Manhunt Responds to Account Cancelation Over McCain Donation

I’ve updated yesterday’s Manhunt/McCain post with an email from one of our readers who canceled his Manhunt account received from them. It reads:

Dear Sir, We are always happy to hear from our members, thank you for taking the time to express your concerns. The subject that you have brought to our attention is a personal matter and is not representative of MANHUNT. We thank you for your understanding.

Sincerely, Team MANHUNT

It’s not representative of Manhunt the company, of course. Only Manhunt’s owner Jonathan Crutchley, who is raking in millions of dollars from gay men around the world and donating some of it to help elect a presidential candidate who opposes same-sex marriage and adoption by same-sex couples, supports “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” and opposes ENDA. He has also also said he doesn’t know whether or not condoms prevent the spread of HIV.

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  1. says

    “Libertarians are Republicans who want to have sex and smoke dope.” Tom Hartman. Not a bad world view, but completely impossible in our enormous and complex society. Now days it just means, “I got mine. Screw you.”

  2. 24play says


    Am I to understand from your comment above that you are the “Roger” who on 8/9 pointed out in the comments of a Crutchley interview on that Crutchley is a McCain donor?

    Shall I assume that you were Andy’s source for this story? Although Andy’s original post about this matter mentions prior reporting by HuffingtonPost, there is no link, and a search of that site returns no story with the word “Crutchley” in it.

    I had been wondering who Andy’s source was, since Manhunt competitor is an advertiser on this (and many, many other) prominent gay blog(s).

  3. Mike says

    Wow, all they want is a credit card number, and, can’t even be man enough of a comapny to give a proper reply to a serious question and cancellation. Anyone who pays for a “membership” on that sex site is beyond a fool, since its no better than Dobson’s Focus on the “family.”

  4. crispy says

    This whole situation has just been horrible.

    Yesterday in the comments, I read that one guy and his boyfriend were canceling their Manhunt account. They’re gonna have to have sex with each other now!

  5. craig says

    Lay off already. I was pilloried on these same pages last week for supporting McCain as a gay Dem. Does this community embrace political diversity or are many here just as close-minded as those on the Right? Newsflash: There’s a far larger American agenda at stake than just DADT, ENDA and SSM. Go John Go.

  6. John says

    Let’s not forget Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was a policy enacted by Clinton, Obama is against gay marriage and while Obama has said he wants to end Don’t Ask Don’t Tell he has far from committed to actually doing it, only saying that he thinks he could. I don’t trust that Obama will actually go to bat over it for us.

    Oh, and the reason gay marriage is banned on a federal level is the defense of Marriage Act, signed by Clinton.

    Both parties have fucked us over and will continue to fuck us over. The democratic party says their our supporters but at the end of the day they really haven’t been doing us any favors, they are responsible for two of the biggest discriminatory federal policies around, DOMA and Don’t Ask, Don’t tell.

  7. Marco says

    It’s a personal matter he brought to the pages of a national magazine.

    Well, it’s personal to me too. I take equality very, very personally and so does my money.

  8. says

    I have no problem with the Manhunt guy donating his money to a campaign.

    I have no problem with his losing money from people who decide to cancel because of who he donated money to.

    This is why as a business owner I don’t donate money to campaigns but my time.

    I do think that someone ending their account is fine but don’t peer pressure people into not doing business with someone. Make your own statement don’t make threats.

  9. Are you people all retarded? says

    I for one am actually quite PROUD of the owner of Manhunt coming forward and NOT BEING AFRAID to express who he is supporting in this election… I mean it’s not easy being a gay republican with all of you pathetic liberals raising your overly tanned faces and squeeling voices to make us ASSIMILATE to be just like you. If I could vote 1000 times I would vote for McCain and trust me there are PLENTY more of us fags and lesbians out there who will be doing just the same.

    And FYI you can add Neil Patrick Harris to the list of gay republicans because he is going to Minnesota to throw his support at the Republican Convention (along with Maggie Gyllenhaal, that’s right Jake’s sister)…and methinks that good old Jake is a Republican too.

    Republicans win elections because no one can force you one way or another when you are in that voting booth which way to pull the lever…

  10. pickles says

    I cancelled instantly. THANK YOU Towleroad for keeping us informed. Clearly, Manhunt is COMPLETELY tied to Jonathan Crutchley. There is not even a shred of independence from his blood money to McCain. “Team MANHUNT” can dream on.

    Maybe it’s time shove a hankie in your back pocket, turn the computer hook-up sites off, go out the door and make a real connection.

    If a dorky gay Republican can’t see the idiocy of his convictions, he’ll at least feel it in his thirty million dollar pocketbook.

  11. Marco says

    John, thanks for the latest “Clinton did it” reminder. I know I couldn’t get through another day without hearing how terrible Clinton and the Democrats are from those with the historical perspective of the lead character in Memento.

  12. Mike says

    I just went into Manhunt, cancelled my acct, and changed my profile headline to “BOYCOTT MANHUNT”… I’ve had it with fags who enjoy the benefits of progressive politics and the gay rights movement while supporting anti-gay causes and politicians.

  13. says

    If NPH and Maggie Gyllenhaal are voting Repug, then they are just moronic (and NPH’s “normal” comment not makes me even more angry).

    I’m sorry but after the last 8 years of sheer neo-con idiocy, to vote for a man who wants more of the same is lunacy. Have you seen the state of the economy? The war in Iraq? The attacks to women’s reproductive rights? The courting of the crazies in the Conservative Christian Right? McCain would be more of the same.

    I have no illusions about Obama being the knight in shining armor for the gays–but he’s come out and said that he shouldn’t be. We shouldn’t wait for a politician to tell us it’s okay to fight for our equality. I bet you dollars to donuts McCain would never say such a thing. He’d make more patronizinga and offensive comments about adoption and marriage.

    The truth of the matter is 8 years of Bush/Rove/Cheney have pretty much driven the spirit, morale, economy and reputation of this country into the ground. We need to make a 180 from all this. And McCain is more like a 5 degree turn.

    No thank you.

  14. says

    …and your point, “24play”?

    In the first place, Andy does some pretty good work, researching his own stuff…

    beyond that, this little fact has been gradually spreading, up to and beyond the publication of MJGross’s article…

    and finally, what does it matter who the “source” is, if the information is accurate? The source is irrelevant to the point.

    Personally, I hope, fervently, that this becomes a movement with momentum; and that gay men actually DO take action in numbers that affect Manhunt. We won’t make ’em go broke; but some high-visibility press and make ’em a tad uncomfortable (although, not for long; as troytooner says, they’ve got theirs…screw everyone else) AND it might have SOME impact on the McCain Campaign for the acceptance of the contribution and it’s source to become more public….

  15. what a load towler says

    I think its wild that a supposed new media site takes a Fox News approach to journalism — i.e. witch hunting against people in a Democracy with respect to how they choose to vote. I’m for Obama, but I totally respect the rights of Gay people to vote however they choose, without fear of retribution from the thought police. Totalitarianism knows no political affiliation, which is why the left has as much blood on its hands as the right when it comes to repression. Towleroad should get back to reporting, and leave the advocacy pseudo-journalism to joemygod et al.

