief. I am disappointed that we have lost some customers, and I understand the anger. It is too bad for the web site if we lose customers, but PLEASE never refer to me as a Republican. I consider it an offense.

"Earlier today, at the request of the Board, Jonathan has stepped down as Chairman. Sincerely, Larry Basile."


One last note: We never referred to Basile as a Republican. Also, though Crutchley has stepped down from the board, as far as we know he's still collecting money from thousands of gays and donating it to a presidential candidate who would deny them status as equal citizens.

Manhunt Responds to Account Cancelation Over McCain Donation [tr]
McCain Takes $2300 Contribution from Owner of Gay Sex Site Manhunt [tr]
(top photo: OUT - "Has Manhunt Destroyed Culture?")

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  1. Mike - you read my mind!

    How stupid to you have to be - this must be the luckiest guy making $30M a year, because PR isn’t his strong suit. He’s screwed the pooch big time on this.

    At $2.4M a month BEFORE ad revenue and with a subscription costing approximately $13.00, they have guestimate of 185,000 paying members. If 1% canceled yesterday, that $24,000 per month or $288,000 per year in lost revenue. I’d say the $2300 "investment" in our stronger national defense didn’t pay off so well.

    Posted by: murrayrick | Aug 15, 2008 9:20:54 AM

  2. Let's move on. Manhunt is not a CIA operated right wing company sucking the life blood out of the gay community. Yeah, it would be nice to have everyone be tolerant and only give to worthy causes. But, it's the real world children. People with money and big egos trying to impress the other people at the cocktail party. I'd much rather spend 20 bucks a month on a gay focused website than 20 bucks at Walmart whose owners have documented proof of trying to do harm against our community. Let's have some perspective.

    Posted by: Keith | Aug 15, 2008 9:22:14 AM

  3. Ahh, but Keith. Walmart never told us that they were gay owned and operated, they didn't actively market to and court the gay male community or that they one of us. I expect them to fuck us over. (I don't shop at Walmart either, fyi).

    But MH did. They took our dollars and touted their "gay owned and operated" mantra to anyone who would hear it. Along the way, they donated some money to various charities here and there, but they are a for-profit business.

    They are as fake as 90% of the pictures on their site - MH markets that you'll log on and hook up, but instead you get screwed by the Supreme Court if batshit crazy "countries dont invade other countries in the 21st century" McCain and the pill head wife are installed in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    Posted by: Mike Boston | Aug 15, 2008 9:31:05 AM

  4. I guess the gay Republicans who claimed that no one would cancel their ManCunt subscription were wrong, wrong, wrong.

    Posted by: Homer | Aug 15, 2008 9:34:42 AM

  5. Who uses manhunt anyway? is free and has a better web site design.

    I thought manhunt went the way of the dinosaurs already. Oh well, it will due to nothing else then Free (paid for by advertisers) vs payhunt

    Also for those that don't know it yet, is surpassing facebook and myspace as the social networking place for gays. Evereyone at the bars and clubs now a days are all "connexion this and connexion that"

    Posted by: Jimmyboyo | Aug 15, 2008 9:37:06 AM

  6. There is more outrage launched at a Soap Opera ATWT and a gay kiss, than so many other issues. Gay men launch website for a gay kiss but not for affordable HIV treatments.

    Gay men have become something to disregard after they have been given there pound of glossy, muscle flesh to look at. There seems to be nothing more required to appease the masses.

    How about it Andy, stop running these silly stories about pretty guys especially the straight ones, you have a VERY popular website but how many followers would desert you if you were to stop. I challenge you to go 5 days. Andy and others are responsible just as Crutchley. Just look at the advertisers, mostly sex, the promise of sex and/or half naked men. Gay men know what gay men want and give them nothing more than that.

    Now before someone makes a big statement, "start your own blog"; I ask did you start you own network or did you pressure ABC and CBS to change and add more gay content. How about less gay content that is SEX based and nothing but revenue gains?

    How much do you make each month or year from your advertisers Andy?

    There is corruption and disappointment with groups like the HRC that have aligned themselves with the "rich and pretty" gay white men. They use their annual dinners as a who's who and can I bed them affair.

    HIV continues to rise because if you are looking for sex constantly you are going to make a mistake; it is sad that how many gay men will let an attractive, muscular and unobtainable (normally) man bareback them for validation and then get on a moral pedestal when they get there test and it is negative.

    Constant drug use because that is what it means to be gay is to take drugs and dance the night away.

