News: ‘Idol’ Chatter, Madonna, HIV Awareness, Phony Rockefeller

Ethanzohn_4 road.jpg "Survivor: Africa" winner Ethan Zohn uses his professional soccer skills to kick a new HIV awareness drive into high gear.

road.jpg Estrogen Idol: Paula Abdul gets a female counterpart.

road.jpg Why be a regular person when you can be a ready-made Rockefeller?

road.jpg A copy editor at The Washington Post explains why we all (still) need editors.

road.jpg Gay marriage foes mobilize for ban in California.

road.jpg When You Hate Enough Not to Send the Best: Not everyone approves of same-sex wedding … cards.


road.jpg Buns and Guns: Anyone looking for a good place to eat in Beirut?

road.jpg Ya gotta love men in Speedos doing push-ups …


road.jpg Madonna’s Sticky and Sweet tour got under way in the U.K. on Saturday. The buzz sounds very positive, but for the love of all Holocaust victims and their families, can we please stop throwing around these Hitler comparisons like it’s the same thing as calling someone Omarosa?

road.jpg The new, um, celebrities have been named for the next season of "Dancing With the Stars." Lance Bass will be on — not dancing with a male partner — as well as singer Toni Braxton, actress-host Brooke Burke, celebrity chef Rocco Dispirito, Olympic track star Maurice Greene, porn/reality star Kim Kardashian, actress Cloris Leachman, "Hannah Montana" star Cody Linley, soap vixen Susan Lucci, Olympic beach volleyball superstar Misty May-Treanor, comedian Jeffrey Ross, NFL Super Bowl champ Warren Sapp and actor Ted McGinely (doesn’t he usually get added when a show’s about to off the air?).

road.jpg How Obama "lost" the "gay media king."


  1. Paul R says

    I really couldn’t care less about American Idol, but how will they avoid ties with four judges?

    That article almost makes it sound like Paula Abdul is crazy because she’s outnumbered by men—when in fact she’s just crazy. And drug-addled.

  2. MAJeff says

    That “Rocefeller” thing has been all over the news here in Boston for a few weeks. Absolutely bizarre, especially considering how many people he was able to fool over the years. Seeing him interviewed on the news makes my skin crawl.

  3. Omarosa says

    What’s wrong with calling someone Omarosa? That is our name. That’s want are parents named us. At least it’s not as boring as Kenneth!

  4. Rey says

    For those of us living in California, these church-sponsored Pro-Prop 8 yard signs could really present an opportunity for people in the neighborhood to visit and possibly discuss the real issue with those who display these signs in their yard.

    …except of course in cases where an innocent visit could be dangerous; but I would bet a number of the folks putting these signs in their yards are just doing it because they don’t know gay people and their church told them to.

  5. says

    I saw the YouTube video of Madonna’s “interlude” that intercuts McCain and Mike Huckabee with Hitler, Robert Mugabe, and images of poverty and starvation — then, a while later, includes Barack Obama in a line-up of John Lennon and Michael Moore and Nelson Mandela, among others. All things considered, it wasn’t nearly as over-the-top as it could have been.

    The thing is, Hitler was a very, very, very bad man. But he wasn’t Satan. Despite our wanting to believe that he was the incarnation of all that is evil, he was a politician who misused his power toward evil ends, and to think that we don’t have those running around in 2008 is, I think, to miss the point.

    My $0.02 …

  6. JP says

    @ Omarosa – he’s not saying there’s something wrong with calling someone Omarosa, he’s saying there is something wrong with comparing people to Hitler with the same ease that they compare people to Omarosa, the “reality star”.

    The Rockefeller story is crazy!

  7. John M says

    God I would love for one of those anti-gay activists to knock on my door so I could give them a piece of my mind.

    By having face-to-face conversations about why the amendment is necessary, organizers hope to reach potential supporters who may worry that voting for the measure would get them labeled as “bigots or homophobes,”

    If you feel you have to defend your statements as not homophobic/biggoted/racist/etc, they probably are. It’s like starting out a statement “I’m not racist but…”

  8. Jake says

    Hitler basically used scare tactics and overwhelming propaganda to brainwash a confused populace into following his ideas regardless of how insane they were….