  16. says

    I just read that Gawker item and my apologies to NPH and Ms. Gyllenhaal. They are representing the Creative Coalition–a nonpartisan arts advocacy group. The kind of group that NEEDS to be at the GOP convention.

  17. Derrick from Philly says

    “…political diversity”

    Gay people (just like black people) really can’t afford such a thing.

    No right-wing faction in the Democratic Party has the power to influence the choosing of federal judges–judges who can decide whether any state has the right to take away your rights because you are a homosexual. All Republican judicial appointments are “gifts” to the religious right in the GOP.

    What does the Republican Party have to offer you that trumps your right to exist, and be treated as a full American citizen? Low taxes?

  18. says

    Derrick, to add to your point: Low taxes + increased spending is what’s ruined our economy and overtaxed our military in the first place.

    For all of Clinton’s flaws (and I loved the man immensely until he pretty much made a giant fool of himself this year), he actually balanced the freakin’ budget and the US was actually economically prosperous during that time.

  19. says

    I’m sure he knows, that drug addicted, lonely self-hating gay men are going to spend more time & money on his site than happy, married, accepted gay men would.
    It’s greedy self interest.

    What it boils down to is I don’t want to support a person that is only successful because of the advancement of gay rights, and yet speaks of me, a liberal, with disgust while taking my money.

  20. Jason says

    Nice try, “Retarded,” but it seems as though NPH and Maggie are going to Minnesota for WORK:

    “What is The Creative Coalition?
    The Creative Coalition is the premier nonprofit, nonpartisan social and political advocacy organization of the entertainment industry. Founded in 1989 by prominent figures in the creative community, including actors Alec Baldwin, Ron Silver, Christopher Reeve, Susan Sarandon, Blair Brown and Stephen Collins, TCC educates and mobilizes leaders in the arts community on issues of public importance, specifically in the areas of First Amendment rights, arts advocacy and public education.”

    So they may or may not be GOPers. Even if they are they don’t come off as psychotic comme vous.

  21. peterparker says


    I don’t know if I was Andy’s ‘source’ for his post on this story yesterday or not. But at 8:26 AM Pacific Standard Time, I sent him the message that I have pasted below. I believe it was roughly an hour later that the story was posted on towleroad. I think Andy does *great* work keeping us informed about political matters, so I hope I was his source. But what really matters is that the story is now out in the blogosphere, and hopefully gay men everywhere will see fit to abandon Manhunt.



    Andy…can you *please* report on this!? In April 2007 there was an interview with Jonathan Crutchley, one of the owners/founders of On August 9, 2008, someone posted a comment following the article accusing him of being a Republican. And then he (apparently) replies, saying that he has donated to McCain and that, basically, national security is more important than gay rights.

    I followed up by checking and doing a donor lookup of jonathan crutchley. He donated $100 to Bob Dole in 1995 and $2,300 to McCain earlier this year. Here is the link to that information if you want it:

    And here is the link to the interview:

    Can you imagine what the mainstream press would do with the information that McCain had accepted the maximum individual campaign donation from the owner/founder of a gay sex hookup site?!


  22. noteasilyoffended says

    Guys, I think there is a very big difference between respecting another person’s right to their political beliefs and financially enabling those persons. I, for one, think that the owners of Manhunt have every right to support whomever they feel inclined to. Equally, I have every right to NOT give any of my hard-earned money to them. Respect and enabling are two very different things. I cancelled my membership on Manhunt and sent an e-mail as to why.

  23. paul says

    Well…I don’t know what to say about the owners of Manhunt and the supporting of McCain. i don’t think McCain is a bad man; however, it is scary the people who he may bring with him…the James Dobsons of the world. These are dangerous people because they truly believe above all else that their way is the only way and that is where we are no longer a free society.
    As far as the source of this article…I thought OUT magazine did a story about Manhunt recently. I have the magazine but haven’t read it yet.
    I am just dumbfounded by the amount of money these guys are pulling in.
    the main problem i have with them is they seem more concerned with their money, which republicans tend to do, and less concerned with the rights of others even if it is those rights that have allowed them to make the good living that they have.
    the main problem I do have with McCain is I just feel that the group he represents could care less about everyone except the top 1% of the country…i.e. the Dick Chenneys of the world. George Bush is a boob, but let’s not forget he didn’t screw it all up on his own he has plenty of help…it is time to clean house and get some fresh blood in there!! :)

  24. 24play says


    I agree that Andy does a fantastic job and has broken a number of important stories.

    But it was fairly clear from the original post (from the unsubstantiated HuffingtonPost reference) that this story was the product of a tip that came over the transom. And since the story has the potential to do tremendous damage to Manhunt, a primary competitor of Towleroad advertiser, I was suspicious of where the information came from.

    I never doubted Andy’s motives or ethics. But with the timing of this and the Out piece, I wondered if maybe PlanetOut was making a concerted press play in order to damage Manhunt, and had somehow fed this story to Towleroad. I thought that was actually pretty unlikely, since the buffoons at PlanetOut can’t seem to plan anything out. Still, I wondered.

    If Matthew was the source, I may have my answer.

  25. Michael says

    Just curious how long it will be before the McCain campaign returns the donation. Once the fundies get wind of this tainted donation it’s bound to be refused.

  26. 24play says


    Thank you for your reply.

    BTW, I’m delighted that this has all come out and fully support a gay boycott of Manhunt. I really was just wondering if there was more to the timing of the events of the past week (Out story, PlanetOut threatened with NASDAQ delisting, Towleroad reporting on Crutchley’s McCain donation) than mere coincidence. It is an unprecedented lot of bad press for Manhunt in a very short period of time.

  27. says

    maybe a more effective approach would be for a massive grassroots campaign to get everyone to cancel their paid premium-account… this way horny-homos can still connect and get their rocks off using the site but Crutchley wont be getting our money. the main difference between a paid account and a free account is that you can’t embiggen the photos on a free account. i bet you could get more people to cancel their premium access rather than cancel their account and really make a dent in MH’s bottom line. just a thought.

  28. Acolyte says

    Derrick: Thanks for the much needed sanity injection…it’s clearly needed around here.

    Repeating the “Clinton signed DOMA and DADT” canard is akin to saying that Woodrow Wilson sure didn’t do much in the way of civil rights for blacks–it was a DIFFERENT FUCKING TIME. Should Clinton have done it? Probably not. Though as has been pointed out numerous times, the alternatives could have been much worse, and politics doesn’t always travel in the linear fashion we’d like it to.

    There was a time, back in the good old days, when one could use the “I’m a socially liberal but fiscally conservative Republican” line and actually find Republicans on the national level (i.e., Eisenhower, Rockefeller, Ford) for whom to vote. Those days are gone. The Modern Republican party is a wholly owned subsidiary of Christo-fascists who would love nothing better than to undo the civil-rights advances of the last century or so, and the Corporatocracy, who, like Mr. Crutchley, don’t give a damn about anything beyond their own bottom line.