    Now these behaviors and actions are NOT all gay men but if perceptions rule the universe that is what is being seen and discussed.

    Posted by: WTF | Aug 15, 2008 9:38:08 AM

  7. I started a website last night called I just threw it up and am not much of a web geek but I feel like this is something really important and agree with those above who think that his removal from the board doesn't begin to deal with the issues raised by Crutchley's donation and running of for all these years.

    I care very much about being betrayed. I care very much that my money has been going to a "gay" company who has used that money to oppress me. It's mind boggling to me that there are gay men here who read this news and don't get it.

    Anyway, for those who do care drop a line and lets see if we can form a coalition of people to fight back against Manhunt.

    As long as he is making money from gay men there needs to be an opposition to his business.

    Posted by: Mr. Liberal | Aug 15, 2008 9:46:10 AM

  8. To Jimmyboyo: Connexion is still around?

    To WTF's last post: All very excellent points that miss one essential thing - gay MEN. Men are pigs and sex focused, be they straight, gay, white, blue, orange, hung, dinky, cut, uncut, etc. To presume that men could/would refrain from a sex focus is naive. I don't know a straight man who would do it - look at how women are treated, viewed, and marketed in society/advertising/entertainment. The problems you address are deeper ingrained in the culture as a whole and have to be addressed by parents - parents being honest vs fostering the fixation on taboos.

    Posted by: Ben | Aug 15, 2008 9:49:08 AM

  9. I have to agree with WTF that this is not just a concern for the Manhunt owner this a problem for all gay men "running a business"; there is just too much sex posted, hook up sites for advertisers, too many parties posted to attend; is there anything else that matters?

    Just because the person is gay and liberal does not make them any less responsible for the content and message of their websites.

    Posted by: ConcernedGay | Aug 15, 2008 9:56:19 AM

  10. This is why you don't bite the hand that feeds you!

    Posted by: scott | Aug 15, 2008 10:03:19 AM

  11. WOW Ben that is one the saddest statements I have ever read about gay men and it comes from another gay man I am assuming.

    Further evidence that you have been seduced to believe that you are nothing but your sex drive; so very sad. This is why all these materials are aimed towards you cock.

    Do you feel better about yourself; does this notification and proclamation give you permission to be more sexually active. So very sad that gay men who have more free time than other social groups (this is not true in ALL cases) due to no children think this low of themselves.

    How many of you agree with Ben?

    Posted by: WTF | Aug 15, 2008 10:08:17 AM

  12. Jesus, WTF, you are tying HIV infection rates and barebacking to Andy posting pictures of shirtless men on this site? Lighten up. The two are not correlated. I'm sure the majority of gay men are perfectly capable of enjoying a little eye candy (there's enough ugly in the world to not appreciate beauty in all its forms, including the physical) and being responsible people.

    Posted by: Alex | Aug 15, 2008 10:12:19 AM

  13. Step 1: Set up a hook-up site.
    Step 2: Support a candidate that wants to oppress gays and give companies less taxes.
    Step 3: Watch as candidate drives gay community underground.
    Step 4: Watch as gay community goes to hook-up site out of desperation.
    Step 5: Profit!

    At this point, the only way MH could redeem itself is by buying out Crutchley's share and telling him to fuck off. Since that's not going to happen, keep chewing away at that bottom line.

    Posted by: Iko | Aug 15, 2008 10:12:23 AM

  14. I do think men in general are more sex oriented, but I don't think that in and of itself is a bad thing. Sex can be a fun and liberating experience and it's certainly better for the human race than war and violence and hatred.

    I think the issue becomes when sex becomes a means for people to be shamed or belittled. Objectification is also an issue. Sex shouldn't strip people of their humanity, but rather remind us that we are all human with desires, strengths, shortcomings, vulnerabilities. I don't mind sex being a major component of gay culture (I think it's a great reaction to our very Puritanical attitudes to sex in the US), but as long as there is plenty of dialogue about it so it doesn't become harmful or negative.

    Posted by: Alex | Aug 15, 2008 10:19:31 AM

  15. McSAME is the real whore in all of this. yes, with all of the donations coming in you cannot possibly know where it's all coming from, however McSAME has proven time and time again that he is a fraud. (too numerous of reasons to list here)

    Obama actually gets a higher rating than Hillary, and I like Hillary, so any gay person that votes for McSAME because they have some axe to grind should have their head examined.

    Bring on the debates, please.