    Kinda like gay blogs. Just sayin

  9. Jake says

    Hitler basically used scare tactics and overwhelming propaganda to brainwash a confused populace into following his ideas regardless of how insane they were….

    Kinda like gay blogs. Just sayin

  10. Tom says

    Rockefeller: WHAT COULD BE FUNNIER…

    All you social climbing, star struck asshole New Yorkers falling over yourselves to find the “new new”…and you fell for his hollow stupid stories. You think you’re all so smart, at the top of the heap, but in reality…just another town full of suckers!

  11. Paul R says

    Wow, GREAT point Jake. Yep, gay blogs and Hitler are totally comparable.

    Thanks for making Kenneth’s point.

    Red Seven, please point out a politician who is trying to take over the world, partly by vilifying and trying to exterminate several minorities, leading to a war that killed 70 million people. Yes Hitler most certainly was the embodiment of evil. A cunning, manipulative sociopath in a position of great power who “misused that power toward evil ends” is the equivalent of evil.

  12. Mike says

    Andy – totally with you on the Hitler/McCain comparison. Also ridiculos was comparing Gahndi to Oprah and Obama. WTF!

  13. John in Manhattan says

    The Republican party officially promotes hatred and violence towards gay folks 24/7, 365 days per year, and people are upset with Madonna for including a photo of McCain in her montage of evil? No, McCain is not Hitler but the sentiment is there. If only the Fuhrer had a time machine and could transport Rove. Imagine the possibilities!

    Speaking of fantasy… if a magic button existed that would terminate every gay person on the planet, do you think Republicans would push it… without hesitation… and with a smile? Perhaps not. Afterall, we are a wonderful propaganda tool that never fails to rally the troops during election season, and beyond.

    “I don’t think they’ll bring up gay marriage this election. It’s not working for them anymore.” And yet, they have. Surprised? I’m not. It’s a no-brainer. Is there anything worse to be than a homosexual? Even Obama is visibly freaked by the discussion of our equality.

    I’m done for now. Let’s get back to more hunky straight guys for us to worship.

  14. maria mammaculos says

    JAKE, no —

    Bush basically used scare tactics and overwhelming propaganda to brainwash a confused populace into following his ideas regardless of how insane they were….

  15. John in Manhattan says

    Oh and Mike Huckabee’s image was flashed just before McCain’s. Huckabee, if you recall, would like to quarantine all people living with HIV/AIDS. How Hitler-esque!

  16. Patrick in D.C. says

    “Media King”: Maybe his royal highness has just “lost” all of the rest of us who want a President next year who will vindicate our rights and not John McSame. It seems that this guy has made a huge step in that direction while presiding over the “Advocate,” which, after many decades, has had to cut its production in half. And, now that I know who runs it, I’ll be sure to cancel my subscription to “Out” too.

  17. chadnnocal says

    Sadly Mc-whos’it has adopted the greatest Hitler quote into a strategy…

    “How fortunate for leaders that men do not think.”
    Adolf Hitler quotes (German Chancellor, leader of the Nazi party, 1889-1945)

    Watch how many people never question his judgment in the least, even if means more war?!

  18. says

    Of course they’ll bring up gay marriage.

    Today’s poll at the wingnutdaily: Are you going to watch the Democratic Convention.

    #1 answer: No, I don’t need to hear a lot of rhetoric favoring abortion rights, higher taxes, global-warming action and same-sex marriage.

  19. says

    John in Manhattan you sound totally delusional and paranoid. Must be careful of lumping a whole group as something.
    That would be like saying all lib/dems are defeatist who hate America and will hand over the country to Al Qaeda of course after stealing all our money through higher taxes

  20. John in Manhattan says

    You mean like lumping all gay Republicans like yourself as self-hating and delusional? Then yes, I’m guilty.