    As for self-proclaimed “Independents”, whose ignorance of contemporary political reality is eclipsed only by their egos, thanks so much for giving us 8 years of the worst president in US history. Fucktards.

  29. Mark says


    You aren’t a gay democrat you are a republican and most likely a racist who would rather vote against your own self interests to vote for a senile old homophobic white guy. Political diversity doesn’t including voting for people who rather see you dead.

  30. critifur says

    I fully support a person who decides to cancel their membership with Manhunt as a way to protest the profits going to the GOP. I just do not believe it would be widespread enough to make much difference.

    Everyone should be aware that many companies give heavily to right wing causes directly related to anti-gay legislation, though the owners themselves are not gay. The owner of Urban Outfitters for one has been widely reported spending a huge amount on right wing causes. I do not see us ever giving up spending at our favorite discount store Target. The Dominoes Pizza founder spent his profits building an ultra right-wing Catholic town, yes a whole town, with a college and institutionalized anti-gay policies. I made a decision not to shop at Urban Outfitters, and certainly never bought a pizza from Dominoes, but I still shop at Target. So many more companies support the right, I am not even sure I could live comfortably without the power company, bank, Media conglomerates…

    I write this knowing I indirectly give money to the causes I loath everyday. It would take a great deal of work to be an activist just in our daily spending. That said, I will also not support Manhunt, there is always Dudesnude, D-List, Adam4Adam, M4M…

  31. Derrick from PHilly says


    You must be talking about some other CRISPY on some other blog.

    Sometimes y’all get really confused about who is posting what around here.

  32. Jason says


    that’s a good idea but the only problem is that MH still makes money off of people just clicking onto the site. They go to their advertisers and demand big bucks because they can say, “X amount of people visit the site everyday.” So the only way to hurt MH is to cease ALL use of it.

  33. crispy says

    Mark, hon, we need to talk… I believe you meant to reply to Craig’s comment. I am not only voting for Obama, but I would totally bone him.

    Once again for the newbies… the name of the commenter appears BELOW their comment, not above.

  34. peterparker says

    I don’t understand you people who insist that there are far larger issues at stake than marriage equality, the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, ENDA and the repeal of DOMA. If one does not have the same civil rights and the same opportunities as the rest of the population, how can ANYTHING possibly count as a greater issue? How can you justify supporting any cause other than doing everything in one’s power to break down those barriers to civil rights and opportunities?

    And if you think the Republicans are going to be the ones to make us equal in the eyes of the law, I assure you, they will not. In 2003, two Republicans crafted the language for and sponsored the current Federal Marriage Amendment. The lawmakers who voted in favor of the Federal Marriage Amendment were overwhelmingly Republican. And while Bill Clinton brought us Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the fact of the matter is that the man initially tried to end the ban on gays in the military entirely. It was one of the first things he did in office and he lost considerable political capital doing it. (Clinton was forced to abandon his effort to totally lift the ban on gays in the military after Congressional phone lines were swamped with calls the opposed his efforts.) As for ENDA, it was a bipartisan effort sponsored by two Republicans and two Democrats.

  35. says

    Mark: I think you mean to criticize Craig, not Crispy!

    I think the best tactic is to get this news to the right wing folks, so McCain will have to return the money.

    As an insider posted yesterday, there are TWO owners, one Republican, one Democrat. Only one of them contributed to McCain. The other has contributed to Obama and Dems.

  36. SexyBack says

    What’s with all the LCRs calling us names just because we don’t like McCain? Yes, we all know Obama is a centrist who falls short on many issues – but where he’s missing it by an inch, McCain’s light years behind.

    We need a President who can lead and command, but we also need one who will not veto every bill that is beneficial to LGBT projects, children’s health care, minorities, etc. And that is what McCain would do. Veto, veto, veto, then add GOP judges to every court to make certain the status quo remains.

    Stop using liberal as an insult – it isn’t one. And the words retard/retarded are really offensive, so please lay off using those too. Cheers!

  37. says

    jason.. yeah.. i know how their model works.. good point.. but i still think that a couple of months of dramatically reduced sub-dollars would send a pretty strong message to mr. crutchley. they have to be making more money off of subs than banner ads.. no way they could command too high of a CPM from a couple of fetish sites and an enema company, right??

    ohhh… maybe we should get people to send emails to their advertisers! get a couple of them to write some letters and either pull or threaten to pull advertising…


  38. Aaron says

    I cancelled. And i’m a VVGL twenty something stud. I also emailed everyone i met on the site with the information before cancelling. I know lots of people who were just looking for an excuse to cancel. No time like the present.

  39. says

    Keeping this simple.
    My manhunt account is now cancelled.
    Won’t be renewing again.
    Whoever said tat nothing comes between gay men and sex doesn’t now me or my social circle. We care about a multitude of issues, sex being one, and have enough self worth and social conscience to have no financial involvement with a corporation owned by a self loathing individual who is willing to place right wing ideology over his own rights and freedoms.
    I respect everyone’s right for free will and don’t condemn anyone who chooses to keep their membership, but that’s just not the way I roll.

  40. says

    i’m sending emails to advertisers now and urging them to pull advertising from manhunt with a ling to the original towleroad post. sent to folsom street fair, fort troff, hothouse video and others.

  41. Jersey says

    I’ll be cancelling tonight. Had to work late yesterday and didn’t log on last night. There are other sites to choose from who don’t funnel your money to homophobes.

  42. Gordo says

    The concept of “diversity” is based on who people *are*, not what they asserting to be true. Republicans and McCain supporters want to be free from anyone challenging their “facts” and they do so by claiming that stupidity and a bullheaded attachment to ideology should be free from criticism.

    That’s not diversity.

    And the whole “thought police” thing, as though when people think and research and pay attention and come to similar conclusions, pointing out to people who appear to be getting it wrong it is a form of oppression. Being disagreed with is not oppression. Not being able to defend your assertions means you lose the argument.

  43. Rob says

    Gay Republicans are self-serving morons. Yes, there are more issues than just the “gay agenda” however, Republicans are equally horrible on those issues. (War, economy, tax breaks for the rich, corporate rule)
    One of the biggest problems we have is a Federal judiciary that is overflowing with Republican appointees. The Supreme Court has tilted so far right that the former right-wingers are now cast as middle of the road.
    The gay marriages in California are occurring because the state supreme court was not packed by Republican politicians.
    People generally do not realize the significance of who gets to make judicial appointments. If we end up with Bush III (McCain) then the current administration’s ploy to have birth control labeled as abortion will not be struck down by a Supreme Court that will continue its reactionary tilt .

  44. yoshi says

    @derick from philly

    The problem with your comment is that judges should not be responsible for the very items you mention. They are the purview of the legislative branches. And we are winning. The democratic system in our country is not fast – but it eventually figures things out.

