1. Chip says

    Wow. I really can’t believe Paris Hilton did something that makes me want to like her. I mean, she still has a long way to go, but damn. Too bad her energy policy is also wrong, in that it assumes offshore drilling will benefit Americans in a noticeable way…

  2. gr8guyca says

    No, no, no. You guys don’t get it. This commercial will hit the media and get lots of airplay. What does that do? It keeps the McCain ad in the news. It doesn’t matter what the Paris ad says.
    This will keep the focus of the media on McCain’s spot for another news cycle. And the longer the focus is kept on McCain’s ad, the longer it is kept off Obama’s message. This ad was done by someone with, perhaps, the best intentions to help Obama, but it is politically naive and, in reality, helps McCain.

  3. Paul R says

    It could go either way, GR8GuyCA. The absurdity of it points to the absurdity of McCain’s original ad, which could help Obama. And I don’t think we need to worry about Obama getting media coverage.

    And I fully agree with other posters that this is the first thing I’ve ever seen her do that is remotely appealing. Obviously heavily scripted, but still.

  4. rudy says

    First time she had me laughing with her rather than at her. Although obviously written by someone else, she read the lines with clarity, conviction, and humor.

  5. Jimmyboyo says

    I have to agree with everybody else. I strangly find myself sort of respecting her a bit now.

    Anyway; the offshore drilling thing is such a joke. If the nation as a whole properly inflated all of their tires and had regular tune-ups the US would save more in gas milleage and thus oil than we could EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pump from gung ho no holds bar offshore drilling.


    In other news, mcshame tried to pimp his wife for a topless beauty contest.

    CLASSY!!!!! for someone who wishes to be leader of the so called free world.

  6. Joseph says

    Second time I’ve actually liked Paris (the first being when she calmly endured that idiot David Letterman mocking her to her face). Bravo to her for going along with it, and delivering it with conviction.

  7. LD says

    Regally Blonde! I have to applaud La Paris for turning in such a Shatnerian tour de force of self-aware satire. As an institution, Paris is tiresome. As an individual, she’s ok.

  8. peterparker says

    I’d like to remind all of you who are loving on Paris Hilton that Andy has previously posted a link to a video of Paris in an unscripted moment. In *that* video, she was spouting the words ‘nigger’ and ‘faggot’ with no shame. Paris is a stupid, elitist, bigoted whore.

  9. Jean says

    It’s so funny how everyone here advocates that offshore drilling is a McCain position when Golden Boy Obama just came out and flip flopped on the issue saying he would consider it as well. Along with his checking your tire pressure strategy that is clearly going to solve global warming and our growing energy crisis. Got it.

  10. Erik says

    Flip flop?

    Does John McCain support the Bush tax cuts? Does he support gay adoption?

    Is Czechoslovakia still a country? Does Iraq share a border with Pakistan? How do the Sunni and Shiite differ in Iraq?

    Got it.

  11. Jason says

    God I hate stupid Republicans. Why do they have to incessantly lie and distort the truth to make their points?

    People like Jean are why America is in trouble. Seriously, the tire pressure thing? That’s, um, how do I say this? That’s not Obama’s ENERGY PLAN.

    Are you really that thick? It was commentary on a small thing that Americans could do right now that would help a little bit.

    How you could even arrive at the conclusion that Obama was suggesting filling up your tires properly as a solution to the global energy crisis is beyond me. Really, for the sake of all of us, don’t vote.

  12. Shane says

    This is the only time in her life she hasn’t wanted to be “used.”

    Her “energy policy” is remarkably similar to McCain’s. What’s up with that?

    Erik, Jean was talking about energy policy, not that other bullshit you brought up. Stick to the topics: Paris Hilton is a whore, McCain is old and gross, comprehensive energy policy.
    Jason, go back and listen to the clip of Obama. “We could save all the oil that they’re talking about getting off drilling, if everybody was just inflating their tires and — and — and getting regular tune-ups, you can actually save just as much.”

  13. Jimmyboyo says


    1- Obama suggested tire inflation and reg tune ups as suggestions on the power of conservation..Because the fact is if all of america properly inflated their tires and got regular tune ups = save more oil than we could ever pump from offshore drilling.