    Posted by: Mark in Florida | Aug 15, 2008 10:22:41 AM

  16. corection to the above post: "Obama actually gets a higher rating than Hillary"

    I was refering to Human rights campaign rating.


    Posted by: Mark in Florida | Aug 15, 2008 10:24:45 AM

  17. WTF,

    What's with the new screen name? You were taking a little heat for a few stupid (and LOOOOONNNNNGGGGGGG) comments as Charles (in the original Nebraska wrestler post), and suddenly you're WTF?

    Very troll, Miss Thing. Very troll.

    Posted by: 24play | Aug 15, 2008 10:28:04 AM

  18. Andy - You are awesome thanks for exposing and shining the light on these disgusting men. You are right on. These hypocrites make me sick - and any of you defending a gay republican needs to really examine your own self loathing. It is no different than if you were an african american supporting a business run by David Duke!!!!! A Jew supporting a business run by Hitler!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!! MONEY TALKS!!!!!!

    Posted by: William | Aug 15, 2008 10:29:31 AM

  19. I like Basile's statement and think you Queens all have your panties in a bunch over nothing. It's $2300 people - it's not like they're funding Al-Qaeda. And...

    Mr. Liberal: why don't you use your efforts and time to set up a website that will truly effect change: like rallying gays to campaign against McCain all over the country?

    Posted by: Alex | Aug 15, 2008 10:36:26 AM

  20. People like TomTom are pathetic. Jeez, could anyone imagine what the country would be like if MLK and the other Civil Rights activists held the same apathy?

    Most Gay Republicans are the scum of the Earth. This bullshit about having the right to vote for Republican candidates who are anti-gay reflects utter contempt.

    These people are parasites who benefit from the hard work of liberals, some of whom have been murdered for their beliefs, MLK, Harvey Milk, or the recent church rampage victims.

    Let's be blunt, many of these people are white guys who have benefited from their position as white guys. They can divorce themselves from the suffering of others because they can pass for straight, have money, or are comfortable in their racism.

    Seriously, how can anyone vote for a candidate who is against ENDA?

    Posted by: noah | Aug 15, 2008 10:37:47 AM

  21. dang, there are two Alex's here.

    i did not write that last post.

    Posted by: Alex | Aug 15, 2008 10:52:32 AM

  22. "ALL PR IS GOOD PR" according to manhunt. They're laughing all the way to the bank. It will be interesting to see behind the scenes and reveal whose actually running the show there. Let's see how their leadership tries to turn this one will be very good....or result in their company's demise.

    Any gay person knows you're better off below the radar....guess they'll find out what happens now that they're blipping all over the government's screen.

    Posted by: nomoremanhunt | Aug 15, 2008 11:00:21 AM

  23. I agree with Ben and Alex, and honestly couldn't get through WTF's dreck. Sexuality is the ONLY common denominator amongst the gay population, so it makes sense to me that it play a large part in our lives.

    And admiring the physique of someone I find attractive, straight or gay--who the fuck cares anyway, it's just a photo--does not make one self loathing.

    And back to web hook up sites--nobody cruises in the bars anymore. The culture has changed, like it or not. It's up to you to decide what 's best for you. Stop criticizing other people's choices.

    Posted by: Mark in NYC | Aug 15, 2008 11:04:51 AM

  24. How could someone who considers being labeled a liberal an insult ever have chosen to start a gay sex sight with a bunch of liberals?

    I have many friends, coworkers and family that are moderate or right of center, some will support McCain, that's their choice.

    The difference is, the don't earn money from me through business that could not even exist were it not for the advancement of gay civil rights. Rights won entirely by liberals.

    As much as I appreciate the board acting quickly on this, I'm still not going to want to help fatten his wallet anymore.

    Posted by: DJSauvage | Aug 15, 2008 11:07:41 AM

  25. Mark, the Cock and Eagle in NYC are still cruisy thank god (and there's always Fire Island in the summer).

    I try to be flexible with where I cruise. I think more options are good.

    I am old school, however, and I prefer to hookup with someone I've met in a public place and determined I have some sort of chemistry with. Some photos and a bunch of stats don't really tell me anything.

    What I do find a little weird is that if you're looking for a relationship, it seems the hookup sites are the places where most single guys congregate (places like are a big waste of time and money, IMO) and it's weird navigating a sexually charged site looking for a deeper connection with someone. I haven't quite figured out the balance for myself yet.

    Posted by: Alex | Aug 15, 2008 11:16:14 AM

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