    People – get educated. What you are also forgetting is that companies and their investors give money to all sorts of various causes. A company that may be GLBT friendly is also giving to causes that damage our freedoms and the economy in other ways (say a financial company trying to keep mortgage requirements loose). If you are voting solely on GLBT issues then you are shooting yourself in the foot since Obama has stated his opposition to gay marriage.

  45. yoshi says

    @derick from philly

    The problem with your comment is that judges should not be responsible for the very items you mention. They are the purview of the legislative branches. And we are winning. The democratic system in our country is not fast – but it eventually figures things out.

    People – get educated. What you are also forgetting is that companies and their investors give money to all sorts of various causes. A company that may be GLBT friendly is also giving to causes that damage our freedoms and the economy in other ways (say a financial company trying to keep mortgage requirements loose). If you are voting solely on GLBT issues then you are shooting yourself in the foot since Obama has stated his opposition to gay marriage.

  46. CHAD says

    IT’s time that white trash like the owners of “manhunt” be exposed for the lowlives that they are,they make money off gay people and funnel that money right back to people who would take every right away from gay people,thats disgusting and should never be rewarded period. And for the gays that use rightwing buzz words like “thought police”screw you. This isnt about policing thoughts or sex or morality as the gop that you vote for does. This is about gays having some morality and saying we arent going to pay for hypocritical fat asses who make their money of gays back period, And like ive said before most of the wealthy and educated in this country now vote dem because of social issues,so this tax or keep us safe bs is wearing thin as an agrument to justify your vote for people that want you dead,dont vote,vote green ,of course vote dem,but if you are gay and vote republican,you deserve what the gop wants for all gays,they want to see you dead.

  47. Michael Bedwell says

    Paul, unlike so many Faggots cheering for Massa from his Porch today, I trust you mean well, but here’s what wrong with your sentence, “I don’t think McCain is a bad man; however, it is scary the people who he may bring with him.”

    1. If actively working to ban marriage equality in his home state; if denouncing not just “gay marriage” but also domestic partnerships; if suddenly shifting his earlier position and saying he now could support a US Constitutional amemdment [see below]; if opposing gay adoption; if opposing ENDA; if opposing including gays in hate crime protections; if supporting DADT doesn’t make McCain “bad” what would?

    2. There is no “may” but rather WILL “bring with him” the homohating psychos whom he is trying to attract with the ever-more fascistic positions above. The McCain running today is not the same McCain who denounced Jerry Falwell and his tribe in 2000 as “agents of intolerance.” It’s the McCain who later said he “spoke in haste” and was the Official Rimmer er Commencement Speaker at Falwell’s School for Future Fascists in 2006, the transparency of his motives noted, among other places, in this cartoon:…/s400/mccain-op-falwell.jpg

    Or would you prefer this “How Did He Humiliate Himself, Let Me Count the Ways” photo of him with Bush:

    In 2004, McCain said that an amendment to the US Constitution banning marriage equality is “antithetical in every way to the core philosophy of Republicans.” In 2006, McCain “‘reconfirmed’ to Falwell that he would support a federal constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman if a federal court were to strike down state constitutional bans on gay marriage.” – ABC News, 3/28/06.

    Yes, there ARE other issues besides gay-specific ones in this, as every, election. McCain could have the identical, if imperfect, positions as Obama on all of them and I would still oppose him because:

    McCain is still trying to “win” the Vietnam War in his idiotic “happiness is a warm gun” support for the invasion of Iraq which is no more defensible than it was when it started simply because fewer American soldiers and innocent Iraqis are dying every week.

    McCain had repeatedly demonstrated not just ignorance about the economy but indifference.

    Falsely claims that “the Constitution established the United States of America as a Christian nation.” First read the Constitution, Senator. Then some books on economics.

    Is against universal health care; voted NO on including prescription drugs under Medicare.

    Now says he wouldn’t vote for his own 2006 immigration proposal. Pander much?

    Thinks it’s OK to hold even US citizens as enemy combatants [which means they would have no access to civilian due process].

    Voted NO on preserving habeas corpus for Guantanamo detainees. Voted NO on requiring CIA reports on detainees & interrogation methods.

    Supports Bush doctrine of “pre-emptive war.”

    Voted YES on reauthorizing the PATRIOT Act
    and extending its wiretap provision.

    Voted NO on investigating contract awards in Iraq & Afghanistan.

    Opposes ABM treaty and Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty; wants more and bigger missles.

    Against Bush tax cuts in 2003; for them in 2006. Now says NO tax increases despite cost of war and stratospheric deficit.

    Voted NO on restricting employer interference in union organizing.

    Voted YES on repealing Clinton’s ergonomic rules on repetitive stress.

    He would overturn Roe v. Wade but voted NO on $100M to reduce teen pregnancy by education & contraceptives.

    Supports display of Confederate flag on state property.

    He would increase use of the death penalty.

    Voted YES on limiting product liability punitive damage awards.

    Supports schools teaching creationism, while voting NO on $52M for “21st century community learning centers”, and NO on $5B for grants to local educational agencies, and NO on shifting $11B from corporate tax loopholes to education, but YES on $75M for abstinence education.

    Voted YES on DE-funding renewable and solar energy, while voting NO $3.1B for emergency oil assistance for hurricane-hit areas, and
    NO on reducing oil usage by 40% by 2025.

    Opposes restrictions on assault weapons and ammunition types; voted against Brady Bill & assault weapon ban and voted NO on background checks at gun shows.

    Etc., ad infinitum.

    While not totally as bad as Bush, he is enough like him in the worst ways, particularly in his recantation of HIS OWN prior positions in order to attract the votes of the American Taliban, that anyone who cares about civil liberties [of everyone not just gays], the economy, the environment, health care, education, personal safety, and the REAL ultimate control of the country—the Supreme Court—should run from even considering voting for him.

  48. CHAD says

    IT’s time that white trash like the owners of “manhunt” be exposed for the lowlives that they are,they make money off gay people and funnel that money right back to people who would take every right away from gay people,thats disgusting and should never be rewarded period. And for the gays that use rightwing buzz words like “thought police”screw you. This isnt about policing thoughts or sex or morality as the gop that you vote for does. This is about gays having some morality and saying we arent going to pay for hypocritical fat asses who make their money of gays back period, And like ive said before most of the wealthy and educated in this country now vote dem because of social issues,so this tax or keep us safe bs is wearing thin as an agrument to justify your vote for people that want you dead,dont vote,vote green ,of course vote dem,but if you are gay and vote republican,you deserve what the gop wants for all gays,they want to see you dead.

  49. Bakeley says

    So sad to see so many gay people supporting hate like this.

    And I don’t mean the ones subscribing to Manhunt. I mean people who try to punish anyone with a differing viewpoint. If every straight person withheld their custom from all gay people because they don’t like our “lifestyle,” then we’d be screwed. Good thing the meanest straight people aren’t half as intolerant as some of the posters here.

  50. peterparker says

    Thank you, MICHAEL BEDWELL for pointing out some of the facts regarding McCain!

    And for those of you who think we won’t cancel our Manhunt accounts over this, I cancelled all three of my Manhunt accounts (yes, 3…I’m a whore) and I will *never* have another account there again!

