Firefighter Testifies in San Diego Gay Pride Trial

The ongoing San Diego Gay Pride firefighter trial yesterday saw the testimony of firefighter Alex Kane:

Firefighterssandiegopride“Kane, who has worked as a firefighter for six years, testified that he became the butt of jokes at the fire station. He also said the parade experience adversely affected his family life. ‘I felt confused, embarrassed, used, abandoned by my leadership,’ Kane said. ‘I had to fight through it.’ He said professional counseling has helped him overcome the distress. But toward the end of his testimony with LiMandri, Kane started to break down. He covered his face and asked for time to compose himself, and the judge granted him a break.”

The defense cited a document in which Kane had asked the San Diego Fire and Rescue Department for compensation for the ordeal (along with an apology and policy revision) as evidence of an underlying financial motive. Kane on the stand said he no longer wants the compensation. The defense also suggested Kane was hypocritical, having lived in the heavily gay-populated Hillcrest area for a year.

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  1. taodon says

    So, basically, they were victims of homophobia and the crap gay people have to deal with every day, and now they’re crying about it? Whatever happened to “Shut up and be a man?”

    And none of them get the irony, I’m sure.

  2. sexyback says

    TAODON – you’re 100% right. When straight guys are harassed over their perceived sexuality it’s an ordeal worthy of a court case… but LGBT legislation to stop discrimination and abuse is anti-family, immoral and special treatment? John McCain and Sarah Palin think so.

  3. John in Manhattan says

    “Since the parade, the guys at the station house call me faggot, I can’t get it up for my wife, and I lose control of my bowels whenever I see a rainbow flag.”

  4. John in Manhattan says

    They’re serious. Seriously lying. The question is, what anti-gay fundie law firm is behind it all?

    Make no mistake, this reeks of “if gay marriage is allowed, Christians will be sent to jail for speaking their beliefs and values!”

  5. marc says

    This can’t be true, is this a joke?

    Oh how horrible for him, that big strong man trained to save us from burning buildings can’t look at a rainbow flag without shitting himself.

    I’m sure his wife is fine with him not getting it up anymore too, she’s been getting it on the side from a REAL man for years.

    What an absolute loser!

  6. Wayne says

    What about the gay firemen who have to go with the guys to Hooters for lunch everyday? Do they file lawsuits for being harassed by the boob showing breeders? This is about the worst case of letigious overload that I’ve ever heard of!

  7. says

    Yes, boohoo. Stuff gay people deal with for real on a daily basis. If we broke down every time we were subjected to sexually suggestive straight acts, we’d be covering our faces and sobbing 24/7.

    Plus, if he became the butt of jokes at the fire station, why isn’t their homophobia the problem rather than the gay parade? Or maybe he should sue himself for his own homophobia since, without it, there is no case.

  8. Jack Scribe says

    These wusses were assigned to a SDFD community P.R. effort. The parade is a city-sanctioned event and that’s that. Maybe next year the SDFD can be assigned to a slot in the parade directly behind Dykes on Bikes.

  9. ATLsteve says

    I agree John in MH – this is a pathetic joke on their part; but make no mistake, someone or something is behind it.

    Hetero, Christian white males are trying to wrap themselves in some kind of victimhood … it’s a PC-world backlash.

  10. says

    This has nothing to do with the story but if you live in or visit Las Vegas please don’t patronize THE EAGLE.

    While trying to set up an OBAMA PRIDE event I was told they couldn’t do “a Democratic event because we’re McCain supporters!”!

    Please stop supporting bars and companies that take our money to kill our movement!

    Sorry to go off subject but this is important.

  11. Philip Wester says

    Wow, that Kane is so full of it.

    He became the butt of jokes at the fire station, eh? And that wasn’t his COLLEAGUES’ faults, but the fault of the parade and the people who made him participate in it?

    He felt confused and stuff because gay people expressed a sexual attraction to him? Come off it, they should be jailed for wasting tax payer dollars!

  12. Cj says

    Puh-leaze! Put them in a room with a few Titan movies, or make them attend a Black Party, I’m sure one of them wouldn’t be crying wolf. I can not believe this is allowed to even be brought to a judge. This whole thing wreaks of homophobia and opportunism.

  13. RS says

    The magnitude of this man’s “pain” is rediculous. That said, I don’t understand the point of forcing these fire fighters to participate. Couldn’t they find volunteers? Isn’t it a PRIDE celebration? Couldn’t they find fire fighters who are proud to be a part of the LGBT community, or proud of their LGBT friends?

  14. nic says

    poor little babies. they had to endure such anguish for a couple of hours. whom do gays sue for 24/7/365/year of abuse? let’s all jump on the gravy train.

    why has this absurdity gone before a judge? these hetero losers shoud be tossed out on their pansy-assed asses.

  15. david says

    This may not be what you guys want to hear, but why force someone into something they don’t want to do? I say good riddance. Who wants people there if they don’t feel comfortable with marching in our parades. And let’s be honest here, guys, I’m thinking they’re not disturbed by the flags so much as the half-naked antics that sometimes — sometimes — happen at our events. To be honest, I don’t think children should watch some of those floats either. Now, granted, this trial does seem to be sort of a joke, but it goes to the heart of gay pride parades: they’re simply not for everyone.

  16. says

    “Who wants people there if they don’t feel comfortable with marching in our parades.”

    Unless I’m missing something, David, they weren’t marching in the parade. They were being PAID to ride in their firetruck (after another group had to back out) with the windows closed. Also, fire department presence is standard at all sanctioned city parades, which the pride parade was, so it shouldn’t have been a big deal (it hadn’t been for years) even if the poor delicate straight boys had to witness a few “antics.” The fragile firemen happen to have a right wing law firm representing them, surprise, surprise. Having volunteers in the future is a solution, but don’t let these wimps off the hook so easily.

  17. queendru says

    ANDY – Have you donated to NO on PROP 8, yet?

    Come on, Andy, we know you can spare a few bucks.

    Put your money with your mouth and editorial view are or are you all talk about Obama and no action?

  18. Socal says

    Does this mean that I am entitled to my day in court, and potential dollar compensation, as an American opposed to the war in Iraq, and countless other Bush administration policies, in which I had no choice but to comply, and have caused me undue embarrassment and suffering?

    We have young soldiers risking their lives by facing their third tours of duty in Iraq, and these firefighters, our “9/11 brave heroes”, are whining about the lasting pain of having to march in a Gay Pride parade.

    These guys make me sick.

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