    Mcsahame just admited yesterday that Obama was right on properly inflated tires are a factual example of the power of CONSEVATION

    2- he didn’t flip flop. He basicaly said small heavily regulated offshore drilling is possible as a compromise with repubs to get a broader energy plan passed focusing on alts while also. That isn’t flip flopping. That is governing and understanding how our government works = compromise between multiple branches and 2 partys to get things done

  14. GBM says

    Actually Jean, Obama said he would be willing to work out a compromise, not because he thinks that offshore drilling would provide significant oil reserves as you suggest, but because republicans have become intransigent on the issue and he seeks to move the energy issue forward. This of course is not a flip-flop as you’d like to characterize it, but a move that shows his committment to energy policy and one that will hopefully expose the republican calls for offshore drilling as the pandering they in fact have always been.

  15. Erik says

    Sorry – it wasn’t bullshit. You want energy policy – McCain just flip flopped on the issue of tire pressure. He was against it before he was for it.

    And why is it okay to bring up Obama’s flip flops, as Jean did, but not McCain’s?

    Oh, and isn’t it useful to know where McCain stands on other issues other than energy, such as tax policy? I mean lower taxes is a major issue with Republicans. McCain voted against the Bush tax cuts (twice!) before he was for them.

    As for Iraq, which is also a legitimate issue in this election, I would want to have a commander-in-chief who knows the difference between the Sunni and Shiite.

    McCain’s gaffes can extend far beyond energy policy, which was the point of my “bullshit”.

  16. GM says

    Thank you, Jimmyboyo and GBM. You nailed it. Obama is already showing his willingness to compromise to get shit done. The alternative to this so-called flip-flopping is the stubborn, ridiculous intransigence of the Bush administration, partisan politics at the expense of better governance.

  17. Jimmyboyo says

    GM and GBM


    interesting side note…..a group 0f 10 = 5 repubs and 5 dem senators have come up with a bill that allows some offshore drilling while heavily taxing the windfall profits of the oil companies to pay for enviro clean up and alt energy investment. Obama praises the compromise as trying to move forward while mcshame is against it 100% because of the tax hike though he claims to be for off shore drilling.

  18. Jimmyboyo says

    GM and GBM


    interesting side note…..a group 0f 10 = 5 repubs and 5 dem senators have come up with a bill that allows some offshore drilling while heavily taxing the windfall profits of the oil companies to pay for enviro clean up and alt energy investment. Obama praises the compromise as trying to move forward while mcshame is against it 100% because of the tax hike though he claims to be for off shore drilling.

  19. Jean says

    Pull your panties out of your asses people. Sarcasm. I don’t believe that tire gauges are Obama’s energy policy anymore than offshore drilling is McCain’s entire plan for energy either. In as much as I’m being unfair, so are you and that was the ENTIRE POINT. Do you people know how ridiculous you sound? Little drones.

    Obama needs to stop worrying about telling people how to save a few bucks on their energy costs. We have Oprah to give us those helpful hints. Let’s focus on the big picture. The fact is Obama did flip flop on offshore drilling having said he would oppose it and now saying he would compromise on it. I’m not saying his conclusion to compromise is bad, but merely goes against his previous statements on the issue. His argument, like all of yours on here is that McCain thinks offshore drilling is the answer to everything. Obama and all of you know that is not true. Have a mature discussion on the issue or STFU is the best advice I can give to any of you.

  20. Jean says

    Also, McCain is against a windfall profits tax because it is economic stupidity to tax profits of companies. It simply adds to the cost of the product they are delivering to consumers and therefore increases the price to consumers and in the end the companies continue to make massive profits regardless. You just pay more at the pump to supplement their tax increases. DUH.

  21. Dback says

    Here I thought Paris was just a joke with no talent, like Zsa Zsa Gabor. She has enough of a wicked sense of humor that at least now we can compare her to Eva Gabor.

  22. GBM says


    Apparently we have different understanding of flip-flopping. I take it to mean changing one’s position in order to court the favor of the public. I take compromise to mean accomodating one’s position with those of other politicians in order to make political progress.