  51. Derrick from Philly says


    maybe judges “should not be responsible” for guaranteeing civil rights for gay people and other minorities in this country, but too often they have–or atleast the courts often begin the process of giving full citizenship to a marginalized group.

    Lord, if we had to depend on state legislators (or governors) to be fair, and provide justice…hell, half of us might be on a chain gang now–not just for having homosex, but for interracial sex too.

    For gay people, Democrats are best for picking federal judges. On a state/local level, I have to depend on gay organizations to tell me which judges to vote for.

    The judiciary is too impportant to allow Republicans to deliver it as a political gift to our enemies.

  52. Philbert says

    The logic that the gay community should accept the owners’ personal views is the same suppresive argument that kept segregation in existence for so long. Some things, like free speech, sometimes go beyond the pale of personal choices.

  53. Die-Gay-Republians says

    Thank you, ANDY..You are doing amazing work. These self-hating republican gays are making all of us sick to our stomachs. Isn’t it time we all banded together and give them all a nasty kick in the place where it hurts them most–their fat wallets. THey remind me of all of those nasty, self-hating republicans from the past like Roy Cohn–they caused so much pain for their fellow gay men and women. I hope they all die MISERABLE deaths, Andy.

  54. craig says offers the best comment on this to date:

    Oh look a gay person named Jonathan Crutchley, founder of some gay thing called, has, er, maxed out a $2,300 donation to John McCain against Barack Obama. People have been sending us this tip like crazy, but whatever? Everyone knows that all gay people not named “Andrew Sullivan” hate Barack Obama for stealing the election from Queen Hillary.

    Lighten up boys.

  55. peterparker says


    I will *never* lighten up until my GLBT brothers and sisters and I have the SAME civil rights and basic opportunities as the rest of the population. Until then, I’m kicking ass and taking names.


  56. Bakeley says

    “Kicking ass and taking names.” Hm. I can’t think of many social revolutions that successfully used that method. Gandhi? No. Can you imagine Martin Luther King, Jr standing up and saying we should “kick ass and take names”? No. In fact, the anti-segregationists most famously struck blows against intolerance by actually *patronizing* segregated establishments. That proved their point louder than any petulant outbursts. Rosa Parks wouldn’t have changed anything if she’d just decided to walk instead of paying her fare on the bus.

    Our personal fury at being excluded is misdirected in this particular fight. Manhunt isn’t excluding us. In fact, many of its staff are gay, liberal, and financially support traditionally gay causes. This “kicking ass and taking names” business isn’t much of a sensible strategy, anyway. It supposes the world is made of black-and-white issues, when in reality everything is grey and persuasion is much more powerful. “Kicking ass and taking names” is using the nuclear option to snuff out a few rats. It’s beneath us. We have to practice what we preach and support equal tolerance and free speech because we claim to demand it for ourselves.

    If you really want to oppose McCain, articulate why he’s wrong on an everyday basis, as some posters here have done.

  57. echovic says

    peterparker – are you really… spiderman? thanks for kicking ass – particularly gay republican ass!

    these gay republican goons need to wake up to the fact that just because they’re think they’re not stereotypically gay doesn’t mean they’re not: if you like men, you’re the same as any other fag, butch or sissy. some may tan, others may spend an inordinate time looking ‘masculine’ – but we are ultimate one entity, and the sooner we accept that we can cause real and tangible change in this country.

    that we have to even fight for the little we get from our elected leaders & judiciary is insane to me: we’re not asking for Cadillacs here – we’re asking for basics like the right to marry and not be discriminated against/killed/fired because of our sexuality.

    And that is so controversial?

  58. Michael Bedwell says

    Bakeley, before you entirely contradicted yourself by saying that everything is grey but then defined what “we have to practice” as black and white, you totally misrepresent the civil rights movement.

    Rosa Parks wasn’t trying to end racist seating on Montgomery’s buses by “patronizing” them and paying her fare. The legendary boycott in which thousands INCLUDING her DID walk [and share cars, etc.] was finally triggered [after earlier failed efforts that she had been involved in] when she was too physically and spiritually tired one day to give up her seat to a white person as ordered [as she and others had been countless times before]. She refused, was arrested, and the rest is history.

    MLK, Jr., most certainly took and named names. Equality was not a high school debate subject to him as it seems to you and other posters, after which to adjourn for tea and cookies but life and death matter [e.g., the much greater black infant mortality rate in the US].

    As a minister he would never have used the phrase “kick ass” but he DID kick ass in the form of physical confrontation with not just those who voted against his rights or gave money to officials who denied them but people with billy clubs, fire hoses, attack dogs, tear gas, and guns. What Yellow Brick Road are you skipping down, Mary?

    Whenever I look back to the days when I was afraid to tell anyone I was gay; when I was fired for being gay; when I was clubbed to the ground by gay bashers and wonder why these decades later such things—and worse—are still happening and I ask myself why, the real answer is always the same.

    It is not becaue of the James Dobsens, the Pete Knights, the Rick Santorums, the Fred Phelps, the George Bushs….it is because of my fellow gay men and women who have so internalized that we don’t deserve dignity and real equality, and have a right to DEMAND them, AND to punish nonviolently any who operate or cooperate in denying them that we remain second class citizens begging for crumbs.

  59. trevor says

    ok people, you can still look at the photos with a free manhunt account, or no account at all, just by typing… then whatever the name of the person you are looking for is…it works ALMOST every time, this way you dont have to have a pay account, i am shocked and grossed out that anyone paid for that shitty site anyways…but yah the 30 million a year is from people’s monthly payments, not the ad revenue…so thats atleast a start and doesnt fuck with your fuckin

  60. peterparker says

    Bakely, I will defend with my dying breath *anyone’s* right to free speech or to vote for the candidate of their choosing. But I will *never* give up my free speech which gives me the right to criticize them for their choice, to tell others about their choice, to boycott their business(es) or to encourage others to boycott their business(es). I’m quashing anyone’s free speech, Bakely. I’m simply using my own free speech to advance my beliefs.

  61. UnionStay says

    Sorry but the Crutchley/Manhunt apologists on here are ridiculous and not once have any of you called out Crutchley for being arrogant/stupid enough to publicly air his pro-Republican/anti-liberal views. Did he NOT consider that this MIGHT alienate some of his customers? Now I don’t run a $30m/yr business so excuse me if I’m overstepping my class here (thank you internet), but what an idiot!

    This isn’t hate – it’s an intervention. So can all you liberals, democrats and gays that work for him stop reading these posts and call him or visit his office and let him know that he totally screwed the pooch because like the record labels and the Scientologists before him, he underestimated people and the power of these ‘series of tubes’.

    Down with McManhunt.

  62. says

    Oh please… so because some liberal gay guy works the customer service line for Manhunt, I’m supposed to roll over and keep sending money every month to a man who’s funneling part of it to the party that’s trying to unravel the threadbare fabric of civil equality that it’s taken our people 30 years to knit? Am I supposed to believe that this guy pays his employees enough to send thousands of dollars to political candidates? I worked customer service in college, and I’d be hella surprised if that’s true.

