Phelps Wins Second Gold, Jones Makes History at the Water Cube


Michael Phelps said he lost his voice after winning his second gold medal at the Water Cube in Beijing, as he and his teammates Garrett Weber-Gale, Jason Lezak, and Cullen Jones set a new record in the 4×100 freestyle relay, nudging out France for a time of three minutes 8.24 seconds:

“In the pool, Phelps’ attempt at breaking Mark Spitz’s record of seven golds in a single Games appeared doomed when France took the lead of the relay at the 250-metre mark. They were 4.03 seconds under world-record pace at 350 metres before Jason Lezak, the oldest American male swimmer at 32, rallied over the closing strokes. Nearly a body length behind Alain Bernard at the final turn, he overtook the Frenchman at the wall by a fingertip.”

Phelps will go for his third gold at Tuesday’s 200 freestyle final.


Jones made history as well, becoming the first (sorry, make that second) African-American swimmer to win a gold medal.



  1. says

    this was AWESOME!

    Jason Lezak (who is brutally hot) has been an almost-great for 8+ years now. Who knew that at 32 he would turn it on and run down the world record holder.

    It will be tough to find a more exciting moment to come out of the games.

    Also, as much as I feel he has done a horrible job as President, I think it is awesome that GWB is over there and cheering on the American team. There’s some major PR and diplomatic brilliancy behind that move.

  2. ggreen says

    DanB I could ask the same of you. “I think it is awesome that GWB is over there and cheering on the American team. There’s some major PR and diplomatic brilliancy behind that move. “. Bush is appeasing the Chinese creditors that OWN much of the US via debt. In doing so he lends credibility to an oppressive country that force abortion and calls it birth control.

  3. says

    GGREEN, it is one thing to criticize the president and the US actions and diplomacy in China.

    It is a whole different thing to criticize the gut reactions of four swimmers who have just upset another team to win a gold medal after they have trained 10x a week for the past four years for these olympic games.

    You clearly woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or you must be the most cynical, jaded, bitter queen of them all.

    I can’t believe the only thing you thought to say after reading this post was that their reactions were “cheesy”. Are you French?

  4. Landis says


    Did you know why they have force abortion?

    Because in 1950-60s the “Western world” circulated the theory of Yellow Peril, in which China will outstrip the entire world’s food supply because of birthrates. In response, the communist agreed to mass population control strategies.

    So your forefathers are partially responsible for it.

  5. says

    I don’t believe for one minute GGREEN watched that race live. He just saw the photos on here this morning. No one watching it live would think their reaction was cheesy. Secondly, I hate Bush as much as anyone but his snubbing the Chinese would send the wrong message. We need better relations, and more dialogue in this world, not less. The Olympics are a time to come together and celebrate our common humanity. Remember how the Chinese came to LA in ’84 despite considerable pressure to join the Russian boycott? Sending our President is a belated thank you, if nothing else.

  6. says

    I watched the race last night, and it was totally thrilling, but when they had just won and Garrett Weber-Gale did that reach-around on Phelps and ran his hands down Mike’s totally ripped abs I think I wet myself.

  7. dc8stretch says


    When I saw the pictures today, I had the exact same thought. Whatever happened to grace? Maybe it comes with age-witness the dignity of 32-year-old Jason Lezak in the 3rd photo compared to the ‘bud’ mentality of the other 3 boys sucking the plating off their medals.

  8. Rafi says

    I don’t know what’s wrong with you guys, but my friends and I had the same reaction. And we didn’t swim anything. On the other side of the world, we had the same reaction. Chill and let them have their moment. It was the best race I’ve ever seen and you can be damned sure the French (or, imagine, the Aussies or some other team not even favored) would’ve had the same passion in their reaction.

  9. Michael Bedwell says

    Jones’ achievement is particularly gratifying in a sport that had a long history of racism. Though it was decades ago, during a swimming class I took in my freshman year of college to satisfy the PE requirement, the instructor, who was also the school’s head swimming coach, actually said something to all of us about blacks being genetically incapable of swimming as well as whites. Actually, he probably said “Negroes” or “coloreds” but I can’t remember which. Cue Kate Smith: “Can’t get Indiana off my mind….”

  10. Wayne says

    The swimming was amazing and Weber-Gale’s reach around was phenomenal! Running his hands down Phelps torso was worth more than the Gold medal… or it would have been for me, LOL! HOTTNESS, total hottness!

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