    Also, I don’t remember suggesting that McCain’s energy policy was only offshore drilling. I did suggest that that component was pandering, as I believe it is, and this pandering combined with misinformation and public hysteria over gas prices has made it seem like offshore drilling is the most important component of a republican energy strategy, even though it surely could not be.

  23. Jimmyboyo says


    BS flows from your mouth like a waterfall

    Exxon just reported the biggest NET PROFIT for a quarter in the history of america in the BILLIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    after all the costs Exxon raked in BILLIONS in profit during only 3 months.

    A windfall tax on that will not raise prices doesn’t hurt exxon’s operating costs and a proper windfall tax would have parts that make it illegal to pass it along to consumers.

    Dude, you ask for a mature discussion yet all you do is spew forth BS

    Grow up already and pull your head out of limbaugh’s ass

    From day 1 of his political career, Obama has publicly stated and supported compromise. All during the primaries he espoused the need to compromise between both parties to get things done. he didn’t pull the compromise out of his ass.

    Aye yae yae

  24. daveynyc says


    I know I’ve seen you post here before so I’m surpised that you dare question the chosen one Obama. Towleroad has been/is/and always will be Obama nation… any critques against him will not be tolerated in these threads.

  25. GBM says

    Now now, Davenyc. We’ll more than tolerate such criticisms; we’ll respond to them. Since many of the readers seem to be Obama supporters, it stands to reason that if you attack Obama, you’re going to get some pushback. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t voice your opinion though, just that more than likely you’ll have to defend it.

  26. David says

    Go Paris, kick that white haired guys butt. I’m 60 and properly considered to be an old guy but I don’t have white hair, a bit of grey but no white.

    He’s such an old person he has no idea what is really going on in the world around him. As far as I’m concerned he’s another GW and we all know what he’s done to this country.

  27. dave says

    Paris can appear in public all she wants – she’s pretty and all, but to make a statement about energy policy is outrageous. Why? Why her?

    I don’t respect her, and I’m with gr8guyca – it’s a diversion from vital issues we need to come to terms with.

    Do I sound grim? It is grim.

  28. says

    “Paris can appear in public all she wants – she’s pretty and all, but to make a statement about energy policy is outrageous. Why? Why her?”

    Where have you been for the last news cycle and McCain ad?

    Obama can definitely be criticized: let’s criticize his vote on FISA! And of course it would be better NOT to compromise at all and have JUST taxes on the BIGGEST PROFITS EVER! But we understand political reality, and he’s not our dream candidate (contrary to what the Nobamaites believe) — but he IS the real candidate we can vote for.

  29. Jean says

    STFU is not a word, it’s an acronym, for starters.

    ExxonMobil, like every single company in this country wants to show growth year over year. They want more profits, not less. And while to you and me, taxing them on their profits seems like it would not harm them or drive up costs, it just isn’t supported by ecomomics or facts. Companies raise prices as taxes on their services increase. Sorry, that’s just how it happen. They have to continue to report growth in revenue and profit to boost investor confidence. If you will recall, Exxon is actually a publically traded company. You could own a piece of it. I could. And LOTS of Americans do and benefit when the company does well. There is nothing morally reprehensible about a company making profits. Government intervention in private markets needs to stop. That includes any tax BREAKS these companies get as well. A tax increase works against consumers much in the same way so many here claimed a tax break doesn’t work for consumers at all (when Hillary Clinton and John McCain proposed a tax break on gas). Except that removing a tax actually opens up a larger window of competition for gas companies. But okay. The fact is gas prices work within a market like anything else. Interference simply screws the consumer because businesses will do what it takes to grow their profits year after year, not keep them stagnant or watch them dwindle because our government taxes them to death.

    It’s a scam. It’s pandering. And politicians should know better. Period.

  30. randall says

    John McCain got trounced by a celebuante & Paris Hilton at that. Just imagine what Obama’s going to do to him in November ****knocking on wood****

  31. nic says


    stfu is an acronym. an acronym stands for words, in this case 4 words. quit splitting hairs. next you’ll be claiming that scuba and radar are not words.

    moreover, there is a big difference between a reasonable return on investment and obscene windfall profits, especially while receiving govt subsidies (as oil companies do).

    dear heart, you REALLY need to stfu.

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