    Like the previous commenter said, he has every right to support any candidate he wants. And I have every right to pull my financial support from his company if I think that my patronage might be supporting political organizations that are repugnant to me. No one’s trying to sew his lips shut, but I certainly don’t have to help his business stay solvent.

    I’m with you, PeterParker. It’s time we kicked some ass, took some names, and called people out for standing in the way of our equality just to save a few bucks.

  63. says

    I hear there will be at least one announcement coming from the Manhunt folks, many of whom are not happy about Crutchley causing them all this bad press.

    I still say get this news out to the fundies! Let them either put McCain’s feet to the fire to return the $$ or withdraw their support even more!

  64. Bakeley says

    Michael Bedwell, you make a lot of assumptions here, starting with the one that says anyone who uses Manhunt is self-hating and internalizes suppression. You also seem to think that I see the world in black and white, when I think it’s quite clear that I am advocating a more socialized form of expression than simply penalizing a company because one of its employees happens to disagree with me. I could go on (it’s Dobson, not Dobsen; there have been reports that Parks’ bus ride was actually orchestrated to become a test case and that she didn’t act alone), but I would only give you more cause to pick apart minor statements rather than addressing the overall sentiment of my post.

    You seem to think I ought to be lighting my torch and joining the mob because I have (as you say) a “high school debate subject” view of equality. Think what you want– your assumptions are yours to own, but I reject them. The world is more complex than you seem to know, and the more one learns about history, the more one recognizes a pattern: Changes to society almost always happen from the inside out, as people share opposing view over the clink of ice in their cocktail addresses, and from the end of a fire hose.

    Besides, I wouldn’t aggrandize this protest of Manhunt as significant on any level. This guy isn’t the one who beat you up. He donated to a political candidate, which is his right. Directing your anger for the bigoted people who beat you up on *him* is as morally deficient as the bigots who placed their anger for all gay people in *you*. Quit Manhunt, and no one in society at large will even notice. In that, it’s nothing like the civil rights protests of the past. The only thing you will accomplish is cowing certain gay men into thinking they can only have one acceptable viewpoint.

    The reason I reject the Christians is because they insisted I had to be just like them–and now I see so many gay people doing that to their own nemeses. The victim becomes the oppressor and is guilty of exactly the thing he claims to most hate; how charming. Fear is the weapon bigots have used on gay people, and now some of us want to deploy it to demand that all gay people vote the same way. Well, with one breath we claim America is free and everyone should pursue their natures, and in the next we’re trying to take bread from the mouth of a guy who disagrees with us.

    We all ultimately have to live together. Gay people are part of being human and we’re never going away, so the Christian Supremacists must learn to accept that. Likewise, there will always be someone on your team that you don’t entirely agree with. That’s not going to change either, not ever. So how are we going to deal with it? This way? By trying to burn down an entire building because one person inside it is not our purest friend? No thanks. Good luck going through life associating only with people who perfectly agree with you on everything.

  65. says

    i mentioned earlier that i sent some emails to some manhunt advertisers.. one hadn’t heard about donation and was concerned.. two were already aware and were very concerned and a charity said that they were very concerned and were going to talk about it in their next board meeting.

    i say we hit ’em from all sides…

  66. Jesus H says

    Oh my fricken god. Is it really this important? “Funneling?” For christ’s sake!!! He makes a salary, too, right? It’s not like he donated a chunk of Manhunt’s net income to McCain’s campaign! Get off your goddamn soap boxes, ladies.

    The point is that y’all need to focus on what you’re doing to ensure that Obama gets elected, right? If you knew how much money companies funneled to causes that you didn’t support, you’d all be sitting on your sorry asses in the middle of the woods drawing pretty pictures on birch bark with ash from the fire you had to burn to keep warm.

    Get over yourselves.

  67. Bakeley says

    Peterparker, I agree completely about your rights to do whatever you like and to express yourself in the way you see fit. That is not the crux of my point. My objections are more about taking a step back and recognizing that not all of us are giving the same latitude that we want the world to give to us. I admit it’s a quandary. Some of us use our frustration to justify the fact we’re breaking our own rules. That’s fine, but I am pointing out that we’re doing it.

  68. FunMe says

    I will cancel my membership tonight.

    I’m sick and tired of gay republiCONs and all the rest of the pathetic, selfish and self-loathing gays who continue to support policies contrary to their own interests.

    Anyone who is a gay republiCON in this day and age in a party that HATES deserves to be ignored.

  69. says

    Ms. Jesus H…

    it’s issues like this one that piss people of enough that they might actually think about some of the fucking issues and focus on the campaign for a minute or two.

    and.. it’s not just a contribution decision of a private citizen… this is like a Ted Haggerty getting caught with a dick in his mouth sort of thing. A douche who makes millions from a gay sex hookup sight admittedly supports the GOP and McCain’s bid for the Whitehouse. That’s fucked up.

    and.. you don’t think anyone commenting on this post can multi-task? I’m friggin’ reading and commenting on a blog while I’m at work just like nearly everyone else here… and… praise be to JESUS… i manage to find the time to support Obama as well… imagine that?!

  70. Michael Bedwell says

    Bakelite, you still demonstate that you don’t know shit from Shinola about the black civil rights movement, or, apparently, any other. “Changes to society almost always happen from the inside out, as people share opposing view over the clink of ice in their cocktail addresses, and from the end of a fire hose.” Hmmm, not quite certain what you mean by “cocktail addresses” [are you using Google to translate from another language?] and surely there are several words missing to explain mixing cocktails and fire hoses in the same sentence. But perhaps you’re recalling those heartwarming stories Aunt Coretta used to tell about what a great Mint Julep Sheriff Bull Connor made.

    “we’re trying to take bread from the mouth of a guy who disagrees with us”???? That guy believably claims to take in $30 million plus a year off of gay men’s masturbatory fantasies. In the astronomically unlikely event that this boycott succeeded, it would still be he reaping what he sowed. Did you take up a collection for Dr. Laura, too?

    However you parse it, however loud you squeal “everything’s beautiful in its own way,” even apologist you, hopefully, must concede the fact that there are times when one must choose. The smartest philosophy George Bush fils ever expressed was essentially, “The friend of my enemy is my enemy.” I’ll drink to that.

  71. Michael Bedwell says

    History recap: most social change has been FORCED from the OUTSIDE. The Montgomery bus company didn’t suddenly have a change of heart and decide to let Rosa Parks and other blacks sit and keep sitting wherever they wanted. They did it for purely financial reasons.

    But, then, I suppose Bakeley would also have bitch slapped Rosa Parks for “taking bread out of the mouths” of the bus company.

  72. says

    Oh look… Jesus commented. Nice to see you, Jesus.

    Yeah, you’re probably right in saying that if we knew how many of our consumer dollars were being directed toward right-wing organizations we’d be living in colonial Williamsburg. But the difference here is the fact that this guy was stupid enough to reveal it in the press. Bad business decision. Bad.

