1. Wayne says

    I watched this also and I have to say it was an amazing exchange, not only because they actually showed to men flirting but also because Marcus declared himself “straight” but when on to say that he found Charlie handsome and smart and attractive but “I don’t roll that way”… he had no problem with Charlie being gay OR coming on to him! What a breath of fresh air on a highly rated show that sometimes tends towards extreme stereotypes.

  2. alex boston says

    I saw this episode last nite, someone tell this Charlie “HOW NOT TO CRUISE”, I mean jesus he was like all over this Marcus guy, and then Charlie asks “I can’t understand why the women are not all over him?” – cause you won’t leave his side and they probably think he is gay too!!!! And this was day ONE imagine what will happen when charlie starts to get horned up on day 3 let alone day 10 day 15 day 20 – we may actually have our first sexual assault on Survivor! I certainly hope Marcus does not end up shafting this guy and voting him off i think then Charlie will have a major hissy fit on screen.. that is if he does not have a nervous breakdown over his Unrequited love for Marcus… I mean when the rejection hits Charlie is going to fall big time!!!! worth watching this just to see charlie crash and burn ! imagine he is a lawyer you’d think he would know something about discretion!! I am just sorry he looks like some pathetic schoolgirl with a crush on the BMOC and can’t get within 5 feet of him….. I can hear the unwashed masses already about this one!! Wait til Hannity or O’reilly get wind of it they will probably use it as ammo for reasons why we cannot repeal DADT!!

  3. pauldonyc says

    Hey – doesn’t “bromance” mean the same as “man crush”? I thought it implied that you could be close to another guy (gay or strait or mixed) but not have it be more than that…

  4. LTP says

    Marcus and Dan are HOT! I hope you also feature Dan.

    I felt embarrassed for Charlie. He was ogling at gorgeous Marcus. I can’t say that I can blame him. But, put your tongue back in your mouth, girl! You’re drooling.

    I also don’t see this ending well. This looks like the start of Fatal Attraction.

  5. Jack says

    These guys are both way too thin at the start of Survivor. They are both going to be skin and bones if they go more than 2 weeks.

    They have no fat to live off of so they are going to be losing muscle mass very quickly. I am not sure how hot they are going to look by episode 7 or 8.

  6. Sam says

    I think Charlie (not Marcus) is the best looking in the tribe! And he’s adorable too.

    I think no one, at least no one straight, will really understand that he was joking when talking about Marcus’s deep blue eyes, etc.

    I hope this leads to a strong alliance.

  7. wayne says

    OhLaLaMag has several more HOT shots of these guys, including still photos of Marcus participating in one of the challenges with his weapon dangling in it’s full glory as he runs down the hill! He was only wearing his boxers at the time so it was bound to happen!

  8. gabe says

    I saw a clip of him running and daaaaaaang, his peepee slipped out and said “hello world”. He had the yellow bandanna and grey tee on and them boxers in that clip,

    Accident? Hmmmmmmmm.

  9. David says

    I personally think that Marcus is bi. More leaning toward girls, but I think he has had experiences w guys. He’s is too comfortable w this Charlie guy. Could b wrong…just what I get from watching the clip

  10. ETC. says

    Aw, that’s too funny! I think all gay men have that one unattainable straight guy that they crush on despite the fact, it’s never gonna happen!

    Like, tee-hee.

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