Will ‘Swingtown’ Boogie On?


Not sure how many of you agree, but I’m a huge fan of CBS’ unconventional summer series "Swingtown," and was hoping the big splash it made these past few months would ensure that we’d get a second season. Now I see over on Marc Harshbarger’s DeepDish blog that it’s been reported that CBS is likely cutting the show, but it’s being shopped around to other networks for a possible continued run. Like many, I agreed with early critics who thought the show relied too heavily on kitschy decor and props (gotta have a Tab can in every scene!) and ’70s music (early on my friend Jay summed it up perfectly, "It’s not bad enough to stop watching."). But then by episode 3 — when many had already jumped ship — the show got REALLY GOOD. The story lines suddenly were thoughtful and poignant (women’s rights, child neglect, First Amendment protections) and the show’s stellar cast — notably Lana Parilla as the hip and sexy swinger Trina (who is in an open marriage with Grant Show, who is foxier now than when he was on "Melrose Place") and Miriam Shor, as the uptight Janet, who doesn’t know what to make of her best friend Susan’s new lifestyle — left me wanting way more, (And don’t even get me started about Michael Rady as Doug, the studliest teacher since Mr. Puccio taught pre-Algebra back at Rhodes Junior High!)

If you agree, you might want to fill out this Save Swingtown online petition or check out the Save Swingtown blog here.

FYI: The show’s executive producer, Alan Poul, has already responded to the blog’s efforts: "Thank you so much for sending me this. Of course we’re fighting the good fight with the network, but your support really matters. Please let me know if there’s anything we can do to help you."


Posted August 26, 2008 at 10:49am ETC by Kenneth Walsh
in Julie Bindel