    Yeah, he makes a salary. His salary comes from my salary, at least in part. And when I am able, I try to make the right decision as to where that money eventually ends up. That’s not a soap box, it’s smart shopping.

    And Bakeley, you seem to be making a conceptual error when you assume that we must maintain some level of tolerance for those who would do us harm. No one’s rights are being squashed here… Crutchley doesn’t have any constitutional right to maintain a solvent business or to be free from ridicule when he publicly sends money to a right wing political party that seeks to do harm to his own community of customers.

  73. Bakeley says

    Michael Bedwell, I find it ironic that you’re commenting on reading comprehension skills. My name is Bakeley, not Bakelite. Also, it’s Dobson, not Dobsen. (Do you expect me to take social lessons from a guy who can’t even spell the name of his supposed adversary?) And now you have me slapping Rosa Parks! Your “shit from Shinola” alliteration was cute, though. If you can’t hack my logic, send out the antiquated drag queen humor rooted in the 1930s. Anyway, as the original Towleroad post says, Manhunt as a company makes $30 million, but not this guy. This guy is just one of the several higher-ups there, many of whom are far more left-leaning.

    Like I said, it’d be like burning down the whole Piggly-Wiggly because one of the managers donated to “wrong” candidate. Then again, if you can’t be trusted to distinguish an apologist from a moderate, which most describes me, let alone the spelling of my name, then I think a more nuanced reading of the issue is out of the question.

    Your reading comprehension skills did shine in that one instance, though: Yes, “addresses” should have been “glasses” and that “and” should have been “than.” Got me there. But I think we’ll agree to differ on the definitions of “the inside” versus “the outside.” I would say the whole turnaround from civil rights bubbled up from the inside of society as civilized people calmly began to distinguish right from wrong; you prefer the think the torches and mobs did the trick. Neither perspective is really something that can be proven, and besides, as a gay guy who can vote and doesn’t have to use a separate bathroom or entrance, a direct analogy on a rights level (as opposed to a methods level) would be somewhat forced anyway.

  74. UnionStay says


    No offense but you do realize that in the end we’re talking about a customer/company relationship here, right? Can you and all those arguing against quitting McManhunt please allow the free market to do its business.

    People have been told by Crutchley himself what he thinks of liberals and will now make an INFORMED decision about continuing to patronize HIS company. BTW, he’s not simply “an employee” but nice try – you know how this works right? You misinform and we rebut with the truth.

    Down with McManhunt.

  75. says

    Thanks for your exceedingly lucid clarification of terms, Gordo! I, for one, concur… I hope the rest were paying attention!

    “The concept of “diversity” is based on who people *are*, not what they asserting to be true. Republicans and McCain supporters want to be free from anyone challenging their “facts” and they do so by claiming that stupidity and a bullheaded attachment to ideology should be free from criticism.

    That’s not diversity.

    And the whole “thought police” thing, as though when people think and research and pay attention and come to similar conclusions, pointing out to people who appear to be getting it wrong it is a form of oppression. Being disagreed with is not oppression. Not being able to defend your assertions means you lose the argument.”

    Posted by: Gordo | Aug 14, 2008 1:55:30 PM

  76. Michael Bedwell says

    “Bakelite” was entirely intentional. After you’ve read “The Civil Rights Movement for Dummies,” you might look it up.

    The problem isn’t my inability to “hack [your] logic.” The problem is there isn’t any.

    It is your jejune rejection of comparisons between the black and gay civil rights movements that is “forced.” Even in Rosa Parks’ time, blacks could legally marry other blacks and receive state and federal benefits associated with marriage; they could adopt; they could serve in the military; and religious teaching that they were inferior was no longer acceptable in mainstream denominations. In most places gays STILL don’t have those rights and benefits TODAY.

    They were still fighting for fairness in employment, housing, public accommodations, etc., and got them legally [however many exceptions in practice there might still be]. In the majority of states, gays have no such legal protections TODAY.

    But all the remedial facts one could marshall would still leave the core problem which is your childish attitude. As long as your clicking your heels together, Dorothy, could you order me a cheeseburger and a fountain Coke? Thanks!

  77. nomadicexpat says

    i emailed them asking how do i turn off my auto pay, they asked why i was doing it and i said with so many choices of online sites i did not want to pay for a site where the owner funnels his earnings to a party trying to limit my freedoms. 15 minutes later i get an email saying my account had been cancelled (note i didnt ask to cancel, i asked to turn off my payment to them and become a free limited member)

    upon complaining they reinstated, but i dont think they liked that i emailed friends telling them about the donations

  78. Tom in Houston says

    At least 10 people I know in Houston cancelled today. I’ve changed my profile to reflect John McCains poor public policy towards LGBT Americans and noted Crutchley’s support for him. I’ll keep the account for a few days, but ONLY if they approve my changes. If they don’t approve it, I’ll ask for my money back as it isn’t prohibited by their TOS. Either way, in three days it will be cancelled. I’ll also see if we can get this noted overseas where Manhunt does business with people who really hate Republicans

  79. JTlvr says

    I called tonight to cancel and the call was bumped up to a supervisor who asked my why I was cancelling. It was quite obvious an attempt to gauge reaction.

    I told him that while Crutchley has every right to donate his own money to whatever organization he wishes, he does so at the peril of his business.

    I cannot in good conscious, support an organzation founded by someone whose VERY PUBLIC ideals contribute to the institutionalized oppression of American citizens and equal status for others, including myself.

    I’ve personally called my friends and am sending out an email blast via MySpace and Facebook. I want people to know, so they can make their own decisions on this.

  80. matt says

    I think I’ll go sign up for Manhunt. It’s nice to see some gay men, like Crutchley, who aren’t completely close-minded. It’s just too bad that most of the gay community act no more like sheep in a flock.

  81. says

    Let’s assume the majority of gay men in the United States are angry with Crutchley because he supports McCain. The majority certainly has a right to cancel their patronage of his business if they want.

    However, I wonder how we would feel if the straight majority of citzens world-wide decided to boycott every gay business owner? Or if they boycotted every fair-minded business that employed gay people? Or every politician who supported gay rights.

    Some of you sound just exactly like the narrow-minded bigots on the far right who want to boycott, shun, and make outcasts of all of us. And since you like to paint with that very same broad brush, that makes you a narrow-minded bigot too.

    The man expressed his opinion by making a contribution. He didn’t try to change your mind or say anything about you. He exercised his right, and quietly. In fact, thanks to him, if McCain is elected at least he will know some reasonable gay people to solicit opinions from.

    So come off your high horses and stop acting like any divergent view must be crushed. If the majority adopted some of the views expressed here, they would have us all hiding in the shadows still.

  82. says

    A gay person being a republican is like a Jew trying to be a good Nazi. The Jews in Germany considered themselves good Germans and thought it would all blow over if they were good Germans. They thought that all the way to the gas chambers.

  83. peterparker says


    There is no comparison between the hypothetical situation you propose of straight people boycotting a business owned by gay folk because the owners/employees are either gay or gay friendly and the current situation of gay men dumping MANHUNT over the donation to John McCain by one of the owners of the site.

    In the first example, the straight people would be boycotting a business solely because of an almost certainly genetic trait (sexual orientation) of the employees/owners or because of gay friendly business practices despite the fact that the straight people were in no way damaged nor disenfranchised by the business practices or sexual orientation of the employees/owners of the business.

    In the situation of gay men dumping MANHUNT over Crutchley’s donation to McCain, the reason for the boycott isn’t based on an unchangeable, almost certainly genetic trait of Crutchley’s that in no way harms GLBT people. No, KIB (BV), the reason is that Crutchley has *chosen* to support a political candidate who has stated his support of positions that rob GLBT citizens of civil rights and opportunities enjoyed by every other American.

    Don’t paint us as being bigots, KIB (BV). It is inaccurate at best, disingenuous at worst.

  84. Mike Boston says

    The other insane thing about this whole story is the fact that this guy would be so dumb as to not understand that his patrons would be offended by this action. I hope for the $30M the site takes in (just FYI, equal to the combined annual budgets of HRC and NGLTF) he’s hired some good crisis management PR folks to help right the ship. At $2.4M per month in pre-advertising revenue and a monthly fee of approx. $13, thats about 185,000 subscribers. If even 1% canceled their accounts in response to this, that about $24,00 per month, or $289,000 per year in lost revenue. Apparently an investment in a “stronger leader” isn’t gonna pay off so well.

    The other part of this story sort of reminds me of the hubris of Steve Rubell at Studio 54. He went on TV and bragged about the huge amount of money they were making. It invited IRS scruitny of their business BIG TIME. Not to say that Manhunt isn’t run well, but some of the legendary horror stories of the co-owners, especially the Democrat of the twosome, are permanent parts of Gay Boston History. Take your hefty paycheck, buy the office a round of new drapes or maybe treat them to some creepy old man pool party, but for god’s sake, don’t give money to Bush2 in 2008. My god, what an idiot.

  85. Rey says

    Toe-the-line Republicans are simply selfish to a pathological degree whether they’re gay or straight.

    It’s just sadder to see people like that in the gay variety. It’s like seeing a homophobic person of color – you’d hope they’d know better.

  86. FunMe says

    Oh, and all the republiCON gays, and the neoCON gays, and the CONservative gays will say something like this:

    “oh, but I thought ‘we’ gays were about accepting each other and our differences, and oh something else, gay marriage, and gays in the military, and oh I don’t know, gay marriage, that’s not ALL that matters.

    Meanwhile the fucking dumb and stupid and self-loathing ‘gay” republiCONs will continue to defend Granpa McCrazyCain and say he is a ‘maverick” and all the nonsense and then you realize, OK, here in towelroad there are a lot of those self-loathing, selfish (mostly stupid or selfish rich) gays who only care about their own riches and keep voting for the guy (mcCrazyCain) who votes against gays.

    and you say … WTF

    Yeah, the issue is the CONservative STUPID gays her who support McCrazyCain and the republiCON .. well like I said because they are STUPID or simply rich and SELFISH for their own riches.

    f*** them!

    There should be NO DEBATE … they should be IGNORED!!!

  87. FunMe says

    And for those STUPID, self-loathing or selfish rich gays I say … get over yourself ‘Mary’!

    besides if you think about it, so called “gay” republiCONs are only thinking of themselves (aka they are SELFISH) and could care less about “gay community” issues or anything else. It is all about their MONEY … fuck them gays like us.

    I say FUCK THEM (i.e. the owners of MANHUNT)

    I hope all you sexual gays go to Adam4Adam or or someonewhere else where you are respected. Manhunt SUCKS!

    And one more time for all those SELF-LOATHING gays who want him:

    get over yourselves MARY!

  88. FunMe says

    And for those STUPID, self-loathing or selfish rich gays I say … get over yourself ‘Mary’!

    besides if you think about it, so called “gay” republiCONs are only thinking of themselves (aka they are SELFISH) and could care less about “gay community” issues or anything else. It is all about their MONEY … fuck them gays like us.

    I say FUCK THEM (i.e. the owners of MANHUNT)

    I hope all you sexual gays go to Adam4Adam or or someonewhere else where you are respected. Manhunt SUCKS!

    And one more time for all those SELF-LOATHING gays who want him:

    get over yourselves MARY!

  89. says

    I had a Manhunt account until yesterday — when THEY cancelled ME for providing links to this news story in my profile. The have (or newly have?) a clause prohibiting political speech in their rules. Funny how they asked members to petition Congress on keeping the Internet free of restrictions last year, but have limits on speech within one’s own personal profile. Are we in China?

    Just as well. It was mostly about entertainment anyway (not real hookups 99% of the time). There are lots of other ways to get my jollies. And it feels better from a political standpoint (sorry Vic Basile — but one bad apple does spoil the whole bunch in this instance).

    Interestingly, Manhunt administrators didn’t say anything about refunding my unused time on the account (about six weeks remaining), nor have they responded to my e-mail request to explain what they’ll do about that. I don’t myself castigate all Republicans as money grubbing, but this lends credence to that argument.

  90. CK says

    So… can anyone clarify for me, does Jonathan Crutchley still gain financially from ManHunt in spite of no longer being Chairman?

    If so, then it matters NOTHING that he has stepped down as chairman, he needs to sell his stake in the company and get the hell out of it altogether before they get any more gay dollars. Simple.

    Otherwise, simply having him step down as chairman is merely papershuffling on ManHunt’s part… empty, meaningless and still as insulting to all gays as before.

  91. Nozarus says

    It is high time that gay men realize that their freedoms can’t defend themselves and that they can let their larger brain control the small brain between their pants.

    It is a sad realization to see how oblivious gay men can be and not show immediate reaction to Manhunt.

    Kudos to all those who keep up the pressure and keep spreading the word, internationally.
    Manhunt is owned by homophobe bigots who support the republican party.

    Now keep repeating the message till it sinks in.

    To those gay men working for Manhunt Corp. , I would say I d rather be homeless than living with the pressure of working for the “SS” or the “Nazis”.

  92. cj says

    cancelled. that’s all, no diatribe. funny thing: it took them less time to cancel my account than it does for them to approve a profile update. methinks there must be a flurry of activity over to the manhunt switchboards. [which i assume are in india at this point.]

  93. MtVernon says

    Yes.. true “nothing comes between” many “gay men and their sex..” I posted an unbiased ad on craigslist suggesting that manhunt members google the phrase “manhunt mccain,” and to my surprise ( it was flagged shortly after.. I assume it was from a log cabin republican that did not want any of the non-log cabin members to cancel their memberships.. either that, or one of the married/closeted republicans that subscribe.. Btw, im still wondering what a chairman of a low maintenance website like manhunt does.. approve x rated pics, maybe? also, it states he left his position as chairman.. does that mean that he still has the same office with the same pay but under a different title doing the same thing?



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